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Rogue One / Re: Rogue One Toy Rumors
« on: April 27, 2016, 11:19 PM »
To be fair on the ships though, the Snowspeeder was scaled properly, and while the Sandspeeder didn't appear in the movie (though that it had a MM makes me think it may have, in the background, actually been there somewhere), seems like a reasonable speeder scale... 

Anything else, yeah it's a crapshoot.  The TIE could've been done better.  The X-Wing I never expected more than they gave.  And the TIE having giant wings, yeah I didn't count on that either. :(

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Fear the Walking Dead
« on: April 27, 2016, 01:34 AM »
I think you're right on the timeline Matt.  TWD seems to compress stuff too.  They don't seem to be that far removed from LA.  I didn't watch the last one.  I think in tappin out.  :-\

Dremels tend to melt plastic, more than cut it...  They're too fast, and there's no real bit for "cutting plastic" made for them.  You'd be further ahead with the Lexan Scissors and such.  You can buy a plastic scriber at Lowes cheap (look where they sell acrylic, usually near screen door crap).

If you want to ball out, look up plastic cutting tools online...  You can get some specialty stuff on ebay cheap sometimes.

I'm not sure what thicknesses you guys are dealing with but Lexan tends to be thin and VERY pliable (RC Car bodies), so scissors may not work on something super thick (1/8th or so).

Anyway, as noted above, Dremels MELT plastic more than actually cutting it.  They're a little more tolerant on poly but when you get into (what I assume) is ABS, it melts quite easily.  Thus it's ideal for vac-forming stuff, but Poly stuff you can heat and it'll retake its shape (SW figure limbs).

Not sure what these Anovos suits are made of.  Dave, that would go for sanding too...  Be light handed with it, and definitely you want one with a variable speed setting, not a cheaper one.

Paul, if you plan on donating that kit to charity, think of the children...  IE: me. :)  I'd wear it driving around I think.

EDIT: BTW, Harbor Freight if you need "rare earth magnets" Matt...  Also they sell nice riveting tools and tools that install snaps and stuff.  Might be worth looking into.  I hear that's the toughest part of putting together trooping armor (making it fit, and "stay").

New Phasma looks rockin' and a good bit taller which I personally appreciate.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: April 25, 2016, 11:21 PM »
EE's Pre-order for the Acid Rain Laurel Worker Mech is a better deal for sure.  Free shipping on it...  I ordered two immediately!

I honestly think this suit crosses over so well to Star Wars...  Could see these in a hangar for the Empire, or Alliance, or even just walking around loading cargo behind your Disney Starspeeder...  Love this thing.

Cheap?  No.  Good toys aren't "cheap" these days though, and I'm (semi) happy to pay for quality at this stage of collecting.

I just hope I CAN find them. :)  Yes, that's very much awesome and appreciated. 

The only thing I like better maybe is the separately sculpted loop (Bespin Luke), but beyond that, this is ideal really, plus you can unplug it (I assume) for more extreme poses if needs be, so this is way more ideal in that regard.

Endor Han still looks like **** because of this issue alone, but the barrel chest surely isn't helping him either.

Customizing is becoming much more a necessity, hah.  Yeah TFA stuff...  it is weird how they're just moving right onto the next thing.  Truly we were spoiled with the way the line knocked out so much obscurity over the decades.  The way it is now, you may get something obscure, but it might've been on accident (Zuvio).

Rogue One / Re: Rogue One Toy Rumors
« on: April 25, 2016, 08:11 PM »
"Modular playsets" have been done, and done really well, but just not by Hasbro...  I think the problem with them is they're cool to the 30+ crowd, but to a 12 and under, do stackable hallways matter?

There was a playset put out eons ago for military toys.  It was the first time I'd seen anything like it, and it's nothing you can buy now (short window of availability).  Tiny little cheapo toy company in China made it.  It was simply AWESOME!  I got mine from someone who collected 1/18 military figures, and that was how I actually heard about this thing at all.  I wish I'd bought a dozen of them at the time but alas, hindsight is always 20/20.

It is very customizable, very simple...  Walls slot into posts which plug into floor squares.  Everything is perfectly square, and can be built atop/under each other, and side-to-side, front-to-back, etc.  Walls are thin printed sheets more or less (cheap in feel and look).  It makes a cool display for really military stuff, Star Wars stuff...  almost anything.  I loved it though.  It's not amazing, but it's fun and looks neat with figures around it.

That said, I think Hasbro looks at that really for what it is...  It's like a stand on steroids for older people.  A cool way to display toys rather than play with them.  And while I personally want that too, do kids?  I honestly feel I would've at a younger age, actually.  I loved the Terror Drome playset, and it was the action in the little hallways underneath that you could open and play in that I enjoyed the most as a kid.  But I was a weird kid (and adult), so do kids today want that or do they want a playset with all the bells/whistles that make up something like we're accustomed to seeing from Hasbro?  I think they'd lean that way with one, not in the stackable display route.  I mean, the TFA Falcon kind of sums it up.  But hey, any year anything is possible at this point too.  Hasbro has every year to try something else out, if they want.

I have seen some cool things in the world of customizable displays or "playsets" though, but I just don't think Hasbro's going to bite on something like that, as a big Christmas time toy/gift idea. 

And looking at what garage casters have done, it's doable on the small scale, but it ain't cheap for the buyer.  :-X  Also a risk of dealing with someone who just decides life's in the way and they can't get it done...  even if they've been paid.

Nothing here yet...  This isn't as cool a wave as the previous 2 felt, but I really want Han and Phasma...  I want Leia too, but man why can't they give us General Leia who's just so much cooler than this one ya know?

Han, he's Han...  I want a couple of him. :)

Same wiith Phasma.  I'd love to get two and take the 2nd and give her something of a more battered look and a cloth cape.  She deserves it.  She's the new Boba Fett. :P

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2015 - 2016
« on: April 23, 2016, 06:21 PM »
Hags was eating it in Anaheim and Daley in Chicago, Schultz in Edmonton...  They were perfect fits once Sullivan established a real plan for the Pens.  It's been a fun and fast transition to watch here.  He'll they're scratching Schultz and only because of space.  He'd slot right in if needs be.  Was a force down the stretch. 

Hell, even Kwssel was a throw away from Toronto though he cost us.  But hey, he's been doing it once the team found its new identity.  He fits that.  He's been a PP goal machine and what Toronto folk were all saying he couldn't do because he's fat and lazy.  Didn't look it to me.  :)

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2015 - 2016
« on: April 23, 2016, 05:25 PM »
We got Haggelin from Anaheim for a half eaten Cheeseburger and a widget.  We got Trevor Daley from Chicago for even less, Rob Scuderi.

Yeah, but he only wears it for a small part of things.  It's just a very updatable figure to me.  I'd have taken new and semi-new Cantina and Hoth Hans too, respecticely.

I'm pretty ok with Carbo and Bespin.  Endor is just the one that stands out as fairly bad now.  Not counting TFA 5POA which obviously I'd love a SA version.

The horrendous barrel chest that was completely unnecessary, the headsculpt doesn't look quite right (such is Hans life as a figure often), the floating holster...  Even the blaster has been done better. 

"So what happened next?"

"He took us in the house, and served us pancakes."

But to that point, OTC Leia was a hold-over (supposedly the softgoods had issues I'd heard/read somewhere) and the rest were repacks...   :-\

Not real hopeful personally, at least till the Han movie rolls out anyway. 

I so wanted a new Endor Han...  I wanted a new Carbo Han and that snuck in under the wire, but man, Endor Han just blows. 

I wanted a nice brown coat variant of Hoth Han too, for actually riding the Taun-Taun they made with a friggin' blue coat.  ::)

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