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Other Toy Lines / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:25 PM »
I got my Negans yesterday, and they ROCK! What a great figure!

Also, I have to say this was the most well-packed online order I have ever received. Each figure was wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and taped shut, and then both were surrounded by an outer layer of heavy duty bubble wrap to secure them in place inside a perfectly sized box that did not allow for excess movement.

Kudos to Skybound for the great job!

I got my Negans yesterday as well with the same great packing job. Almost a shame I'm an opener. The figure itself is great, and fairly bulky. The only thing I don't like is the gummy plastic used for Lucille.

Today I got the 10-inch Daryl Dixon in the mail. The figure looks fantastic, but the lack of articulation kills it for me. I'm not 100% sure if I'll be keeping Daryl, but I may still pick up other figures in this size/format. Zombies would definitely benefit from the extra detail allowed by the increased size.

I ordered Wave 2 (Boba, Rex, Cody, and two Stormies) online for $6 apiece. While I'm not in love with this line, I do like them, but I also didn't feel like wasting time hunting for these new figures. The Stormies look great in pics online, so I'm curious to see if that holds up in person. And finally, a realistic Rex at long last!  ::)

This Mace Windu figure... what shelf is he supposed to go on?  He's got Jango's helmet which made me think Episode II, but it's hollow (which I assume is Hasbro not putting a noggin' in there because it's violent) - but then he's got the clone arm guards on, which made me think Clone Wars or did he wear those in EII?.

What is this Mace?

It's Clone Wars. There was an episode in the series where Boba rigged his dad's helmet with a bomb, in order to kill Mace. Hasbro did a cool version of that in the animated line, with a break apart helmet and sculpted bomb inside. Shame they used a normal Jango helmet with this figure.

Re: Amazon's crazy pricing

In the last few weeks, Amazon's had 40-60% off deals on various Black Series figures (3.75" and 6"), all the Mission Series 2-packs, and the exclusives - Droid Factory 6-pack, TIE Interceptor, Slave I.  I've seen some twitter comments damning the whole line because Amazon is "blowing out all it's Star Wars stuff", but others just seem to think that it's Amazon trying to spur holiday sales with popular items. 

So, what do you guys think?  Is this a sign that Star Wars isn't selling or just a sign that Amazon loves to have crazy prices on stuff during the holidays?

I think it's just Amazon's crazy pricing. They have had similar deals on Lego over the past couple of weeks, and similar deals on Hasbro over the years. I think I got the Republic Shuttle for $17 back in 2011, and I picked up WAAAAAAAAYYYYY too many final TVC wave repack figures for a couple bucks apiece last year. Frankly I'm happy Amazon is offering these great sales, and I hope they continue stocking such a broad range of Star Wars going forward.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Amazon Droid Factory Multi-Pack
« on: December 5, 2013, 11:58 PM »
Wow.  They must not be selling, at all.

I'm pretty happy with the $26 I got back... but that price is ridiculous.

Can't imagine why. Throw one A, B or even C level character in there and they wouldn't be doing this I think. As it stands, it's an abortion in a to-go box that no one gives two ***** about. I wouldn't be the least surprised if this craters at $19.99 at some point.

I think multipack sets either need a strong theme or to be comprised entirely of "A" characters to do well. This Droid Factory lineup wasn't compelling enough for collectors or casual buyers. Imagine an entirely Clone Wars or Tatooine/Mos Eisley themed set though...

Also, the initial pricing might have killed this set as well. Collectors have come to expect large figure sets to be better values, but the $60 price point wasn't a deal. Like TRU's Jedi Knight set (now marked down to $22.50 BTW), this was initially overpriced and is now at deep discount. Maybe if it was priced at $40 from the start it would have sold better.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Amazon Droid Factory Multi-Pack
« on: December 5, 2013, 11:46 PM »
I had ordered five sets to part out when they dropped to $30 (well, $40, but I got the price adjusted), but I couldn't resist grabbing another two sets at this lower price. I may grab a few more sets, since $4 a figure is a terrific deal.

Alright... can someone help me wrap my head around what's coming out still and what's not?

I've got Movie Heroes figures on my checklist but never saw them and have no idea if I should be spending too much money on them right now or not - like Boba Fett with zipline backpack... available for $45 on eBay, never saw him.  Is he coming out still or did I miss the boat?

The 6 I don't have are:

Zipline Backpack Boba Fett
Light up Darth Vader
Blast Apart Battle Droid (regular)
Blast Apart Battle Droid (red)
Light up Anakin Skywalker
Sandtrooper with giant vacuum gun thingy

Do I need to start shopping?  Anyone have extras of any of those?

Here's a quick breakdown:

The last wave of 2012 (Red Package) Movie Heroes consisted of the following new figures:

Blast Apart Battle Droid (Tan)
Light-Up Anakin Skywalker
Boba Fett (new backpack)
Light-Up Sandtrooper

The only wave of 2013 (Green Cardback) Movie Heroes had the following new/noteworthy figures:

Blast Apart Battle Droid (Red)
Light-Up Anakin (repack)
Light-Up Sandtrooper (repack)
Light-Up Darth Vader (repack)

The 2013 Darth Vader was initially issued in 2012 Wave 3, which should be easier to get. Some figures in the 2013 wave (Jango and Obi-Wan for sure) are repacked figures with new gimmick accessories (zipline/missile stuff). Not sure if that qualifies them as "new" though.

The crappy part about both of these Movie Hero waves is that they were only released outside of the US. The final 2012 wave was only released in Europe and Asia so prices are rather high. The 2013 wave saw release in Canada as well as Europe and Asia, so prices on those should be more reasonable.

As for what you should be paying? I paid around $30ish for some of the 2012 figures, and maybe $12-$14 for various 2013 figures. I have no idea if that's still the going rate but they were prices I was comfortable with. The potential downside is that you never know (until it happens) if these will hit discount stores stateside for $4-$5 apiece in a year or two. They definitely won't be showing up at normal retail though and never did here in the States, so you didn't miss out.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: December 4, 2013, 04:39 PM »
I didn't think that guy ever got out of the prison though...  He was in a courtyard with zombies...  Was there just a fence for him to climb?  I can't remember.

I'm guessing there had to have been a fence or open gate or something enabling him to escape from that courtyard. At the beginning of the episode where Lori died Andrew was shown dragging a dead deer into the prison to lure zombies in, so he definitely made it out.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: December 4, 2013, 04:14 PM »
Sunday's episode was very good. It was awesome to finally get the prison battle on TV. I think it would have been better suited as the finale to Season 3 when the Governor's people actually had a valid reason to attack. The Governor's story was probably too rushed and under-developed, but that's better than a season-long retread of S3.

I loved the fight between Rick and the Governor, and the end for that villain was very satisfying. I had a feeling Hershel's death was coming, but it was still painful. Daryl being a badass is always fun. I'm glad the tank made it into the show, but randomly shooting buildings at the prison was stupid. The closing scene of Rick and Carl fleeing the prison was perfect.

Carol helped and took the blame?  Might explain a lot more of her reasoning for wanting to take the girls with her and out of the relative safety of the prison...  She was awful eager and Rick shot it down immediately.

I've really felt she's a far more likely suspect than Bob...  Bob I think is just f'd up with guilt.  He was mega guilty about Zach but then would lure zombies into the prison?  That doesn't jive at all.

I can see Carol being involved but it being a lot more complex than just Carol killed them.  It'd make sense, but I'm not so sure the girl is who's luring zombies to the fence and stuff.  I dunno.  I lean to an unknown source...  Remember someone watching Carol outside the fence?  I believe that's who was outside being "stalked" and they've NEVER gone back to that, that I can recall.

I'm pretty sure the guy watching Carol during last season was meant to be Andrew, the prisoner who caused all the trouble leading to Lori's death. Bob seems pretty straight-up (aside from the drinking problem), so I'm ruling him out as the killer and rat feeder. I expected him to have ties with the Governor due to the character's comic origin, but that didn't pan out. I'm leaning towards Lizzie as the killer and rat feeder. There are clues like her naming of walkers and playing in Glenn's blood, plus the comic had an interesting arc involving a psycho child which I could see the TV show wanting to adapt.

Also, just something regarding baby Judith...

Is it me, or does it look like Tyrese could be cradling something in his arms?

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: November 29, 2013, 01:36 AM »
I just bought both of the new Negans - colored and B&W variant, priority USPS shipping for both came to $12. Since this is a new sort of promotion with no alternate retail outlet and a possibly limited run, I didn't want to take a chance and miss out. (Like I did on the Hobbit Azog and Radagast figures that were up on Amazon, still ruing that one)

I didn't spend a dime otherwise on Black Thursday Night so what the hell.

I grabbed a couple of the full color version. I'm anal about paint apps, so I wanted to have a choice. I noticed there was a First Class shipping option for one figure which cost only $2.32, so I placed two separate orders. Shipping on the Skybound/TWD site is totally stupid.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Amazon Droid Factory Multi-Pack
« on: November 28, 2013, 02:04 PM »
$29.99 as of now

That's slightly frustrating, as I ordered several sets for $40 back on Sunday. Hopefully Amazon is willing to do a price adjustment. At $30 the set is a steal.

EDIT: Got a price adjustment from Amazon in under 15 minutes after sending an e-mail. Sweet!

Other Toy Lines / Re: Pacific Rim Toys
« on: November 26, 2013, 11:29 AM »
Nice, I have been seeing pictures of a larger scale Knifehead but wasn't sure if it was just a re-do of the Wave 1 figure.

I am definitely down for the 18" stuff too, but am hoping to get these in person, rather than shipped. Seems like shipping would be a lot.

There are two larger Knifeheads coming. One is 18" scale, and the other is an all-new & bigger 7" scale with added articulation and battle damage. I guess the previous 7" figure was too small in relation to the Jaegers, hence the update.

As for shipping on 18" figs it is steep. I think BBTS charged $18 or $24 on Knifehead, but luckily they have the pile of loot feature. TRU had free shipping on Gipsy. I also grabbed a GI Joe figure, and was able to take advantage of a $15 off coupon because of that.

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