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I can't recall POTJ a lot now that I think back...  I know I got tons of the Imperial Officer at Wal-Mart though, and I think some at a store called Family Toy Ware(whore)house that we used to have around here...  Not sure how national they were back in the day but their prices were always a tad higher but the store was 15 minutes away so I couldn't gripe in my young days.

I remember getting tons of that Imp Officer/FX7 Wave though at WM.  K-Mart, I can't recall, but I know they had the Deluxes in before everyone else...  And I cleaned up on the wave 2 of deluxes on clearance at Ames (heh, Ames...  The poor man's Hills).

Just thinking back, hell, how many stores did we have that aren't around anymore too...  That's what happens when places like Target and WM kill off competition.  It's kind of disheartening to know how many fewer places there are now, than then, that sell toys.  No wonder Amazon and online stores like EE and BBTS are better options.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2013-14
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:06 AM »
3 Point System thoughts?

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Black Series - 2013 Wave 2
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:05 AM »
Should be multi-use Rob.

Another reminder for all our readers!

Pittsburgh's Steel City Con ( returns to the Monreoville Convention Center just East of downtown Pittsburgh, on April 11th, 12th, & 13th!

Steel City Con has grown, and doubled in size recently, and it has so much to offer that it's much more than just a toy show now...  There are costume contests, gaming tournaments, celebrities, special guests, panels, and more. 

This show features some special sci-fi guests for April as well!

Star Trek: The Next Generation fans will be excited to see Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr. Riker, and Brent Spiner (Lt. Cmdr. Data) both are attending!  This is a first for the show, and I actually have to say as a fan of the show I'm pretty star-struck to see these two...  I'm excited that they're attending!

Star Wars fans aren't let down though, as Demot Crowley (General Crix Madine) and Femi Taylor (Oola) will also be in attendance, flying in from England for the show!  These are pretty special guests, and I'm excited to see both attending!

They're a huge get for the show, since they're coming in from England for it.  Very nice!

Other guests include Lee Majors, George "The Animal" Steele, local legend Bruno Sammartino and continuing a new tradition of always having a Walking Dead actor, Travis Love (The Governor's gunman Shumpert, who escaped with Martinez), are all in attendance!  It's an ever-growing show I'm always excited to attend.

3 Day Passes go fast now, and get you priority seating at events, and into the show earlier than non pass holders.

December's show was packed, and I'm sure April's will be as well with hopefully better weather!

As always I'll be there, and I'd really love to see some Jedi Defender fans there as well!  Hit me up if you're attending, and we can hang out after for some dinner with members of the PSWCS.

If you have ANY questions on attending you can contact the show itself or you can contact me as well.  I'm always happy to act as an ambassador for the city and the area.

I'll be attending as will members of the PSWCS throughout the weekend...  I have a few Vintage wants I'm going to be tracking down this show now that I put my loose figure collection out.  I need some upgrades and a Wicket for some reason.

It's been ages since I bought a Vintage figure it seems!  Need a new Leia for sure. :(

This show's always great for Star Wars...  Vintage has dwindled but there are gems, always.  Modern is more dominant and I always walk out with deals there!

Look forward to going, and hopefully seeing some of you at the show!

Joe Defender / Re: 2014 Club Membership Figures/Vehicle
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:11 PM »
I was told people were really going ape**** over the last figure announced?

I kinda wish there was something like this for Star Wars, honestly...  If we were getting obscurity for a premium that basically Hasbro guaranteed us they weren't ever going to do, so deal with it here or not at all, I think I'd be in with just a tinge of bitching.  :-\

Tonnika Sisters, complete with camel toe, anyone?

Think about the line since it began, since most of us here have been around that long or longer...  Have case assortments ever NOT been flawed to some degree?  It's my opinion you'll never have them perfect... 

Short a Leia figure, it becomes hard to find, people bitch.

Short an OWK?  Hard to find, people bitch.

Short a Troop Builder?  Prepare for the dip**** apocalypse.

Double up on a figure?  Eventually it becomes too abundant, people bitch.

Anyone remember Maul in 1999?  Full cases...  That worked GREAT huh?

This is the leanest time, ever I think, that the modern line has existed and still soldiered on in some capacity.  You can't expect movie-year tactics (which didn't work in a movie year, mind you) to work now...  Likewise you can't expect Hasbro to cater to collectors, especially at times like this.

It boils down that EVERY wave, right now, will sit...  You could make something totally awesome fill all 12 slots, and it is such a stale market for Star Wars right now that if a store orders just one-case-too-many, and you're now looking at a logjam.  In years when the line has support, toys move at a steady flow, but those times aren't right now.

Hit up sponsors on our front page because that's the best way to collect right now...  Hands down.

2007 I saw EVERY wave at least once, most two or three times, some more than that.  Good figures.  Good prices.  Collector dream come true year...  Between all 4 major retailers (KM, WM, Target, TRU), I saw everything, and it was glorious...  Those days, are not today.  It's not the same market, same prices, same retail landscape.  It's easy to point the finger at the source nearest to us, and the one that reacts to us...  The one that has some kind of contact with the collector world.  If Target or Wal-Mart did, and were giving out answers to tough questions that people didn't want to hear, I bet you'd see a lot more finger pointing going in the direction I think it's deserved at this point.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Black Series - 2013 Wave 2
« on: March 12, 2014, 07:52 PM »
No store near me that carries these has a Han Solo...  anywhere.

I know everyone dumped on them over it, but was he REALLY a bad carry-forward?  Boba needs it too, no denying that, but I see scads of Wave 2 at Target, at least 3 of Greedo and Leia at any one I go to.  K-Mart has Leia and Greedo too...  Han?  I haven't seen him in quite some time.

I predicted he was a pretty solid choice (still not denying Fett is too), and I was right.  He displays multiple ways, he's an awesome sculpt, he's a major hero that is popular with not just collectors but random fans walking past toys and thinking, "My goodness, that would look cool on my desk!", as well as kids (though $20 figures aren't really for kids I figure).

Not a fan of OWK or Ani getting a repack myself, but Han?  I totally think Hasbro made a right call there.

Wave 3 at my K-mart now...

K-Mart got TONS of Wave 1 in, but over time (not all at once)...  Almost all have sold through, at all the stores I hit.

K-Mart by me got at least 2 cases of Wave 2...  Again, almost all gone.

K-Mart got Wave 3 in today.  I expect the same thing.

My point is, people need to start faulting retail a ****load more for their over-ordering (or not changing DPCI's, or not supporting the line at all), rather than faulting Hasbro for stuff...  I know that's the "in thing" to do, but seriously...  Case assortments weren't GREAT, but at the same time, perhaps in a non-movie year, retail should be held somewhat accountable...  If K-Mart can do it, why can't Wal-Mart?  Or Target?  They can too.  TRU would be in bigger trouble if not for sales...  which again, where are WM and Target on that front? 

Those Hasbro pics rarely translate 100% too...  I think it may look better in person, but who knows.  It's by no means the mini-replica it was at Toy Fair, but I never expected that.  I hoped, but with paint aps where they are in this line?  They've been cut to epic lows...  1995's were superior in many ways.  I wasn't expecting much more than we got so I'm not really disappointed at all.  It is what I expected.  I think it may even look a little better once we get it.  The Fleet Trooper wound up looking significantly different from his Hasbro press pics...  This may as well.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 12, 2014, 07:32 PM »
Yeah, the guy that talked to Darryl was the guy bouncing the Tennis ball around the house, and on the porch, like I said...  Same actor.  It was noted on the previous TD for that episode that he was a "known" actor (I didn't know him) but it made sense you'd be seeing him again in some greater capacity.  Nice that it was confirmed. :)  I figured it was only a matter of time before a biker gang became some kind of threat because they're out there in force...  It'd make sense they'd be survivors.

I knew Maggie had said something about just being tired...  I loved her sign weapon.  That was bad ass and she should've kept it.  Single-blow killer.  Tiring, but for 1-3, it's a devastator.  Drop it if there's more.  Oh, and thank you sooooooo much for that picture...  Good god.

I think "taking" from people wasn't on the Governor's mind as much as having a stronger force...  Supplies are limited, but the bigger your army, the better your chance at survival and making sustainable supplies.  Basically restarting society...  the Governor was very much into that aspect of things.  Supply stealing is better left to small forceful groups, but the Governor was about having an army, and a safe city that could/would expand and grow...  Taking in the old/sick wasn't an issue to him at all.

The bikers seem like takers...  They're rape, steal...  They don't want a wife, and a life like before.  They'll want just to take from those who have.  They'd be an issue for sure, but hypothetically a place like Woodbury would've grown to where a group like that wouldn't have been a major issue I think. 

That's such an interesting dynamic though...  Having all these different levels of evil.  Small marauder groups, large structured groups where control at the top is a major issue, but want ideal lifestyles for the situation...  Then the possibility of a "bad" version of Michonne running around, capable and content to live by itself, but equally capable of murdering and pillaging by themselves...  True survivor, who's so mentally off anyway they prefer being alone and that society has collapsed.

I think Rick really had the Governor as more a parallel then, to himself, than say these bikers...  They're maybe more like a parallel of the military group that was roaming around, who maybe wouldn't have destroyed Woodbury if they'd arrived at it unharmed, but would've perhaps taken it over because they're now the dominant force in it, and run it their way.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:19 AM »
I don't really feel the same about how the Governor was running Woodbury...  I don't think he was luring people in to take what they wanted, so much as I felt the Governor was open to bolstering his forces at any turn so long as they weren't a threat.

He killed those military guys because they wouldn't show loyalty to him, they'd show it to their CO...  Likewise Rick & Co. are a threat because whoever leads Rick's group would've been a threat...  Likewise with his new group that had the tank, two brothers, Martinez...  They're people who were a threat to him being in charge at that point, and so he disposed of Martinez and the stronger personality brother.

His thing was all about control though, I think...  He took people in happily if they posed no threat and were docile or willing to go into the hierarchy of Woodbury without causing waves (Tyrese's group, Andrea/Michonne).  He always had to have that "lackey" follower who would enforce his will, but wouldn't question it.  It was Merle, then Martinez, then Tank dude...  At least that was my impression of him anyway.  He always was willing to keep/protect the weak to some degree, he just wanted to be the one in charge and nobody else.

Other Collectibles / Re: Star Wars Mini-Skateboards (Tech Deck)
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:12 AM »
I'm glad this actually helped...  I honestly had no clue about them, so if it helped one person, more power!  :)

Now if they'd done skate park sets of Coruscant or Tatooine or hoth or something?  Oh a Hoth snow trench halfpipe!  Yes!


I bought so many of the old Tech Deck sets because the steps looked good with figuers on them, or some looked like just good industrial Star Wars backdrops.  Some of the steps were a little too earthy for my tastes but made good old looking steps for World War II figures to be on...  On clearance I cleaned out some Wal-Marts of those sets.  There are some little ones I'm hell bent on getting at a little Toy Zam store in our mall but they're dragging their feat on further discounts.  >:(

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 11, 2014, 09:55 PM »
Nice how all women in the apocalypse are totally hot and doable...  Even Carol, man.  She's pretty shmokin' off the show as well.  The apocalypse isn't looking so bad now...  except the guys are like Shane which is rough to deal with if you're me.  :-\

Oh and yeah I didn't think of the house as a trap, but just the guy's home.  A mortician, or just a guy into weird stuff, whatever, but someone who lured the dog there and cut the warning stuff down to get all the zombies at the door, then boogied to his hoopty.

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Tiny Death Star app
« on: March 11, 2014, 09:51 PM »
I get bored with it at times then I feel like I need to get back to it, so despite me wanting to quit, I'm still there plugging away.   :-\

NOT a fan of the Snowtrooper officer's Kama as it basically nullifies all the leg articulation.  Fortunately making cloth Kamas is about one of the easiest things to do, and doesn't even need sewing, so I'm fine with that...  I'm still excited for him though I will be modifying hopefully a couple extras for Platoon Leaders.

This Dagobah Training Luke will be replacing my OTC figure, hands down (nyuck nyuck)...  He has the open palm hands for the stands even.  Hasbro put a $10 figure out there...  Don't disagree that they should've hidden those elbow pins though (Jayson mentioned that to me on twitter and I agree).  Still, I'd rather the pins be there than no, or more limited articulation at that joint.  I'm happy as a clam.

Dak, I see lots of folks dumping on him (far worse than he's just a head scratcher to them) and to me, he's a perfect snowspeeder pilot army builder.  Blue emblem helmet, comes with a Rebel rifle you can toss to some Fleet Troopers...  He's a great army builder so even if we don't get a snowspeeder (I'd love a damaged Luke speeder with the bent blasters and cracked windshield), so I'll take him.  I didn't get enough TVC ones.

I may sell my Bastilla(s) off to people who need them more...  Even loose on Ebay she's still fetching a nice price.  Sort of shocked given these were rumored.

These next two waves I'm ecstatic for.

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