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TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 2 (Spoilers)
« on: January 11, 2016, 01:23 PM »
[Original Trilogy Character] Set to Appear on Rebels on 1/20

I know this is a spoiler thread, but I protected it in case there are some folks out there looking to be surprised... ;)

Didn't click through on the link, but is this supposed to be the next new episode?  The kids keep bugging me for when the next new episode will air and I haven't been able to find any info on that.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Wow - Vintage eBay Auctions
« on: January 8, 2016, 12:04 AM »
Aren't there only like four of those that are certified legit?  I didn't realize any of them were carded.

I agree with pretty much everything stated.  Walmart is trying to drive foot traffic, and Walmart sucks big time.

My biggest gripe with Walmart getting Star Wars exclusives is the randomness of how they run their stores.  A good example is the Battlefront Stormtrooper and the rumors that only 25% (or whatever) of the stores received this.  If it weren't for the good karma of Star Wars traders (thanks JediJman), I wouldn't have this.  I've never seen this in stores.

You don't get this randomness with Target, TRU, or even Kmart.  Every store gets at least one case of an exclusive, and are rarely all that hard to track down with a little bit of persistence.

I'm fine with Walmart not offering their exclusives online, although its annoying when they say they will and they don't.  I just wish that with a reasonable amount of effort I could track down their exclusives.  There really shouldn't be an excuse for getting an exclusive without enough stock to satisfy demand.

I stopped at dozens of Walgreens in December and never saw these at retail.

Cool!  Thanks!  I don't remember seeing that one or the Kanan one.

Have we seen the Luke?  Is he in his Tatooine desert garb, or is this a repack of something previously released (X-wing pilot, or Luke Trooper)?

Picked up the First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper / Poe Dameron 2-pack at Target - not sure what I'm going to do with the Poe figure. Maybe if I see a Rey, I'll pick her up along with one of the many Finn figures that are hanging around to have the set of the three new heroes....

After seeing TFA, I found this pack a little inaccurate to what transpired in the movie...  The Riot Control Stormtrooper is accurate, his weapons are accurate, save that Poe didn't fight a Riot Control stormtrooper...  Finn did, while wearing Poe's jacket ;)

I think there must have been a whole bunch of stuff on Jakku that got cut out.   There must be more scenes with a Riot Control Stormtrooper than the one at Maz's, and there must have been a bunch of stuff with Constable Zuvio.

Agreed this two pack seems very odd considering what was actually released in the theaters. 

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Scale Millennium Falcon
« on: December 27, 2015, 03:20 PM »
Cracked open the new MF with the kids last night.  Overall a very fun toy. 

- The kids and I really like the Nerf bullet thing.  Its really well done and easy to use.  It uses standard Nerf bullets, so they will be easy to replace if necessary.  I also like that it can retract nicely in to the MF so it is completely hidden.
- The electronics are really nice.  I like how it has sensors to know when you lift it up, set it down, and bank it.  Different sounds for each part of flight that it automatically senses.
- Its a really solid toy.  Lots of solid plastic well put together.  I don't see anything that is likely to snap off without abuse.
- I really like the cockpit with the movable steering column.  It makes it easy to put in and remove the figures.
- Storage compartments galore.  Lots of places to stick weapons, Nerf bullets, etc. so you don't lose Chewie's bowcaster, etc.
- I like the many options for putting the portable cannon in all different spots.  I haven't tried to see if the BAW fit in here, or if there are other things that could plug in to the ports.  It would have been nice to have a few other basic things like the cannon that you could move around.

- The only thing that I find out of place on this is the price.  $140 seems outrageous.  Granted I got mine on sale for about $95.  It still feels like it should be more like $80 MSRP.  I know the X-Wing and TIE Fighter really went up in price too, so by comparison maybe its not terrible, but $140 seems way too high.

This is obviously not collector focused, but I think its a really fun toy.  As I type this the kids have loaded up the MF with the crew of The Ghost (and BB-8) and are having adventures.  I'd love to see Hasbro do something in this scale with The Ghost that The Phantom could plug in to.  A Nerf shooter would be perfect for that age group as well.

Overall well done, just drop the price by 40%.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VIII
« on: December 25, 2015, 12:58 PM »
Who is writing 8 and 9?  Is it up to the directors to do what they want, or is there a fairly set script that they're allowed to tweak slightly, but not significantly?

I know JJ is an executive producer, but I hope there is someone who is overseeing the overall continuity of these movies. 

I think its mostly okay for the anthology movies to get a little weird, but I'm hoping there is a clear vision for main Star Wars movies.

Is this TIE Pilot significantly different from the OT one released a year ago?

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Scale Millennium Falcon
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:24 PM »
I'm looking forward to picking up that giant TIE for $50 sometime in the next few months.

This does appear to be collecting some dust at retail.  I've been thinking about at what price point I might be interested in pulling the trigger.

I think its cool.  I just have no idea where I would put such a giant item, so I'm not sure I would even be interested at $50.  Although I sure would be tempted at that price.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: TeeFury
« on: December 23, 2015, 11:04 AM »
What has your experience been with TeeFury?  I ordered stuff from them weeks ago and still haven't received it.  Looking at their web site it appears there are customers that have been waiting over a month for their items to be shipped.  Is this normal?

Cool designs, but I'm not sure I've got the appetite to wait 6 weeks for a freaking t-shirt to be delivered.  Its not rocket science...

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILERS)
« on: December 22, 2015, 05:08 PM »
That's a definite possibility.  On the flip side, how does Kylo survive that shot and go on to fight both Finn and Rey?  He took that shot right in the gut, correct?  Single shots knocked out troopers left and right, and they're wearing full body armor.  Chewie himself takes a shot to the arm and is mostly out of commission.  Is Kylo wearing some kind of body armor or could he have minimized the impact using the force?  That's a bit of a plot hole for me.

Agreed.  Looked like a solid shot to the hip that would have left him unable to run or move well.  And it did look like Rey got a solid stab to the shoulder and a slice across the chest that resulted in minimal damage.  Lightsaber kevlar?

LEGO / Re: Recent Acquisitions
« on: December 22, 2015, 12:53 PM »
I thought I remember reading somewhere that Lego was having manufacturing problems during the fall (labor contract?) that was going to impact stock for Christmas.  I wonder if some of that is why the shelves are empty.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILERS)
« on: December 21, 2015, 06:50 PM »
I've been reading a lot of stuff I agree with. Did however want to whole heartedly disagree with Justin's thoughts on Driver. I thought he very much fit the part of "fighting off the light side" when he was helmetless. I didn't take it as whiny but as torn.

I thought casting across the board was brilliant

Agreed.  And I liked the fact that as a villain he wasn't a super villain.  He was young, torn about his morals, and imperfect in skill and purpose.

When I first heard the casting of Driver I kind of questioned it, but I really like how they wrote the character and how he acted like a powerful, confused, moody teenager. 

I completely agree with the comments that this is the kind of casting / acting / writing that would have been perfect for a young Anakin.

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