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-What's the chances of seeing the quality shown to the VOTC figures carry over to the basic line, at least as far as articulation goes?

-Has Hasbro considered the idea of "Versus" 2-packs where they include one Super Articulated Army Building figure Vs. another (IE: SA Hoth Rebel Soldier Vs. SA Hoth Stormtrooper, or SA Fleet Trooper Vs. SA Stormtrooper, etc.)?

-Has Hasbro considered resculpting the AT-ST or Snowspeeder vehicles ever?  Either one done to-scale and as exquisitely as the Landspeeder would be awesome.

-Action Features aren't making a comeback for E3 are they?  (And if they say yes, freak out on them Matt)

-And not a question, but ask them to give army builder figures a shout from the collectors...  When DONE RIGHT they sell awesome.  I'd love to see new stuff like Fleet Troopers, Hoth Rebels, Imperial Officers, etc...  They just gotta do stuff right for it to move, not like that Saga Hoth Soldier.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 12, 2004, 07:31 AM »
Well  I finally got these the other day...  (No Luke yet)

Initial impressions are actually mixed...  not so much on Han, but rather Leia and Obi-Wan.  Well, actually none of the 3 are truly "perfect"...  neither was the SA Clone, but dare I say that he and Deluxe Durge were slightly more so than these figures?  Hmmm

-Han...  The closest to perfection by far and away I'd say....  My only gripes are the holster and the vest really.

Sculpt's incredible really, the articulation's hidden perfectly, and he's truly super poseable, but...  The holster's thigh-loop is awkward because it doesn''t hold the gun.  I almost would have rather seen a sculpted pistol belt, but yet part of me is ecstatic with the separate holster too.  This is a real catch 22 for me.

The other thing is the vest is molded on.  I like the removable vests myself, and think it would've improved this figure had it been, considering they did the holster belt.

Not disappointed, just found a couple things I consider flaws...

-Leia...  Disappointed in the articulation.  The angle-cut joints at the elbows suck anymore, and it's an articulation style that's going the way of the do-do.  Ball/socket's hide better and provide more range.  That said though, HER cut joints are as good as it gets for that style so I'm not really upset with them.

Her knee joint I am disappointed in, to see she didn't get a ball/socket knee set like Han.  Much better than the hinges.  Her feet are sculpted in a way that a running pose is difficult for her.  I've managed though, so again I'm not too disappointed, just a little.

No mini blaster?  Sorta sad there...  I'd loved to have had an accurate version of that gun for her to blast stormies with too...  Stormie rifle's nice though, and she can hold it with 2 hands, but looks cool without it as well.

The lack of soft-goods hood.  I'd have liked a hood to drape on her for both ANH modes...  Oh well.

I'm still digging Leia...  Best Leia yet I think, though the headsculpt's nowhere near the quality of Han's or Ben's.  Still good though.

-Ben...  Biggest letdown of the lot.  his cloak is bulky and awkward, and this is coming from a Softgoods fan.  We knew it would be, but nonetheless it's disappointing.

I'm also very disappointed, and this is probably the only thing I was very disappointed with other than a $10 pricetag, to see they skrimped 100% on his leg articulation.  He has absolutely no knee or ankle joints, and Obi-Wan should considering his climactic duel.  Very disaappointing to see he is just a basic figure, especially since they went to the effort of a soft goods skirt.

The other thing is that Obi-Wan does NOT have ball/socket elbows, and the lack of them is what makes his arms look atrocious without the cloak on.  Really they don't look bad if you have them in the one pose they look decent in, but if you don't, well, lookout.

Ball/socket elbows, again, would've improved the physical looks of this figure, and allowed for a much greater range of motion than what he has.  His arms are at such an acute angle that he really can be tough to get in "normal" poses.  :(  I'm hoping a new cloak sewn up for him in a looser material will look cool though, and that I'll just be able to work around the other things.

So overall, only Obi's a letdown.  Not bad...

But for $10, I wanted closer to perfection on at least Obi.  Leia's not bad at all really.

The packaging is clearly where the $'s at in these figues...  They're really just nice basic action figures though otherwise.  Really nice basic action figures.  :)

The packaging is cool enough that I carefully slit open the bubbles to take the figures out.  I'll keep it as a backdrop to each one I think...  It's unique...  As a non-carded collector though, I'd certainly have been happy with cheaper stuff.  Even if there were no clamshell or whatnot, just something cheaper...  $10's a lot for any action figure these days, unless they're larger than the 6" scale and pretty nicely done.

Perhaps he has bought a lifetime pass to the film and is watching it repeatedly?  No time to post then?

Tis a good film afterall.

I went Friday night...

Packed theater, and rightly so.  It's very funny...

Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to this film as much as some others I was wanting to see, but I was really happy I went...  My female companion was moore interested in seeing this as were my friends, so it was a nice get-together as well, but the movie rocked.

Plenty of space?

Favorite part was easily the combat sequence between all the different channels.  Tim Robbins as the lead of the Public Channel was funny, but all the comedian cameos of that "clique" were funny too...  And a surprise.  I didn't know they all popped up.

Old "Brick" throwing the Trident was the best part of the sequence though.  The whole theater was howling at that...

Also, a funny political shot at the end when they gave the updates on where each character went in life...  :)

Staying till the end yields some extra stuff, but nt a ton.  Outtakes, and a little bit of Ron Burgundy and the guys at the end.

Very funny...  I've seen a lot on "making of Anchorman" specials that didn't make the film surprisingly...  Funny stuff too.

Nobody else catch it this weekend?  Seems unlikely!

I'd say, out of everyone, "Brick" gets the most laughs throughout the film.  

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: July 9, 2004, 07:44 AM »
Not bad...  1st series Panz. Gren's didn't look bad with XD Infantry either, but I'd say there's a MORE noticeable difference in the GI's.  the colors don't match up exactly, and the helmets aren't even cmparable (XD's pale in cmparison).

I have the Halftrack driver standing with them, and he looks cool enough...  The Khaki of the jackets is different though, but not terribly so.

I think the Paras look 10x better with them though...  I'm hoping 21st redoes Infantry basics at some point.  They were supposed to since they had molds for legs and such ready, but I don't have a clue where that would stand now.

I'd buy Infantry ALL over again if they had the new articulation and removable helmets.  I'd gladly rebuy, and buy even more than the last go-round.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: IT is coming
« on: July 8, 2004, 05:58 PM »
I think "it" took a dump in my front yard...  Damn... Uh, "It" I guess.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: do you still save your jedi master points?
« on: July 8, 2004, 05:21 PM »
I've been saving mine...  Can only hope they do a legitimate redemption program with POP's and accept them...  It's not hurting me to hang onto them anyway.

Even if it's not a figure, but a poster or something "cheap", it'd be nice to turn these in for something...  anything...

I still say I'd redeem these and some $$$ for a recolored Imperial Officer figure in light grey jumpsuit instead of black.  I'd toss the $ in to cover a "wholesale" cost of a figure or something...  Just the base cost to make the thing, rather than a retail charge, and turn in so many points.

No real "cost" to Hasbro ultimately, and a nice way to thank the consumers who were/are loyal to the brand.  Nice way to help clear up oold Saga garbage out there too, which plagues every store except Targets in my area.

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: July 8, 2004, 01:20 PM »
Just got my 4 figure set of the U.S. Infantry - Italy 1944 figures from Small Blue Planet.

These Dragn figures are crap for poseability, but fun to look at.

Ya knw, these sport 10 points of articualtion, but they're still terribly unposeable.

Great headsculpts as always, but...  I'm sad to say only 2 full headsculpts, and 2 others are the "half-heads" like the first series had some as well.

Very deceiving because SMB never mentioned this, nor did anyone else I believe.

Great accessories, as always.  Removable packs and pouches, separate belts, rifles, SMG's, etc...  TONS of gear, quite simply.

For less than $5 a figure, you really can't argue.  Good stuff here!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Been to the Alamo?
« on: July 7, 2004, 04:07 PM »
My favorite part of the movie's when he takes the bike while on the set of the lame movie they were making...  Dressed as a nun he goes, "Good Idea, I'm going to start a paper route right now!"

Too funny...  :)

Of course, his losing it on the Harley and going through the billboard was equally hysterical.  The Coyote & Roadrunner "Pap!" sound effect when he hits that is incredible.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: "Hyperspace" Trailer Debuts Today
« on: July 7, 2004, 04:05 PM »
Scott's got a stalker!  Cooooool!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Been to the Alamo?
« on: July 7, 2004, 03:21 PM »
DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!BTW...  The alamo doesn't have a basement silly!  ***Lots of laughter at PW***

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Not Hot
« on: July 6, 2004, 04:12 PM »
Cold day out in Cali I take it?

Other Collectibles / Re: Sideshow 1/4 Statues?
« on: July 4, 2004, 05:08 PM »
That'd be right Dave...  1/4 scale comes to 18" tall for a 6' tall character its to represent.

Nice Finds JJKS, and thanks for giving us a heads up that the basics are leaking into the system.

Time to get off my duff and hit some stores I guess...  Just what I wanna do in sweltering humidity here...  Blah!

I'm all over that Lobot figure though, and Spirit O Ben.

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: July 4, 2004, 03:50 AM »
I actually didn't know what yu meant about what happened, but...

From what I can tell, Audie Murphy, Recondo, and some other nic I forget are all the same guy, and because GP's is filled with guys that are clueless about toy collecting in general (lotta "older" guys who just like militaria) they got taken for a ride on some trades by sme ******bag little kid.

IE: the guy with all the nics...

So, GP, and his major domo Aferg are cracking down on multiple nics.

I dn't believe I have anything but JJ...  I don't register 2nd nics usually unless I find one really amusing.

The whole thing's a mess, but sometimes so are GP's forums.  I think he really, if he wanted his site/stuff to take off, should consider "hiring" some people to work for the site.  Make a real 1:18 military site...  There's enough news crap for it!

BTW I ordered a neat 4-figure set (the classic Infantry U.S. figures) from SMB the other day.  They're the U.S. set...  Not the men of Charlie Co., but the other set with "names".

They look awesome, but that's just in images.

The C. Co. guys are on sale as well.  All are under $5 under the current Dragon sale, so I can't argue with that price on Dragon figures.  They're not poseable really, but around a farmhouse or barn they look disgustingly realistic.  I mean, Dragon's 1:18 may not be fun to play with like BBI and 21st, but hell if they aren't amazing to look at, and I'll never blow my nose at such good custom head fodder to reproduce.

Now I need Charlie Co., and they have a modular "bombed building" playset that I'm hearing REALLY good things abuot by a cheapo cmpany.

The playset's like $15 and has a ton of crappy accessries, but I'm thinking of nabbing 2 just for Star Wars dios for my imperial shelf or something.  $15 you can't go wrong.

Shipping wasn't terrible either...  $5 something I think, but on cases of BotB at SMB it was like $8 at a minimum.  I don't know why.

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