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The Vintage Collection / Vintage Collection Basic Figure Release List
« on: February 3, 2010, 01:27 PM »
"Vintage" Collection Wave 1 - The Empire Strikes Back
  2010 VC01 Dengar
  2010 VC02 Leia (Hoth Outfit)
  2010 VC03 Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit)
  2010 VC04 Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
  2010 VC05 AT-AT Commander
  2010 VC06 See-Threepio (C-3PO)
  2010 VC07 Dack Raltar
  2010 VC08 Darth Vader
  2010 VC09 Boba Fett {repaint}
  2010 VC10 4-LOM {repack}
  2010 VC11 Cloud Car Pilot (Twin Pod)

"Vintage" Collection Wave 2 - Revenge of the Sith
  2010 VC12 Darth Sidious
  2010 VC13 Anakin Skywalker
  2010 VC14 Sandtrooper {repack}
  2010 VC15 Clone Trooper {repaint}
  2010 VC16 Obi-Wan Kenobi {repack}
  2010 VC17 General Grievous
  2010 VC18 Magnaguard
  2010 VC19 Clone Commander Cody {repack}

"Vintage" Collection Wave 3 - Return of the Jedi
  2010 VC21 Gamorrean Guard
  2010 VC22 Admiral Ackbar
  2010 VC23 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit)
  2010 VC24 Wooof
  2010 VC25 R2-D2
  2010 VC26 Rebel Commando
  2010 VC27 Wicket
  2010 VC28 Wedge Antilles (Rebel Pilot)

"Vintage" Collection Wave 4 - Attack of the Clones
  2010 VC29 Kit Fisto
  2010 VC30 Zam Wesell
  2010 VC31 Obi-Wan Kenobi {repack}
  2010 VC32 Anakin Skywalker (Peasant Disguise)
  2010 VC33 Padme Amidala (Peasant Disguise)
  2010 VC34 Jango Fett
  2010 VC35 Mace Windu
  2010 VC36 Senate Guard
  2010 VC37 Super Battle Droid {repaint}

"Vintage" Collection Wave 5 - Mixed Wave
  2010 VC20 Yoda
  2010 VC23b Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture)
  2011 VC38 Clone Trooper (212th Battallion)
  2011 VC39 Luke Skywalker (Death Star Escape)
  2011 VC40 R5-D4
  2011 VC41 Stormtrooper
  2011 VC42 Han Solo (Yavin Ceremony)
  2011 VC43 Commander Gree {repack}

"Vintage" Collection Wave 6 - Mixed Wave
  2011 VC44 Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing)
  2011 VC45 Clone Trooper [Attack of the Clones]
  2011 VC46 AT-RT Driver
  2011 VC47 General Lando Calrissian
  2011 VC48 Weequay (Skiff Master)
  2011 VC49 Fi-Ek Sirch (Jedi Knight)

"Vintage" Collection Wave 7 - Mixed Wave
  2011 VC50 Han Solo (Bespin)
  2011 VC51 Barriss Offee
  2011 VC52 Rebel Fleet Trooper
  2011 VC53 Bom Vimdin
  2011 VC54 ARC Trooper Commander
  2011 VC55 Logray

"Vintage" Collection Wave 8 - "Revenge of the Jedi" Wave
  2011 VC62 Han Solo (in Trench Coat)
  2011 VC63 B-Wing Pilot (Keyan Farlander)
  2011 VC64 Princess Leia (Slave Outfit)
  2011 VC65 TIE Fighter Pilot

"Vintage" Collection Wave 9 - "Revenge" Revision Case
  2011 VC68 Rebel Soldier (Echo Base Battle Gear)
  2011 VC69 Bastilla Shan (Knights of the Old Republic)
  2011 VC70 Ponda Baba (Walrus Man)

"Vintage" Collection Wave 10 (2012 Wave 1) - The Phantom Menace
  2012 VC75 Qui-Gon Jinn
  2012 VC76 Obi-Wan Kenobi
  2012 VC77 Ratts Tyerell & Pit Droid
  2012 VC78 Battle Droid
  2012 VC79 Darth Sidious
  2012 VC80 Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Padawan)
  2012 VC81 Ben Quadrinaros & Pit Droid
  2012 VC82 Daultay Dofine
  2012 VC83 Naboo Royal Guard
  2012 VC84 Queen Amidala
  2012 VC85 Quinlan Vos
  2012 VC86 Darth Maul

"Vintage" Collection Wave 11 (2012 Wave 2) - Blu-ray Deleted Scenes
  2012 VC87 Luke Skywalker
  2012 VC88 Princess Leia (Sandstorm)
  2012 VC89 Lando Calrissian (Sandstorm)
  2012 VC90 General Pash Cracken
  2012 VC91 Mon Calamari (A-Wing Pilot)

"Vintage" Collection Wave 12 (2012 Wave 3)
  2012 VC92 Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)
  2012 VC93 Darth Vader
  2012 VC94 Imperial Navy Commander
  2012 VC95 Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit)
  2012 VC96 Darth Malgus

"Vintage" Collection Wave 13 (2012 Wave 4.1)
  2012 VC28 Wedge Antilles (Rebel Pilot) {re-release}
  2012 VC56 Kithaba
  2012 VC57 Doctor Evazan
  2012 VC58 Aayla Secura
  2012 VC59 Nom Anor
  2012 VC60 501st Legion Trooper

"Vintage" Collection Wave 14 (2012 Wave 4)
  2012 VC21 Gamorrean Guard {re-release}
  2012 VC50 Han Solo (Bespin) {re-release}
  2012 VC51 Barriss Offee {re-release}
  2012 VC52 Rebel Fleet Trooper {re-release}
  2012 VC53 Bom Vimdin {re-release}
  2012 VC54 ARC Trooper Commander {re-release}
  2012 VC55 Logray {re-release}

"Vintage" Collection Wave 15 (2012 Wave 5)
  2012 VC97 Clone Pilot OddBall
  2012 VC98 Grand Moff Tarkin
  2012 VC99 Vintage Nikto
  2012 VC100 Starkiller
  2012 VC101 Shae Vizsla

"Vintage" Collection Wave 16 (2012 Wave 6)
  2012 VC108 Jar Jar Binks
  2012 VC109 Clone Lieutenant (Blue)
  2012 VC110 Episode III Shock Trooper
  2012 VC111 Princess Leia Bespin Gown
  2012 VC112 Sandtrooper (Orange Pauldron)
  2012 VC115 Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)

"Vintage" Collection Wave 17 (2012 Wave 7)
  2012 VC71 Ep1 Mawhonic {repack}
  2012 VC72 Ep1 Naboo Pilot {repack}
  2012 VC73 Ep1 Aurra Sing {repack}
  2012 VC74 Ep1 Gungan Warrior {repack}
  2012 VC102 Ahsoka Tano Realistic TCW
  2012 VC103 Obi-Wan Realistic TCW 
  2012 VC104 Lumat
  2012 VC105 Emperor's Royal Guard
  2012 VC106 Nien Nunb
  2012 VC107 Weequay
  2012 VC113 Republic Trooper The Old Republic
  2012 VC114 Prune Face

The Vintage Collection / 2010 "Vintage" Collection Wave 4 - AotC
« on: February 3, 2010, 01:23 PM »
So, according to info from Hasbro we should be seeing an AotC based wave this year...

Thoughts on who you'd like to see show up?  Have any line-up guesses based on Q&A answers?

Me?  I'm hoping for a new Padme (Senator Dress would be nice) and Cleigg Lars... oh, and maybe a new Zam Wessell for those that keep asking for one.

The Vintage Collection / 2010 "Vintage" Collection Wave 2 - RotS
« on: February 3, 2010, 01:21 PM »
So, according to info from Hasbro we should be seeing another (*groan*) RotS themed wave this year...

Thoughts on who you'd like to see show up?  Have any line-up guesses based on Q&A answers?

Since Senate Duel Palpy showed up in the fan poll, I'd like to think they would finally give us him... but based on recent history with RotS waves, I'm expecting an Anakin of some sort and some other useless figures I don't really need.   ::)


"This spring, visitors to Disney Parks in Florida and California will be able to pick up an exclusive new Hasbro astromech R2 unit, decked out in classic Mickey Mouse colors and ears!"

The Disney Exclusive Jedi Mickey Mouse & R2-MK 2-Pack will retail for $18.95 and should hit the parks in April 2010.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Clone Wars Wave 13 (aka 2010 Wave 3)
« on: January 17, 2010, 02:37 PM »
According to Yakface, it looks like these will be the 2010 Wave 3 figures...

- Obi Wan w/Cold Weather Gear
- Cad Bane in Disguise (Jedi or Clone?)
- Magna Guard - (alternate head maybe?)
- Clone Trooper with Heater Pack (flamethrower clone perhaps)
- Firefighter Droid

We'll see/hear more at Toy Fair I'm sure...

The Vintage Collection / Boba Fett Mail-Away Offer?
« on: January 9, 2010, 12:08 AM »
ToyArk has posted a bit of info that there may well be a Boba Fett Mail-Away figure as part of the 2010 "Vintage" line.  Looks like their info is coming from the same retailer presentation materials that the leaked AT-AT slide came from earlier this week.

Should be interesting to see if it's anything more than a repaint of the Evo or VOTC sculpt on a new ANH "vintage" cardback...

The Vintage Collection / 2010 "Vintage" Basic Figure Line
« on: January 3, 2010, 09:49 PM »
I wonder if they are finally rereleasing the old vintage molds?

There have been dozens of rumors that the "new" movie line will be using the "vintage" black/silver card style and the DPCI name adds more evidence to that.  It sure will be fun when all the vintage purist guys see those 2010/2011 prequel movie waves using their hallowed cardback.   :-X

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / 2010 Clone Wars Packaging
« on: November 20, 2009, 01:27 PM »
Jayson posted a preview or the 2010 Packaging Style for Clone Wars over at Yakface.  I think it looks pretty snazzy.  Definitely a lot more color and pop compared to the mostly white look we've ben seeing lately...  

Hasbro said they were hoping to differentiate the Legacy and Legends stuff from CW a bit more with the 2010 packaging... I wonder if that means that the Legacy Droid Factory replacement stuff will share the blue too or if it will veer off into it's own look/style?

Shadows of the Dark Side / 2010 Disney Star Tours Box Set
« on: November 17, 2009, 10:37 AM »
No details on what the set will contain, but confirmation of a new Star Tours box set was offered up in the Q&A @ RTM:

2. With the announcement that Star Tours at Disneyland getting a makeover in 2011, will we finally see non-droid Star Tours characters made? I'm talking about the flight crew (cast members), Teek or the Mon-Calamari flight controller? A full-sized Star Speeder 3000 that could double as a carrying case would be a welcome addition as well.

Answer: Yes, there will be some new non-Droid characters debuting in a special Star Tours themed set next year. Stay tuned for new of that right around Toy Fair time. As for a full-sized Star Speeder 3,000... not a chance that we'll do anything to interact with 3-3/4" figures.

So, non-droid characters from Star Tours - good idea?  bad idea?

In the latest Q&A @ JTA, Hasbro has confirmed that the planned Camie & Fixer (SW: Empire - Darklighter) Comic Pack will be coming as a convention exclusive set in 2010.

Since Hasbro has already confirmed a Visionaries Maul/? Comic Pack for SDCC'10, where do you guys think this set will land - a second SDCC Comic Pack or will this be a Celebration V* exclusive Comic Pack?  Or maybe a surprise like NYCC or Fan Days in Dallas?

* (assuming of course that LFL gets their act together and actually pulls off C-V next summer  :P)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Clone Wars Wave 12 (aka 2010 Wave 2)
« on: October 13, 2009, 02:58 PM »
From the gang at Rebelscum:

- CW42: Anakin Skywalker (Snow Gear)
- CW43: Thi-Sen (Talz)
- CW44: Clone Commander Stone
- CW45: Darth Sidious
- CW46: Commander TX-20 (Tactical Droid)

Carded pics all have the "Nahdar Vebb" mail-away sticker on them...

Sideshow Collectibles has posted a new teaser image to announce their new 12" Sandtrooper Squad Leader figure!

Priority Pre-Ordering begins next Thursday, October 15th, with the launch of the weekly Sideshow Newsletter!

From the Q&A At Sandtroopers:

Finally, the half-cyborg Darth Maul from Visionaries, with the cool lower torso, was a scratch from our coming pack line.  The good news is that he *will* be coming out next year as a Comic Con exclusive (still in the Comic Pack format but with a special treatment). The second figure has yet to be announced and we'll save that for an update next Spring.

Any guesses on the second figure in the pack?

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / CW "Epic Encounter" Ultimate BP
« on: September 9, 2009, 11:14 AM »
Hmmm... looky what the spies sent us last night. No details on when/where just yet, but it sure looks like the type of thing you'd see for the Target UBP line or maybe some sort of CostCo exclusive or something?

After some discussion among the JD Staff, we've decided to use the results from the 2009 JediDefender Wishlist: Tournament of Champions for the 2009 Hasbro Fans' Choice Poll.

We've been running the JD Wishlists for the last 5 years and we feel they are a pretty accurate representation of what the fans here at JD actually want to see Hasbro make.  Hasbro has always complimented us on the lists and the fact that they are honest opinions, including both resculpts we'd like and all-new figures.

So, like I was saying, we're going to use the JD Wishlist results... with a twist!  Here are the '09 JD Wishlist Results (with officially confirmed figures removed from the list):

1. Bom Vimdin16. Emperor Palpatine (Senate Duel)
2. Weequay (Skiff Master)17. Endor Rebel Soldier (Super Articulated Resculpt)
3. Bespin Han Solo (Super Articulated Resculpt)18. Fozec
4. Torryn Farr19. Kithaba
5. Doctor Evazan (Super Articulated Resculpt)20. Lumat/Wompus
6. Ponda Baba (Super Articulated Resculpt)21. Nien Nunb (Super Articulated Resculpt)
7. Hoth Princess Leia (Super Articulated Resculpt)22. Nikto (Vintage version)
8. Rebel Fleet Trooper (Super Articulated Resculpt)   23. Sim Aloo
9. ANH Grand Moff Tarkin (Super Articulated Resculpt)24. Zam Wessel (Super Articulated Resculpt)
10. Hoth Rebel Soldier (Echo Base)25. Tonnika Sisters (2-Pack)
11. Hoth Luke Skywalker (Super Articulated Resculpt)26. Joruus C'baoth
12. Mosep27. Admiral Pellaeon
13. Sergeant Doallyn28. Imperial Commander (SA Black Tunic)
14. Admiral Ackbar (Super Articulated Resculpt)29. Guri
15. Cliegg Lars30. ??

See #30 there, the one with the question marks?  We want your help in deciding who should get that slot!  It's one last chance to lobby for one last figure to get promoted to the “Top 30” list.

There are two rules - #1 you only get one vote per member and #2 your vote has to be one of the JD Wishlist: ToC nominees listed below.  If you vote more than once or pick someone not on the list, your post(s) will be deleted!

- 4-AD (Clone Wars 3D)- Lt Sheckil
- Ackmena- Lumpawarrump
- Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars 3D Cold Weather)- Magna Droid (Super Articulated Resculpt)
- Anakin Skywalker (Outlander Super Articulated Resculpt)- Mawhonic
- Ann and Tann Gella- Merumeru
- Barriss Offee (Super Articulated Resculpt)- Nute Gunray (Clone Wars 3D)
- Bastila Shan- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars 3D Cold Weather)
- Ben Quadrinaros- Owen Lars (ANH Super Articulated Resculpt)
- Bollux- Padme (Post-Senate)
- Captain Piett (Super Articulated Resculpt)- Padme Amidala (Buns Hairdo)
- Captain Rex (Clone Wars 3D Cold Weather)- Padme Amidala (Funeral)
- Cin Drallig- Padme Amidala (Lake Retreat)
- Dak Ralter (Super Articulated Resculpt)- Padme Amidala (Outlander)
- Darth Vader (Medical Capsule Super Articulated Resculpt)- Padme Amidala (Packing)
- Dash Rendar (Super Articulated Resculpt)- Padme Amidala (Peacock)
- Dorme- Padme Amidala (Senator)
- Emperor Palpatine (Office Duel Super Articulated Resculpt)- PK Droid
- Jan Ors- R5-A7
- Jar Jar Binks (Super Articulated Resculpt)- R5-X2
- Jocasta Nu- Tey How
- Kitster/Wald- Thi-sen (Clone Wars  3D)
- Leebo- Wedge Antilles (Snowspeeder Super Articulated Resculpt)

Voting will close at 11:59pm on August 21st!  For housekeeping purposes, please post ONLY your votes in this thread.  Please post all thoughts/comments on the poll in the regular JD Wishlists 2009: Discussion thread.  Thanks!

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