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I know what you mean about your worries for pegwarming Matt.  I'm having SOTE Nightmares all over again.

If I were to request new CW items though, I'd go with this:

-A 3-pack of human males and female Jedi...  One sculpt, 3 different decoed outfits though, and each with a cloth outer robe (And cloth skirt pieces).  Since one sculpt it used (And 3 unique headsculpts) the single body is articulated well with 14 points of articulation and liberal use of the ball/socket joint Hasbro's come up with.

-A 3-pack of a NEW Battledroid...  All new sculpt, and articulated better than other BD we've seen so far.  If it came in 3 colors, that would be kind of neat too (Geonosian Red, Trade Fed. cream/white, and there' s a green-ish colored one I've seen also).  3 red droids would be dandy though by me.  USE GOOD PLASTIC!

-A Republic Starfighter (Looks to be a Koensayr design similar to the Y-Wing, but seemingly more of an interceptor...  Its sketch is in the Clone Wars Sketchbook given out at SDCC).  Include either a Clone Pilot or a non-descript Republic Pilot (That'd be cooler I think).

-New Droid Fighter maybe?

-Use the Lt. Faytonni body to make some generic Republic Officers with unique asian/african/Caucasian heads.

-Possibly ATTEMPT (As best as they could) a folding Destroyer Droid that unfolds.  I'd take a few inaccuracuracies so long as they weren't HUGE, if it meant it were possible.

-A neimodian SOldier would be neat...  They were pictured in the last Insider.  I'd take some of those. :)  A wookie soldier would be dandy too, but that could be coming anyway what with the latest jibba jabba around the net.

-A new Royal Guard would be kind of neat, but one with cloth robes and articulation to kick some booty.  No Separatist would try hurting Old Palpy with a super-articulated royal guard nearby to open a can of whoop@$$ on them.

Beyond that though, I'm worried that non-army building type items will not be selling well...  The ARC seems to, but look at Anakin...  Yoda moves cuz he's Yoda, but even he's starting to go stagnant at this point.  

Not a good sign for "Single" figures...  Army Builders at least have history on their side as being figures that always move steadily and will eventually clear out.

Some definitely great looking figures.  The Concept trooper looks even better than the earlier photos.  He'll make a neat variation.  I'm trying to figure what I'll use his pieces for customizing-wise.  I'm hoping for some kind of walker pilot or something.  The shield's neat for a riot shield too.  :)

The Bail Organa figure is probably one of the better sculpts I've noticed of late.  

The Obi-Wan is ok, but no sabre?  A sabre with removeable blade where the hilt connects to his belt would've been ideal.  I like the Obi sculpt...  not sure on the stance yet.  It's the best Obi-Wan so far it seems, but that lack of a sabre is annoying (unless it's hidden in there?)

Elan looks great.  For such a stupid name, his character and figure came out great.  Working holster w/blaster is a great touch to a figure that never pulled a gun on-screen.  He seems to maybe have some deathsticks included too?  

The Twi'Lek isn't overly interesting considering she's the 4th Hot Twi'Lek we've ever seen/gotten but it's something different I guess.  She will compliment a Lt. Faytonni figure well I think as he puts his mack swerve on her.  (God willing I ever find a Faytonni figure...  I wanna make Republic Military customs!)

The Imperial Dignitary is as good as Organa I think...  A nice "senator" type of figure...  Looks like a decent pose, and the fact another one (maybe 2) are coming out is good news for diorama nuts.  It's a good dull figure for the adult collectors. :)  

Padme Tatooine...  Eh, it's Padme in one of her outfits.  It's welcome but I find the multiple costume changes of Padme to be a bit redundant/unnecessary, and thus her figures are too.  It looks like a sharp sculpt though...  So it's a decent enough figure and it's something new which is good.

Overall this wave looks great...  one of the best waves to come out since April 2002, and it's nice to see things changing finally towards the collectors that stick with the hobby.

Over a year of raw craptastic figures has soured me on the line some, so it's nice to see some solid new figures dominating an entire new wave.  This past year+ has been hell for just terribly executed toys from Hasbro.  Have they learned some valuable lessons?  I really REALLY hope so.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« on: October 12, 2003, 07:35 PM »
Some exciting things that I'd not expected...  TIE Pilot namely.  I have an army of the original.  I sort of hope the new one doesn't put it to shame, but at least the POTF2 wasn't TOO bad and the pack-ins have been a little better looking too.

Hmmm, "Max articulation" huh?  I'll believe that when I see it...  If they're taking a few pages from 21st Century Toys and BBi's articulation book though (Much like they're doing with G.I. Joe figures here and there) then it could be a great thing, but Hasbro's idea of "Max" articulation and other companies ideas of that are very different.

If the upcoming Clone is indicative of what to expect though it could be a truly great thing, and Hasbro could be a dominant company when it comes to 3.75"/1:18 articulation styling.  I'm hoping for great things with this announcement but I hold reservations about the ability of Hasbro to truly come through on it.

We shall see though!

Oh, and yet another TIE Fighter?  Hmmm, why not just do it right in the first place, ya know?  Oh well...  If this is the truly "Proper" TIE we all wanted in the first place, then sign me up for as many as I can find...  I want a full squad of these badboys!  :)  Hell, I'd buy just the pods if Hasbro made them available, so I could improve my Interceptor flight too.  Hmmm, could the Interceptors be next (released with new pods that is)???  

Good news for sure.  2004 and this tail end of 2003 are shaping up to be a fun time to collect once again.  Thank god 2002-2003's "dark times" are gone.  Easily this has been the worst year for collecting IMO, from a distribution standpoiont to an overall quality standpoint, and I for one am happy to see things turning the way the line needs them to for it to truly thrive!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: When good neighbors go bad...
« on: October 11, 2003, 05:06 PM »
I don't have a lot of bad neighbors, but driving up my road is like taking a spin through a circus tent...

There's some real freaks for the first half-mile before my place.

My neighbors on our left were a bit of a pain when I was young but they're ok now and we get along.  There's an older couple beside them who are nice (The old man complains aobut everything, but that's good because his squeaky wheel gets the greasin' it seems).  

On my right there's nobody...  Well, not for a little ways.  I can barely see his house actually.  He's a nice guy too, if his house is maybe a little unkempt.  Our other neighbor on our left lives on the hill behind our house...  A small forrest separates us and they're well up onto the old field that was up there so I cannot even see them...  When they drive past they're nice though and I went to school with their daughter so I sort of know them.

The only things about my road that I dislike are the fast drivers...  It's a 25 mph speedlimit road and kids are known to do anywhere from 40 to 65 if they can get their car that high before the S curve...  I've confronted some of the drivers about it, and usually they stop because I can be intimidating when I'm PO'd (Not to toot my own horn...  I'm not some big guy/monster but when I'm mad people back off after some threats).  

You sound like you have options though Matt...  The person who runs that community is a start, and I'd make the police my second stop.  Those "cars" (Or POS's as I like to call them) at that girl's house are likely illegal...  

They're just kids so I say call the fuzz who I'm sure will delight in telling the kids their cars are illegal and dolling out multiple fines to them. :)  I hear that's a big thing for the fuzz in California, haha.

Those are the same cars I've threatened the drivers of here because our police aren't always reliable.  Kids react very well to being told "Stop it or else....", though I don't recommend that mode of expression to anyone.

Especially to you guys who own a home and everything, and have things to lose if the kids or their parents came back on you.  That just has worked for me because I'm a big jerk.  ;D

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: October 9, 2003, 02:50 AM »
Hey Lando, sorry I didn't catch this...

The XD and BBi are the same scale if that's what your'e going for.

Headsculpts are far superior to anything Hasbro does, that's for sure, as the entire sculpt is really.  And articulation...  And accessories...

Yeah, they're superior and they're compatible.  I hope to have the heads from both lines "available" at some point to the customizers out there.  **cough cough**

The neckpegs of both lines are NOT the same as SW though, just so you know.  

They're really diverse though.  The German Paratroopers have some of the best "Imperial" gaunt/thin heads I've seen.  The BBi line has a HUGE variety of generic white and black male heads/hairstyles though the SWAT BBi figures aren't as easy to find (Yet had the best diversity of headsculpt).

The new marines and army (And SEALS) have a decent variety too though.

At $5.99 or $4.99 though, it can be pricey to buy just for a piece or two, just keep that in mind.

My favorites so far are the Army Spec. Forces from BBi and the Battle of the Bulge from X-Treme Detail (Though some XD pilot figures are FREAKING AMAZING in sculpt, articulation, and decoration on their own).

Well of the Souls / Re: Disney Indiana Jones figures
« on: October 9, 2003, 02:46 AM »
Hey Matt,

Not to inconvenience you, but if they're $8 can you nab me an Indy and a German Soldier?

They're not great, but they're ok for now...

I hope someday they get off their duff and do an "X-Treme Detail" Styled Indiana Jones line.  THAT would rock...  

Vehicles, figures, and TONS of articulation and gear.  That would make one happy camper here, and I can safely say I'd have a new vice to blow my $ on!

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: As expected... PEGWARMERS!
« on: October 9, 2003, 02:41 AM »
So far, CW figures aren't in mass abundance here.  I've only seen Droid Launchers for the most part (They're more than enough to clog pegs themselves) really.  

I've only seen 2 clone 3-packs (both yellow) and 2 Yodas and one of ARC and Anakin, so I'm hoping Pittsburgh is going to be spared this deluge of crap.

And crap it is!

At least Anakin is, and the Droid Launcher I feel Hasbro is OBLIGATED to take back at their own cost because THEY came up with that craptastic toy and decided to reship it (Not Hasbro's fault about distribution my @$$!)

The basic figures have come and gone at most stores here though so far.  And I'll nab ARC troopers left and right I've decided, but honestly what use is that Anakin or the Yoda?

I like Yoda even, honestly I do.  It's "unique" and while I'd love a NEW ESB Yoda, I can stomach "The Ugly" Yoda (From The good the bad and the ugly...  Get it?  Oh shut up!), he's gonna warm pegs.  It's inevitable.

I think the villain chick may do well, and honestly I think Durge may do better though I think he's an abomination of a character.  The neutral posed Jedi have the "Custom" factor to them, but that Anakin just bites the big one.  

We'll have to see, but if your area's any indication Matt, I'm fearing what my area (Always about a month or more behind) may be in store for here soon. :(

The Original Trilogy / Re: Where'd the AT-AT go?
« on: October 8, 2003, 03:01 PM »
We must remember, it is called a "transport". It was designed to move a mass amount of troops not a primary assault weapon.

Well, with only room for 40 troops inside though (If we go by "official" sources that claim that #) it moves very few troops really.  

Plus the "Armored" side of things seems to indicate it's meant to trudge into heavy combat situations as well.  The AT-ST is also labeled "Transport" in its title but it only carries 2 crew and a maximum of 2 extra folks crammed into the cockpit.  So it's not really a "transport" either.

At the battle of Hoth we see the weapons of an AT-AT at full potential, and they do a substntial ammount of damage.  

A heavy laser cannon capable of charging up to destroy an armored structure with one shot or fire rapid/less powerful shots on shorter distances.  And then 2 pivoting anti-personnel blasters that can cover most any arc the vehicle needs defended...  That's pretty heavy duty weaponry to still be hauling 40 troops inside its belly too.

I think the main thing to remember here is the seemingly staggered formations the Empire employs for its walkers.  They're not generally meant to be out on their own, but rather they're intended to be in support for each other (If we look at things from an EU Perspective).

The AT-AT is the main "brute" of an Imperial armored column, with AT-ST's in flanking support.  The AT-ST's have anti-personnel walkers as well (AT-PT's) to mop up the little stuff, and infantry in support of those.  And in the rear lines AT-AA's (Again this is if we follow some EU establishment).

While each walker can function on their own they function better together.  AT-ST's appearing to be the most versatile of the group with AT-AT's a close second (AT-AT's performed some nimble tasks that a vehicle that size wouldn't be expected to at Hoth as I recall).

The best, except for certain situations though, would be the AT-AT.  In ESB they're seen pinpoint shooting individual infantry, destroying large structures, shooting down fast/difficult aircraft, and all the while they advanced rather rapidly and with  minimal support (One AT-ST is seen, it can be assumed more were there, but it wasn't a complete structured/full assault since time was of the essence).

The AT-AT dominated the battle so I really think its front line importance is combat more than transport.  Plus again, 40 troops is really not much at all...  A platoon at most.  

I think the Transport title's very misleading, a nd more a generic term used for many of the Imperial land vehicles with some transporting capabilities.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Where'd the AT-AT go?
« on: October 8, 2003, 01:36 AM »
Wow, an old topic back in action...

I've always felt that the rear bunker that was attacked was very lightly defended, and that the brunt of the "Legion" the Emperor spoke of were at the main shield generator.

You can tell just by the explosion of the generator (And the shots of how cavernous the power grid to it was) that the whole Imperial property was HUGE.  We're talking literally MILES and MILES of base probably.

It's likely that the backdoor the Teddy Grahams showed to Han and company was a legitimate surprise to the Empire that the Alliance knew of it, and attacked there.

PLUS, we have a whole slew of Rebels who came with the group but who aren't present...  I've also theorized that they're at the main base causing a bit of a disturbance at the same time Han and Co. attack the rear entrance.

A small backup group is called in for the backdoor attack while the main force stays at the main base protecting it from a possibly larger frontal assault because the Imperials are kind of in the dark on what's going to happen.  The AT-AT's likely patrol the cleared out area up towards the main base where they're best suited, and AT-ST's handle anything away from the cleared out forest since AT-AT's would be rendered somewhat ineffective...  Not really, but they're just not suited to that kind of combat.

What the Empire doesn't expect is the Teddy Grahams which throw everything into chaos basically.  And one officer's stupidity opens the door for Han when he hops in the AT-ST, and voila...  The mission is won, basically.

It's a bit of a mess, just like the space battle, but it's still accomplished. :)

Power of the Jedi / Re: Recent Purchases
« on: October 6, 2003, 10:15 PM »
I nab something new every whipstitch when I'm at the store...  A Bespin Guard is about all there is to purchase from POTJ right now though.

I hear in other areas things like FX-7 are pegwarming though and THAT I'd pick up every time I was in a store just because of dioramas I can always use another droid in.

My Bespin Guard ranks are swelling though because that's the only interesting POTJ figure still kicking about in these parts...

Now I'm more picking up the odd Saga army builder here and there instead...  Red Battledroids I find on almost every toy run so my army of the Separatists has grown considerably of late.

Power of the Jedi / Re: 25th Anniversary Sets - Opened or Boxed?
« on: October 6, 2003, 08:44 PM »
I left these boxed myself.

They were really just display and observe pieces, and in their boxes they look kinda nice, but I found that they looked a little worse when opened up.  Or that's my opinion anyway.

They will make a nice centerpiece kind of thing I think, again I get around to organizing my collection and displaying it properly.  Kind of like the silver figures and such.

This from a guy that opens almost everything he gets. :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: College Grads...Do you use your degree?
« on: October 6, 2003, 08:40 PM »
I've used my current degree somewhat, but I've also had jobs that didn't apply it much at all.  Mostly I have used it in discussion with other people in the business world or in my personal life in one way or another.

My current schooling hopefully will make my current education a little more useful.

Business degrees, be they economics, Marketing, Administration, etc., all tend to put you in a large pool of eligible workers.  I've found that I have to keep my options open out of what I may considered my ideal or the exact place I'd be at a certain point in my life.  It makes me worry about work, but I'm confident in my own abilities that I'll be capable of getting and retaining gainful employment at some point of my life.

The irony is I wanted so bad to go for English, to become a writer...  It's what I was really good at when I was younger, and what I was pushed towards.  I never went that route though because I don't know that I'd ever be as successful as I want to be by becoming a writer, whereas in Business I know my potential to be successful is much more higher.  Too bad though...

Maybe someday I'll be able to put my creative side to work with my rigid and strict business side, and be happy in the work place doing what I have been educated in while still having the ability to make my life interesting at the same time. :)  

I hope...

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Any Purchases You Regret?
« on: October 6, 2003, 04:11 PM »
Any figure from the earlier E1 waves.

What the hell was I thinking?  Those things were uber clearanced later and I just didn't wait.  You live and learn, so I didn't make the same mistake for E2, and some of the really uninteresting POTJ figures like Qui Gon Farmer, Anakin Mechanic, etc...

Beyond that, and maybe buying a b-Wing at full price, I'm pretty happy I got what I did at the prices I have gotten them.  

Though I know I've overpaid for some vintage things, namely my A-Wing and a couple other figures, but you live and learn in that hobby too, and I got those things EONS ago it seems.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Hold the phone--"Deluxe" Rieekan?
« on: October 6, 2003, 04:08 PM »
***slaps scott's hands***

Stop touching it, or the Sculpey won't dry.  *sigh*

Power of the Jedi / Re: Rorworr
« on: October 5, 2003, 02:16 AM »
It'll give your wookie ranks a little diversity.  Mine is chilling in my Cantina, which is a huge cluster mess.  I mean, the one-eyed green thing from MOnster's Inc. is in there saying hi for god's sake!

So's the Nazi Ghestapo Officer Toht from Indiana Jones.  He's Seig Heiling a Trandoshan in a tan coat I made.  Looks really stupid, but that was more the goal I guess.

Casting the unique wookie head should be something I attempt at some point because it is a definitely different sculpt.

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