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Feedback / Re: JediMAC's Trading Feedback
« on: May 13, 2003, 10:46 PM »
All right, so I really don't like this guy.  Everybody knows that right?  The Lakers suck and I think he's stalking me, BUT...

That doesn't mean the pillsbury dough boy here isn't a great trader and a real help to collectors, even Canuckleheads like me.  

Helped me out with the KB fiasco - got my Vader Riddell
Helped me out with the holiday droids - tough find for everyone
Even fired me off a Naboo royal security for cheap.

Now if only I could get him to stop writing Laker slogans on the box.  Canada customs agents hate the Lakers too, so I get nailed with duty.  

Thanks Matt.

JediMAC's response:
Uh... Just to avoid any confusion here for the newer folks, Brent and I are the best of buds.  He's just being a sarcastic smartass here!   ;)   By the way, that was a Naboo Royal GUARD, not Security, B!   :P

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Silver Fett and Clonetrooper coming...
« on: May 13, 2003, 10:37 PM »
Sounds cool to me.I like these figures alot.Looks like I'm going to have to join the damn Fanclub again tho to get mine.Something I really dont care to do again.

Maybe, maybe not.  I've never been a member of the fan club.  The price to be a member in Canada is rather absurd, particularly after exchange.  I no longer remember the exact amount, but it ran somewhere around $75 or more.  Too steep for me.  

That, however, has never stopped me from ordering anything from the fan club.  I'm not sure why, but I've never had a problem. Got most of the EU stuff through there.  The fan club exclusive four, Wuher and even the stormtrooper 4 pack.  Maybe they have a rule for foreigners ordering, I have no idea.  I just hope I haven't jeopardized that ability by saying this.  

I have to have this Fett.  I have Vader and R2, so I must have this guy.  Hopefully I can luck out with the fanclub again (unless anyone wants to volunteer to help me ;)).  Or not.  

JD Sports Forum! / Re: The NBA Playoffs
« on: May 13, 2003, 10:38 AM »
Heck no, the Celtics overachieved.  They really never should have gone past the Pacers.   :)

Also, I should have clarified, those quotes are indeed from the ESPN article.  Which in case it wasn't abundantly clear, I found awful.  

Further clarification.  I hate the Lakers.  But that stems from the old series back in the 80s, Magic versus Bird etc.  This is not to say that the Lakers of then were not remarkably talented.  Magic, Jabbar, Nixon were amongst the best if not the best at what they did.  There was a phenomenal supporting cast at the time too.  Perpetual sixth man awards and Rambis and his glasses.  

The recent version of the loathed Lakers has the best center in the NBA bar none.  Probably the best out and out player in Kobe.  It also has a remarkable coach and a reasonable supporting cast.  

What I cannot abide is a bunch of whining on the part of Lakers fans (no, not you specifically Matt) and media.  Fouls are fouls, they need to be called.  Reffing should be fair and even.  

Just to continue my rant about this article Matt linked, this is about the worst analogy I have ever seen in my life:
But it's not Shaq's fault that Rose is only 6-foot-7, and that his elbow is at the level of Rose's face. And, hey, when a big guy and a smaller guy collide, the big guy is the one who's going to be left standing. Is it fair to tag the big guy with a foul because he's bigger and stronger? Using the same logic, every time a small guy jets past a big guy, the refs should call the small guy for traveling."
Great, so by the same token when Rose is posting up on Shaq, because Shaq's 'private parts' are at the same height as Rose's elbows, he should feel free to crank him in the crackers a couple of times?  I thought the by-line said this guy used to be a coach, not a grade 5 student (with all due respect to more sensible grade 5 students)?  

Elbowing a guy in a face to make space is a foul.  End of story.  Doesn't matter if you elbow him in the face or the nether regions.  So too it doesn't matter if you are 7'6" or 6'7" or 5'4".  It's still a foul.  And if the little guy in the author's pathetic analogy isn't dribbling the ball when he blasts past the big guy, yeah, call him for travelling.  They're called RULES.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: The NBA Playoffs
« on: May 12, 2003, 11:45 PM »
The turning point in the series was game 3?  That's just a tad arrogant don't you think?  Last I checked, the series was headed back to Texas with both teams winning with home court advantage.  If that stays true, guess who wins the series?

MVP award doesn't count if Shaq hammers Duncan?  What kind of twisted logic is that.  It's a regular season award for heaven's sake.  The Lakers "dogged" it for a good part of the season.  Near as I can figure that regular season record is why Kobe didn't get the nod.  #5 seed with the MVP?  I think not.  Besides, when did an MVP award become more important than a championship?  You don't think fourpeat is more appealing that MVP and lost to Minnesota in the first round?  Duh.  

And, hey, when a big guy and a smaller guy collide, the big guy is the one who's going to be left standing. Is it fair to tag the big guy with a foul because he's bigger and stronger? Using the same logic, every time a small guy jets past a big guy, the refs should call the small guy for traveling."
Is this guy for real?  The game USED to be a non-contact sport.  Now it seems to be a home team gets the calls sport.  Sorry, Shaq great as he is, is kicking the crap out of some guy and not supposed to get called?  Wrong sport, I believe you Yanks call the full contact sport football.  

The NBA wants total control of its product. They want to control the media, the coaches and the players. But Shaq won't kow-tow to the league. He says whatever he wants to say, whenever and wherever he wants to say it. That's why the NBA, and the referees -- who, after all, work for the NBA and are its agents -- don't give Shaq the respect he deserves
Hi, I'm the author and I bleed yellow and purple.  Duh.  The problem is that the NBA has lost control of its product, simply by no longer enforcing the rules.  It's pretty clear this was written prior to yesterday's games.  I could write the same thing just substituting in Duncan's name to get a reversal that would read just as well given yesterday's officiating.  

That's why Jackson is so intent on criticizing the way the games have been officiated. "And you know what?" the coach says. "Taking the refs to task in the media absolutely, positively gets results."

Never were more damning words uttered by a coach.  Great, the officials are so frail and frightened that just slamming them in the media is enough to get calls going your way?  Wow, there's a league I want to support.  Jackson's right though.  Look at the reffing.  One can only hope the San Antonio media is currently berating the refs in their media so the same result is achieved.  

Great logic.  Talent has nothing to do with the outcome of the game.  ...ego, psychology, resourcefulness, and, the mother of all causes and effects, politics.

Yeah, why do I prefer hockey again?

Newbies / Re: I Welcome Myself
« on: May 12, 2003, 11:28 PM »
Welcome, myself :P

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Re: Why - JF
« on: May 12, 2003, 11:27 PM »
thanks for the explanation.  I'll be sure to be careful and cautious baggy blocky squarehead dude.  oops.  Dude. :P

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Why - JF
« on: May 12, 2003, 05:21 PM »
No, I'm not going to pick on Cory.  

at the bottom of the forum where it lists people currently online, Jango Fettish still appears in the same color font as the regular folks.  

Is it only the mods (yellow - and there is a joke to be had there) and the admin (red - no messing around here) are in different colors.  

Is Cory then staff and not a mod?  Just curious about his status (and being a pain ;D)

Modern Classifieds / Re: Figs and Ships for sale...
« on: May 12, 2003, 04:37 PM »
Hey moroni,

I'll take the following from you providing you take Canadian cash hand delivered as well ;D

FlashBack Anakin $3
SnowTrooper X2 $2.50 Each
Jawa 2 pack X2 $3 each (both)
Stap $6

$20 total?

email sent.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: What's up with availability
« on: May 12, 2003, 04:23 PM »
I've already gone the way of online.  Being in Canada, it sucks even worse.  Prior to about a month ago, the last new figures we saw were Palpatine and Djas Puhr, shortly after Christmas.  Then, out of six walmarts in our fair city, two cases of the pilot wave showed up.  In April, one case showed up that contained the newer Maul (1st saga version) and anakin tatooine attack.  Wow.  But that's it.  

I have no idea how distribution works in the US, but I can tell you Canadian retailers are pretty much hooped by the system.  In spite of different waves/assortments being available, when a Canadian retailer orders a new shipment of Star Wars action figures, they are sent, by Hasbro Canada, whatever is next in the warehouse to go.  If that happens to be the same wave over and over again, that's what they get.  

During POTJ we repeatedly received case after case that contained Leia, Chewie mechanic and Aurra Sing.  Aurra's cool and all, but not when there are 30 on the pegs beside 60 Leia and 20 chewie's.  During Saga, stores continually restocked with the wave containing Mace Windu, Bespin Luke, Bespin Vader and Orn Taa Free.  That was better than the POTJ stuff because it at least sold, but sheesh.  5 months of the same stuff showing up.  Collectors weren't happy.  Kids probably weren't happy and retailers really weren't happy.  The worst part is it gives retailers the impression the stuff doesn't sell.  And they are right.  I myself must have bought about 8 of the Bespin Vader.  A couple for trades.  One carded, one loose.  A couple more to put away for future trades.  Oy.  

In Canada at least Hasbro must bear the brunt of the responsibility.  I have no idea if it works the same way in the US.  It may well, but given what Newforce seems able to do, maybe not.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: The NBA Playoffs
« on: May 12, 2003, 03:53 PM »
Yeah, I misinterpreted what Chris said.  Ooops, my bad.  

I just think the league in general sucks for how it has moved away from the rules.  Sometime between now and the last Laker dynasty it went from basketball to entertainment.  

I agree Shaq takes a pounding.  He shouldn't.  He also gives a pounding, both on D and when going for an offensive rebound.  But that's the whole point, the league let's it go (encourages it?) so this is where you end up.  Entertainment, not basketball and the subsequent crappy fights that so detract from the game.  Let them play and play by the rules.  Shaq will adapt, they all will.  I think the game would be faster, cleaner and certainly more enjoyable.  Remember the Lakers-Celtics of the 80's?  Of course you do.  More entertaining than it has been in the last 10 years and I'd be willing to bet ratings were higher too, relative to the number of TV's available.  

Shaq is a good player and it was a treat to see him hit free throws.  Funny how games are won like that, ain't it?  Pity he never did it prior to coming to the Lakers, else he would have had two  more rings.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: What's up with availability
« on: May 12, 2003, 12:46 PM »
I like Scott's point regarding competition.  Spidey, LOTR, Marvel Legends have probably all captured their share of the attention, notably LOTR.  Too few dollars for too many lines.  Of course, this really shouldn't bother retailers.  

Non-movie year?  Well sure, but isn't it a non movie year for Spidey too?  Sure, he has universal appeal, but that much more than a Darth Vader?  I suppose, but I cannot get over the sheer amount of spiderman stuff out there.  And where I am, lots of it is just sitting on the pegs.  I think the spidey folks are suffering from Hasbro-itis - crappy case assortments.  Never find a Hobgoblin, but about 8 billion spideys with that guy webbed to the lamp post (looks like crap, IMO).  

A theory from a guy on another board (Canuckian) is that this is comparable to the slowdown post Episode I.  Product will be hard to find because production has been ramped down considerably owing largely to a change in cardbacks to the Clone Wars line.  Think R2-B1, holo Sidious, TC-14.  Sales poor, glut of older, undesirable product (Tusken with child, Jar Jar).  Almost makes sense.  There may even be hope as POTJ (outside of the hideous continuous shipping of Leia, Chewie and Aurra that Canadians saw) had good case mixes and distribution.  Maybe the same will happen for Clone Wars (quality wise as well).  

I don't think the war had squat to do with it.  China could care less (where product was made) and shipping goes nowhere near the middle east.  The war was of short duration so there is no reason for a slow down.  Besides, the drought started before the war began for many of us.  

Same goes for SARS.  I really don't expect much of an impact.  Maybe someone from Toronto would like to comment but relative to what the media told you, for most places the impact was rather minor.  Toronto being the example.  Certainly China had a much larger number of cases, but I have never seen a reputable report that it ever impacted Hasbro's operations.  People still go to work regardless.  

I never thought of Easter as a hot toy season at all.  Up North (eh?) once March rolls around, swimsuits and swimming toys dominate and the remainder of the toy section is largely ignored, as well as downsized.  The local Zellers cuts its toy aisle space in half.  Most is taken up by "girls toys" and infant toys - non-seasonal type stuff.  "Boys toys" tend to get downsized in favor of sporting equipment.  Please excuse the gender stereotyping.  But I believe stores still do it.  

End of card + slow season + increased demand = poor distribution?  

Just my WAG.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: The NBA Playoffs
« on: May 12, 2003, 12:28 PM »
I'm not sure I would call yesterday's game dominating.  I'm marginally inclined to call it influence peddling by the NBA though.  

Matt's comments regarding the first game's officiating could be more than easily duplicated and reversed here.  Just how many fouls is Shaq allowed without being called on?  Pushing off to get a board used to be a foul, but apparently no more.  But I guess the NBA is about entertainment now more so than about the sport.  How else do you explain allowing Nicholson onto the floor to berate the ref (after a Shaq foul no less) and then let him stay in the Arena?  Sorry, but if that had been in a hockey game his a$$ would have been out.  

See Matt, I told you the refs would reverse it

I'm going to try real hard here to bite my tongue and not point out the 35-12 free throw disparity between the two teams (you can figure out who it favors, I'm sure  ).  Duncan shot more free throws than the entire Laker team.  Say what?!  Shaq only got fouled 3 times the whole game?  Yeah, right.  Kobe got fouled ONE TIME, in 39 freaking shot attempts?!?  Are you kidding me?  If this was a blowout, the disgustingly lopsided (and totally bogus) foul calls (or lack thereof) wouldn't be such a big factor.  Just total BS if you ask me.  Looked like the 4th quarter of that Sacto game last year where the Lakers got every call.  Whatever...

This is what Matt said, to which I replied:

Do you think the NBA really actually calls all the fouls?  Ever?  In any game?  Remember, I'm old enough to recall when basketball was a non-contact sport.  It looks more and more like a rugby scrum all the time.  

By the same token, 3 in the key; travel ball?  This is why I prefer college, they actually play by the rules of a game called basketball, rather than an entertainment program known as the NBA.  

Don't worry though, the calls will be reversed when the series shifts out west.

I rest my case.  Even if this was the Celtics, I'd be appalled.  It's just a wee tad to blatant, IMNSHO.  

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Who's Up For A Chat?
« on: May 11, 2003, 10:12 PM »
I apologize Chris.  Normally, I either go with my usual username or the replacement name from the space where "I'm a llama" used to be.  Just being goofy last night since everyone else in there was too.


Other Collectibles / Re: Petition for an Unleashed Ewok (or 2)
« on: May 11, 2003, 10:09 PM »
Oh, have them, I do.  I just don't like them and think they were a down side to ROTJ.  Unlikely, unwanted, un-Star Wars.  Definitely not Unleashed though ;)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Who's Up For A Chat?
« on: May 11, 2003, 12:05 AM »
still there, may be a temporary hiatus

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