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Very cool news, and you deserved some publicity on it Bobb, so kudos.  I'm really REALLY curious to see what (if any) way you'll incorporate Hasbro's Freeze Chamber set.

I really enjoyed it, and still am figuring a way to make a bigger gantry thing that just snaps on over its current one.  The only thing that set lacked was it being able to hold more figures I thought.

Cool work, and the push light has me really scheming.  nothing I'lld o any time soon, but it's inspiring nonetheless man.  Good work and improvisation for a feature that really gives your set a nice look when displayed.  The light is very cool.

BTW I still think the neatest thing is the sculpture.  No matter how you made it, or were given the idea, that's funny, and really accurate.

Toy Reviews / Re: WAlmart exclusive ANH figure pack
« on: November 25, 2004, 05:55 AM »
These packs were really weird.

ANH hit en masse here, ROTJ was nowhere to be found, and usually for every 10 or so ANH's there was 1 ESB set.  Very strange.

I got ROTJ because I actually never got that Emperor figure.  Kinda neat buying it, getting a Stormie, a Vader I don't want (again) and an Emperor figure I want for my EW Vader to be holding over his head. 

Nice to have everything work out.

The sets are a novel idea, and while I hate to admit it, they seemed to do well.  They're all gone from my area, though not all WM's seemed to get many.  Only one had TONS of sets, while others generally only had ANH sets, and it didn't have maybe but 20.

Toy Reviews / Re: Famine's Pablo-Jill Reveiw
« on: November 25, 2004, 05:53 AM »
Yeah, he was somewhere on coruscant walking past as I recall.  I think that's his sorta "neutral" stance actually.  He just looks awkward.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS carded figures
« on: November 25, 2004, 05:51 AM »
Hasbro's at least leaning the right direction. 

I sympathize with all those who disagree iwth action features overall, however I do feel that they're fun when done right.

Case in point (2 really) are the SBD from E2 which I highly enjoyed as a figure, and the Total Control Mace WIndu.  Yeah, I can hear the groans.

I truly wasn't expecting to like that figure, but honestly if they could somehow make a SA version of the character and then a TC version, I'd buy both happily.  The control feature really looked realistic when you play with it, which was neat.  The figure's not attractive, but fun. 

I still say articulation is more favored by children and adults than action features...  Different reasons or purposes as to why each likes them, but to me kids go nuts with poseable figures.  I know G.I. Joe replaced Star Wars damn quick when I was a youngin.

I reiterate Mike's (Congratulations) note on being SO disappointed with the E2 figures initially.  They do rank low to me as well.  I can't think of many beyond the SBD that I actually was pleased with at all really.  :( 

I didn't do any midnight madness thing for E2...  I just went to the local Wal-Mart and they put out TIE Bombers because they're dumb and held them back with the E2 stuff.  I walked out of the store with TIE Bombers and not a single figure that night.

Was a bust opening IMO, and I think Hasbro had major failure with the Saga line in its initial offerings only because they had an appauling buy-back scenario (A couple actually).  VERY negative thing for the line overall.  They made crap product and the retailers forced their hand in remedying that situation.  Ouch!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Happy Turkey Day!
« on: November 24, 2004, 04:18 PM »
I will be eating dinner with my parents and possibly brothers (dependant on who shows up).  My girlfriend's going to her sister's home so I am off the hook there.  May run down later in the evening to her house when she's back, but that would be the extent of me being out and about.

I'll be manning the guns at JD I guess.   :P  At least for a while.

MMmmmmm Turkey, apple pie, and homemade turkey noodles are what I'm looking forward to.  I was sick yesterday at school but today I'm thinking I'm not too bad.  I just wanna be able to eat tomorrow.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Happy Birthday BillCable!!
« on: November 24, 2004, 04:14 PM »
Hey Bill, happy birthday man...  Hope to catch you at the Toy Show in a couple weekends, if you're gonna be out this way.

Have a good one bud.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: It's a boy for Broem!!!
« on: November 24, 2004, 04:13 PM »
Way to go man...  Turkey and a kid.  You're gonna be a happy man this holiday.  Teach him the ways of the force, but remember to not make him too geeky.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What stresses you out?
« on: November 24, 2004, 02:03 AM »
Why doesn't anyone wanna move to Pittsburgh?  Cost of living is like nothing, and I'm here.  That should be more than enough. 

You knobs won't even visit me. 

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NFL 2004
« on: November 24, 2004, 01:12 AM »
My weekly steelers gloating continues but with 7 sacks we had a craptacular game with the Bengals (nicest helmets in the league guys!).

I'm shaken by the fact we're going against the #2 D upcoming, especially after the shenanigans of the last game.  A win is a win, but that one wasn't exactl pretty for my black & gold.

Here's to a win over Washington.  Difficult though, and we're going in with injured offensive weapons.   ::)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What stresses you out?
« on: November 24, 2004, 12:21 AM »
I worked briefly in the steel mills in my home town ST, so I can sympathize with the risks involved in labor.  Just this past year a man was crushed by a roll falling off a truck.  Pushed a guy out of the way, and took the roll across his lower torso and legs. 

I'm glad I was long gone and didn't see that.

He was retiring in '05 too...  Now won't see it.

I worked near a blast furnace, and one day I had my goggles off (they were scratched and hard to see with) so the Super Intendant saw me and lectured me...  Said, "What if this furnace blows and you don't have your safety gear on" (referring to my goggles), and I simply told him that he wouldn't be able to scrape my eyes up off the floor then.  If the furnace blew it'd be about all they would've found.

Not fun work...  Good pay if you're union and there a while, but not good work at all.

Modern Trading / Re: Be Wary of Franticjedi
« on: November 24, 2004, 12:09 AM »
That's a shame guys.  Thanks for letting everyone know your story.  At least it may help someone out...   :-\

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What stresses you out?
« on: November 24, 2004, 12:03 AM »
I have a managerial accounting course this semester that I'm wrapping up, and I've already had some experience with setting budgets and stuff...  Sounds like it is intentional for budgets to ALWAYS be under.  Just my opinion (uneducated on your specific business Matt) I guess.  Probably are just doing it to get the business in.

I'd wager that's relatively competitive to get the clients.

Anyway, what stresses me out...

-Professors who dump work on you without a care as to your other workloads.

-Professors who take their classes (which are requirements) seriously when in reality they don't apply to your major nor do they broaden you as an indivdual.

-Being on time...  I'm terrible about simply WORRYING about being on time.  If I'm running late it f's up everything for me, and can ruin an otherwise normal day.

-Exams/quizzes/graded work.  In the waning days of the semester I'm getting dumped with work.  Today I had a budgeting (cash and production) quiz for MA, and a hefty exam for the aforementioned BS course.  Topping it off I am sick, and in my THIRD class I had today I had a review for the exam on the Tuesday following T-Giving (Financial course).  I've also got one more exam before finals (In the MA course), my term paper due in the BS course, and my finals then to boot!

-My health...  I'm not overly healthy, and neither is my family (mother/father) so I'm struggling with my own health as well as theirs.  Things are levelling off for them but I'm to the point I need a break.

-My car...  I've had a roof leak since the big hurricane hit this area and flooded things.  I've needed to get that fixed but haven't had time.  I also have yet to wash/wax my car since summer which is really bugging the hell out of me because it's the first good car I've owned and I'm hell bent on making it last the long-haul.

And that's just a general list of things I spend dwelling upon.  Of course school stuff's weighing on me.  It always has and always will.  It's really terrible when I'm sick as a dog like I was today.  I've picked up some kind of flu, just in time for the last 2 to 3 weeks of class.  Yay.   ::)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Stupid **** From the Internet Thread.
« on: November 23, 2004, 04:14 AM »
Now now...  No politics guys, ok?

Since you gave that equal time for both POV's I'm gonna let it go HMI, but no freaking out on this one, or "adding" things to it guys.

They're both stupid things from the internet IMO.  ;D

Moving along (Please)...   :P

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Anyone Gonna See Sponge Bob?
« on: November 23, 2004, 02:12 AM »
Then you sir, are a goofy goober...


Toy Reviews / Re: Famine's Pablo-Jill Reveiw
« on: November 23, 2004, 01:01 AM »
I'm curious about the Pablo figure too, so thanks for reviewing him Kevin.  The figure sounds interesting.  I need to review AOTC and see if the pose is accurate to how the character would just "stand" or what.

He's a bit awkward...  Never had a figure like this one since Lak Sivrak.

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