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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: So Long Mister Rogers and Captain Kangaroo
« on: January 23, 2004, 03:30 PM »
If any of you guys are ever in Pittsburgh, make sure you let me know you're around and I'll show you the city and we'll take a drive through Mister Rogers' Neighborhood...


I know where the church he attended is, and all that stuff...  He lived in Squirrel Hill, which really is in the heart of Pittsburgh.  A nice community, and I'm sure he made it all the more great when he was alive.

Can't say I watched Cap'n Kangaroo...  Bit out of my age range (Sorry Scott), but I know my brother Sean watched it often.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: OK Who Had September 14th?
« on: January 22, 2004, 09:04 PM »
Well these two charmers are back on the chopping block huh?

I wonder what painfully obviously unwilling to "settle down", superstar, ultra famous/rich, dashingly good looking man will be the next unwitting victim of J-Lo and her desire to have a baby, and a husband she should never be dellusional enough into thinking she can "tame".

I predict more turmoil in J-Lo's future as she makes a play for the shooting (literally) star, 50 cent.  

Other Collectibles / Re: Star Wars Miniatures (RPG & Minis Battles)
« on: January 22, 2004, 08:59 PM »
By the way...

If you want to know any more about the game, and who is still playing it avidly, check out this link right here:

It's an email list through Yahoo groups dedicated to the game, and with probably the most knowledgeable gamers on the net there willing to assist you with all your questions ranging from basic rules queries to compatible scale items in the modern Star Wars lines like Action Fleet vehicles and characters.

And for a series of links to websites dedicated to the game, check out this link here:

Some links are dead, some not, but it's worth checking on if you want to get involved, or just are curious what's out there to look at for SWMB.  

Other Collectibles / Star Wars Miniatures (RPG & Minis Battles)
« on: January 22, 2004, 08:55 PM »
Anyone here a collector of the old West End Games Star Wars Miniatures by chance?  

I wish I could scan some of the color images from the Minis battles gaming book to show off what I'm talking about incase you're not familiar.

The Star Wars miniatures line consisted of a slew of finely sculpted miniature lead figurines from classic Star Wars and a few from the Expanded Universe.  The line was originally created for the Star Wars Role Playing Game from West End Games, but later the line was expanded to have a diverse group of military-styled figures to flesh out armies for the Star Wars Miniatures Battles Tabletop game that followed towards the demise of West End Games in the early to mid 1990's.

Here's an image of a mix of some of the figures you could get:

There's a pretty nifty mix there!  :)  

And here's a link for the majority of the rest with some good closeup shots RIGHT HERE.

There's some REALLY amazing sculpts, and the variety involved in the final designs of some of the characters was downright amazing.  

Rebel Troopers alone sported about a dozen different Fleet Troopers, and a dozen different Spec. Forces miniatures.  Same went for Stormtroopers who had a dozen unique miniatures which made for a really impressive set-up on any battlefield.

The scale lends itself well to HUGE dioramas as well, plus the practical use of actually playing the Miniatures Battles game was a great addition to collecting the minis.  

Unfortunately, these aren't common anymore since WEG went under...  They're some of the few non-action figure things I collect though, and am attempting to reproduce to build my armies with, without sinking the $ into the actual metal originals in grand numbers.

If you have any Star Wars minis stores (Or any for sale?  ;) ), please feel free to post and reminisce on a great past line.  

BTW, beyond the Fleet Troopers being my favorites, I love the Grand Moff Tarkin miniature, and the Wookie soldier one's pretty neat too.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Guilty Pleasures
« on: January 22, 2004, 05:38 PM »

Who are you?  Cpl. Radar O'Reilly?  :-*  

(Yes, I know he drank grape Nehi, I just didn't know they still made that stuff!)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Places You'd Never Move To
« on: January 22, 2004, 05:36 PM »
I wouldn't say NEVER exactly, but there's a lot of places I'd not want to move to, and hopefully will avoid.

Oddly enough, I want to stay here...  I like to travel but always want to be back in Pittsburgh.  Beyond our financial trouble, it's a nice mid-sized city...  It's clean...  It was voted the 2nd most beautiful place in the U.S. last year...  It's topography is unique...  Weather gives you the full gambit so it's not always the same (or too much one or the other)...  It has grown a lot in the last few years, and is expected to grow even more...  

I go anywhere flat, and I'm always just bored to death there.  I drove to Chicago to visit a friend there, and the drive was possibly the worst I'd ever done in my life.  Nothing but a flat barren land once you got beyond the hills of Western PA, all the way into Illinois.  

Not my cup of tea...  And then the other cities in flat areas are mapped out in squares, and seem to be very structured...  In Pittsburgh it's based on a triangle and 3 rivers intersecting in the triangle shape...  Growing up here's made me accustomed to the way of life here, and I just don't find it interesting anywhere else.

Plus, cost of living isn't attrocious, commutes are negligible compared to other cities, crime's not terrible (not great either, but could be worse), I always find things to do...  It's just fun for me here, and I dislike the thought of having to possibly move at some point so I'll fight it as much as I can.

Everywhere else is fun to visit to me, but not anywhere I'd look forward to actually living in.  

The Original Trilogy / Re: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
« on: January 22, 2004, 05:27 PM »
Yeah it's something like that...

It's an era I've had particular interest in, but gets little attention.  I'm curious just when a true rebellion was formed, or when a declaration of Rebellion was made specifically to the Empire.  EU sources have it, just not a timeframe it was laid on an Imperial Desk, so to speak.

Could be a very "military" era though...  and war on a galactic scale certainly could conceivably last for close to 20 years (and beyond).  I'd imagine a lull after the Clone Wars ends before the Rebellion began though...  

Just speculation of course.  Fun speculation, but speculation nonetheless.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
« on: January 22, 2004, 05:22 PM »
I've quit playing for a time, but really enjoy the game a lot...  It's a lot of fun, and with a good story which is key to singleplayer gaming IMO.

As much as I'd love KOTOR figures and wouldn't turn my nose to them, I'd sooner see new Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series figures made first.  It's a long-lived series where KOTOR is pretty new.  

I'd take both of course though, and figures from lots of other games would suit me well also.  But if I had to pick from one or the other I'd run with the Jedi Knight series first...

To me, t he games have the most solid "Star Wars" feeling storylines from any of the EU...  Top-notch stories are often overlooked in games, and that's a shame.

The Original Trilogy / Re: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
« on: January 22, 2004, 03:19 PM »
I think an animated version of almost any era would have the potential to do well...  A Thrawn trilogy animated series...  Rogue Squad animated series...  In-betweenquals animated series...  

I don't know about live-action though.  Star Trek:TNG had wild success as a live-action series to an epic storyline because it had a freedom to branch onto various topics, and a big budget, as well as some pretty good actors involved.

It'd take a LOT to get that kind of quality again, and get it in a Star Wars series which will have more of a set story to it most likely.  

Animation would leave you many other options though, even the option of getting Mark Hammil on to voice Luke even, and possibly even Carrie Fisher or Billie Dee Williams...  Should you use these characters again of course.  James Earl Jones isn't exactly working his fingers to the bone either...  More voice over work perhaps.

Either way, I say almost anythign animated has a chance for greatness, especially after how I'm left wanting more from those CW shorts...  Live-action I think is doomed though, and I hope it's not the area they're looking into.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Cell phone recommendations?
« on: January 20, 2004, 04:46 PM »
I prefer flip only because you're less apt to accidentally make calls, and don't need to use key locks really, as opposed to regular phones.

With that said, I was with Verizon since about 1996...  I had a crappy old phone, I mean a huge old WW2 Walkie Talkie looking phone...  People thought I was calling in airstrikes with the thing.

I decided just last year around September to get a new phone...  So I went to the Verizon store, and they about messed themselves when they saw how long I'd been with them on the same plan and never upgrading.  

They were so in awe of what they considered dedication but I considered laziness, that they upgraded my plan's minutes by a ton, and offered me any phone I wanted for $50, and also to add anyone I wanted to my plan and they could have a phone from a simpler group of phones for free.  

So, since my mother never got a cell but I figure she could use one I added her to my plan and she got a nice little regular phone to use...  At the same time I got a camera phone (It's a Verizon phone) that works great and was only $50.  It was the best phone they had, and I always sort of wanted to have a cam phone for the novelty of it...  Especially being on a college campus.  

If you've been with your carrier a LONG time with never upgrading, they may give you a great deal like that where you can get a great phone for next to nothing.  $50 for a cam phone just was a great birthday present for myself.   :P

My only problem is I can't find an Imperial March ringtone...  So I go with "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" instead...  *shrugs*  :(

Newbies / Re: Geonosian...aka Tony Gerrard
« on: January 20, 2004, 02:21 AM »
Welcome to the scene Geonosian...  Seen you around at Scum before, and am happy to be the first (of many I'm sure) to say hey...  Take a look around and find your favorite places to participate. :)

Hey Hasbro! / Re: video game characters
« on: January 19, 2004, 09:24 PM »
In the game I'm not sure that it's ever shown how Kyle's able to carry anything...  For the game's purposes, I'm sure they didn't bother messing with it.  Jedi Academy decided to restrict what you could actually lug around with you then...  That was kind of a nice change of pace since you needed to be selective as to what you picked as your weapon(s) of choice.

Not all those weapons are from the same game though anyway, but for him to carry all of that though, I suppose Katarn could;

-hook on his belt the Fusion Cutter
-Sling the Railgun
-Holster the Stormie Rifle
-Holster the Briar Pistol
-Do nothing with the Extended Stormie Rifle since it's just a stormie rifle with the stock pulled out
-sling around the Thermal Det. Bandoleir
-Use the backpack for the IM Mines
-Hook to his belt a Lightsabre hilts

I think I'd add an Imperial Repeater rifle to the list too...  It was a pretty important weapon in the original Jedi Knight and Dark Forces.

Kyle really seemed to carry a lot of junk in his first 2 games, and in JK he mysteriously made them disappear anytime he took out his sabre. :)

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Jedi Warriors 4-Pack
« on: January 19, 2004, 09:22 PM »
the POTJ figure came with a purple, did it not?  I can't see mine from here to say for sure.  It could be possible that they made no changes to the production orders and instead just used the old POTJ orders to create the figure for the 4-pack.  That would've meant a purple saber would've been the color designation and the produced item I'd assume.

Why he was pictured with a green one on the back though, I do not know....  Just what they had on-hand for the product shoot perhaps.  That's not entirely uncommon I guess.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: TRU Exclusive Vader's TIE?
« on: January 19, 2004, 09:19 PM »
I wouldn't doubt that this, and Red LEader were some of those repacked items...  Repacking vehicles is dangerous territory given the way higher priced items back up quick.  Hmmmm...  :(

The figures, if kept to a minimum in shipping, tend to move...  Ships though, I dunno.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: TRU Exclusive Vader's TIE?
« on: January 19, 2004, 08:02 PM »
That is a neat find indeed.  I'd not seen this anywhere else...

When the original mock-up shots of the Red Leader were dug up by Scott I believe, wasn't there also a mock-up of a Vader TIE Fighter boxed set?

I could be wrong...  Maybe Scott can chime in since he has a better memory on stuff like that.  :)

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