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Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Questions and grime Recipies
« on: August 11, 2003, 01:10 AM »
Hey Famine,

Might I refer you first to which is THE first and foremost customizing resource website.  It's also my 2nd home basically.

They have some griming up articles that should help you out under drybrushing or painting techniques I'm sure.

The issue of scratch building droids is a fun one, because youc an simply take various pieces of plastic, and if you have a knack for it you can slap them together and make an interesting droid.

For instance, the yellow droid that came with the one E1 accessory pack makes a nice base for droid customs.  Also the "Battle Bots" figures which MisterPL says are being clearanced at TRU's now, are good possible custom droid fodder out there for low low prices.

Now, as for spacing out the legs of a protocol droid, that's tough...  The 3po figures have spaced out legs already for the most part, is that what you're using?

The plastic used on most 3PO figures (not all though) is rigid, so spacing the legs apart won't really work without breaking them, sad to say.

But protocol droids tend not to stand with their legs apart either.  Check out 4-LOM even, as his legs are pretty close together.  Probably a complication of the costume because Anthony Daniels and all the other bi-pedal droids seem to have their legs together tight as well, and the costumes probably don't lend themselves to be very flexible.

Generally they're all screwey Dimetrodon...  :(  Sorry to say.

They usually have a mechanism that attaches to whatever button makes them work, or the mechanism is built into it...  Hard to explain without popping one apart, but I'd suggest (If it's in your budget) to pop open a Kit Fisto sometime.

His action feature arm (Though a well hidden feature that didn't itself hurt the figure) is really different than his normal arm.  :(

As for the Clone Head, I haven't ever popped one apart to say one way or the other. :(  I know it's a strange articulation style compared to how other ball/socket necks have been for Hasbro figures.  The latest Dooku was different too, and the Clone and Dooku don't look as nice as say the Concept Stormtrooper or Clone Pilot's joints look.

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: August 10, 2003, 02:46 AM »
GP's site sees a glowing review for the BBi Littlebird.

I guess it has multiple weapon configurations, and the pack-in pilot looks like "Dubya".

Not that I'm a Republican, but having a "Dubya" head should make for interesting customs. :)  Like now I want an Imperial Admiral "Dubya" and a Rebel General Dubya, or a pilot Dubya...  Oh and a stormtrooper Dubya. :)

I guess the pilot's a great figure though, and it's confirmed that the figures and their weapons ARE a more rigid plastic.

I'm hearing the BBi Humvee's suck compared to the 21st Century ones though.  I can speak from experience that 21st's isn't much to write home about though, and the BBi one IS cheaper.  I think it may be in better scale as well, and possibly just needs a good paint job.  Just my early (Non owning) opinion right now.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Kit and Saesee...Pics
« on: August 10, 2003, 02:23 AM »
Yeah, Saesee jumped 10x in my opinion.  I like him even more than Kit at this point.

That looks to be one VERY poseable figure.  

I wish the Saga Jedi for last year had this much attention paid to them...  The Clone Wars Jedi strike me as some very nice figures...  If we'd gotten a Kit Fisto in his Jedi Garb like that, or Nikto Jedi, or Shaak Ti, or whoever...  I'd have liked to see poseable versions of ALL those figures.  Instead it was the pre-posed figures of 2002 who aren't likely to see many (if any) resculpts.   :(

The Jedi rocked all in the movie, too bad their respective figures couldn't say the same.

Announcements / Re: Chris Rhoads' EXCLUSIVE Hasbro Interview!
« on: August 10, 2003, 02:19 AM »
Hey man, sorry I started a separate topic for this issue in Saga...  I should've known one of you would beat me to the punch and put it in the Announcements section (Which I didn't even glance at tonight...  Duh me I guess).

I agree with the sentiments of others that some answers we got were not what we wished to hear...  In some cases I doubt they're the answers that accurately reflect the facts either.

The issue of rubbery plastic for weapons was brought up to Hasbro before, and at that time they said it was industry standards forcing them to, now they say they're doing it out of the kindness of their own hearts?  Something's strange there.  And at a higher cost?  Interesting...  In my work with liquid plastics I've not found that flexible plastics cost more than rigid.  It's actually quite the opposite.  

I still feel that's more a cost-cutting issue more than anything else.  

The other issue I found curious was the "Kids like action poses, not articulation" answer.  

This basically goes 100% against the intensely strong sales of G.I. Joe to not only adult collectors but also to children.  I think it's once again an issue where articulation is cut to save $ in a line that's retail strength has been waning in recent years.  

Good news on the Sandcrawler of course though, for those who were interested in this vehicle (Seemed like quite a few people).  It's not one I was looking forward to for various reasons, but it's good for those who were.

Now that new A-Wing, THAT is another story...  Man I need 3 of those beasts! :)

Saga '02-'04 / Re: More News...
« on: August 10, 2003, 02:08 AM »
D'oh, good eye Matt.

I missed some of the slides because I wasn't browsing through all.

An R1 and drink tray R2?  Hmmm...  I wonder if R2 will have an opening panel with a sabre handle spot?  That'd be pretty sweet I do believe.

That Luke is still the highlight of that to me...  I can't wait for him!

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Jedi Defender/Hasbro Q&A... Thoughts?
« on: August 10, 2003, 02:04 AM »
Indeed, and since I see there's a whole other thread in the announcements section for this, I will promptly end this here. :)

Especially since it's only me and Rogue participating right now anyway.  

Over to the announcements we go!

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Check Hasbro NOW
« on: August 10, 2003, 01:57 AM »
I'm not saying my opinion is the only... but at times I'll bow out gracefully and leave my opinion to myself.
I see people complain about it all... from distribution, to scalpers, to the most minute details being left off by terrible Hasbro.

After a while it makes you wonder why people continue to support a line and company that is sooo horrible.

And that is fine Jimmy, but when it comes to people's complaints it's not your duty to police the boards as to what is legitimate and what is not.  It's also not your duty to dictate whether you feel people would, could, or should start a new hobby simply because what they say irritates you on some level.

Sometimes the complaints about distribution and whatnot get to be a bit much to me as well, but if someone cannot find something I do not blame him/her for their feelings and they're allowed to voice that.

If someone finds something and thinks it should've had a working holster, or some extra articulation, it's the same thing...  They're entitled to that opinion, and nobody need be preaching to them anything to the contrary.  

This isn't 100% directed at you alone, but EVERYONE here at JediDefender.  Like I said, that's an attitude I hoped to leave at Rebelscum, and it's an attitude I will gladly nip in the bud here at JediDefender.

If you truly think army builders outsell any main character you are truly mistaken... and I mean that in the nicest way possible. They may sell to certain types of collectors but beyond that your average collector buys one and the casual collector will easily pass on them for a new Jedi Luke. That is a fact.

I can tell you this from personal experience and the fact I do some work for an online retailer that has by far more red Battle Droids right now than Throne Room Luke's... beyond the cases of Endor Soliders and countless other "army builders". Don't believe me though? Ask Hasbro...

And I would also like to take this moment to cease all "This is fact" talk, because unless you're putting in time with Hasbro and scouring their sales sheets, you do not know these to be "Fact" like you stress.

While I am sure you feel your work for an online retailer gives you some idea that you're an expert on toys, I think I've got an equal ammount of expertise from my research and studies on the toy industry overall.

Hasbro themselves have even said in the past that army builders do tend to sell fairly well, and see higher production runs, so what good would asking Hasbro be to your argument?  The Jedi Luke just shipped...  It's a figure I've yet to even see in a store.  Of course it's going to sell out first right now.

It won't forever though...  Not that I ever said that Army Builders even outsell main characters though.  But they do sell more consistently to the core collectors...  That's something where Main character (and secondary) lose steam eventually.  Some army builders don't sell though, but if army builders truly were such poor sales, why would Hasbro make 4-packs of them, or 3-packs for the Clone Wars line?  Your ideas of "facts" seem flawed, by Hasbro's own actions.

Hasbro would almost certainly put more into any main screen character than background one. Companies such as BBI, 21st Century, etc apply such detail into their figures because well that's all they create... "army builders" (that's literally).

So Hasbro should put MORE $/effort into a main character, but still charge you the same for a background character or army builder...  Yet when other companies, who "just do army builders" as you put it, put the SAME effort into ALL their figures, they're somehow getting away with less work or effort?

I'm sorry, but that makes no real sense from a business standpoint, nor does it make sense from the consumers standpoint to say "Well I'm willing to accept less but pay the same price for this guy because he's a background character".  

You mention Riekean being a nice figure though the Hoth Rebel being much more important... though remember in this case you are the minority. Most will say "OH cool another Hoth Rebel trooper"... and next line might be but I have three of him as is...

They will oogle over the Riekean because he's a figure that has never seen light... It's basic facts man...

Once again, these are NOT facts...  Maybe in your mind and how you collect they are, but they're nothing more than your opinion on collecting Jimmy.

This is where the tolerance issue is being breached I think.  You feel so strongly that you're right...  To the point you speak as if you had sales sheets in front of you to back this up that Gen. Riekean is the figure EVERYONE wanted and the Hoth Rebel wasn't what anyone wanted.  

That's fine, I understand you think differently on a collecting level than I do, but it's also where I (and others) say we wanted a NICE new Hoth Rebel Soldier, and we got something less than that...  

Sure I'm excited about Riekean, but I would've loved a better Rebel Soldier first personally.  You say I'm in the minority, I say army builders are a large part of the equation...  You disagree with that, that's fine, but you're not an expert so please remember that your opinion is your own, and that you need to NOT trample other collector's thoughts around these boards.

I'm not doing this to be mean, but I was brought on here because of how I feel about collecting, and how I will not stand by while opinions are being trashed.

I would suggest people feeling this angry over complaints to heed some of their own advice.  If you are upset by the words of others about toys to the point that you feel it necessary to vent about it, maybe it is YOU who needs to rethink collecting, and it's "worth" to you.

Like you said yourself Jimmy, they're just toys...  Don't let what others think or say bother you.  This is a site where we accept everyone's point of view on the toys, whether they agree or disagree, like or dislike...  As such, talking down to people because you feel they "complain too much" will NOT be tolerated.

And like I said, feel free to take this up with me privately if you disagree, or to discuss it with one of the other administrators who I'm sure will respond to you as promptly as they can.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: More News...
« on: August 10, 2003, 01:24 AM »
Indeed!  Trandoshans rock all, of course.

I know the Yavin wave included Dodonna and (Oddly enough) Antilles of the Fan Choice poll.

Hmmm, a new Rebel Fleet Trooper would be my ultimate pick! :)  Of course...

But I'd take a Rebel Petty Officer, a new Luke Ceremony, a Rebel Fleet Technician, a New Biggs, a Generic Rebel Pilot, a Pops, Yavin Honor Guard, etc., etc., etc...

Unfortunately, lots of my ideas probably won't come to fruition I believe.  :)  Especially that first one...  haha

Saga '02-'04 / Jedi Defender/Hasbro Q&A... Thoughts?
« on: August 10, 2003, 01:16 AM »
Check the front page of Jedi Defender and follow the jive till you find the URL Textfull story link.

So what are your thoughts on the answers...

I personally STILL find the "flimsy weapons are a choice for child safety" answer a bit bogus.  

Hasbro said at one time that it was the industry standard, but when people called them on that they've now changed their tune once again.  Now the industry standard has changed I guess, and Hasbro does it from the kindness of their heart?

I also question the "Kids like action poses" answer...  Why would G.I.  Joe do so extremely well with kids AND adults, even in a year when Star Wars was to be the dominant line under Hasbro's umbrella, and they're made for poseability and "fun".

I believe these 2 issues to both be cost-cutting ones, plain and simple, and we've been given run-around answers.  Not what I like to see...

The interview is a good read, and I highly recommend you check it out...  The Sandcrawler sounds to be an almost-go right now, so good news for you Sandcrawler fanatics (not MY thing personally, but I did want the droid from it, haha).

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Check Hasbro NOW
« on: August 10, 2003, 01:00 AM »
I'm going to step in here (though this isn't my mod section) and say that the ever-present "complaining about people complaining" shall cease here and now.  It's one of the things I was HAPPY to leave at Rebelscum, and it's something I do not wish to see carry over to here.  I don't think the mods of this section will mind me voicing this opinion because I think they're going to agree with me.

This is a Star Wars collecting forum, and as such people are going to complain...  EVERY figure may have some flaw to some person, and I personally do not like to see these people's opinions be trampled.  If you cannot handle this stance then feel free to PM me or discuss it with one of the other mods but I doubt you find much of a difference in opinion here.  We're here to talk Star Wars toys, and that includes the low opinions as much as the praise.

Nobody's voice is to be squelched simply because you disagree though.  So try to keep that in mind when you're here at our forums.  

If you like something, then great.  If you don't, that's fine as well, but keep your discussion back and forth civil and RESPECTFUL  (which is the key here).  

Try to remember it's the complaints that got GOOD changes to this line for us as collectors.

Now, as for the Hoth Rebel Soldier figure and my opinion that it's the weakest figure and an overall disappointment...

Basically, yes I DO think it's a big deal...  Is he a background character?  Yes...  Is he an army builder though, and thus should outsell a regular background character?  Yes...  And then should he be given a LITTLE better treatment with some articulation points so he can actually hold his rifle AND just stand around?  I don't think that's too much to ask.  Do background characters deserve second-hand treatment?  Nope because he's still gonna cost full retail so I want a full/good figure be it secondary, primary, EU, or anything else.

Once again, I point to BBi and 21st Century as 2 companies that do quite a bit more "perfect" than Hasbro does.  Sure, nobody's perfect (Neither are the aforementioned 2 companies), but Hasbro still has a ways to go before they're close across the entire Star Wars line.  I can appreciate the nice Riekean figure or Hoth Luke, but the Hoth Rebel was more important to me and came up as a flat/bland figure with little improvement beyond his sculpt.

Tack onto all of that, that the Hoth Rebel really DID need a new/better figure and is likely to not see a resculpt again for a long time, not for a while anyway,(Army builders tend to only get one shot here and there) and I'd have appreciated a MUCH better figure right now.

Is it better than POTF2's 2 versions?  Indeed, it's a better sculpt I think...  It's still not what an army builder figure SHOULD or COULD be in this day and age of Hasbro.  He could certainly have more articulation in the arms at least (Why no ball/socket shoulders and maybe bicep and wrist articulation so he could be posed any # of ways), and had some better features that would make you want to own an army of him.

As he stands now, an army of him will resemble the cookie-cutter syndrome that plagued POTF2.  Articulation would've alleviated that, but it's for not I guess.

Saga '02-'04 / More News...
« on: August 10, 2003, 12:41 AM »
I was over at rebelscum real quick, and they had images from the Slide Show/Q&A presentation Hasbro put on, and there's a nice image of Jedi Luke due out next year...

Soft goods robe, a blaster, a sabre, and a "belt" (I couldn't see the belt being spoke of personally).  It's shaping up to be a highlight figure for 2004 if you ask me though.

Also, check the "Jabba's Palace" wave...  Who's the person listed for the basic line?  Not a palace denizen's name that I'm familiar with...  Anyone know who it is (IE: Scott, do you know because you always seem to know and have a photo to boot!!!)

Only Dengar listed on that "Destroyer" wave...  I hope we get a new Piett though, or Needa, or the ever wished for Veers with removable armor, helmet, and hat.  THAT would rock...

A new Bossk wouldn't bother me though either (Because Trandoshan's get all da ladies), and I would take a bridge crewman (Technician) with the long-brim grey kepi hat as well...  

Yes, wishful thinking on ALL of that.  Dengar's at least on the way, and rightfully so.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Rebel Uniforms
« on: August 8, 2003, 06:27 PM »
JJ, I don't think Ackbar's uniform is a bridge crew uniform, because (although its from a cut scene) there's a shot of Madine in his briefing-room uniform in the command seat of another Cruiser.

I know the scenes you mean Lando, I've seen those too.  In the original scripting Madine was given command of one of the vessels (for some reason) and had a larger role in the film.

The one problem I remember (continuity wise) was that there was a black guy in a HOTH uniform with him even on the bridge of that ship!  Made no sense...

I chalk that up to the whole "No military advisor on set" issues ROTJ had...  

It is plausible that Madine has some kind of experience in space combat from his background in the Empire though, and due to the severity of the situation he was asked to helm one of the support vessels to the fleet?  He'd maintain his rank as General though, within the Spec. Forces.

Basically I tend to just disregard that cutscene though...  I think Lucas does too. T here's very little to be found of those scenes.  I sorta wish I knew how they played out, just out of curiosity.


The uniform Luke wears to Bespin is a Rebel Pilot "ground" uniform...  Their basic duds for tromping around a base instead of their flight gear...

I hear you on the U.S. civil war issue, but even in our own Civil War, the CSA had a guideline to a "base" uniform...  Not all regiments followed it though, of course, from volunteers like the Zouves and such on, but there was a base uniform that was the more "dominant" one in the CSA seen...  Even though it was kinda uncoordinated.

The analogy I'd put to it is more like this...

The U.S. war for Independance is more my theory.  There's a base army "The regulars" which are the RFT for example, but there's also "Minute men" like the Dresellians or other militia groups...  

People label the Alliance as "Small" but what they forget is that they're only small on a galactic scale.  I'd think that a SINGLE planet supporting the Alliance could supply them with a uniform...  Maybe not a great uniform, which the RFT uniforms don't look high quality, but a uniform none the less.  

And of course there's a lot of other uniforms mixed in through the various militias and such...

For the Mon Cal, there's a few possibilities...  I'm not sure my idea for those being bridge crew uniforms is invalid...  It could be bridge crew, but still a mon cal design since the Mon Cal ships are the main ships of Alliance fleets, but it could also be that the Mon Cal are allowed to keep their uniforms on Mon Cal ships only?  

I just think it's possible that there's a Mon Cal ship somewhere with humans working as part of the bridge crew, and wearing a similar uniform.  

There's always a way to explain things to your liking...  That's the fun of EU I think, haha.  There ARE Humans on Home One in uniforms that resemble those from ANH though, but none of them are on the bridge which seems key...  Only Mon Calamari man the bridge it seems (maybe due to physiology).  What if a Mon Cal ship had a human captain though, for whatever reason?  Maybe he'd be wearing a variation of the Mon Cal uniform perhaps?   And maybe a Mon Cal captain of a Blockade Runner/Corvette has on a uniform like Captain Antilles did in ANH?

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Check Hasbro NOW
« on: August 8, 2003, 06:13 PM »
The Rebel Trooper falls prey once again to Hasbro's lack of decent army builder sculpt, articulation, and features...

My Hoth Rebel Soldier would have a removeable hat, pistol that fits in holster, and he'd be articulated A LOT more than what they gave him.  Be nice to have a trooper you could actually put in multiple poses, from firing a rifle with 2 hands to standing at attention.

Army builders sell uber well, especially good ones...  Why be cheap with them? :(  I mean, they even have the option of sticking them in packs of 4 after the initial retail waves run out...  Multiple head variants can breathe life into them at little cost...  So why be so damn stingey on articulation and such?

A shame...  Especially considering we now STILL could use a "good" Hoth rebel and Hoth Imperial trooper figure since we still don't have good poseable versions of these figures from one of the biggest action sequences of the original trilogy.  :-\

Now, Riekean is great looking, as are those Club Patron figures.  THOSE are nice.  That Obi-Wan is the best Obi-Wan ever as far as I can tell...  Damn nice figure!

The Original Trilogy / Re: Rebel Uniforms
« on: August 8, 2003, 03:42 AM »
Hey Paul,

I've been working on a cohesive explanation to rebel uniform, rank, and general structure as a guide to the uniforms we see of the Alliance on-screen.

It's my opinion that the Alliance, as a "Small" (Only in relative terms here, when compared to the Empire) military organization that they rely heavily on Special Forces.

With that in mind, my base theory goes like this...

There's the Alliance Fleet which consists of the majority of the military.  The commanders/officers wear the khaki uniforms of Captain Antilles and such, mid and low officers wear the other non-descript uniforms seen at the Yavin ceremony, and the enlisted personnel are the techs and rebel fleet troopers.

Hoth uniforms are cold weather fleet uniforms, more or less.

The 2nd branch of the Alliance military, and the one which sees the most frontline/combat action is the Alliance Special ops.  To me this includes Madine and the Rebel Commando units.  I think Lando's acting within the special forces unit...  He's not full-scale military tactical genius it seems, but he is crafty and maybe his expertise within the Alliance Spec. Forces would be of greater value than making him a "fleet admiral" or "Fleet General" such as Dodonna or Ackbar (BTW, Mon Cal uniforms may be Alliance bridge crew uniforms, we really don't know).

It's a rough idea of what I'm working on though Paul...  It was originally going to be a database with uniform sketches and a diagram breaking down the levels which each uniform are associated with, as well as their specialties and whatnot.

Some sources somewhat back up my ideas, some don't...  There's VERY little "official" material on what the uniforms and structure of the Alliance actually are though. :(

A good reason for the uniform differences between ROTJ and the previous 2 films is that ROTJ did not have a military advisor on staff.  That's why the Imperial ranks suddenly all became the same (Which is basically something nobody can logically explain away).  The new military guy or costumer may have just said "Eh, F it, let's just give them new uniforms", for all we know.

There's a ton of uniform differences, a few carry over from ANH to ROTJ though to suggest continuity and such, such as Fleet Techs being on Home One, as well as some of the "mid-ranking" officer uniforms showing up on Home One (Wearing leggings though).

So in short, I feel the Fleet, and Spec. Forces are 2 separate entities within the Alliance military structure...  They act as independant groups, and the Spec. Forces take the brunt of the grunt work while fleet forces are for the rarer "large" combat engagements as well as maintaining bases/ships and such.  And yeah, they fight too, but only when needed.

Spec. Forces are like the ground troop equivalent of the Alliance fighter corps.  The fighters perform small hit & fade missions routinely...  The Spec. Forces do something simliar, but on the ground, or in a station or whatnot as opposed to in a fighter. :)

There are, of course, rebel cells that aren't openly part of the organized rebellion as well, but work in conjunction WITH the main military body of the Alliance as well.  Groups like the Dressellian Liberation Army, Tibrian Liberation Army, and any other # of guerilla groups resisting Imperial control on their homeworld (And anywhere else they can).  And they often will find their skills and expertise requested in other engagements such as the Dressellians who accompanied the squad to Endor.

Perhaps they had been to Endor before?  Or perhaps they knew of the shield Generator's structural weaknesses?  Or maybe they simply volunteered and were accepted into the group?

I know some disagree with me about Alliance uniforms, but they haven't got any real "proof" to counter my opinions...  The lack of info on the Alliance makes that quite difficult for any POV to be proven.

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