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The Original Trilogy / A&E Empire of Dreams Comments...
« on: September 12, 2004, 11:45 PM »
Anyone catch anything "new" in the Empire of Dreams on A&E TOnight?

I saw POte Snitkin's death for the first time ever...  I also saw a neat forward shot of the Barge when Leia kills the lights and the shudders close.

Anyone notice all the aliens running and Yakface looking just utterly confused and spinning in a circle sort of?

Also, pretty damn clear shots of Han's HOth coat.  Let the debate gain some more fuel now!

Great stuff...  Lots of cut footage.  A quick glimpse of the Luke/Biggs footage too, but not much.  Just a behind the scenes thing and it's them filming that sequence outside Tosche Station.

Watto's Junk Yard / Funny Movie Edits...
« on: September 12, 2004, 10:54 PM »
Anyone enjoy good (bad) movie edits that are put onto TV? 

As I watched the A&E Special on Star Wars this evening (very good by the way), I was ******* around watching The Patriot on TNT.  TNT's shown graphic stuff before, like Andersonville (its own film), Gettysburg, etc...  I seem to recall violence in those galore.

The Patriot had HORRIBLE edits in it though.  I mean big cuta-aways with the sound left in tact...  Fight scenes which have the speed increased to a comical Benny Hill level to make the edit "fit".

I can only imagine Gibson's other spirit-rouser Brave Heart which made The Patriot look like a kiddie film in its levels of graphic violence.

Other films I've seen have really awesome made up words snuck into them to replace swearing, which really often makes for a good bellie laugh from me I know.

Anyone love watching horrible TV editing jobs though?  This is really kinda sad, but comical nonetheless.

Modern Classifieds / Stuff I Want To Buy (Loose, Carded, Various)
« on: September 10, 2004, 11:47 PM »
I figure I'd throw this up here...

I'm wanting to buy lots of things listed below...

If anyone can, I'd appreciate any help, though items marked with *** are my main priorities at this point.  I listed some ROTS stuff that, while I'm not "paniced" on it, I would buy some extras anyone had maybe nabbed and didn't mind passing on if they wanted to...  was trying to buy "in bulk" with those a little to make shipping worth it.  They've been a royal pain to find around here, but hopefully that'll change. :)

Episode One:

-Battledroids (POTJ Security Droid as well) Any Variation
-Blue Pilot Droid w/mini tank
-AAT(ATT?) Model Kit (The large scale one)
-Destroyer Droids (First or Battledamage)
-Slice Apart Battledroid (from Playset)
-STAP (any version) w/Battledroid
-Droid Fighter 3-pack (with the 1 walking droid)

-Imperial Officer
-R2-Q5 or R4-M9 (or whatever those droids names are)
-Boomer Damage BD (buy in multiples!)
-Mon Calamari Officer/Trooper

Saga Basic:

-McQuarrie Trooper
-Imperial Officers (Blonde or Brown hair)
-Capt. Antilles
-Adm. Ozzel
-Red Battledroids (Target Accessory, Basic, or 3-pack)

Saga Deluxe/Ultra:

-Super Battledroid Builder Set (The Playdoh set) ***
-Gen. Riekean (computer screens only, though I'll take the whole set if people have it for the right price)

Clone Wars Basic:

-Red ARC Trooper *** 
-SA Clone Trooper

-EE SA Clone Army Builders (White, Clone or Battle-Damaged)

Vintage OTC:

-Stormtrooper   ***

Revenge Of The Sith: (Would like to buy multiples to make it worth the shipping)

-#41 Clone Trooper (Super Articulated)
-AT-TE Gunner
-#6 Clone Trooper (Not high priority)
-Turbo Tank Driver
-Preview Wookiee Warrior
-Medical Droid
-Polis Masaan
-Royal Guards (Blue or Red)

Vintage Weapons:

-Need lots, all originals, so if anyone deals in these, by all means I'd appreciate a note of what you have.  I need the regulars, especially Leia guns and the like, but other random pieces like Ewok weapons and such, as well.  Especially looking for original Jedi and Bespin Luke sabers (blue, green, and yellow), and a brown Yoda snake...  Also looking for POTF Ewok weapons (spears, bows, quivers).

Thanks for the help guys/gals!

You buying WOTC minis?  You gonna game with them OTHER than with the craptacular rules set-up WOTC has for their lame-ass game?

Well then, you're in luck because your figure diversity is more than you realize.  The AF figures are REALLY close to-scale as are many AF items.

AF figures have long-seen a life within the old West End Games minis battles game (tabletop) and now they can live on with the WOTC game as well, witha little work, or if you're using the WOTC minis as replacements to WEG's minis for the Tabletop battles, then you're in luck because AF still looks good.

Yes, keep your options open young padawan.  They'll serve you...  Those cheap-ass AF figures will help supplement your armies, or your civilians you wanna off at random.  :P

Revenge of the Sith / EP3 Clonetroopers
« on: September 6, 2004, 01:26 AM »
So what do you think Hasbro's gonna do about Clones this go-round?

From what I'm aware of, the Clone's body doesn't change at all (does it?) but the helmet becomes a hybrid of a Stormie's and Clone's... 

I'm very anxious to see what kind of Clones are available to us at retail with the next movie.  THe last was disappointing to me, on all levels.

The 3-packs weren't poseable and felt relatively "cheap" to me...  The original Clones (all of them) were pre-posed, had articulation with really no use, and the Clone Pilot had that damned lean to it.

The SA Clone is a great figure, but obviously so horribly limited...  Will it ever see the light of day in #'s that would satiate the masses?  We may  never see it again, sadly, for whatever illogical reason Hasbro could give us.

So will E3 be as big a flop for Clones?  I'm hoping not...  I'm hoping we see simply the SA Clone with a new head.  Hell I'd take it with the old head too, but the new Head as well...  Maybe pack both heads in even, I don't know.

I just hope we SEE this figure, and not a pre-posed wonder like the last film showed us.

I wont' even begin on the Biker Clone...  Yeck!

Toy Reviews / Review: Anakin & Padme Wedding Ceremony!
« on: September 2, 2004, 12:40 AM »

An oldie but goodie...  This is one that's been in the archives and heading up now.

I bring you Anakin & Padme (Secret Ceremony), in all their glory.  Very fun figures to review, if not a bit awkward that each of them has major flaws, major positives, and some minor flaws here and there too.  Click HERE for the full review!

In the end I liked Anakin enough to give him a thumbs up, but Padme really disappoints me.  Padme figures should, without a doubt, be flawless considering that so few of them have any level of articulation that's logical or even feasible because of the dresses.  Wedding Padme's a statue, and a nicely sculpted one, but read on for her flaws.

Anakin on the other hand turned out to be the best Anakin in the line from E2.  Ironic that he's been the last as well, but it's unfortunate that Hasbro cut corners on this figure they didn't need to.  Some nice tweaks in the right direction and this Anakin would rival the VOTC Han Solo in poseability, and he'd be awesome.

Again, read the review and share your own opinion here, whether you agree with me or not.  :)

Original Trilogy Collection / Assinine Ebay Auction
« on: August 30, 2004, 02:25 AM »

Just absolutely stupid...

What's worse is that this schmuck selling this is in Rebelscum claiming he can get a "signed affidavit" from Crime Scene Investigators PROVING it's not tampered with.  Claims he's part of the State Police wherever he is.

He's also laying claim that he can sue people for contacting Ebay or bidders on/about his auction, and causing him "economic loss" I believe is how he put it.

An incredible tool the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Garden Weasel itself.


The tail-end waves of the Saga line really were some obscure characters, some good new figures, and many much needed resculpts.  Lando alone got two, and his first was the Skiff Guard version of him.

Much needed?  Many debated that notion, but after seeing the new one it's tough to dispute that he needed it. and myself are proud to present the latest figure review of Lando Calrissian (Jabba's Sailbarge).

A good figure overall, and a great one to review, so Click Right Here to read the full review!  And of course, as always, share your thoughts here as well.

The Original Trilogy / Fun with the Military!
« on: August 17, 2004, 02:18 AM »
So, I'm really into the military aspect of Star Wars...

Who else is?  Anyone else ever like doing anything fun with fan-fiction or sketching?  I've futzed around with making my own characters...  Designing my own structure to Imperial and Rebel ranks.  Like different troop types and stuff.

Anyone else into these extremely dorky things?  Has a habit such as mine ruined your dating life, and strengthened your right (or left, depending on what handed you are) hand to the point you can crush coal into steel?

Or are you really cool cuz your mom says so, just like mine tells me!  Yay!   ;)

So do you have fun with this as much as I do anyway?  It's probably THE reason I'm so into Force Commander and the X-Wing series of games.

Toy Reviews / NEW! Review: Tanus Spijek & J'Quille!
« on: August 12, 2004, 12:49 AM »
Yup folks, back again with a new review.  My Deluxe Durge was just a starter for great things to come as our own jokabofe's going to personally be helping to get my reviews up routinely at the site now, so expect good things (fingers crossed here) to come in the near future.

We have reviews that go back as far as the Clone Wars line and beyond, so good stuff on the way (Or I like to think anyway).


This go-round is Tanus Spijek & J'Quille, Jabba's 2 furball bafoons in his palace, and two great figures to review.

By all means, click through RIGHT HERE and check out all the reviewing goodness.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new title for our reviews section as well, and for many more reviews to come!

Watto's Junk Yard / Mad Max...
« on: August 10, 2004, 11:37 PM »

Beyond Thunderdome was on tonight, and my mother and I were talking and she said she saw my brother also watching a Mad Max film, and she asked me questions about like where Max went, etc...

And, I'd never really thought about it, but this is a series I REALLY like, and I feel all 3 were solid films, but I honestly don't know what else there is?

What did happen to Mad Max?  There's some illuding towards the lost children making a society...  The oil hogs in The Road Warrior make a home as the "great Northern Tribe" as well...

But is there more to this series that maybe you guys know of?  Comics, novels, what?

I was thinking too, that in this day and age of video games that meld genres together like GTA, or Halo, how nice a well made Road Warrior game could be, but I digress.

I'd just never really thought about this series, and if there's more to it...  I haven't seen the original Mad Max in so long I don't even recall the details as to what happened to the town he was from, or the people.  It's just vague recollection, and that I actually liked it too.

What's the deal anyway?  Are any of you guys Road Warrior nuts?

Toy Reviews / NEW Review: "Bar2-D2"
« on: July 18, 2004, 03:14 AM »
Hey guys and gals, finally we're back with a new review on the front page, and hopefully this'll be the first of many to come in the near future (I know, we're behind on things!  Catch up time!)...

This review is for the amazing "Bar2-D2" figure, or R2-D2 (Jabba's Sailbarge) for its more official name from Hasbro.  :)


So click on through and enjoy...  I have to say, it was a figure I enjoyed.  Probably the best "vanilla" R2-D2 to-date, far surpassing the previous reign of R2 w/holo Leia.  A nice job by Hasbro to make R2 more than a "scene specific" figure.

But, as always, read the review to see what I didn't like about him as well.  No figure's perfect...  Ever.   ;)  :P

Modern Trading / 12" Haves Trade List & Meager Wants
« on: July 16, 2004, 09:18 PM »
(All Mint with their boxes, only ever displayed loose, unless otherwise noted)

POTF2 12":

Luke Skywalker (Original/Tatooine)
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)
Luke Skywalker (Ceremony)
Luke Skywalker (Hoth)

Darth Vader (Original)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Original)

Han Solo (Original)
Han Solo (Hoth)

Princess Leia (Original)

Lando Calrissian (Original)

Greedo (Non-exclusive)

Tusken Raider (Gaffi Stick version, **99% sure**)

Admiral Ackbar

Boba Fett (original)

C-3PO (original)

Cantina Band Member (Wal-Mart Exclusive Figrin D'An)

AT-AT Driver


Sandtrooper (White Pauldron)

Stormtrooper (Original)

Chewbacca in Chains

Grand Moff Tarkin (Single Boxed Figure)


FAO Luke/Bib Fortuna 2-pack (x2 MISB)

FAO Tarkin/Gunner 2-pack (x2 MISB)

Diamond Sandtrooper (Orange Pauldron, x2, 1 sealed, 1 open)

POTF2 6":

Yoda (Original)

R2-D2 (Original)

Jawa (Original)

POTJ 12":

50th Luke Deluxe Figure (MISB)  


POTJ or Saga Imperial Officers (Mostly Saga)
Super Articulated Clone Troopers
Princess Leia with Hood Up (Commtech)
Sandtrooper 4-pack (POTJ Figures, diff pauldrons)
VOTC Luke, Vader, Lando, 3PO, (everyone except the first 3 figures) MOC
VOTC Bespin Wave
Saga Endor Wave (Of course!)

I'm considering selling the 12" figures also, just PM me if interested either way.


Other Collectibles / Sideshow Premium Format Figures
« on: July 4, 2004, 03:43 AM »
I'm not a big statue/minibust fan myself...  I'm intrigued by Sideshow, a relatively small company, jumping into this though with a Star Wars license, and I'm also curious to see how this:

A) affects Unleashed, as 1/4" statues, to me, would be superior to Unleashed.


B) How this is going to be perceived by other lines that are similar, such as the minibusts from GG...  And the die-hard collectors of said lines.

Very curious...  Seems like they've stirred the pot.

I was certainly flabergasted because I, at first, thought it was some secret maneuver that Hasbro had dumped 12" rights to others and that Sideshow picked it up.  Their 1:6 scale action figures are quite amazing.

Toy Reviews / NEW Review: Deluxe Durge w/Swoop
« on: July 3, 2004, 02:11 AM »
Out of Sheer Boredom, I bring you Durge Deluxe...  He's been on my to-do shelf, and I just didn't get to many CW figures in general other than the SA Clone so I have decided to do Deluxe Durge here as an unofficial review for the site...

He's one I felt deserved a nod!   So on with the show!

When Hasbro started the modern line publicly in 1995, articulation has always been a less than stellar aspect of the figures.  They were really not the super poseable items their G.I. Joe cousins were, and of course sculpt wasn't the highest quality either.

Flash forward to 2003, and Hasbro totally floors its fans with a deluxe version of a new "enemy" introduced in the Star Wars EU series, Clone Wars, by introducing a figure that gives you every bit of bang for your $10.

To me, Durge is, without a doubt, one of the most financially worthy figures I've ever seen in any toy line...  $10 gets you a speederbike with tons of detail, a trident/lance weapon that attaches to the bike, 2 newly sculpted pistols, a sawed off blaster rifle, and a figure that's so heavily articulated he makes even the most articulated figures in the 1:18 scale look like they suddenly could do some improving for sure.


Articulation:  First, and by far and away foremost is this figure's amazing articualtion count.  Sporting what on paper appears to be a modest 12 points of articulation, this figure sports the first heavy use of ball/socket articulation points on a Star Wars figure.

What's that mean to you and I?  That means this guy is uber poseable...  Action poses, neutral poses, dancing poses, goofy flamboyant poses...  He does it all!

The count goes something like this:

-2 Ball/Socket Shoulder Joints
-2 Ball/Socket Elbow Joints
-2 Wrist Joionts
-1 Ball/Socket Neck Joint
-1 Ball/Socker (or Double Jointed) Torso Joint
-2 Standard Hip Joints
-2 Ball/Socket Knee Joints

Total: 12 Points of Articulation

12's not a lot really...  X-Treme Detail figures from 21st Century Toys sport upwards of 18 points, and extra sets of arms...  BBI's Elite Force 1:18 also sports 16+ points of articulation.

What BBI and 21st don't have is the aforementioned heavy use of ball/socket joints though, and Durge has that going for him in abundance.  It allows for an impressive range of motion in a single articulation point, to say the least.

All props in articulation on this guy!

Sculpt:  Incerdible Detail Abounds on this figure...  Top to bottom, he's the spitting image of a non-cartoon version of Durge.

I was really against Durge as a character till I saw he was pretty uniqe in the cartoon, but what first began swaying my opinion was the awesome sculpt of the figure.

He has elements of Boba Fett, but they're very muted compared to my intitial impressions.  He doesn't feel like as much of a knock-off now.

The sculpt has lots of dents and dings...  Durge's fingers are made to fit in the trigger guard on his blasters, but they easily hold his trident as well...  His joints are seamlessly hidden within the sculpted armor of the figure too.  Very stealthy.

Overall, you really see a lot of detail on this figure.

A favorite aspect of the sculpt that I noticed is his separate hoses on his torso that go from his body armor to his thigh armor...  They have a very "Star Wars" look to them.  Very unique.

Durge's armor is sculpted so that it screams violence...  Sharp angles to impale enemies upon in hand-to-hand combat, spiked shoes for gripping various terrains, and his helmet has TONS of personality.

It gives an ominous impression that this guy's a bad mofo, don't piss him off!  Very cool looking, and all thanks to a top-notch sculptor.

Whoever at Hasbro worked this magic deserves a hand.

The working holsters on his armor are just the icing on the cake then, so with his plethora of weapons he doesn't have to set them down to use any other one of them.  

Great stuff folks!

Accessories:  For $5 this would be insanely ridiculous.  For $10, it feels like this is everything a Deluxe figure should be, but sadly they aren't all near this good.  As a matter of fact, short of the Ewok w/Glider or Bacta Luke, I can't think of a Deluxe off-hand that really was even near as impressive.

Durge comes armed with:

-Silver Jetpack
-Silver Double Pistols
-Silver Sawed-Off Rifle w/"strap"
-Silver Trident
-Green/Cream decoed Swoop Bike

It'd have only been topped if Durge maybe came with the bolo weapon the carded figure had, and perhaps his second jetpack.

As it stands though, the figure's got a lot going for him.  The "strap" thing on the rifle's nice too because it allows Durge to romp around with his rifle off his bike and not have to put it down to use the Trident.

The bike itself is excellently sculpted, with tons of dents and dings, and it includes a place to mount the trident for jousting Clones, as well as a sheath for the rifle accessory.  

As mentioned above, his pistols fit in his holster on his thighs, and the Jetpack snaps easily into his back.

On top of all this, NONE of these weapons are flimsy.  Not a single one of them is the slightest bit limp, like Amanaman's staff or whatnot.  Why is it this figure can have good stuff, but others cannot?

Again, the limp plastic used isn't for safety reasons.  That's a mere excuse that's been refuted multiple times now.  It's the fact that the limper plastic is less expensive, and they're willing to sacrifice quality at Hasbro sometimes to save a couple pennies on a figure.  That's a real shame.

On Durge though, no expense was spared it seems, and he's come out smelling like roses!

Value:  Again, I cannot stress enough the value you receive with Durge.  He's simply worth every penney of his $10 pricetag.  I'd seen him clearanced because he shipped pretty well, but didn't nab one.  Wish I had, just to have custom fodder that he offers up.

If you see Deluxe Durge, and haven't yet bought one, do so because you've spent $ well so long as you like the character.


Paint Aps:  Now, don't get me wrong.  Durge is ok as far as paint aps go, but anyone who nabbed the basic carded figure knows that the Deluxe figure was missing something in the paint department.

What paint is there is in the lines, and crisp, but Durge is entirely too clean for a figure so battle worn in sculpt.  The paintjob culd've been miles better...  If there was a place expenses were cut, it was definitely in the paint aps department.

That was somewhat disappointing to me because the sculpt isn't done justice when the paint is skimmed.  Paint applications can really highlight details you otherwise missed on a figure...  For instance, look at the upcming repaint of the Jawas, and Tusken figures...  Or look at the Cantina 3-pack coming to K-Mart.

Paint can make ALL the difference in how a final figure looks, and it can really show what a nice job the sculptor did in the first place.

Hasbro's skimming here is disappointing because it doesn't really show appreciation to the guy/gal that put all the effort into creating the figure.  

Too bad.

No Accessory Paint:  As with the figure, the weapons are lacking in detail from paint as well.  And pure silver weapons stand out like a turd in a punchbowl.

Some detailing on the handles of the weapons, maybe some paint detailing to the barrels...  Something...  Antyhing would've been nice to bring out and highlight details in this figure's accessories.  They're cool, but just not AS cool as they could've been.

The deco on the bike accessory also was wanting, just like the figure.  There was some detail, but not real black highlights to simulate scorching or anything...  Very dinged up sculpt and some paint, but just not enough to really bring out the true details to the bike that it deserved.


What can I say?  Durge is awesome...  Deluxe Durge that is.  The basic carded figure lacks EVERYTHING the the Deluxe figure has except paint aps.

This Durge is everything the Star Wars line should be...  We should be seeing Army Builders like Hoth Rebels, Fleet Troopers, Death Star Troopers, generic Imp. Officers, etc., who are this great...

We should be seeing Jedi figures this poseable for their many action-packed moments in the last film and the next.  

We should see main characters in their various outfits sporting articulation like this for their many moments proving their title of "Hero" in the films.

Instead, we usually get figures with limited articulation...  

Let's hope things are on an upward trend in articulation though.  I'm personally hoping the VOTC sells so well that Hasbro realizes articulation's the route to go in the basic $5 figure line.

Let's hope, because a line of figures as nice as this Durge would just floor me, and would easily be the top toy line in the boys market that is out right now.

Fingers crossed here at least...  Ya reading Hasbro?  You can do it when you want to guys!  And ya can do figures virtually perfectly.  

Way to go on this one!

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