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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Enjoy The Next Few Days
« on: May 20, 2005, 05:05 AM »
No doubt man...

My gf I've held off babbling to her about it because she's not seen it yet (like she cares even!?).  I'm trying to get her to watch AOTC this weekend/week so when we go next weekend she'll at least have a semi-idea what's up.

Besides that, I really haven't talked much about ROTS other than online.  My buddy's out in your town for training right now or he and I would chat I'm sure, though he hasn't seen it either now since he was out there this week!  Ugh!

And the local collectors are all busy!  hah! :)

At present, for me...
-ANH/ESB/ROTJ are almost all 3 tied...  I can't say I like one of those films more than the other, as I like all 3 for different things...  Either for being the "first", or being a more in-depth story, or for having the most intense action...  That's all my #1, a 3-way tie.

-ROTS...  Easily the #2 slot then since I condensed #1. :)  ROTS was good I think, but I agree with Dave that I don't think I'd replace any classic film with it.  Call me crazy but I like Ewoks, I think the Sarlac SE battle's as good as it was pre-SE, and the space battle in ROTJ still is bigger and more "wow" to me than the one in ROTS...

-AOTC is next, and it's a good solid film IMO.  I can stomach the few love dialogue moments I dislike, for the action. 

-TPM is last and has the most flaws.  A bad child actor, and a CGI character that should've spoken with subtitles and 3PO translating...  And had his time cut down.

I'm more leaning towards' your friend's interpreation Jason, only because that's what first came to my mind...  My gut reaction was that Palpy didn't do that but Plagus did...  Which is sorta neat.

It was like he was setting up a new apprentice to rid himself of his old one, and then his old one killed him off...  It fits with the whole "Sith are always trying to one-up each other" way they're established in the films...

Hell, even Vader's looking to undo Sidious before they even really hung out as master/apprentice!  I mean, wait till the body's cold or something...  He wanted to take over right away!

Yeah I can see your side, as Palpy does say "He taught his apprentice everything he knew", but at the same time Palpy doesn't talk up that HE could do that...  Manipulate the Midi's to form life.

BTW that makes the Midichlorians thing almost seem pseudo-ok to me...  I'm still grappling with accepting that really, but it actually gave purpose to E1's establishment of the force as being a physically detectable thing, but as well as being something mystical and powerful beyond comprehension as well.

Anyway I'm babbling but that's a good point.  I've been thinking about this since Tuesday night myself.  I caught it right away and was bummed we DIDN'T get his birth all wrapped up as to how/why it was done.

And then how did all that "chance" **** happen that Qui and Obi just happen upon him on Tatooine and all that... 

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: ROTS Screening
« on: May 20, 2005, 04:53 AM »
Yeah...  Lots of stuff seemingly cut from the film.  The rumors of Quin Lon Vos biting the dust too that i recall and which I THINK are in the comic adaptation of the film as well.

I really wanna read the novel and comics now because I believe someone said these things are almost entirely in those sources and explained very well.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Enjoy The Next Few Days
« on: May 20, 2005, 03:41 AM »
Oh buck up fella!  You still have me.   :P

hehe, I know what you mean, somewhat, Jason...  I've had a weird feeling since I left the movie that I don't have something to anticipate that revolves around Star Wars...  Even figures.

I really hope what they do for TV is good because if it sucks I'm gonna be really let down.

At least I'll go see the film some more, but it's really rather depressing itself...  Not to mention the feeling of "finality" to it all...  I drove home from the theater myself last night, and I really was kinda "bleh".  I wanted to talk to someone about it/have a long SW conversation over some scrambled eggs or something at Denny's but everyone went home right after the show because most had commitments the next day (or wives/gf's that made them go home!   >:( ).

Kind of a bummer when I reflect on it.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Gregorbian's Customs
« on: May 20, 2005, 03:29 AM »
Ah, for a truly SA Clone.  ;)

Soudns interesting but I didn't see it...  A semi-logical step, though I too would worry about ruining the Clones.  The Commanders JUST started to show up here to where I can actually luck into one or two, so the SA Clones are a ways off yet it seems.  :(

Thanks for making this its own thread, sorry if it was a pain to move

Not your fault, that was mine.  I don't move/merge/split topics often so it's likely more my lack of interaction with modding software than anything. :)  No worries.  I just thought you'd get a better response here since I know Darth Delicious and some other customizers aren't always as active in the collecting portions of the site.

I tried hollowing out the helmet and popping it onto my VOTC Stormie, but it doesn't look right.  The helmet goes all the way to the shoulders (making the figure appear to not have a neck).  I guess I could try not hollowing it out as much...

That'd be a start, to not hollow so "deep" when dremelling the helmet out.  What I'd suggest is do a little at a time, try a fit, do a little more, try a fit, do a little more, try a fit...  Better to not have hollowed it ENOUGH than TOO MUCH.  Hollowing's like every other bit of customizing though and takes time to get the knack. 

I cut my finger hollowing a helmet cast the other day that I went through the surface and right into my thumb as I held the piece...  It happens a lot.

If you do the removable helmet (with a dude's head underneath), I don't THINK you can hollow the CCP head so it's able to just snap on the Stormie.  You'd either have to change the neckpeg on the Stormie, remove it and attach the CCP, or just make a straight cut for both and glue the CCP on if you wanted (no articulation then though, at all).

It's more work in a way but if you want the removable helmet and don't have another stormie helmet to try that with...  It's maybe your only option.

They do sound good, you really make me wanna check them out if I can find them...  I can't say I'm a die-cast collector really but I can appreciate good work at any point so I'll go take a look as soon as I'm back out shopping again. 

These are something I doubt I'd even have looked at otherwise, actually.

Toy Reviews / Re: New Review: Feltipern Trevagg
« on: May 20, 2005, 03:20 AM »
Working towards 'em Matt, but I doubt I crank out everything.  I'll let you know though...  I'm trying to get the Previews out right now though, and I really want the VOTC to get reviewed in their entirety because I think they're Hasbro's best foot forwards for once.  They really impressed me and deserve the respect on those.

APpreciate you chiming in...  Sorry for my late reply (busy leading up to E3, and I've been lax with how I keep up with everything around the boards)...  Hopefully we'll be talking about another figure soon. :)

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Hasbro Direct Sales Website
« on: May 20, 2005, 03:16 AM »
Sounds not too bad Paul...  I've got to admit I've not even looked into them all that much.  I probably should drop an order for some troopers just because, but I feel like I've got too many irons in the fire now as it is (waiting on the Evolution pre-orders too, ugh).

Anyway, I was reading my Insider which JUST arrived today (yeesh, kinda late I think...  or am I early this time?) and in it there was a question about Hasbro offering direct sales...

Sansweet told them no, but they've tossed the idea around and stuff, and then he directs them to a link to  I found that kinda funny since it's really been a little while since the shop was announced, but I guess not quite long enough for Sansweet to get the memo...  You'd think he'd have known though, out of anyone.  hah

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Target Exclusive Clone Trooper
« on: May 20, 2005, 03:13 AM »
-Sears Clone would only be available in the holiday season for a brief time, plus its packaging would be trashed, and thanks to their deal with KB they'd be the exact same stuff KB has.

(Or it would be a Clone in "Tough Skins"...   :D  That joke hit home for anyone here?)

-J.C. Penney Clone would only be able to be ordered through their catalogue center, and it would cost exactly 25% more than what Hasbro told them to sell it for.  This is because JCP has a 25% off sale every weekend that's touted as the biggest sale they've ever had.  (I worked there on my externship, that place is funny...  Eye-opening to a 19 year old to work there and see how they're run from the corporate level on down).

-Diamond Comics Clone would come with a "Gotcha By The Balls" feature where the Clone looked like the comic book guy from the Simpsons, and the MSRP just had ???'s beside it for the various different shop's convenience....

Oh yeah, and then it would wind up at stores like Suncoast of course.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Future Clone Troopers
« on: May 20, 2005, 03:06 AM »
There were a bunch of him around though, some fighting I believe

I believe you're right Scott...  When I watched the 2nd time I was focusing on the Utapau troops and most looked identical if not all of them...  I was really hoping for a medic to pop out in the one seen you mentioned though, Aucassin.  It seemed to cut out right at the worst time.  Really was hoping to see that...  If it's a Clone med or what. :)

Trying to ID all those Clones...  That was rough.  I caught the Stass Allie/Target Exclusive though as it appears a lot of people missed them.  Odd because they had an incredibly clear shot of their markings.

I want more Clones, but like the EE Clone sets I'm worried about pricing at this point...  It sorta tanked those sets as far as making them affordable to really amass an army, at least for many people, and I just fear that being the case for all these different divisions of Clones...  As neat as I think all the designs for all the different military fronts may be.

Nicklab Said:
Now, as for my own credentials which you've seen fit to address, let's see if our creds match up here, okay Jesse?

Nick, wow, I'm sorry you were offended by my words, but I can't see where I called into question your "credentials".   If anything I simply was saying you're on-par with anyone in this thread...  That's the truth in my eyes, and I'm sorry if you feel you are different than the masses, really... 

I think you should maybe heed these words you yourself said:
Please make an effort to know who you're addressing before you start talking down to them.

Because it strikes me that you're implying the REST of us don't know as much as you do...  Kinda "talking down" to everyone and all that.  I'm sorry you maybe feel that way about some of us...

I didn't talk "down" to you, I simply addressed your tone because it wasn't appreciated on the boards is all.  I'll reiterate my words for clarity's sake...

As I said in my post:

I think being condescending in your reply isn't a necessity, as if you know this industry inside out and the rest of us are merely outside opinions...


You know as much as the rest of us, and I'm sure we all can see the point that Clones aren't on the pegs at the most pivotal moment for pushing a film, which is right now.

I'm not saying you are completely ignorant about toys in any way Nick.  You have certainly been to many conventions, shows, and the like, and that's fantastic.  I simply told you that the whole "I know more than you do, OBVIOUSLY" attitude was a bit much...  You know as MUCH as the rest of us in my view, whether you do or not...  Maybe you disagree, and as I said I'm sorry if you feel that way.

As far as the points you make...

I agree with the sociological POV on collectors (or U.S. culture as a whole) requiring instant gratification, that's a pretty popular mode of thought on modern society I think, and it's evident, but as marketing teaches students in the earliest classes, society and how to cater to them are keys to marketing products...  It's easy enough to argue then that lack of instant gratification is sales lost...  I personally see the lack of Clones as a mistake because of this, as they are popular among a broad audience...  It's just my opinion though, but when a 7 year old tells me what he did, I found that to be a profound thought as I was rifling through the pegs for more Clone figures in my collection...

There's no disputing MORE are shipping, there's time for MORE to come out, no doubt...  And I'll be here for them too, with open wallet arms.  My point still stands though, that (at least in my area, and many other areas I'm told) Clones aren't abundant...  I'm glad your neck of the woods has plenty for all though Nick, because that means things are maybe flowing better in the pipelines out there...  It could simply be that Pittsburgh has bad distribution itself and the rest of the country's doing well on these figures.  I know on another toy line I like that we have gotten the short end of the stick lately while others had plenty of whatever they wanted.

On the issue of Collection 1 doing better than COllection 2, I personally see them as faring rather evenly myself, for the most part, with the duller of the C2 figures sitting the most and the more abundant C1 figures sitting the most of their cases...  But, like you said,
Add in the fact that sometimes anecdotal evidence just doesn't carry that much weight since things can be regionally skewed by how collectors collect in a certain area.  One city or region does not necessarily reflect the rest of the country.
, so where NY sees Clones galore and Collection 2 sit like they're fertalizer to grow more C1 figures, in my neck of the woods the sales are fairly even...

Put at the front of a store even, I've found that EVERYTHING sells out.  My one Taret had its 4/2 overstock at a checkout aisle temporary endcap, and I've watched that thing go from overflowing with figures to nothing in a month...  Impressive considering how much was hanging there not long ago.

But that is the differences people see...  And everyone has their own experiences to share, that influence their opinions, and everyone has their own "credentials" too, and when I see a thread like this I see everyone as knowing as much as the next guy in my book.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Do You Have Pets?
« on: May 20, 2005, 02:20 AM »

So my cat, Tarkin (bottom photo) has taken to stealing money again.  He'd given this habit up a while ago, but he's back to it.  Loose change on the table is the victim, but he's smart and only takes quarters (or those new dollar coins).

Does anyone have a cat that does that?  He leaves it at my bedroom door at night too, or just strewn throughout the house, almost like a little path he has taken giving money away to...  well...  nobody in particular.

Very, very strange. 

I think I may be able to help some with a how-to...

I picked up the one with the long rifle (the GG mini-bust that is) off a buddy of mine just to see how these translated...  I actually swapped the hands out just because I had a VOTC Stormie with his hands off right on my desk here at home, and the Mini-Bust hands fit perfectly on...

The heads have a couple means to swap them, but if I were going to do it I'd go with hollowing the mini-bust head out so it popped straight onto the VOTC peg.  I think it would be a fairly easy custom to whip up if you wanted to, so long as you're careful with hollowing the GG Bust helmet out...  Simple enough, and while I can't recall who made the figure I'm sure if he's on he'll help you out with what to do as well.

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