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I could see buying up an army of these things depending on the price.  They look incredible.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: December 9, 2016, 01:04 PM »
Yeah, but the real question is whether or not he and Lucille will sleep in the same bed.  I'm almost positive she's not one of his wives. 

I watched the last episode again last night while getting some work done - I love the scene with Fat Joe returning his bat.  "Did you treat her like a lady?"

Trump maybe?

I keed I keed...

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Spider-Man Joins the Marvel Movie Universe
« on: December 9, 2016, 12:26 PM »
Wait, why is there another new Spiderman reboot / recast / reimagining?  What was wrong with the last kid?

Disney/Marvel wanted Spiderman in their films, but Sony owns the rights to him.  They worked out an agreement where they can both use Spiderman and decided it was in everyone's best interests to use the same actor, hence another reboot.  Previous Spidey was an older version and Stark bringing in a teen Spidey was a better fit for the story Marvel wanted to tell.  Tom Holland (age 20) plays Spidey in Captain America Civil War (Marvel Studios) and in Spiderman Homecoming (Sony Pictures).  Andrew Garfield (previous Spidey) is 33.

It's a simple, but brilliant deal in my opinion.  Disney didn't have to pay a dime for him - each studio just shares the rights and keeps 100% of the profits from the films they release.  It's a win-win for everyone - Marvel gets to bring him into their Avengers universe and Sony gets to feed off Marvel's other successful franchises to help make their Spidey movie a bigger success. 

The only odd part is RDJ as Iron Man in a Sony film - I knew he was in it, but figured it was a cameo.  Sure looks like a much bigger role.  I'm a little surprised that Sony gets to use IM, but apparently Marvel negotiated creative control of the film, so it's a lot more like a Marvel Studios movie released under the Sony name.  I wish Marvel and Fox had been able to work out something similar for the Quicksilver character instead of each going their own way.

THOSE ARE AWESOME.  How are you handling the lighting?  Are you planning to sell any of these?  *hint hint*

Why does the middle one have teeth?

I think they normally start flowing out in sections of the country (by retailer).  What state are you in?

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Rogue One (SPOILER FREE)
« on: December 7, 2016, 02:53 PM »
Old news now I'm sure, but the new SW movies have showings the night before the official release starting at 7PM. 

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Rogue One (SPOILERS)
« on: December 7, 2016, 02:52 PM »

Word up!

How about that!  Guess we need to add "Rebels (SPOILERS)" to the thread title.  That's awesome.

Wow.  Kinda glad I'm not a GOT guy (yet), so I didn't get sucked into these.  Too bad they couldn't come out with something a lot closer to the versions shown as those look like some really cool figures.

Other Collectibles / Re: Star Wars Posters
« on: December 6, 2016, 11:55 AM »
Hmmm, I only ended up getting 5 points with today's Freeform code.  Is there another one that gives you the other 20?

In oly got 5, and the code hasn't changed from yesterday's.   :P

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: December 5, 2016, 04:40 PM »
I guess I'm in the minority in liking last night's episode a lot more than the previous two.  Lots more action and we are finally getting a lit bit of what's going on with everyone instead of these character-specific episodes.  I'm liking that Carl made it to Negan's HQ - I figured they were going to use Daryl instead, so it was cool to see this come to life.  Yeah, Carl probably should have shot Negan, but where's the fun in that?  And keep in mind, he's a scared kid with one eye.

As for overthrowing Negan, I don't think it's all that simple and that's what I think they're trying to portray.  So far, we know he  gives you an iron to the face for minor infractions/fun, beats people's head's in as an introduction, and is willing to kill off every man in a community that acts up.  His enforcers have it pretty good (despite random abuse/scares to keep them in line), so they're probably not looking to overthrow him.  I think he's got most of the saviors sold on his dictatorship being better off than people being on their own as well.

As for communities rising up against him, I think that was the point of the previous episode where they let us know that all the men were slaughtered. They've demonstrated a few times now that if you are the person committing the infraction, it might be someone else who receives the punishment.  If you're Rick with a girlfriend, a teenage son, and an infant daughter, it'd be pretty scary to think about what he could do to any/all of them if you tried, but failed to take him out, or what his successor might do even if you got to him.  If you care about anyone in your community other than yourself, it would be tough to do much against him knowing the consequences.

Agree with everyone else on getting rid of Spencer.  I hate that Self-entitled whiner. 

Rosita and the one bullet thing is beyond stupid.  Way too much storyline about it at this point.  That single shot better have a big payout for us in the near future.

There was another clip of paralyzed-with-fear Rick in next week's preview, so I think you're right with him holding onto Judith for a while.  It's not like he doesn't have half a dozen wives sitting around to help take care of her. 

I think the build up to the mid-season finale is going to be a fun ride. 

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Black Series Rumors
« on: December 4, 2016, 01:49 PM »
Any chance the Sandtrooper has a removable pauldron?  The 5POA version has one, so we might be getting a Sand/Stormtrooper.  I'd buy up a heap of those.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: December 4, 2016, 01:15 PM »
+1  I liked this episode.  Tara's not my favorite character, but her couple of funny moments and another camp of survivors some where was a little interesting.  At least there was some shooting and zombies in this episode. 

I really don't think the cliff hanger last season is driving the lower ratings.  Part of it is probably just age of the show and part of it are some of these slow, less action oriented episodes.  I'm still enjoying the show - just not as much as prior seasons.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Guardians of the Galaxy
« on: December 4, 2016, 01:10 PM »
Uhh...both those clips look great.   ;D

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