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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: RIP Dimebag Darrell
« on: December 9, 2004, 04:25 PM »
Just locking this up as per Spider's request after catching it in the DBBBoBN thread.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: South Park Appreciation Thread
« on: December 9, 2004, 04:23 PM »
She wasn't being utilized a lot...  If it ushers in someone interesting/new...  I dunno.

She could just reappear though too. 

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Anyone seen my Ball?
« on: December 9, 2004, 04:20 PM »
Maybe he had a ball doing it?  Maybe he had two and now he just has A ball?

Maybe he'll use a uniball pen like I used all semester?

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: South Park Appreciation Thread
« on: December 9, 2004, 03:35 AM »
Tonight's episode...

Not their best work really.  I don't know what the motivation was for the "psychic detective" episode...  Is there something going on with these in the media?  What I mean is, usually South Park makes fun of something "current", but tonight it just seemed like they picked a topic and ran with it.

Either way it was funny for what it was.  Cartman's drop was great...  The psychic fights were funny too.

Any similar thoughts?  It was just an odd filler episode it seemed, but funny for what it was...  Just not memorable I guess.

Middle Earth / Re: LOTR Trilogy Figures
« on: December 9, 2004, 12:58 AM »
Still just not finding much here.  However I did get Isildur for my brother, and Gil Galad as well.  And the Mouth of Sauron set, which is mostly figures he has so he may give me those, but I figured he'd want the MOS figure.

Not a ton of stuff out there in my area though, and I still have yet to see a Shelob for my brother and me.   :-\

I'd thought he had given up the hobby all together, so this is a major surprise.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Is it me...?
« on: December 8, 2004, 09:56 PM »
For the fortunate...   :-\

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: VOTC question
« on: December 8, 2004, 09:54 PM »
Open em up.  :)

Yes that is Michael Fright.

And actually there's an update to the story...  The council's given that the go-ahead so long as he cuts that F'n hair already.  Jersey is tired of the stereotypes. 

BTW I believe he actually does have the mullet cut, if he was honest last time I ran into him.

His first SC is in scale with the figures, more or less, so I'm just baffled by this next attempt.

He's a different guy... 

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Episode III line....April 2nd, 2005
« on: December 8, 2004, 06:27 PM »
Juggernaught's were the early concept sketches of the AT-AT for ESB.  Had 8 wheels, was about the same height (estimating that), and the EU's taken the Juggernaught and used it in some various stories as just a different ground vehicle the Empire employs.

I think it's an armored convoy type vehicle in EU terms, more than an attack vehicle or troop transport.

The film juggernaught looks somewhat changed from the EU one possibly...  May not even be the same vehicle in Star Wars terms, just similar.

I'd take a BG-J38 Matt, but I gotta go with Scott on wanting CZ-3 more.

I'd probably take BG-J38 over R5-D4 right now though...  Like if it was up to one or the other, and the one not picked never got made.  I say that only because making an R5's a custom many try because the parts are there, the figure's just not together.  With BG-J38 yo're looking at sculpting new stuff, and that I'm not swift with.  Definitely not from scratch.

Do you guys' Target stores have that many Stormtroopers that they will be there at clearance time?

If so, remember your less fortunate friends *hint hint hint*  ;D

I haven't seen a Stormtrooper in a while at a store....

Well, I take that back, I found one a couple weeks ago and bought it since I had a good day at school that day (figured I'd blow the $10 as a gift to myself).

I've found 2 at stores only.  The rest of my little squd I've traded for.  :(  They look great together though...  I love decking them out with some of the other stormie weapons too.  They look good...  Like a real support team.  I have an impy officer head swap with them right now too.  Damn great figures!

Anyway, if you guys with tons of these find them cheap and get extras, by all means hit me up because I need more to satiate this obsession.

My West Coast Connection here's helpin' me some.  :)  I gotta have more though!

My list is in no particular order, and based on my favorite characters as well as trying to maintain a mix of obscure aliens, army building fodder, and needed resculpts.

1)  Hermi Odle...  I listed him #1 because he's probably the #1 alien figure I want made.  I want him to come with apples too.  Does anyone else want the apple basket with him?  I just find this fecal-looking feind to be all the more amusing when he's eating apples.  I dunno.

2) Grand Moff Tarkin Resculpt...  While Bib Fortuna and R5-D4 were in the running, I simply don't care for the Bib character that much and R5-D4 I can make myself if i tried, so I'm voting GM Tarkin as the most needed resculpt.  GOOD articulation for neutral poses and those in moments of contemplation. 

3)  Romba/Warok...  If there's one thing Endor needs, it's more Ewoks...  Namely warriors.  Since I feel that painting up a chief Chirpa would make me happy for his figure, then I want Romba/Warok in a warrior 2-pack.  If Hasbro were wise they'd articulate them as well as Teebo and re-release them painted as other warriors (generic) with different weapons and/or hoods.  People may hate Ewoks, but I think they'd sell to the army building crowd to more than off-set any anti-ewok bias.

4)  General Veers...  Removable armor, removable helmet, removable kepi hat, remvable belt/holster, and a holo Vader.  This Veers should be the ultimate Imperial Officer in sculpt, accessories, and I think he should have some good articulation too.  Go all out on this one!  Finally do one of the only Officers Vader didn't kill someactual Justice Hasbro!

5)  Bom Vimdin...  This is THE Cantina alien that I want now that Dannik Jerricho is made.  I like Hem Dazon too, but Bom's a freakish design I've always liked.  Plus his studded tunic thing is freaky too.  Make him as nice as the Cantina wave guys and I'm happy as a clam.

6)  Hem Dazon...  I pick Hem Dazon because he's such an iconic alien.  One of the best designs, the first one you see in the entire sequence, and even if he wasn't so blatantly camera hogging I think he'd still be a memorable and popular choice.  Like Bom, I think Hem should be just as nice as all the Cantina wave figures coming out.

7) Luke Endor...  Soft goods poncho, removable helmet, softgoods (removable) vest underneath, removable belt (with saber hilt that hooks to it).  This should be the ultimate Endor Luke, no holds barred.  Super Articulated to the max.  Perfection for Luke Skywalker.

8 ) Sgt. Doallyn...  If the uniforms are similar enough, I vote for a running change where half are in the white skiff duds and half in the black palace duds.  Articulated as nicely as the Cantina wave...  If Hasbro wanted to get funky, a removable helmet with EU accurate likeness underneath would be sorta neat.  This guy's behind Hermi as one of my favorite Palace freaks.  His voice is too funny, and he got punked...  twice!

9)  CZ-3...  Gotta have one droid, and since I do, I'm picking CZ-3.  The clown droid's been overlooked far too long.  He's so blatantly noticeable all over Tatooine that you really just have to have one in figure form already.  If they included a cheap molded droid accessory with him like Treadwell that came with Beru, that would rock.  Like maybe doing the Mining droid as a 1 or 2 piece accessory to pack in with him.  Seems simple enough to me!

10) Bren Derlin...  As much as I was torn between Torryn Far or Cliff here, I went with Cliff.  I wanted an army builder of sorts on the list, and as a somewhat generic officer for Hoth I decided Bren was best.  Super Articulation is warranted since the body would be hot customizing fodder...  I'd dig a removable hat/goggles too, and a working holster w/blaster pistol for him.  It'd be neat having the full Cliff Claven headsculpt for customizing him in a regular Fleet Uniform, and it would make the figure just a great customizing piece, army builder, and a good figure that many seem to want.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Hoth Han Revisited
« on: December 7, 2004, 09:23 PM »
Amen Paul.

Han never was all "action posed" like that in the film in that outfit, and short of sticking them on Taun-Tauns, the Hoth Han sucks. 

The arms are great, but he really needed a neutral pose, no action feature, and just good articulation.

I'd have liked a cloth hood and removable hat, but that's me.  It's doable.  :)

They're still crappy films I think, whether or not the article's real.

I'm tired of anything that has to do with jumping sideways while firing guns and slow motion bullets. 

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