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It is asumed that Jedi are created upon Samurai arts and Philosophy, and this is revealed by Lucas and his companies, but in fact the sith are probanly inspired upon ninja, because they s :)tay in clandestinity
Other reference es their competition with Jedi, we know Samurai/Ninja or Jedi/Sith access to the same secrets with variated skills, of course.

More, SW enriches this inspiration with western tradition that relates to mithology, chivalry and Homers of Greece epics.

The Legacy Collection '08-'10 / Your Legacy Battle Pack Ideas?
« on: June 17, 2008, 05:10 PM »
Itīs time for Hasbro to bring to collection a battlepack of famous rogue squadron: Zev, Wedge, Luke, Dack, Klivian, Wes janson, and Dash Rendar in his pilot outfit

They could use the molds of Wes Janson evo pilot and Luke from ultimate battlepack
but I hope, they update the boots and shin guard of each pilot.

Nowadays is very hard to acquire a real vintage SW figure from 3/4 inches, they cost too much from 40 dollars to 2000 dollars or higher. So why if Hasbro with and update of the kenner license bring some characters back again. With the same paint job, or could be  a little updated, but with same card, blisyter, cardback style, coins, logos, etc? :)

This will be the definite effort for original collectors in order to complete our first collection: Sw, ESB, Rotj, Potf.

For Example I have Tac DST, but I wish I have the original Death Squad Commander
a premiere list for this release should include vintage jawa, death star droid, tie fighter pilot, death squad commander or star destroyer commander, a wing pilot, the variants of rebel soldiers.

Propose the re issue of your favorite vintage figures, preferably those that you donīt have and wish to acquire.

another chance for Lucas to reissue Sebastian Shaw at the Jedi Spirits scene

Let's update the image and give a clearer version of the original trio of jedi knights spirits. ;)

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