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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: August 28, 2014, 11:08 PM »
Ah she's from Mt. Lebo...  Overprivileged brat. :)

I think Dave Filloni is from there as well.  I know he's from that area.

I still don't have a clue who she is, but damn she was cute on TD.

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Star Wars: Rebels - Class II Vehicles
« on: August 28, 2014, 11:02 PM »
Wolf Pack podcast did a little early review of the AT-DP and Phantom from this line...  I watched the AT-DP video and I gotta say, that thing's a beast.  At least as tall as the new AT-ST sculpt, maybe a tad taller actually, which would be accurate I believe.

The seating does accomodate TWO pilots, as it should, and in tandem seats, as it should.  I think it's not very detailed in there to fit figures with the lower articulation count, but I can see spiffing that up a bit.  I'm just glad it fits two.

The detail on the outside looked quite impressive IMO.  Lots of recessed panel lines.

I'm excited in part because I have coupons for TRU and free $ basically lying about, and in part because I'm so into getting these new vehicles.  Is it the newness?  No.  I think it's the quality.  These are looking pretty nicely scaled.  If anything isn't it's the Phantom, but it doesn't look terrible either.  Otherwise these look to have a solid bit of detail to them.  Simplistic, priced nice, but still delivering some decent quality.

Anyway, these are out at TRU in Cali right now...  Look for them if you please.

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: August 27, 2014, 11:52 PM »
Does the chromed one feel the same?  I'm just curious...  I'm guessing not and it's all rigid plastic.  Kinda weird, and destined (like the original kenner 3PO) to not last, haha.

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Star Wars Commander - App
« on: August 27, 2014, 11:50 PM »
You ***** Rebels.

The Rebs actually have a slick wheeled tank.  I'm gonna play the game just for captures of the new hardware for the Alliance and Empire.  I could see cranking out a custom of one of those rapid-fire At-ST's.

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Recents Finds and/or Purchases
« on: August 27, 2014, 11:49 PM »
I saw those at Wal-Mart myself last weekend.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: August 27, 2014, 07:35 PM »
I actually saw that for pre-order overseas, and I was giddy until....

yeah, the price.  WOW was that price shocking, haha.  It shouldn't be though.  A 7" scale mech from Titanfall + a 7" scaled figure that fits inside, and is every bit as articulated and detailed as the mech is, is probably worth that.  :(

Outta my scale range though, thankfully. :P  If that were 4" I'd have messed my pants, and bought it, and openly wept while eating cereal for dinner for several months.  :-\

Collect All 92! / Re: Rancor Keeper
« on: August 27, 2014, 07:32 PM »
I think a more fair comparison for why it probably was unnecessary was the POTF2 figure than the original Vintage figure...  The POTF2 would've sufficed me, personally.  Articulation's appreciated for sure, and the removable hat, but really the POTF2 didn't sell not because the figure was bad, but because the figure was boring.  So this one didn't sell likewise because it was boring, haha.  The fact it was done before just made it even more pointless was all.

Most alien upgrades I'll take all day long though.  And even most humans I'll take.  The Rancor Keeper though, he was really on my "Never care to see again" list.  There are many PT figures in that list now too, haha.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Top 5 Hotties
« on: August 27, 2014, 07:28 PM »
Must be chilly.  Glad she has a sweater.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Toy Tony carded figures.
« on: August 26, 2014, 05:57 PM »
What Rob said...

I've always felt like AFA is for people not confident enough to figure **** out on their own.  I hate them and feel they're a pimple on the ass of the hobby, frankly.  They provided a service that did nothing more than jack up the prices of carded products for really no reason besides, "Some guy, somewhere, who nobody really honestly gives a **** about says this product is ______ quality".

I can determine that on my own.  If I can't, that's on me, but why be in the hobby if you can't absorb the knowledge yourself and need that AFA logo?

I hope this is the demise of them as a company in this hobby because, clearly, their opinions are horse hockey, and they don't know a thing more than anyone else, and if anything they know significantly less than most people who actually pay attention, learn, and enjoy vintage collecting.  They're purely detrimental.

If you went to a guy to get your brakes fixed, and he said, "Well they should be good, but if they fail that's really not my fault just so you know", would you get your brakes done there?  These guys are scam artists IMO.  They have been from day one.

Collect All 92! / Re: Rancor Keeper
« on: August 26, 2014, 05:28 PM »
I am happy with the new one, but the fact they redid it was kinda goofy, yeah.  There's a lot of things they shouldn't have done, and this probably was among them.  The POTF2 does look worse though, you have to admit, and was in some ways worse than the Vintage figure ironically.  What we get with the Legacy figure is all the bells and whistles on a lard butt nobody really cares about.  At least now he's able to hug that green dude to speaks gibberish though, right?  I guess.  :-\

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Star Wars Rebels Hero Series X-Wing
« on: August 25, 2014, 11:01 PM »
Saw this over the weekend finally...  Like I've said, if the measurements hold up, (1/17 by "official" measurements of the ship, but taking into account that all of the models including the lifesize prop vary, there is room for +/- there), this is basically a properly scaled X-Wing to action figures for $40...  Given the costs of underscaled ones you can put a figure into, I think it's a pretty solid deal.  What was the last price of an underscaled X-Wing?   :-\

What sucks is it's clearly not made to be complex at all...  Wings don't open, there's no cockpit or droid socket (not a full one anyway), and it only has a forward landing gear somehow...  Not sure what the rear gear would be, but I'm guessing the forward gear is just shorter than it should be, ultimately, and probably just plugs into a hole in the bottom.  Oh, and the laser's tips are simple half-circle bits...  Definitely cheaper looking.

Anyway, if you wanted an X-Wing to park next to an A-Wing that doesn't look comically small next to it?  This is your ship actually.  I know everyone's bashing it, but it's actually pretty detailed too with panel lines, the rear-hull greeblies, etc....  It needs painted (stickers, ugh), but man it's a good base, and for cheap.  I'm waiting to see if they show at K-Mart before I buy since I have coupons there and lots of points, but I'll get one at Target later if I have to.  I'm aiming for a few actually, and if they hit clearance I may buy up whatever I see.

I'd have paid $100 for this (seriously) if it had a full cockpit, opening hatch, full sized 3 landing gear w/hatch doors, and a full droid socket...  oh, and a paintjob.  Like, a real paintjob.  As it stands though, for $40, it's a good custom starting off point to make something that is actually pretty good, and at a pretty fair price to do so.  Try doing one from scratch and see if you can even accomplish something slightly less than this ship for $40, much less with the details it actually does have.

Hell, just a paintjob on this, it's going to display nice with figures around it, some ladders, and the Yavin cart that pretty much looks comically sad next to the previous Hasbro X-Wings.

This is another one of those things people are pissing their pants angry about that all I see is the positive here.  I wish we'd get a Y-Wing now that accompanied it (same scale).  I'd be giddy.  The shell is more than enough to work with.  I'll make it work...  And Hasbro isn't going to do one this scale with all the bells and whistles I'm afraid.  I wish they would because I'd gladly pay for it, but it's in the realm of "playsets" that isn't very likely to ever happen.

Yeah I think what's left of collectors prop up this end of things online pretty much...  I know I only check the toy aisles when I'm in stores for other things.  And even then I do a lot of shopping on Amazon now.

I'm mostly buying on Amazon at this point...  Just easier.  I see stuff at retail and it's fun to walk away from it too.  Liberating.  The only place I've bought figures in the last year was actually K-Mart.  They were the only ones stocking TBS 4".  I've seen all 3 waves in some abundance, and so far nobody's put out 4 here yet.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Black Series Deluxe Line
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:27 PM »
I see them sporadically at Target and K-Mart...  Don't hit TRU much ever to really call it, but they had Jabbas I know last I was there.  I wasn't paying attention to what else though, just know Jabba was there.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Upcoming Black Series figures?
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:25 PM »
Here it's Leia Leia Leia, with Greedo a close 2nd.  Han's still not around nearly as much (TRU some, one at any given KM I visit), aside from those TRU Cantina sets of course.

Not much of anything else...  The Deluxe figures are not exactly flying out the door, Scout included, but I'd not call pegwarmer on those yet by any means.  Leia's reigning champ for now.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: August 22, 2014, 01:34 AM »
Just noticed that the EE pre-order for the Raptor mini-speeder hicky jiggy is actually the same price, plus free shipping, as BBTS's is with shipping costs added (even if you have a pile-o-loot going).  I may be cancelling my BBTS order on that and pre-ordering via EE then.

This makes me hopeful prices will be competitive.

EE's order says it comes in Oct., and BBTS is listing the Raptor for Sept., so it may just be that prices went up on the older items perhaps?  BBTS still has them listed for $10 less each, so that's the route to go on the Quad Eyes or Mk2 Speeder and any figures.  Though you can't get the Wings of Samothace thing at BBTS any longer.  I'm kind of shocked they'd list it at EE even since it's hand-made by the line's creator.

Anyway though, the Raptor's the same price plus free shipping so it's cheaper actually.  EE is the route to go.

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