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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Can I Buy A Consonant
« on: October 8, 2004, 04:12 PM »
I say sue that smarmy snot. 

She was paid to do a job, and do it right.  She wasn't paid to be a buffoon.  She should probably look into that line of work considering she's already mastered that art.  Spelling's certainly nothing she should aim for though, or artistry...  Her work is tacky anyway IMO.

She wasn't paid to half-ass that.  Let her finish that job, and at her own expense.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Troopers
« on: October 8, 2004, 04:00 PM »
Hmmm...  who would I choose as my #1 want?  Hmmm, who could it be...  I just couldn't imagine...  Could it be...

Yes, yes it could...

That abysmal flop of craptacular plastic called a figure should be remade first and foremost!  VOTC Han's proof positive they can do this figure much justice.  :)

So on that note I'll do my list up here...

1) Rebel Fleet Trooper:  Hands down my most desired SA Army builder is the RFT.  The original was absolutely horrid, and the POTJ counterpart, while an improved sculpt, suffers on several levels and isn't an ideal army builder...  He's got:

-Caved In Chest sculpt...
-Pre-posed/unposeable arms
-Angle-cut knee articulation (not terrible by any means, but the ball/socket is far superior)
-Pre-posed feet that I've had NO luck reposing
-A rigid vest you can't remove well (why can't weapons be that rigid though?)
-Non-removable helmet
-Terrible looking sculpted-on chinstrap
-A non-working blaster holster
-Not even a connection from the belt TO the holster sculpted there, so it's just kinda "hovering" which is terrible looking
-The Rebel's BB Gun trainer they use before they allow you to have the "big boy" pistol
-A pretty poorly sculpted helmet when you compare it to Antilles' nicely done one, with antenna.

With a new SA RFT, we'd see lots and lots of articulation of course, they could reuse Antilles helmet and blaster easily enough, and if the vest were pliable enough it'd remove easily for those who want some variety in their ranks.

For me, this figure's a must.  But you already knew that.

2) SA Scout Trooper:  This figure's begging to be redone...  If Hasbro were to SA the scout, and if they went that EXTRA mile with a ball/socket hip ala VOTC Luke, then you'd have one incredible figure.  If I were to have my way, the visor would actually flip up (it'd be sturdy and stay down though as well) for a little EU-ish feature.

Give us this Scout!  I'd be all about the packed in sniper rifle (IG-88's) as well.  Why not?

3) Sandtrooper:  VOTC Stormie with a slight reworking of the back piece for a backpack.  Include the pack, and make a removable pauldron.  Make variations of said removable pauldron...  Include a pistol and if I had my way 2 or 3 variations of Sandtrooper rifles seen in the movie. 

Voila, instant classic.

4) SA Endor Rebel Soldier  Give me a POTF2 styled outfit, completely resculpted to be SA.  Re-use the now common removable helmet from the Saga Endor Soldier, and again its an instant classic.  If they redid the Saga figure's lower legs to be SA and neutrally sculpted, I'd be happy with that "new" figure as well at some point.  For now though I'd like the POTF2 style outfit redone SA style.  Include a bandoleir of grenades, or a cloth pouch for the Endor Bunker Bombs, and of course a backpack and rifle (rigid plastic!).  Ethnicity/head variants welcome too.

5) Re-release the Darktrooper, or resculpt him with articulation:  If they did a deluxe Darktrooper with removable armor to reveal a SA Stormie in his unitard thing underneath, that'd rock, but it'd be unlikely at best.  Something like the old cobra "SNAKE" Battlearmor idea.  :)  I'd dig it!  I bet you would too.

(How could you hate the Darktrooper Lando?  That thing's, hands down, one of the best EU designs ever!)

6) SA Hoth Footsoldier:  I'd even take an ultra one with a head variant later that has the tri-pod cannon the rebs use in the trenches or the large hand-held cannon they use in the trenches and in echo base to fight the wampas. 

SA him though, do a removable helmet similar to the 12" Hoth figure helmets, a cloth scarf piece attached to the helmet would simply kick ass, a rigid rifle, a blaster sidearm with working holster...  This figure would rock, and can you think of a rebel with a better outfit to hide the articulation points even? 

7) Hoth Rebel Officers:  Major Derlin, here we go!  Whip up Derlin with some good (or SA) articulation and a removable brain bucket.  Give him a blaster pistol with working holster and you're set. 

8 ) SA Imperial Officer:  No, a real one...  Do up a generic officer in a grey tunic.  Then release him in white with black trousers and black hat, then in black...  If you're real creative, do removable kepi hats and slight variations in their rank plaques.  The first officer though, hands down, should be Jeremy Bulloch as the cowardly officer on Cloud City.  This body could also be used to do a Veers with removable armor variant or ultra figure...  Pack in a holo Vader, range-finder from the AT-AT or something, and you're set.

9) SA AT-ST Pilot/Imperial Army Regular:  Do a SA Imperial Army Soldier with a blaster rifle, helmet, chest armor, removalbe goggles, and a belt with working holster for a pistol would be keen.  Again, as with all open-face figures, I think head variants would be cool as all get out.

10) SA Imperial "Snow" Stormtrooper:  Cloth skirt and facemask are a must, a working holster's second.  Beyond that, SA this guy to death...  If they wanted, pack him in with a NEW sculpt of an actual folding tri-pod laser cannon (done to-scale) and I'd buy it in droves.  I'd buy the single figure in droves too.

11) SA Dresellian Commando:  Even if they reused the Endor soldier's legs and just did a new upper body, I'd be content.  Cloth cape, and a removable eyepatch would be neat if you wanted to upgrade your Oorimaarko figure.

12) Rebel Fleet Officer:  A brown tuniced/trousered trooper with the brimmed hat.  There's actually 2 types of uniform like this, one's more tailored and denotes a higher rank, so I'd take either or really, but the lower ranking one's more common and seen on Home One as well as Yavin.  I'd love this figure just "because".

13) SA Rebel Honor Guard:  Gimme a nicely done Honor Guard with visor-down variation RFT helmet, blaster with holster (removable possibly, like the CCP Commlink?), and a small hand-blaster for the holster and a pike. 

14) Ultra Yavin Lookout RFT:  Repack the RFT figure with a head variant, a scanner pistol, a guard's pike, and a "some assembly required" guard tower as seen on Yavin.

15) SA Death Star Trooper:  Working holster, removable helmet (with working chinstrap instead of the headphone gear stuff), and a set of binders that peg onto his belt ala the POTJ Bespin Guard.

16) Grand Moff Tarkin:  Not an army builder if you have the generic officer in abundance, but nonetheless I want this trooper redone!

17) Imperial Crewman/Technician:  Do a new one...  Even if you wanna cheap out on it, just use the Saga TIE Piloe pack-in's articulated legs on the POTJ Imp Officer's body.  Some new arms, and new heads with removable hats would be neat.  Variants with grey and black hats and head variations would be neat too.  Chair and console from the Executor's Bridge could be cool.

18 ) A-Wing and B-Wing Pilots:  Humans, well articulated if not SA.  Removable helmets of course.  There's still no decent human version of either one.  A ROTJ Y-Winger could be very cool as well if they'd rework "Arvel" from the 3-pack some with a new head perhaps and maybe new limbs.

19) Hoth Rebel Tech:  SA or just well articulated (knee and some arm articulation at least) would be great...  Removable flop-ear hat, etc...  Make an ultra with a head variant and a new vehicle Maintenance Energizer, and you've got another winner right there.

20) Yavin/Endor Rebel Tech:  Same as above but with a removable helmet (sans neck protection extension), some tools...  Make one with a troop/cargo sled or again with the VME and you're set for a nice Ultra set as well.

21) Yavin Warroom Comm. Officer:  Variant of the Tech...  sculpt a new body, a new head for the guy that did the communications, and give him a headset with the command tool on his belt.  Or make him ultra and pack-in the big ass map of the Death Star's trajectory.

22)  Torryn Far (Ion Cannon Commander):  Be nice to have a generic Rebel Female mixed into the officer's.  SA or just nicely articulated, with a console and chair would be nice.

23) Ultra Hoth Rebel Scout with Taun-Taun:  I'd take one...  Reuse the SA Hoth soldier for the most part...  Maybe make new legs with better articulated hips for riding his steed.

And all of this isn't even TOUCHING the Prequal figures I'd love to see redone.  SA Naboo soldiers and guards, SA Panaka, SA Naboo Pilots with cloth coats, better plastic/articulated Battledroids (brown, red, and EU green), SBD's, Spider Droids, Destroyer Droids, Clones, ARC Troopers, Scuba-Troopers, Clone Wars Republic Ground Crew, Republic "Troops" from EU/Faytonni's outfit, SA Jedi army builders, IG Lancer droids, etc., etc...

And then there's EU for the classic trilogy...  Rebel Tankers of all types, Rebel and Imperial Artillery personnel, Rebel Biker Scouts/Fleet Scouts, Rebel "Infiltrator" Commandoes, Aquatic Assault Stormtroopers (Scuba Trooper sounds dumb), Aquatic Assault Rebels (why not?), Rebel and Imperial field medics, Rebel field Salvage droids (Deluxe/Ultra for sure), Imperial Railgunners/Heavy Weapons Specialists, Imperial AT-AA pilots, Imperial AT-PT pilots, Imperial Wheeled Troop Transport Pilots, Imperial Barge Pilots, Rebel Hovertransport Pilots, Rebel "Heavy" Troopers, Rebel Swoop Assault Troops, etc., etc., etc...

EU's just a pipedream, but it'd rock to see the film figures done SA style at least.  Especially if every army builder eventually saw this kind of treatment that the Clone and Stormie have seen. 


Yup, Thanks Scott...  I couldn't find them when I wanted.  Hopefully I'll find them there at some point.  I'm at the stage where I'd just as soon order from Amazon than look for these at stores and risk them NOT being as abundant as ANH wave was/is.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Can I Buy A Consonant
« on: October 8, 2004, 12:47 AM »
Could've acted as a good draw to get people into the Library though when you think about it.

"See how dumb you could be?  Come inside and make sure this never happens to you"

Just be sure not to disclose her payment or you'll have every moron in the world thinking they can be that way too and make good money.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Top 5 Hotties
« on: October 7, 2004, 06:29 PM »
Leslie Boob ...  I mean Bibb... 
Never heard of her, but I see she's into sheer things.

BTW, where's Pee Wee Herman right now? 

I see she's wearing the giant Underpants from the playhouse.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Can I Buy A Consonant
« on: October 7, 2004, 06:28 PM »
jjks sums things up well, but yeah...  There's a lotta humor to that.

Reminds me of the woman I saw on Wife-swap last night...  Good God...  Get over yourself and admit you're an idiot already, ya know?

You guys cannot believe the WIP's I've got around here...  A SA Maul sits in pieces in a bag as we speak that I started back probably in 2001 maybe?  I've got sheets of plastic laying around...  I need more actually since what I have is too thick to work with easily.

Lots of stuff, no time, and no $ to buy a lot of the materials I want/need to work with.  Can't recall the last time I actually did casting even.   ::)

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Episode III line....April 2nd, 2005
« on: October 7, 2004, 06:11 PM »
Seems to corroborate with the news we posted earlier on the return of C1 and C2 style releases with "kid friendly" figures and "collector friendly" figures.

I hope Hasbro doesn't snub the collectors though, and not dish them any main characters.  For every action-feature laden, pre-posed main character, he should have a super articulated, neutrally sculpted, non-action feature laden version as well.

It'll be interesting to see if C2 seemingly outsells C1...  Which would debunk a lot of Hasbro's insistance that the action features are popular.

Damn, I can't even find the VOTC at Amazon...  I hate these sites that have terrible search features.   >:(

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Target Sale... 10/3-10/9
« on: October 7, 2004, 06:02 PM »
I went to a Target late last night...  Nothing.  :(

OTC Pegwarmers galore, like the R2-D2 repack, some Dagobah wave, XW Luke, etc., etc...  The VOTC they had was merely a couple ANH figures.  3 tops... 

Nothing...  I'm dejected because I'm in big need of some stuff but not finding things...  3 VOTC elude me still, and the OTC has some figs I need too (Endor wave, especially Madine, Gam Guard, Tusken...), so I'm hoping these will just ship some more in the near future.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Holiday 2004 Jawas at EE
« on: October 7, 2004, 06:00 PM »
A friend of mine named Bill from the Pitt collecting group said he'd sell me his extra 3PO/R2, so I jumped on the Yoda when it resurfaced at  Then I went in on an order with Bill and another chap from the area, so I've started a complete carded set of these figures.  I almost wanna open them and display them at X-Mas time on the table or something.  I'll debate that when I have a full carded set to observe. 

They're nice for what they are, but for what it took to tool moldings, distribute these, etc...  I'd rather have seen a SA army builder put into the basic line or something. 

In business (and life) the term Opportunity Cost comes up a lot, and every time I see any of these side lines, especially when they take new efforts to make them, I always wonder what the alternative foregone was to make these.

I'd skipped the Holiday figs, but since Bill's offered me his extra R2/3PO (which I never saw) I'm on them now.  I figure I can't argue with that.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Silver Vader Part 2!
« on: October 7, 2004, 05:57 PM »
I have actually gotten a complete set of the silver figures, and just like I predicted, they look really nice together...  I'm not a carded guy, but these in a set are a neat centerpiece to an otherwise loose collection IMO.

I'd like them to do a 3PO, and then can the line...  The Sandtrooper and 2nd Vader were wastes IMO.  The Sandie could've been a basic Stormie I think, and would've made more sense...  not sure what the thinking was on using the Sandtrooper.

I'd almost take an Emperor...  A 3PO should've been in place of the 2nd Vader though.  I almost think they're doing this other Vader as an "apology" for the first Vader, but to me this is one of those series that you shouldn't produce to appease people...  I can see producing ENOUGH of a figure to make people happy, but not producing NEW figures to apologize for shorting a previous one.

3PO, Chewie, and R2 are the 3 I need for a single complete set...

Still needing doubles of Chewie, Fett, Stormie though.  :(

I'm glad R2 and 3PO are 2 of the last ones I need since they're the least impressive of the series IMO.  Chewie though is killing me.  Possibly the overall BEST figure and I don't have one yet.  :(  I'm a dejected collector at this point...

The Stormie and Fett not showing up for my doubles (and extras of the Stormie) is also pretty dejecting.  My efforts are yielding NOTHING right now.  Stores are dryer than a popcorn fart in Pittsburgh.

Indeed Jeff...

I like reading everyone's lists just because I see things I hadn't even considered on them.  Keep them coming guys, because you've got lots of great ideas there.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: 2005 Cantina Wave
« on: October 7, 2004, 05:50 PM »
Nice news Scott...  They are indeed a nice set of figures.  I mean, 3 Cantina aliens at one time?  That's a dream come true that hasn't been seen since the POTF2 cinema scenes, and these figures are substnatially superior to the old 3-pack figures.

Myo's currently ranking as my favorite I think.  That's just really good detailing going on.  Can't wait to have these 3 in the bar...  I'm gonna have to take some of my filler figures out.  I have XD pilots in there, the Toht, the Gestapo guy from Raiders is in there, a space man figure, and damn near a dozen Jawas drinking away.  :)  These 3 are welcomed by me for sure.  Good customizing sources too, especially if you're into fan-fic.

Can't wait to make an Abyssian Rebel Pilot or soldier.

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