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Vote now vote now vote now...

and stuff.

They're waiting on another run of them if I'm to understand it right, so those should be in stock eventually.  I wanted to just see how they are in general so ill post something on the expansion set when it arrives.

Rogue One / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2016
« on: July 8, 2016, 06:19 PM »
Given the ship looks about 1/3 the size it should be I'm out, haha.  Was hoping for a McAWing but that appears to be back on the to do list for me. I figure the nerf thing will pop off or something, but yeah the tiny ships are always meh for me.  I liked the old Deluxe line better on that front for some reason.

Nerf is big money for Hasbro so I get why they want to incorporate it more.  Kinda shocked it took this long to happen.

At the top of the page is a kind of menu...  Purchasing pages are under shop.

I ordered the expansion set last night and it shipped today btw.

Here's a link to the starter kit:

I don't know if you can order while it is back ordered or not though.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Star Trek
« on: July 8, 2016, 01:22 AM »
I think I get where he's coming from with it...  Being he established the character, I kinda wish they'd have engaged him on the future of the character if for no other reason than to see what he thinks, but I mean I get it in a way.

On the other hand, like you Darb, I feel like it's nice to establish one of the main bridge crew as gay...  It's certainly something they've not done with any of the characters before. 

I'm amazed anyone cares since I see so much hate for the new Trek, haha.  I was never a diehard TOS guy...  I liked it fine enough, just it never resonated with me like TNG did, and I feel like the new one is all popcorn but I still enjoy it.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Star Trek
« on: July 7, 2016, 11:10 PM »
Apparently Takei himself feels it's not what Roddenberry would've wanted, but then again the Trek franchise hasn't been what Roddenberry wanted since back in the TNG days before he died, and IMHO it improved without him after he died.  :-X

But then again I also like the new movies, but not in the same ways or reasons I liked TNG/DS9 and to a lesser extent Voyager.   :-\

I always wanted a kind of "Mad Max" Rebel Speeder that was basically an armor plated civilian vehicle...  kinda like you'd see on the news these days anymore in the middle east

I have mine parked on my Tatoooine table / streets of Mos Eisley dio as filler - fits in great there. ;)

Mine has Fleet Troopers in it...  cuz I'm me. :(

What I like, with this group, is they've already set the precedent that they CAN put something out, and they're doing it in a level of quality that transcends resin casting, or 3D Prints...  They're doing actual production injection molded plastic, and using a plastic that is higher-quality and more what you'd see with a lego brick.  It's a message that quality is important.

That's not to say resin work isn't ok, it has its place, but few people realize working with resin can be kind of hazardous.  Plastics in general can be, but resin in particular...  When working with it, in production, people should wear a lot of protective gear, do it in well ventilated and exhausted environments, etc.  And then the final product, there's the issue of working with it for the consumer.  Sanding it, it gives off very fine particles, and it's recommended you wear a respirator mask while you do so.  A lot of people who fiddle with resin as a hobby aren't aware of the danger it poses, actually.

But these walls from Galactic Trading Post, the piece is just injection molded, painted, and shipped out in a very professional packaging as well.  It's a generally interesting thing, and I just stumbled on it on social media a short time back and wanted to get in touch with them and talk about the product before I posted anything about it.  It's really interesting.

And given Hasbro's obvious lack of interest in this as a product they want to develop, but collector interest being what it is, I figured it'd just make sense to say here, what you want is essentially being made.

I was surprised most by their interest in other scales...  When I stumbled on it, I assumed 6" was it, and no hope for them jumping scales...  Quite the contrary, they are looking at 3.75" of course, but then that they were also developing 1/6 sets of some kind, wow...  That blew me away.

I'm going to pick an expansion set up...  It's not a lot of money, and I want to see how these pair up with 3.75" figures as I think there's some hope there.  They're 3" wide, so two on their sides stacked on each other, I think you have a fairly long wall with some nice details, nice coloring, and a little scene all its own, even if it's not made for that scale of figure.  A vent is a vent is a vent, so I think it'll look alright.

For the curious, since I don't have a review to post at this point, The Fwoosh got a review sample and I like his reviews in general...  He's not overly opinionated or brash, just gives you facts, and what he likes about something, or doesn't like as the case may be, and I enjoyed his review on these.  They're sharp as hell.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2015 - 2016
« on: July 7, 2016, 08:10 PM »

Man this sorta punches ya in the gut, at least if you're a Pens fan...  Just, ouch.

Duper's beloved in this city.  I mean, people just loved the guy, his personality on and off the ice, his family, his charitable nature, even his between periods messin' around with the TV guys.

And I know it's nowhere near the same thing so don't get me wrong about this, but I had to quit playing because my health wasn't keeping up with it, and I remember the last season I tried and how it hurt just too much at that point, and how I quit when the season was over, and all the seasons after I wished I could go do it again but I know I can't keep up, and I can't manage it, and it upset me a lot...  I was young too, in my earlier 20's.  And that's just me, some guy who was playing in adult leagues hoping he could keep on going enjoying actually playing the game in some way, just for myself because I knew I wasn't any good at it, but I had fun and it gave me something I didn't have in life growing up. 

For Duper it was life/death, family, and an amazing career in the NHL... That's just painful to listen to.  :(

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Star Trek
« on: July 7, 2016, 07:59 PM »
I assume it's kind of an homage to Takei himself as a guy who put up with the less accepting (not that everyone is now obviously) society he grew up in maybe?  Maybe just a little pat on the back to him, and his character, since it wasn't really ever touched on in the movies at all.  Like a "hey, why not?" thing.

I got a newfound appreciation for Takei when he became a part of the Stern Show...  He's beyond funny and naive in a weird way.  He falls for every prank they play, and is up for anything.  Just has a generally good personality.  Met him once in Pittsburgh at a toy show, and he was among the nicest dudes I ever met at a convention.  I always think that says a lot about who they are as people because that has to be some trying stuff on a person's patience.

Marina Sertis (butchered that spelling I'm sure) on the other hand...  yikes, she seemed kinda angry.

Starting a thread here because I thought some of you might be interested in Death Star Hallways like everyone says they're interested in Death Star Hallways. :P

Via the wonders of Social Media I found a company I'd never heard of called Galactic Trading Post, who have already put out a series of Injection Molded Plastic (IE: Not resin or 3D prints) Space Walls, which just so happen to look a hell of a lot like Death Star Hallways.  They're a new company, but they've already sold out of their initial run of these, and only the 2-wall expansion set is available currently.

That said, I made contact with the company founders, and have talked with them a bit about what they're making now, what they're making soon, and what they're hoping to make in the more distant future!  It's definitely ambitious, and they seem to already have a hit on their hands.  You can read all about it on Our Front Page now!  I'm going to pick up some of the wall expansions out of simple curiosity.  While I'm not a 6" collector at heart, and the initial offerings are in 1/12 scale, I see potential use for them on their sides as 3.75" displays, actually.  I'm excited to pick some up just to see.  Hopefully I'll have some kind of review to slap together for it all.

In the meantime, click the link and read up about them, visit their site, and dream!

10...  hmmm...  You made this tough with that short a list, haha.

1. Jabba's Snaggletooth (I love the outfit, the bandoleir, and the head that looks pretty spot on to the Kenner sculpt/look...  Snivians kick all kinds of ass for looking kinda cat-like).

2. Captain Antilles ANH  (He's essentially a generic army building Rebel Officer.  He'd be a dandy figure in the new RO film, but he'd be just a great army builder for the RFT's we have, and head swaps galore for other officers...  The Saga 02 figure is ok, and passes in a crowd if the crowd gets big enough, but he's a tad tall, a tad specific with the face, and IMO not accurate (too young) to the good Captain as he appeared in ANH...  plus, his articulation blows at this point for an "army builder").

3. SE Jabba Goon (I'd love a lot of them, but for me the guy with the hat and goggles, the guy with the pointy hat, and the big bearded mofo are sorely missing characters from my Jabba scenes...  I envision these thugs in my Jabba display every time I see it, and basically no humans but Lando are there.  Just getting ONE of 'em would've been nice.)

4. Likewise...  Garouf Lafoe (He actually DOES something, and at this point he and Yerka Mig are the only Humans from the Cantina I really wish they'd have done...  Danz Borin a close 3rd, but Lafoe actually does something by going out and snitching on Obi-Wan's handywork.  I am bummed we don't have him and never will.  Boring to some, but cool to me, I will whip this guy up some day.)

5. Endor Rebel Trooper #1.  (I've wanted a nice, super articulated version of the Endor Soldiers who had the camo pants, the vest, and the basic shirt...  They've never made a good one, and wish there was one for army building.  Nice, generic, simple...  Head variation with the black trooper would be nice too, like the last attempt at this figure was given.)

6.  Endor Rebel Trooper #2.  (The POTF2 Endor Rebel basically, but updated.  Has the camo hoodie on, zipped up or slightly opened kind of like the vintage figure, either way I'd be happy...  Again, super articulation, some bomb case sachels maybe as a second accessory?  I'd buy both these troopers in bulk!)

7. Vintage Update Snaggletooth.  (Blue or Red, though I'd prefer red actually.  Short, the red jumpsuit given a modern update, no shoes with the big feet...  I really want that one).

8.  Vintage update Walrusman.  (Same as above, just a modern sculpt of the classic outfit...  Hammerhead and Greedo don't get me as much, maybe because their costumes are kind of similar to the Kenner figures already, I don't know, but Walrusman is just out of left field with those clothes and the flipper feet.)

9. A better Grand Moff Tarkin.  (I want perfection of this figure...  The last one's sculpt was good, but the deco sucks terribly, and the coloring is maybe slightly off on the costume.  I would also prefer a plastic skirt piece that's pliable for sitting, but GOOD softgoods would be acceptable too.  Include a mouse droid, and a hologram of the Death Star, and I love it.)

10. Endor Han Solo.  (I loathe the TVC figure...  The barrel chest, the "floating" holster, the headsculpt being seemingly a tad small and undetailed...  Give me perfection, and a coat that's a little nicer than what we got, and I'm a happy camper with my overall Han collection they put out in the 3.75" scale.)

There are definitely others I could come up with, but just off the top of my head here just now, not sleeping on it and overthinking it, these figures would be awesome to have IMHO.

My next wants, if I could go beyond this, would definitely include McQuarrie Concept figures...  Hoth Rebel, Yavin Rebel Techs/Troops, Lando, TIE Pilot, X-Wing/Y-Wing Pilots, Jabba's Palace  Characters, Cantina Plant guy...  The Concept line was and is one of my favorite sub-collections of figures.  2007 was just full of great ideas, and this was maybe the best of them.

This is really hard the more you think about it, haha.

I know the scene Eric's talking about Jeff, and I swear it's there but so far in the distance and inconsequential...  Hey, either way, it's basically a toy I was gonna make for myself.  Eons ago I always wanted a kind of "Mad Max" Rebel Speeder that was basically an armor plated civilian vehicle...  kinda like you'd see on the news these days anymore in the middle east.

Anyway, this thing's perfect for that really.  The basket on the front is kinda meh, but beyond that there's some really amazing detail...  the simple metal seat for the driver, the "tread plating" on the floor pans...  It's a shockingly detailed toy for something that really was essentially not in the movie.  It's a cool little toy if you like randomness.  Look good with the Hasbro swoops actually.

The roll cage plastic is a weird, cheap translucent stuff, trying to look silver, but hey, can't have it all. :)

Other Collectibles / Re: Medicom 6" MAFEX Star Wars figures
« on: July 6, 2016, 11:59 PM »
Yeah I should've changed that...  Bandai's kits are all masked/droids, but they're damn fine figures once built.  The astromechs may be unmatched IMHO.

I almost consider Tamashii Nations/SH Figuarts a separate thing all together...  but they're killing likenesses.

See I thought that too...  I wonder if it ever played any other part?  It makes for a neat toy if it were some kind of military speeder... 

Much like the Snowspeeder, it's neat if you slap a bunch of Stormtroopers and Impy's around it and just call it an Imperial Speeder from any old era ya know?  I was pleased with both.  Bought 3 Snowspeeders actually hoping to whip up some spiffy new paintjobs.

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