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Well, this sucks.  I guess the days of offering multipacks that are either all new or all repacks are over.

Been over for years. Remember that great Snaggletooth that required you to buy a 3 pack with a reissued Fett and Tusken Raider to get him? (unless you bought him from China).
Strangely some people defended that move...the weird love of retro packaging clouds minds.

Oh yeah...THAT.  I think people seemed inclined to give Hasbro more of a pass on that Target exclusive TVC 3-pack set because of the packaging, a brand new figure, the inclusion of an army builder (Tusken Raider) and Boba Fett (perennial fan favorite) all at a sub $20 price.

With the Jabba / Rancor set?  We're still in somewhat uncharted territory.  This is ONE new figure in a set that's priced at well over $100.  That's where this situation differs so much from the Target exclusive set and is so out of line.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Wampa and Hoth Luke
« on: July 3, 2015, 04:15 PM »
So has anyone gotten this set yet?  I'm curious to see if the production version of the Wampa has the horns painted correctly.

That kind of makes sense.  There's been some backlash amongst female fans about a lack of female characters in the line over this past year, notably regarding how the crew of the Ghost was released in the REBELS basic figure line.  I saw a good deal of feedback on social media from female fans as well as parents of young girls who wanted to see Hera or Sabine get some equal representation. 

I looked through Jeff's compilation of the votes and it's interesting.  I replaced his vote counts with rankings.  The numbers may vary, but you get something of a picture of how things are playing out:

1 - Darth Revan IN THE POLL
2 - Gamorrean Guard  IN THE POLL
3 - Snowtrooper  IN THE POLL
4 - Starkiller
5 - General Grievous  IN THE POLL
6 - Asajj Ventress
7 - Ben Kenobi (ANH)  IN THE POLL
8 - Mara Jade
9 - Lando Calrissian (ESB)  IN THE POLL
10 - Emperor's Royal Guard
11 - Zuckuss
13 - 4-LOM
14 - Sabine Wren  IN THE POLL

Looking through the top 9 candidates, 6 of those are in the poll.  The three that didn't make the poll are all EU, with Mara Jade falling into that LEGENDS territory since she never made it into a TV series or relatively current entertainment aside from print.  Starkiller is from a video game that dates back to 2008.  Asajj Ventress is probably the most visible of those three, but the last TV project featuring Ventress aired in 2013.  While she fits the bill of a strong female character, she isn't exactly current.  And if we're looking at current female characters?  Ahsoka appears to be on the way since that prototype of a REBELS Ahsoka was shown off at SWCA.

I'm thinking that someone at LFL licensing /Disney stepped in and placed Sabine in there very deliberately.  She fits the bill in terms of appealing to the female character fans, is featured in a current entertainment property on Disney XD television, and she placed relatively well in the current poll.  I think if Hera had ranked AT ALL in the poll Hasbro might have been inclined to go with her.  But Sabine DID rank higher, and I think the Mando armor serves to make her a more appealing offering on the action figure market.

Here's a little more on the McFarlane GoT Construction sets.  It looks like the figures are all a 2" scale, much like what Hasbro has done with the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers - Age of Ultron figure lines.

Allowing you to recreate your favourite scenes from the book and/or TV show. Beginning with Lannister and Stark banner packs, a Throne Room and blind item figures.

Lannister Banner Pack:
• Help show support for each House’s claim to the Iron Throne
• Starter pack for the Lannister army, which features a family banner with sigil
• Includes Lannister soldiers – one at attention, the other on guard
• Contains customisable weeds, dirt, and banner

Stark Banner Pack:
• Starter pack for the Stark army, which features a family banner with sigil
• Help show support for each House’s claim to the Iron Throne
• Includes Stark soldiers – one attacking, the other at attention
• Contains customisable weeds and dirt and banner

Throne Room Set:
• Showcases the most iconic room in the TV series
• Includes Joffrey Baratheon and a King’s Guard
• Set features the Iron Throne, two candelabras, stone backdrop, an ornate stained glass window, sconces,
buildable columns and wall
• Figures feature articulation at main joints and have bases to lock onto building set bricks

Blind Bagged Single Figures:
• Twelve buildable figure set, which includes various lead and supporting characters from the hit TV show
• Offers the ability to build various armies from different Houses and factions.
• All figures include branded environment bases
• 2” scale figures compliment other building sets
• Figures exclusive to blind bag program – not available in other building sets
• Figures have foot clamp to lock onto building set bricks and feature articulation at main joints
• Interchangeable, buildable body parts with other 2” figures

The sets definitely look good.  Although professional lighting and photography can really help that, too.  I have to wonder what the pricing will be like.  And I'm also curious to see if McFarlane has also secured the license for 6" scale figures.  Their Walking Dead figures look pretty good.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Super Hero/Comic Book Movies
« on: July 3, 2015, 09:03 AM »
There's also a 3-3/4" Ant Man with a winged ant queen that's due out soon.

Already available on HTS...

Yes, and when I posted that it was still a pre-order.  So?  The whole one-upmanship pattern of your posts recently is very unbecoming.

The clips for Ant-Man look pretty good.  In a way I'm glad that Edgar Wright and Marvel parted ways.  Especially if Ant-Man is going to get incorporated into the broader Marvel Universe.  Edgar is an awesome filmmaker, but he has a style that SCREAMS Edgar Wright and not necessarily the source material.  While that might not have hurt the Ant-Man film on it's own, it might have made it a whole lot more difficult to incorporate the character into another MCU project without taking away from the subsequent film.

The Revan interest is something of a head scratcher.  I mean, how many years has it been since Knights Of The Old Republic was released?  I think it's at least 12 years since the game came out.  I was definitely a fan of it, and I've heard it regarded by some as one of the best Star Wars games of all time.  But Darth Revan had this weird status since you were playing the game as a character who becomes a Jedi while being unaware of his past as a fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord. 

Despite the RPG weirdness involved in Revan the character has endured.  I know that he wound up popping up in The Old Republic.  And I can't help but think that the design for Kylo Ren's character in The Force Awakens was influenced in part by the character design of Darth Revan.  I also get the feeling that the current generation of SW fans interest is grounded in the more current movies and media like KOTOR.  Plus, time and attrition seems to have whittled down the ranks of the old school OT generation of fans.  We may just be outnumbered by the more current generation of fans who grew up on the PT and games.

All of that being said, I think Revan is an interesting character.  Not one that I would have immediately considered for the poll.  I'm actually a little surprised that I didn't consider him for my own list, or Darth Malak for that matter.  But I think Revan would be an interesting companion piece to the 6" Kylo Ren figure that we know is already in the works.

As for the rest of the list?  I had Ben Kenobi (ANH) on my own list, purely out of my own fandom for the character.  He does seem like an inevitable choice for the line.  But I'd like to add him to the mix sooner rather than later.  I also had Lando Calrissian on my list, but I wanted him as the ROTJ General.  I just prefer that redeemed, less sleazy Lando than the TESB version.   Sabine Wren is an interesting choice for fans.  I would have thought that Kanan, Ezra or the Inquisitor would be more obvious choices for REBELS characters.  And while Sabine is interesting I don't think the character has been fleshed out to earn that kind of support.  I am a little surprised to see the Gamorrean Guard in the mix.  A Gamorrean would be a cool companion piece for the Jabba 6" figure, but there's so little else from Jabba's Palace in this line that I have to wonder why you would start with a Gamorrean.  The Snowtrooper is a pretty obvious choice on the part of the army builder fans.  As for General Grievous?  I put him on my own list, despite any rumors that he might be on the way.  He's a significant villain for the PT era, so I get that.

But right now it looks like Revan's just running away with this thing.

It looks like McFarlane Toys now has part of the Game of Thrones toy license.  They're going to be debuting some GoT construction sets at SDCC2015.  Here's the article:

Game of Thrones: HBO reveals awesome construction sets from McFarlane Toys

by James Hibberd • @JamesHibberd

Now you can stage your own Westeros palace intrigue with HBO’s upcoming, intricately designed Game of Thrones toy line. HBO is partnering with McFarlane Toys (as in Spawn creator Todd McFarlane) on making realistic “construction sets” and character figurines based on the hit series.

The first release is the Iron Throne Room (more photos below), which is shown with characters for King Joffrey, Tyrion Lannister, members of the Kingsguard and Lannister guards. Upcoming playsets include a Mother of Dragons set and an Attack on The Wall set. Each includes some scene-specific characters and accessories and retails from $14.99 to $49.99 (the fully stocked spread below includes the Iron Throne Room’s starter kit plus additional characters that cost extra). The figurines ($3.99 each) have articulated body parts and include characters like Tyrion, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Grey Worm, Ghost, Rhaegal, an Unsullied, a Crow, a Wildling and a Wight.

“[HBO is] a world-class network and Game of Thrones is one of the most visually compelling shows that I’ve ever seen,” McFarlane said. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to create high-quality collectible construction sets based on this fan-favorite property. Both collectors and fans of this epic series can build their favorite scenes with this new product line.”

Finally, you can have your Star Wars figures team with Daenerys and Tyrion to blow up the Death Star (or invent other, far more R-rated Thrones-ian scenerios).

The toys will be revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego next week and will be released to stores this fall. Here’s some more images of the Iron Throne Room:

No word on the scale, but these look like they're probably pretty small.  This line reminds me a little bit of the LOTR Armies of Middle Earth line.

Well, this sucks.  I guess the days of offering multipacks that are either all new or all repacks are over.  And this Jabba does look good, which makes things that much worse for people who have everything else in this set from previous releases. 

One thing did occur to me though.  Was there some perhaps some contractual stipulation in the deal with WalMart for their exclusive SOTDS exclusive release that would disallow Hasbro from offering that Jabba in a retail exclusive for another chain?  It makes me wonder just a bit. 

I was somewhat dismayed by something at my local TRU store yesterday.  There was plenty of REBELS/SAGA LEGENDS stock.  Both the Mission Series and single basic figures were there.  And there was also some TBS 6" stock on hand.  But with the current way the stock is merchandised there was not even a SINGLE PEG or FIGURE for the TBS 3.75" basic figure line.  I know that there has been some rumor-mongering going around that the collector oriented 3.75" basic figure lines days are numbered.  Signs like this are making me increasingly concerned that this might be on the verge of happening.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Super Hero/Comic Book Movies
« on: June 26, 2015, 05:03 PM »
Yup.  Saw the 6" Ant Man and Wasp today, in fact.  There's also a 3-3/4" Ant Man with a winged ant queen that's due out soon.

I totally forgot about the 6" Ahsoka until your post jogged my memory.  The prototype got shown at Celebration, right?  I changed my Ahsoka vote to one for Grievous.

Grievous is coming too according to JTA.

Given my own personal experience with the current editorial staff at JTA (and their knack for bluster), I'll take their word with a ***BIG*** grain of salt.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Star Wars Actor mug shots.
« on: June 23, 2015, 06:33 AM »
Poor bastard.

Fans have been pretty merciless with this kid.  And they haven't stopped to think that he's still just that:  a kid.  Even if he is 26 years old now. 

I remember watching those screen tests, too.  And actually, Jake was better.  The other kids were nothing great.  I think it's this fanboy revisionist history where it's now cool to hate on the prequels.  Funny, because when those movies came out nobody was saying how bad they were at the time.  The whole "George Lucas raped my childhood" nonsense didn't start until AFTER it had all gone down.

I hope Jake Lloyd can get his act together and move on.

I totally forgot about the 6" Ahsoka until your post jogged my memory.  The prototype got shown at Celebration, right?  I changed my Ahsoka vote to one for Grievous.

I figured that C-3PO is coming soon enough.  I wasn't going to waste a vote there.  And there are some more fringe characters that I'd like to see made, too. 

I decided to change from my previous wishlist post and went with some personal favorites:

1 - Qui-Gon Jinn
2 - Count Dooku
3 - Jango Fett
4 - Darth Sidious (Episode III)
5 - General Grievous
6 - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode IV)
7 - Zuckuss
8 - Dengar
9 - Lando Calrissian (Episode VI Rebel General)
10 - Nien Nunb

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