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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Brent's Customs - Update 1/20
« on: January 22, 2006, 08:25 PM »
Finished up a Galatic Marine, its my first try at this one.  I had to mix up a custom pot of Maroon paint - got some help from my wife (keep in mind I'm colorblind).  He was fun to make but much harder than I expected.  This was my first attempt at leg swaps.  He's destined to join someone else's collection to help me pay for my Saga 2 figures.

The recipe is pretty simple (and I'm sure easily recognized):
Clone Commander Body and Kama
Saga 2 Snowtrooper Helmet and legs.
Shoulder "Pads" cut from the pauldron of the AT-TE gunner

I also did a little bit of work on one of my entries for the group project - Voolvif Man.  Obviously he's still a work in progress.

Here is a very incremental update on my Voolvif (Wolfman Jedi).  I added some paint and attached the clone armor to the legs.  I've been looking at ways to modify the hands.  However, I think the hands actually look okay in person - the depth of field in the photos make them look bigger.  I've got to add the gray to clone armor pieces and add some touch up paint to the legs, feet, and head. 

How long is this group project running?  I've got a couple of WIPs that I should finish but I'm trying to see how long I've got.  Thanks!

What are you going to do with the Air Hockey table when you are done?  Can I have it  :P

If I can find the time, I make try something small.  I'm really just looking for a backdrop that I can use to take pictures of my customs against.  I'd love to take a crack at the Jedi Council Chamber, but seeing how I've never worked with foam core (or any other diorama material) I'm not ready to dive into a project quite that large  :)

Btw how long ago did you guys in the states get saga2 hoth?

I picked up the Jabba wave the week before Christmas.  I just got portions of the Hoth wave last week and this week.

Wow, your new Rykrof looks great.  I can't imagine how difficult it was to hollow out that head gear.  The paint updates on the Derlin  body look great.

The executioner is very well done.  I agree he looks creepy!

Thanks for the comments guys.  I'm definitely going to make some changes to the elbows.  I'm hoping that if I "boil and pop" I might be able to get the joint in there better.

Does anyone think the clone trooper fore-arms look too long?  I'm thinking about shaving them back a little bit.

I think the Neyo looks great.  The weathering details are top notch and the strap is very well made.   Can you help a newbie out though.  What is the "kit from Bantha5"?  Thanks.

I think he looks good, but the photos are a little blurry.  Maybe you can take pictures a little farther away.  From the top picture, I really like the paint job on him.

I like the idea of a SA EP2 ObiWan and this one looks great.   One question (for my naive eyes).  What repainting did you have to do?

Phruby, are you having problems seeing my photo?  Its working for me so I'm not sure if I've done something incorrect.

Chewie, Mubas looks great.  Your painting skills are top notch.  I think that is was really distinguishes your customs.  You painting allows you to blend pieces from other characters together seemlessly.  Keep it up!

I'm not a marvel legends guy, but from a strictly customs point of view, those are amazingly good paint jobs!!   Keep up the good work.

Here's my WIP for a Wolfman Jedi (Voolvif Monn).

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