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Here's my WIP for a Wolfman Jedi (Voolvif Monn).

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Fodder Alert!
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:43 PM »
Where are you finding the Terminators??

Chewie,  another great update.  I can't believe how many customs you can crank out.  I love the B4-D2.  I think the "top" on that droid is great.  The paint job is superb.    I don't like the torture droid as well as but not because he's not a great custom.  I'm just not sure of the place for him.

Okay, you've convinced me that I need to invest in a glue gun.  I went to Michael's and there were several models.  What is recommended - "Full Size" or "Mini"  (both gun size and glue size) also Cordless or Corded.  What do you think???  Thanks

I've got the following characters that I'm considering.

SaeSee tinn in clone armor
IG-88 Style Lancer Droid
Wolfman Jedi
Hammerhead Jedi
Snow Bunny Padme

Now, I just need to stop talking about these guys and start making them.

I love both of your new additions.  One the "Lost in Space" pilot, I think maybe he should have lost one of his boots.  His bottom half almost looks too symmetrcial.  However, that is minor.  A fine addition to the dead trooper series!

I've used Intervideo WinDVD to do screen captures but they are not as high resolution as the ones you've showed.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Clone Pilot helmet
« on: January 10, 2006, 05:59 PM »
I would cast it before I hollow it out.  Off the top of my head (no pun intended), I'm not sure how to caste a part that is "hollow" per se.

Good idea.  I've got a bunch of those Michael's bottles left over from another project I was working on.  They don't work well on figures but foamcore... yes maybe.  Thanks!

Chewie, thanks for the advice.  What paints do you use on your foamcore dioramas?  Those little jars of Gamesworkshop paints don't go very far on big sheets :)

DD, the durge looks great!  I just took at look at the base figure (a friend has it in his office, hehehe).  Your paint job additions are great.  What a transformation!

I think your Galactic Marine head sculpt it great!  Are the legs supposed to be maroon?  Obviously as a colorblinder, take that last comment with a grain of salt  ;)  However, I thought they were supposed to be maroon.

Do most people spray paint onto the foam core or paint by hand with the acrylics we use on our figures?

Chewie, I love the look of your backdrop diorama as you have it photographed.  It looks great!  I need to make a backdrop to help set my customs off a little more.  Time to get the creative juices flowing.

Maul looks great.   The tatoos came out very very well.   Did you consider adding the Grevious style legs to him to give him the look of the EU version that can be seen in the Star Wars Visionaries book?

Thought I'd post this newbie question to go along with the Monthly Project.  What tips do you have for working with Foamcore for Dioramas.  From what I've gathered, sharp hobby knifes are the key.  However, any other tips?

What about gluing options (glue gun, any others??). 

What about painting on foamcore, any special tricks (is primer necessary?)

As you can see, I hope to make this week's thread, the one shop stop for all your foamcore questions.

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