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Toy Reviews / RAT Continues: Dengar
« on: December 23, 2004, 06:59 AM » is proud to present our first ever Review-A-Thon...  It's a way we're going to clean out some old reviews we've got backlogged and get a little something for you, the viewer, to read over theholidays.

The Star Destroyer Wave continues on with what I'd say was one of the most hotly demanded resculpts by fans of the modern line.  This bounty hunter baddie could only be Dengar (Executor Meeting)

And resculpt him they did!  Hasbro made one big dent with this figure by taking the old POTF2 sculpt and basically saying, "Man, you suck!" to it.  I swear my Dengar shed a tear when I brought the Saga version into the house.

He knew his days were numbered.

Is Dengar perfect?  Well, no, and I'd say his greatest flaw is his falling prey to Hasbro's wackiness with lopsided articulation, yet again, but he's not bad by any means either.

If I had to add something to the review, I'd add that Hasbro should've added a holster to him with a blaster pistol.  I see pictures of him with it, and pictures without.  At this point I think WITH the holster/pistol is accurate though...

And let's face it, he'd simply look better and be a better figure overall if he had a holster and a sidearm accessory.

But, you'll just have to read the full review using the link provided above, and get back to here with your opinions.

My fatboy Dengar from POTF2 will never be the same...  At least he's got friends in the "I'm useless" pile of POTF2 buff and ugly figures.  There's like 3 years of crappiness in that box!

Toy Reviews / Re: RAT Continues: Admiral Ozzel
« on: December 23, 2004, 06:49 AM »
BTW, Bonus points to people spotting my mis-label of Ozzel as Motti.

I just noticed it myself...  I'll have to fire the editor (JediMAC) now.   ::)  :P

Oh yeah, and we're not changing it...  So enjoy my confused glory there.

Toy Reviews / RAT Continues: Admiral Ozzel
« on: December 23, 2004, 06:46 AM » is proud to present our first ever Review-A-Thon...  It's a way we're going to clean out some old reviews we've got backlogged and get a little something for you, the viewer, to read over theholidays.

The Star Destroyer Wave continues on today with everyone's favorite nimrod admiral that makes the Keystone Cops look coordinated...  Yes I speak of Admiral Ozzel

And what a dork he is huh?  Well, the actor who played him (and a lovely rendition of an inept Hitler too in the last Indiana Jones film), Michael Sheard, is a very nice gentleman, and when I actually talked to him at Pittsburgh's Comic-Con some years ago, Mr. Sheard was very nice and was anxiously looking forward to his figure being made some day.

We all knew it was a matter of time good sir!

With that said, did they do him justice?  Well I believe they did overall.  Sadly, my review was written up before I could make note of a neat little feature...

If you swap Ozzel's arms around (Swap left for right, and visa-versa) and then make sure the proper hand is in the proper spot (IE: Swap hands so the right is on the NOW right arm and left is on the left arm, duh), then you get a MUCH more neutrally posed set of arms on Admiral Ozzel.

What does this mean to you and this review?  Well, first it means you can have a more neutrally posed figure for more "generic" officers if you're into customizing.  He's a mere headswap away from being a new Tarkin, Piett, etc.

Second, it means for my review that I think of this as a major positive to the figure.  He'd be getting higher marks from me.

Anyway, that said...

I think this figure's pretty good...  A mix of positives and somewhat negatives.  I think the sculpt does the actor justice but the paintjob could've been better.

I'd actually say the uniform color though, is my biggest gripe at this point., but I wont' spoil things (because I know you guys are on pins and needles to read my column).   :P

Just go read the thing already and share your thoughts here...  Dagnabbit!

Toy Reviews / RAT Continues: Bossk
« on: December 23, 2004, 06:35 AM » is proud to present our first ever Review-A-Thon...  It's a way we're going to clean out some old reviews we've got backlogged and get a little something for you, the viewer, to read over theholidays.

Kicking off the Star Destroyer Wave today is Bossk who we all remember as being a good figure in the first place, and of course also a cool Trandoshan.  And why do I like Trandoshans?  Because they gets all da ladies, that's why!

Yes, Bossk of all people got a resculpt...  Now, I really dig Bossk and have sort of a character focus on him with my collecting habits.  Any weird Bossk thing I'd pick up because I like how he's always got a bright lizard smile.

The odd thing is, Bossk's first figure wasn't ALL that bad.  The question then is how did Hasbro improve him, if at all?  Well, they did, but they also kinda kicked him in the lizard sack too...  Hard to explain, but they really could've pulled things off better.

Still, we have a Bossk that can hold a NICE new rifle with 2...  uh...  hands?  I dunno what you call his "hands" really.  Claws?  Whatever...  They're like hands I guess...  for a lizard dude.

So if you like Land of the Lost for the freaky Lizard guys from it, then I know you love Bossk.  So read this figure's review already then and stop listening to me yak on and on about cool lizards and their suave attitudes!

Hmmm, well...

Homing droid would be the best one, IMO, since it's the most able to be broken down into a smaller vehicle and packaged "smaller".

As much as I'd want an AT-TE since I love the design, I really want one to-scale.  A throw-back to the old days when vehicles were big, like in the days of G.I. Joe ARAH.  I'm just not expecting that though. 

It's not huge, surprisingly, but part of me thinks it's just too big for Hasbro to do properly. 

When rumors persist of a 1:18 scale bomber from other toy companies though, I'm always left wondering where the big vehicles are in Hasbro. 

However, their track record is bad...  Can't blame them.  For what it was, the Gunship was a great toy overall, but just didn't move at retail really.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Ep3 Sneak Preview Vehicle
« on: December 23, 2004, 06:23 AM »
The more I look at it, the more that R2 looks odd and the ship itself looks WAY too small.

I dunno dimensions on this yet so I'm holding off judgment, but if something THIS small is made underscaled, I'm gonna totally be disappointed in it.

I mean, this thing looks like it's to be a tiny ship for the most part...  Smaller than the E2 Jedi Fighter even.  Just seems odd looking.  I'll be very curious to get a better idea on it when it's released.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / All New "What If?" CW Thread
« on: December 23, 2004, 06:03 AM »
Just a thread for "what if" they'd continued the Clone Wars line in the movie style instead of the animated...

Myself, my wants list would've gone like this:


-Snowbunny Padme...  I'd love to have seen this figure created myself.  I'd not even mind if they just made a new head and a cloak for the Droid Chase Padme actually...  Something simple like that would be welcome to me.

-Snow Robes Yoda...  A more accurate robed Yoda (with hood up) to replace Frito Bandito Yoda...  Be cool if he could holster his saber, but beyond that just a nice poseable Yoda in CW gear.

-Obi in Armor...  Come on, who doesn't want a super articulated Obi-Wan wearing the Clone armor with the robes and stuff?  Someone has to kick Deluxe Durge's ass, ya know?  And speaking of...

-Armorless Durge...  I'd KILL for a poseable Durge without the armor.  What would be extra neat would be if he somehow had the same construction as the tentacles of the Dianoga figure...  Poseable/flexible outer material on a wire frame.  I'd just ultimately like a nice Durge figure minus the armor since that's how he got the smack laid down on him.

-Battle Damaged Anakin...  Ala the toon figure + great articulation...  Something simply representative of him after Assajj did a number on him.  For that matter, a non-BD version would be nice since his first CW figure sorta blew.

-Red ARC Sergeant...  Softgoods cape, super articulated body, blaster holster with carbine/pistol weapon, and holographic Obi-Wan for the wrist communicator. 

-Blue ARC Trooper...  Same as above but comes with a rifle and shoulder-mounted rocket launcher instead of the carbine and holo accessory.

-SA Clone...  Just a re-release of it...  Perhaps battledamaged variants and rank variants.

-Sha-Gi...  Nicely articulated Shaggy Jedi... 

-Whiphid Jedi...  Be cool if he came with softgoods robes you could simulate "tearing" off of him for with his battle with Greivous.

-Greivous...  Of course, we're gonna get him anyway, but...  Gotta list him.

-Super Poseable Super Battle Droid...  Granted, the line's getting another one with ROTS, but I'd love one with more articulation...  Keep the exploding feature even.

-NEW sturdy/poseable Battledroid...  Includes ranged assault rifle, and pulls apart at the torso, arms, legs, and head for battledamage feature.

-Super Poseable Assajj...  Softgoods skirt and robe with really only the legs needing more articulation...  I liked the first figure, I'd just take another more poseable one if I could have it.

-Quarren w/Trident...  I'd dig one of these dudes.  The Quarren are such a great species... 

-Mace Windu...  Just a nice version of him from the toon, maybe with a tattered robe or something.  A 2-pack wtih the kid from his episode would be neat too (That still rocks as a spoof of the Steelers/Coke commercial from the 70's).

-ARC Pilot...  SA Clone's body with the Pilot's head...  Simple, and needed considering that crappy leaning pilot Hasbro dumped out.  Why the lean?  I haven't a clue. 

-Republic Tech...  One of the techs seen running around the Republic fighters.


-New Spider Droid...  Pop-apart feature for battle damage, properly scaled barrel...  if room for lights, light-up eyes would be neat.  Screw the walking feature that doesn't work though.  Just an accurate sculpt, poseability, etc.

-Droid 3-pack...  No crappy droids though.  Just 3 of the basic battledroid, possibly with color variations (green, cream, and red).

-SA Clone 3-pack...  Probably the most logical thing to come out...  I don't think anyone's not expecting the SA Clone to come out again, and the army builder format's the most likely.  Rank/color variants of course too.

-ARC Squad 3-pack...  2 blues and a red.  Simple.

-Mon-Calamari with Steed...  Maybe a bit big for Deluxe, but I'll just list it here.  A Mon Cal soldier with their mounts from under the waves.  Very cool IMO.

-Separatist Soldier 3-pack...  Now, this is completely outta thin air, but could really kick much butt.  The Jedi 3-pack was completely fabricated after all!  Anyway, make a 3-pack of 1 SA Neimodian soldier, 1 SA of the blue separatist aliens, and 1 SA NEW Geonosian Warrior or someone else...  Very cool to me.

-IG Lancer Droid w/Bike...  A poseable droid with a bike, and lance.  Very cool, and I'd buy this up in droves.

-Mine Layer Droid...  Similar in style to the Spider Droid.  Nothing flashy...  A feature that threw little mines may be neat, but not important.


-Geonosian Fighter...  Re-release with a Battledroid Pilot and MUCH more stable nose prongs...  Maybe molded around something more sturdy so they don't sag.

-Republic Fighter...  A cool step towards the ARC one coming up in ROTS.  Kind of like seeing the X-Wing and Y-Wing and such...  Shows variety in what the Republic uses.

-Amidala's Ship...  The small silver ship Amidala uses in AOTC and the CW toons...  It's small, so it's doable to-scale I think.  Pack the droids in, I'd be all over that.  :)

-New Droid Starfighter...  A single GOOD, properly scaled Droid fighter that can unfold for walking.  Pop-off wings would be neat for battle-damage of course.

Basically, I'm bored and was just thinking out loud how I really am sad that the movie-accurate CW line has faded away to the cartoon line.

The toon line is ok, and I see people's desire for it, but I'd sooner have things compatible with the basic movie lines than things completely separate of them.  Then again I'm a big EU fiend too...  Tons of stuff from EU I'd like.

As much as it surprised me, the CW line seemed to do well at retail though, even the guys like Bandito Yoda, so I'd like to have seen the line continued so it's compatible with the film figures and all.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Dune
« on: December 23, 2004, 05:08 AM »
My brother was into Dune when we were younger...  I just didn't dig it as much.  I'm not a huge reader unless it's text's for schoolwork.  It's possibly because I'm IN school that I just don't do much reading lately though too...  I've got too much other things to get done, ya know?

May have to check it out when free time's more within my grasp...  Dune looks like a lot to get into though.  Like jumping into reading LOTR. :)

15 today...  Thanks Matt.  :)

The Stormies are gonna go crack some Cantina wave skulls I think...  Those dudes were looking shifty earlier.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: VOTC/OTC Purchases
« on: December 23, 2004, 05:05 AM »
A nice thanks to Colman for a nifty order for reinforcements today...

My 10 man squad got 4 green recruits into the lines...  Now two 7 man squads (and a currently carded officer...  If i get him a pauldron) are ready for action.

The VOTC Stormtrooper ranks grow...

Oh, and Jabba added a big fat piggy guard to his ranks too.  They just don't compare to the feirce Stormtroopers though.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Best vintage deals you've gotten
« on: December 23, 2004, 03:53 AM »
I got a nicely boxed B-Wing for $40 one year at the local Toy Show...  A woman was selling boxed Vinty Star Wars for very cheap.  Had I had more $ at the time I'd have walked out with at least a dozen vintage ships in mint boxes for well under their usual costs...  :(

Sucks to be poor sometimes.  The B-Wing was very appreciated though to me.  There was a Y-Wing I wish I could've afforded though too, for the same price.  Mintest boxes in history too, with all inserts and no stickers applied.  Actually I think the tape just faded off them over the years.

I never got the story why she was selling it all...  I dunno why she'd have had all that mint stuff for so cheap.  Oh well.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Action Figure Display Diorama SWShop
« on: December 23, 2004, 03:50 AM »
A strange little thing to surface...  Very pricey though, I agree.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Dusty Trail Toys new "Wild West" Line
« on: December 23, 2004, 02:15 AM »
Their 7" line isn't anything spectacular Brad...  mostly statues, which I guess have their merits, but to me they're just "eh".

Though, I've now got my curiosity piqued on 3.75" poseable gangsters...

And who wouldn't take those?  :)  I remember as a kid how I always wished the Dick Tracy line was like that...  So they could interact with G.I. Joe, for whatever reason I had concocted in my mind, haha.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Dusty Trail Toys new "Wild West" Line
« on: December 22, 2004, 07:57 AM »
Either way it means I'm needing to whore myself if I plan on affording all this stuff.

Dusty Trails is getting into the game too now?  Thank God someone's willing to pick up the ball because all 21st Century does is play with its ball most of the time by itself... 

Yeah, that was meant to sound perverted too.

Man, this western line has me psyched like you wouldn't believe too.  I may buy this magazine just to have it in-hand.  :)

More war stuff, western stuff, etc...  Now if they jump into other eras we're gonna go nuts too.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Dusty Trail Toys new "Wild West" Line
« on: December 22, 2004, 04:05 AM »
I just hope they do more of this to start...  Given smaller companies track records they could clam up all of a sudden.

Colonia soldiers would rock though...  French & Indian war or Revolution?  Get outta town!  Civil War would be my favs though.  Very expansive era, very popular, very diverse line then...

Hell, I wish they'd get into World War two and give 21st and BBI a run for their money there too...  World War I...  Tons of eras I'd love to see covered here.

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