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Other Toy Lines / Re: Toy Companies: Who Does the Best Job?
« on: March 9, 2004, 06:03 PM »
I think it depends how you're looking at things...

If you're looking at overall quality/value in product, I'd rank Hasbro as lower on the totem poll for Star Wars, higher for G.I. Joe, etc...

For how they handle their business, I'd say Hasbro's great on G.I. Joe and mediocre on Star Wars.  Star Wars hasn't sold like they wanted, but it's remained steady at least...  Enough to stay alive.  Joe on the other hand seems to do stellar at retail.

For overall quality in product/value, I give the nod to 21st Century Toys...  Not that the company is run well, but they make great toys.  Downright fantastic toys actually...  Hasbro could take some notes from them, and actually they have taken many notes and ideas from them.

BBi's not doing to swift after they started with a bang, so I'd hold off on passing judgement on them right now...

Dragon's got great product at a great value and in good quantities.  They're high on my list...

I tend not to include companies that make things I'm disinterested in here, but I can say from experience with the company's various histories that Mattel's a really strong player, as is Ban Dai...  Playmates handles itself semi-well in the industry as well.

Hasbro's probably the most dominant company overall though as I see it...  They do well overall, they just don't always do as well with our beloved SW line as they should be.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: How's Star Wars Selling in Your Area?
« on: March 9, 2004, 05:51 PM »
Pittsburgh is hitting a slight stall in supply here...

Repacks have clogged the pegs at many Wal-Mart stores, who for a time were the only stores receiving new product.  

Our Target stores are almost all bone dry, or damn close to it...  Usually a repack figure or two hangs around, sometimes as many as a half dozen of them, but not a ton of stuff.  

Toys R Us, who often still have 2002 product, have gotten in some Hoth wave figures...  I'm stocking up on R-3PO's for my Silver Clone anyway...  Maybe a couple Riekean's for the screen.  Beyond that though, TRU is slowly backing up (or already backed up) with Hoth Troopers, Bail Organas, Dignitaries, etc...

The scant clone Wars figure remains at a WM here and there, but those have moved well.  That's surprising, and I hope it leads into more EU figures.  That line moved MUCH better than SOTE ever did...  It moved better than the Saga line even at this point.

Yavin wave is rarely seen, and I'm hoping to catch multiples of every figure in the wave...  Beyond that, there's remnants of the Tatooine Wave, rarely ever see the Jabba's Palace wave (though Bar2 is sitting around some), and the Hoth wave are pegwarmers.

The McQuarrie Trooper's nowhere to be found, nor is the Emperor figure from Saga.  :(  

12" figures are non-existant really...  Unleashed come and go it seems, and are the only steadily moving product.  

It's not terrible yet, but there's a backup of things coming.  Target seems the next likely store to get in product, and TRU next with their Clone Trooper sale...  

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Hairy Chewbacca
« on: March 9, 2004, 05:44 PM »
SLightly longer faux fur could possibly work...  Getting the colors right wouldn't be the tough part, but getting the fur to look right would...

A cloth removable bandoleir would just be cool...

Still though, a SA Chewie with removable bandoleir would be the ultimate wookie fodder, so I almost would rather they not experiment with the fur idea on this...  Still, a real fur Chewie has a neat ring to it.  If it's poseable and looked decent, I'm all for it...  I've seen fur in this scale work before...  well enough anyway.  I think it could work on an entire figure.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Evil Dead Fans, I need your help!
« on: March 9, 2004, 10:42 AM »
I just saw Army of Darkness on AMC (AMC picks some odd films as "classics" anymore), and even though I saw it about a week or so ago, I still don't know what it was I saw...

All I know is AOD is getting a 1:18 scale toy line that I wanna get for custom fodder if it's not horribly expensive. :)  The film made me laugh, but I don't know that it was for the right reasons...

The skeleton army was pretty damn funny though, no matter what.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Favorite Oldies Tune?
« on: March 9, 2004, 10:39 AM »
Chantilley Lace, by the Big Bopper...

Best Oldies synopsis CD is a good American Graffitti Soundtrack...  Lucas may make crappy movies sometimes, but usually the music's at least decent that's in them.  Save perhaps Howard the Duck which failed on every level.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL '03-'04
« on: March 9, 2004, 10:37 AM »
My mighty Penguins beat up on the Rangers the other night...  Bright spot to a dismal season.  Love seeing Jagr do a turn-over that leads to an unanswered 3-goals in the 3rd...  

For a team in last in the NHL, the Penguins have a possible bright future if they make the right moves.  I just hope we make solid use of our draft picks coming up...  We need to, to stay afloat.  

I'm a loyalist to the Pens though, and hope things improve, and they're still fun to watch sometimes.  Bright spots like that Rangers game are worth waiting for.  :)  So long as you can stand games like that Nashville blowout that happened, yeesh...

It's funny to look around and see all the stars from here at other teams though...  Naslund, Francis, Jagr (though he's nothing without good linemates), Lange, Nedved, etc...  Francis and Kovalev are the only two I regret seeing leave the city.  Both were great guys on top of being great players.  

Pens are more worried about building a solid foundation of talent up and coming, and getting a new arena, rather than winning games though...  So the oldies gotta go to the teams that can afford them I suppose.  Damnable non-salary capped league. >:(

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« on: March 9, 2004, 10:30 AM »
I'd dig:

-Hermi Odle...  High on my list of figures overall that I'd like to see done.  I want him to come with a basket of apples to eat too...  

-Sgt. Doalynn...  Just a cool looking dude, and I agree that both outfits would be cool.  It's tough to tell if they're similar outfits.  I know his Skiff one's a jumpsuit, but his palace one is tough to tell.  If it's a jumpsuit too, it'd be a great running variation like the Dignitaries or Endor Soldier head variations.

-Giran (2nd Rancor Keeper)...  I like the consoling he gave to Malakili and the squeeky voice he had.  Cool guy...

-Bib Fortuna resculpt...  I'm surprised this isn't higher on your list Scott.  His figure SUCKS...  Absolutely horrible looking.  I'd love a new one with a softgoods cloak like the vinty figure.

-Weequay Skiffmaster...  High on my list for a while now.  Real braids would be a neat feature for a more poseable head, and a working holster across his hip.  

-Nikto (Vintage)...  Would love him wiht a removable helmet...  

-Kithaba...  I'd dig a new sculpt instead of repainting the 3-pack one though...  Working holster would be neat, as would a removable headband (for us customizers).  

-Klaatu...  Jabba's Palace version of course, with removable helmet and goatskin skirt piece like the vintage figure.  

-Gammorean resculpt...  Not ultra high on my list, but I'd like oone nonetheless...  Poseable wrists to hold a pike or axe doublehanded, and a working holster for Luke to bogart a pistol from.

-Frozec...  I've always wanted this guy too, and maybe as a running change they could do the white guy in similar duds that was on the skiff.  A new head and stuff...  Slight retooling is all.  

-Human Guard on Jabba's Barge...  He's a guy that looks like Randy Quaid firing a deck cannon.  He's got on a grey jumpsuit and one of those winter hats with the ear covers that fold up and a brim that folds up...  Check the back of Deluxe Slave Leia's card as I think he's pictured on it.  I love this guy!  Make him with a deck gun and he'd rock.

-Jabba's Dais with Fanning Ewok...  Not a goon really, but it'd be neat to get a fanning Ewok figure packed in with a good Dais, and perhaps faux fur rugs for Jabba to lay about on.

-NEW SKIFF/Carbonite HAN SOLO...  Damn, this figure needs redone, plain and simple.  Removable heads for a blinded/slicked hair Han and a dried up Han.  Include the dissolving binders from ESB too though, and a nice slab to encase Captain Solo...  

-Leia as Boush resculpt...  I'd dig a redo of her with some better poseability, a thermal detonator that attaches to her belt or something...

-Chewie in chains...  I'd even take Cloud City Escape Chewie with slightly new arms (less bent) and a new head that includes a removable chain.  Be cool to me...  

-Droid Torture rack with pull-apart 2-1B...  It'd be cool to me too, dunno why.

-Sarlacc playset...  Be neat if it had a feature where it could electronically grab and pull a figure inside it somehow...  Like hungry hungry hippos or something.  Make it like a base type thing...  

-Jabba's Barge vehicle...  It's a dream, that's all..  To-scale, comes apart at each deck for interior play, all window panels open...  It'd be so sweet, and look great with the sarlac set...  Oh well, it's just a dream I guess. :)

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: March 8, 2004, 12:10 AM »
For anyone interested..........

I've been seeing Battle of the Bulge Sherman's in my neck of t he woods at Wal-Mart (under the Motorworks brand, which is what all the new stuff's been coming in as).  You may want t keep your eyes peeled on that one guys.

The M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle is there also, and let me say that it's a great vehicle if you're wanting something to haul your BBI Marines around in.  Full interior, hatches, etc...  This vehicle is regarded as a dandy.

Both have die-cast bodies as well, not plastic, so we're talking some damn heavy tanks here.  Seriously...  I'll have 2 Shermans (bought one, ahve one on lay-a-way).  They come with the BoB Tanker as well, and a nice dusted paintscheme.  Good stuff.

I just wish the Sherman had an interior.  :(  That saddens me, because it really deserves one.  Perhaps a custom at some point...

And on 21st Century Toys News...

An email to a member at GP's site originally said that 1:18 was going to be toned down, but that was turned around by a 21st Cent. Toys executive seemingly immediately.

2004 is said t be a focus on 1:18, so take that with a grain of salt (how many times has 21st promsied crap and reniged?), but here's a mere TASTE of what's to come (supposedly).

-1:18 marines (7 figures)
-1:18 Jap. Infantry (7 figures)
-1:18 Battle of the Bulge Germans and U.S.  (7 figures...  I have the U.S. and they kick ass plain and simple)
-1:18 German tanks (Mostly winter camo versions)
-1:18 U.S. tanks (Same camo versions as Germans)
-1:18 self-proppelled gun
-1:18 German & US Troop Trucks
-1:18 Artillery Piece (?)
-1:18 Abrahams Tank (gloated as superior to anything on the market...  god willing we actualy get to SEE it)
-1:18 Afghannistan Freedom Fighters (Or Taliban Troops if you're doing what I am with them! :P )

And more.........

So, this guy gloats that there's gonna be a lot of 1:18 and it's going to mostly be ground forces, and that 21st is going to run with "themes" like Battle of the Bulge, to coincide with their releases.  

Believe what you want...  I'm hopeful, but hesitant to put my faith in a company that is this unreliable.  21st Cent. Toys just rarely ever comes through.

I am finding armor though now, so there's some hope.

21st makes arguably some of the best action figures in 1:18 scale...  Far superior to Hasbro's standard Star Wars figures, and at least comparable to the 1st series BBI figures...  Will 21st come through with all this though?  That is the million $ question I think.  

I'm tired of the BS.  Bring it to the table or fold the company...  That's my view at this point.  If you can't "run with the big dogs" as it were...  We shall see though.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Bespin wave
« on: March 7, 2004, 11:51 PM »
CCP's shaping up to be one of the best of the line I do believe...  Sporting good articlutionl (could use some elbow hinges though), and a bitchin' removable helmet...  Love the nod to the vintage with the gun.  I wonder about the communicator coming off though?

Lobot and Leia are less than interesting to me, as neither outfit or character really stood out...  Nonetheless though, they're much MUCH superior versions to previous figures, and Lobot's computer is a great little detail...  Way to go Hasbro.

CCP's the gem of that wave though for usre.  Not exactly 100% to the little maquette figure in the model, but great still.  Very colorful duds too.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: New GH Swami Report
« on: March 7, 2004, 11:48 PM »
I'd much prefer a 3-pack of 3 of the same Super Articulated soldier than 3 pre-posed ones...

That's what I'm hoping for with the army builder sets more than anything, but it's not what I'm going to count on.  pre-posed 3-packs are remotely interesting, but going to still disappoint me compared to a super articulated army builder.  Pre-posed just doesn't = action figures to me, no matter how decent they look in a diorama.

The fun just isn't there.

For the Cantina 3-packs, I'm hoping for about the same thing you are Scott, but not going to count on it...  Only the 3 like Ktik and crew are the ones I'm counting on...  The other pack, sadly, I think will be repacks.

Here's my hope for the army builder set...

-Imperial:  1 SA Stormtrooper...  1 SA Snowtrooper...  1 SA Death Star Trooper...  (This would be a dream come true for me).

-Rebel:  1 SA Fleet Trooper...  1 SA Hoth Rebel Soldier...  1 SA Endor Solder (Or Rebel Tech, or Honor Guard, or Snowspeeder Pilot).

Well, wishful thinking of course, and not likely, but it'd be nice...  I'd take 3-packs of SA Clones over the pre-posed ones we got any day though, and same would go for the classic trilogy.  :(

For the other things, I'm mixed...

I mean, on the cases, I don't care really, but if they have decent figures I'm all into it.  The playsets I truly am hoping are NEW, not those craptacular little tiny sets from some years ago.  Those things were horrible I thought, and waited till I saw them for under $5 to pick them up (took a while, but eventually people dropped the price looooow).  

The vehicles disinterested me as well...  I know others are into a Sandcrawler and Y-Wing, but I just can't get excited over these two.  I don't feel the old molds do either vehicle much justice (and I'd never expect a to-scale Sandcrawler!)...  

I'd have dug news on a cloud car, though I think it's only time for that.  The Hasbro pilot figure is shaping up to be a daisy, so I can't wait to nab a car for him to buzz around Bespin in.  

So, Swami's news is something that COULD be great, but I'm not getting my hopes up much.  Especially on the 3-packs really.  I'd love to see something really special done with all the 3-packs though.  We can always hope, and think of what COULD be anyway.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Yavin Wave
« on: March 7, 2004, 11:38 PM »
I was lucky enough to get an Antilles from a local collector at one of our meetings this past weekend, and he's a pretty decent figure.

The helmet's easily one of the neatest accessories with a SW figure ever, and the gun's simply fantastic (Dare I say, it's to-scale?  Yes I do!)...  The headsculpt's passable for sure, but the figure's not without flaw.

Namely, lacking articulation (or odd articulation for his arms at least), a semi-rigid coat, some wrong paint application (inaccurate)...  

He's not flawless, but far superior to his RFT predecessory in my opinion.  My personal favorite pose right now is Antilles with hands clasped behind his back like he's overseeing his troops, or taking an order from Leia.

Now, to find the rest of this wave, and get my multiples of each that I want!  hah

Oh, the hunt continues.

Now Now kids, no fighting.   :P

I think Mikey's just saying that USING YOUR CAPS LOCK LIKE THIS is considered annoying on forums Darth Moribund.  Most you run into will agree with that, so we ask that you tone down the caps lock is all.

Thank you, please drive through! :)

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Fan Choice's On Repacks
« on: March 5, 2004, 05:27 PM »
Oh, I'll take more of these...


Only if they're utilizing the legs of the Saga TIE Pilot, body of the Imperial Officer figure, and new arms.  I don't care if they reuse the head or not.

Why, oh why, would Hasbro ever contemplate releasing this when this figure has a better sculpt.

Hell, I'd be happy if it was even just the Imp Officer in grey instead of black.  Not this thing.  This figure's gonna at least look funny on pegs next to new figures.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Fan Choice's On Repacks
« on: March 4, 2004, 08:10 PM »
That Han sucks, though, plain and simple.  VERY scene specific.  So scene specific that he wouldn't even look right without the base he comes with.

That's one figure I could do without on the pegs...  Bad from top to bottom.

On the issue of R2, while he was good at the time, the Bar2-D2 figure is invariably superior in every way.  Deco, sculpt, etc...  Even doesn't have the restraining bolt the R2 w/holo leia has.  I'm just as content not to see it re-released.

My gripe is Motti, the only figure on that list that DID ship in limited quantities (R2 w/holo leia did float out at clearance prices in good #'s, and the Han Stormie was in a pack that I hear most areas had in plentiful form).  Motti figures never really saw clearance, and I'd wager at the genuine lack of these in people's collections, coupled with the fact they didn't see clearance really, makes Motti a legitimately tough to find figure.  Rare, I would debate, since he's cheap enough on Ebay (Like $10 or so), but tough to get rings true.

Even the scanner tech saw clearance here, but mostly because the Wedge set clogged the shelf space...  

Motti though, he was one I never personally saw ANYWHERE and was just thankful to get 3 in a case I ordered.  I'd buy some more for custom fodder too, but with Ozzel coming I don't know how many more I'd buy of Motti, ya know?

Honestly, not a single choice on that poll was thrilling to me, but I'm not a proponent or champion for repacks galore.  My stores are glutting up with these assinine repacks, and no "newb" collectors appear to be picking them up in droves.  

Call me selfish, I don't care, but to me if you can't go to Ebay then you should probably just have to suck up doing without the figure...  I think repacks, as Hasbro's doing now, should be shipped in relatively limited quantities.

Ultimate figures, and GOOD (stressing the term, "good") army builder figures are the only repacks I really see as legitimately good ideas.  SA Clones, as an example of the best of both examples, would be a hot item at retail once again...  Re-releasing the Red Clone, however, would not.  

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Ultra Kamino Obi-Wan and Jango (Recarded)
« on: March 4, 2004, 03:35 PM »
I agree...  For pre-posed figures, these aren't too bad and the scene makes them work well together so I'm happy to see them recarded together.  

How available will they be though?  I for one NEVER saw a SBD Builder set when it shipped originally nor a Spider Droid, but the reship Droid I saw...  Sadly, I only saw him a couple times.  He wasn't reshipped very much it seems.  Almost as impossible to obtain the first time in my view.

Sad thing is about the SBD Builder, I was actually looking forward to it.  I liked the concept as a toy.  And yet, I never EVER saw one and it's something I still don't have in my collection.  :(  And top it off with the fact I wanted two!

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