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Photonovels and Movies / The Enloe Trials Chapter 2 - ATROCITY
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:00 PM »
...Chapter 2!

Since the fall of the Republic, the Enloe family has hidden safely on the obscure planet of Urelia.

With the Clone Wars behind them, they have avoided the oppression of the Galactic Empire...

...and Caldin Enloe has known a life of peace and stability.

But all of that has suddenly changed...

Young and naive, the boy  was in awe at seeing Imperial Stormtroopers for the first time...

Under orders from Imperial Baron Tylin Gere, Rykrof Enloe's wife and son have been escorted from their home...

...but not all of the Stormtroopers left the homestead.

The remaining members of the family found themselves at the mercy of the invaders...

...and were executed for "Crimes against the Empire."

...however, one observer managed to survive the attack.

Having spotted an Imperial Star Destroyer in the atmosphere, Rykrof and Freelo race back to the homestead...

"Caldin!" Rykrof yells as he searches the estate for his family.

"No... it can't be..."



"I wasn't here..." Rykrof sobs as he cradles the body of his father.

"We may have been killed too..." Freelo softly replies.

"C...Caldin... Alyssa..." Rykrof stutters, as he attempts to regain his composure...

"We'll find them," Freelo offers as he helps support his friend from falling to the ground.

"Master Enloe!  Thank goodness it's really you!" T-3PO shouts as he approaches Rykrof.

"Where's my son?" Rykrof demands.

"They were Imperial Stormtroopers, I believe.  They took him and Alyssa with them," the droid explains.
"And look what they did to poor Palom and your father!"

"Look!" the droid then shouts.
"Someone is sending a transmission to the homestead!"

Rykrof stares impatiently as the transmission begins to patch through... the image of a high ranking Imperial materializes.

"Tylin Gere!" Freelo exclaims.

"Greetings from the Empire, my old friends," the Imperial baron announces.

"You must accept my condolences for your losses," he pauses.
"There are so many unfortunate casualties of war."

"They did nothing to deserve this!" Rykrof bellows.

"Quite the contrary," the Imperial smugly replies.
"When my troops arrived, they immediately opened fire on my men."

"We both know that's not what happened here," Rykrof snarls.
"Where is my son?"

"Up here, with me... and with your wife," Tylin continues.
"I had nearly forgotten what a beautiful woman she is."

"You're going to pay for this, you son of bitch."

"You are not in a position to make threats," the Imperial Baron retorts.
"Now... if you wish to ever see your wife or son again, you will follow my orders."

"Several years ago, we were closing in on an ancient Sith artifact that was in possession of the Separatists," Tylin explains.

"The Rhen Var artifact..." Rykrof says in disbelief.

"Correct," the Imperial says.
"And finally, it's been located... on Dathomir... and currently in the hands of Badoo Corba terrorists."

"That's why you targeted Rykrof," Freelo mutters.
"Because he's been to Dathomir... and knows Badoo Corba procedures."

"You'll find their base on the island of Prootin," Tylin explains.
"There you will secure the artifact, validate the contents are intact, and report back to me."

"You have 30 standard days to complete your assignment.  The holocode to reach me is within a shuttle waiting for you back at the Rithos spaceport... if I don't hear from you, I will be forced to assume you have failed."

"I'll get the relic for you," Rykrof says.
"But promise me; you won't touch my son... or Alyssa."

"They have nothing to fear," Tylin smiles.
"You will find adequate supplies aboard the shuttle... R4-22 will lead you to it." 

Rykrof watches as the transmission comes to an abrupt end.

"An astro droid?" Rykrof wonders aloud.

At that moment, an Imperial R4 unit turns the corner.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Rykrof growls.

Coming to a halt, R4-22 beeps an obscenity at Rykrof in response.

"I'm not sure we should take that shuttle," Freelo says.
"This could be a trap."

"It may be, but for now I need to do things Tylin's way," Rykrof explains.
"You really don't have to get involved with this, Freelo. This is my problem; not yours."

"Caldin and Alyssa are my family too," Freelo snorts.

"Alright then," Rykrof says softly.
"We'll get moving after we bury Palom and Dad."

Meanwhile, the Dantallion prepares to leave the Urelia System.

"This is almost too easy," Tylin smirks to himself as he exits the transmission room.

"Sir," an officer says as he approaches Tylin.
"We have secured Enloe's wife and child in a holding block on level two."

"Well done," Tylin smiles.

"How much do they know?"

"They are completely unaware of what has transpired," the officer grins.
"Both are under the assumption that the Stormtroopers deployed to the homestead were sent to rescue them from an impending Badoo Corba strike."

"However, the wife does appear to be suspicious."

"We must see to it that Alyssa Enloe gains our trust," the Baron replies.

"Now, see to it that both are treated well."

"These people are our guests, after all."

Back on Urelia, the streets of Rithos Spaceport carry on as usual with dangerous thugs at every corner...

...and in Docking Bay 19A, Rykrof and his companions arrive at their destination.

"We've been expectin' you," a gruff Advozse security guard announces.

"We can... take it from here," Rykrof carefully replies.

"Guuda," the leader of the group says.
"Now get this Imperial scrap outta here."

Rykrof then cautiously watches as the group exits the docking bay.

"The Advozse are a most peculiar species," T-3PO announces as he and R4-22 approach the ship.

"They are!" Freelo agrees.
"Maybe we should be on our way soon... we wouldn't want to upset them."

"Sir, if you'll not be needing me, I think I'll board the shuttle with R4," T-3PO then says.

"Freelo, we're going to need to..." Rykrof pauses.
"What the..."

"Stay back, I'll handle this," he growls while approaching a group who has quietly entered the docking bay.

"Remain calm," former Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi insists, sensing Rykrof's anger.
"We're here to help."

"Kala?" he asks.
"What's going on?  Why are you here?"

"He sensed you were in danger," Traedon Cusiro explains.

"You!  You son of a bitch!" Rykrof shouts as he aims his blaster at Traedon.

"Echuta!" Traedon's droid warns.

"Rykrof, NO!" Kala pleads.
"He's clean.  Traedon has been working with me since the war.  He has no allegiance to the Badoo Corba."

"I locked you up myself," Rykrof snarls.
"How did you get out of prison?"

"When the Separatists attacked Coruscant, I was able to escape in all the confusion," Traedon shrugs.
"The complex was destroyed... you should be glad to know I'm okay."

"I felt the deaths at your home," Kala then frowns.
"Tell me... where are Caldin and Alyssa?"

"Tylin abducted them," Rykrof frowns.
"He sent us here to the shuttle to recover an artifact for him on Dathomir."

"We were about to depart before you arrived."

"Everything checks out with the ship," Freelo offers.
"I can't even find evidence of a tracking device."

"Hey!" Tradeon hollers upon noticing an Advozse lurking behind a power generator.

"Dunka no spola!"

"Get out of here before I break that horn off in your ass!" Traedon threatens.

"Go on!  I said GET!"

"Moorgh oat maak'say!" the Advozse curses back at Traedon as he exits the docking bay.

"Humph!  Never can be too careful," Traedon grins.

"I am offering our services to you to recover the artifact and help save your family," Kala then says to Rykrof.
"If you refuse, I will be forced to return back to my team on Alderaan."

"I'm not sure I like this, but I'll take whatever help we can get," Rykrof concedes.

"Good," Kala smiles.  "You can explain everything you know about this artifact en route to Dathomir."

"Here we go again," Freelo sighs.

Thank you for the support - I appreciate any comments/feedback.  I'm planning on starting the groundwork for Chapter 3 in a few weeks.

Here is the first chapter of The Enloe Trials photonovel series (following the prologue).

Imperial Center... formerly known as Coruscant...

"Lord Vader," a dark voice hisses.


"What is thy bidding, my Master?" Darth Vader asks.

"There is a great disturbance in the Force," Emperor Palpatine informs his apprentice.

"I have felt it," Vader replies.
"Something distant... something... unnatural."

"Yes," Palpatine smiles.
"Your feelings serve you well."

"It is a power... known as the Sickness... it is difficult to control," Palpatine explains.
"Even for a Sith."

"Many years ago, a Sith Lord named Darth Scabrous attempted to harvest this power," the Dark Lord explains.

"The artifact has been found, then?" Vader asks.

"Yes, it seems Baron Tylin Gere has tracked it to Dathomir following the raid of a Rebel base... however, it is currently in the hands of Badoo Corba terrorists," the Emperor says with disgust.

"I was under the impression that Baron Gere's forces had gone missing?" Vader inquires as he follows his master.

"No, they were NEVER missing. However, he has disobeyed orders in his personal quest for the artifact," Palpatine remarks.

"Is Baron Gere to be... dealt with?" Vader asks.

"Perhaps," Palpatine smiles.
"But the immediate concern is to ensure the Sickness is... quarantined."

"If it could be controlled, it could be a useful weapon," Vader offers.

"Indeed... evaluate the situation, and report back to me," Palpatine orders his apprentice.

"But be mindful, Lord Vader.  Do not underestimate its power."

Located in the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, Urelia has been far removed from recent events in the galaxy.

The spaceport known at Rithos once offered travelers from all corners of the galaxy a friendly haven...

...but recent Imperial expansion has made this remote world a popular attraction for criminals and scum.

Outside a popular cantina, Freelo Macklar eagerly waits for his friend to exit the building.

Inside the bar, various creatures enjoy refreshments and dangerous concoctions...

...brewed locally by owner and bartender, Heglito Hagmodo.

"Celi-jar-mutus!" a satisfied Resparin customer shouts.

Scanning the crowd, a mysterious hooded figure approaches a seated warrior.

"A dark saber knows no light..." the warrior says to the hooded alien.

"...until the holder renounces his ways," the other replies.

"I already knew it was you," Kala Mly Shundi says.

"You can remove your mask.  You look more suspicious with it on."

"At least I'm not stupid enough to openly carry a lightsaber around," Rykrof Enloe replies.

"I was here an hour earlier," Kala says, ignoring the insult.
"Where were you?"

"Thinking through this," Rykrof explains to the former Jedi.

"Well, at least you showed up.  I was beginning to think you changed your mind."

"I did change my mind," Rykrof admits.

"About which part?" Kala asks suspiciously.

"All of it.  There's too much at risk; I can't go through with what you're planning," Rykrof tells him.
"I'm sorry."

"But, we need your help," the former Jedi counters.
"You have more contacts on Coruscant than any of us do. If we are going make a move with the Senate, now is the time."

"Those are old contacts," Rykrof says while shaking his head.
"And at first I thought it might work... but there's no way a coup will succeed. They’re too loyal to the Emperor."

"Bail Organa can not go about this alone," Kala insists.
"We need a veteran from the war to stand shoulder to shoulder with him! And you know it can’t be a Jedi!"

Just then, a Duros bounty hunter swiftly approaches Kala from behind... response, Kala's lightsaber hisses to life as he slices off the attacker's hand!

Several of the cantina patrons look up from their drinks, but keep their distance.

"JEDI SCUM!" the bounty hunter shouts.
"You will PAY for this!"

"I have spared your life," Kala replies smoothly.

"Now, leave, before I change my mind."

"Rykrof, given the circumstances I suggest we continue this discussion outside," Kala says as he turns to his friend.
"There is something else I need to discuss with you... something I've learned regarding Tylin Gere."

"No," Rykrof disagrees.
"This conversation is over."

"I can't be part of your war against the Empire, and I don't need to hear about Tylin."

"You must do what your instincts tell you," Kala replies.
"But the day will come when you will realize your importance... when you realize what is right."

"Don't lecture me about morality, not after what you did in the war," Rykrof says as he walks away.
"I have a family to worry about."

Outside, Freelo approaches his friend.

"Well?" the Mon Calamari asks.
"How did he take it?"

"About as good as can be expected, I guess," Rykrof admits.

"Still though, staying out of this isn't something I'm proud of."

"I was meaning to tell you," Freelo interrupts, changing the subject.
"Something is wrong with our communications. Everything is scrambled."

"What?" Rykrof asks.
"How long has this been happening?"

"Several minutes," Freelo offers. 

"Well, don't get in a panic just yet," Rykrof says.
"It could be anything."

"Look at THAT!" Freelo suddenly exclaims.
"In the sky!"

"I don't believe this... that's what's jamming your signal..."

"...a Star Destroyer!"

"It's the Dantallion... Tylin Gere's personal flagship[/b]... they must have tracked Kala here!"

"Wait for me!" Freelo whimpers.

"BLAST!" Rykrof curses.
"I don't see him anywhere!"

As he turns around, he sees that Freelo has attracted the attention of one of the cantina's seductive employees...

"Where do you think you're going?" the sultry worker playfully giggles.

"Don't even think about it, Freelo!" Rykrof scolds his friend.

"Do you think the Imperials knew you were meeting with Kala?" Freelo asks, changing the subject.

"Who knows...," Rykrof says as he looks back to where he and the former Jedi had spoken just minutes earlier.

"But we better get moving."

Meanwhile, aboard the Dantallion, Baron Tylin Gere awaits contact from an Imperial scout team sent to the surface.

"I want the Enloe family taken into custody at once," Tylin commands as the transmission begins.

"If they put up a fight?" Office Draven asks.

"In that case, arrest Enloe and his son," the Baron says.

"KILL the others."

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Joe Enloe
« on: March 30, 2012, 12:28 PM »
Last year, I was interviewd by - the whole interview is here -

Also for it, I made a custom Rykrof Enloe GI JOE style.

head - SAGA Endor Rebel
rest - Pursuit of Cobra Shocktrooper

Like a handful of people in this hobby, I am fascinated by photonovels... from 2004-2011, I worked almost non-stop on a fan-fiction photonovel series called The Enloe Chronicles that took most of my hobby time... quite frankly, it's why I customize and what's really driven me to continue this hobby... that series comprised of 32 chapters, spanning the timeline of a Republic Peace Officer named Rykrof Enloe from before the invasion of Naboo until the end of the Clone Wars, in which he was one of the few non-Jedi leading battalions of clone troopers into battle against the Separatists.

Along the way, he became a primary enemy of the Badoo Corba terrorists, befriended a Jedi who ultimately fell to the Dark Side, started a family, became close to Palpatine, but realized the evil of the Emperor once the Jedi were eliminated.  He made a decision to leave the Empire, which nearly cost him his life, and did cost him the friendship of Admiral Tylin Gere, who was a Peace Officer with Rykrof before the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Now, five years have passed since the events of ROTS, and Rykrof is hiding on a planet called Urelia with his family.  The Empire dominates the galaxy, but now Tylin Gere has learned of the whereabouts of an ancient Sith relic that he and Rykrof once nearly took from Separatist forces during the Clone Wars... Tylin is obsessed with locating it, and his pursuit has led him to Dantooine...

This is just the prologue for what I hope will be another large series.  Enjoy (I hope!)...

In the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, a lone Imperial Star Destroyer hovers above the remote world of Dantooine.

On the surface of the planet, Imperial Stormtroopers survey the damage from a recent battle with Rebel insurgents atop a mountain stronghold.

Vastly outnumbered and poorly equipped, the Rebel base was decimated by Imperial forces.

Led by Baron Tylin Gere, this is but one of many Rebel camps he has personally led secret assaults on during recent months... he searches for information that he believes is vital to both the survival of the Empire and his own private interests.

While tearing the base apart, his personal division of Stormtroopers have found few survivors.

"Fools," Tylin scoffs as he walks past the corpse of a Rebel soldier.

"People should know when they've been defeated."

"Sir, we've found no trace of the artifact," officer Draven informs his superior.

"Keep looking.  We're not leaving this wretched planet until we learn of its whereabouts," Tylin replies.

"Baron Gere!" a second trooper reports, "We have a survivor who mentioned the relic!"

"Excellent," Tylin smiles.
"Take me to him."

The group then swiftly approaches a badly injured Mon Calamari lying on the ground.

"I am Baron Tylin Gere," the smug Imperial announces sharply.
"What is your rank?"

"I... lieutenant..." he struggles to answer.

"Lieutentant," he grins.
"Tell me now, where is the relic that your band of Rebels have been hiding?"

"It's not here," the Mon Calamari gasps.

"Not here?  Where is it?"

"I... egghh... don't know... I swear... it was stolen..."

"...we believe they were... ugh... Badoo Corba agents," he gasps.

"Damn these people," Tylin growls as he looks up to his men.

"When was this?" the Baron demands.
"When were they here?"

"Weeks ago... records were in our database... which your bombers destroyed..."
"My body is broken... I surrender... please... bring a medical capsule..."

"He's told us everything he knows," Tylin says to his troops.
"This soldier is in... terrible condition."

"Relieve his pain."

Without hesitation, the loyal soldiers of the Empire fire their blasters into the Mon Calamari!

"Sir, what are our orders now?" officer Draven asks.

"Destroy any record that we were here," Tylin replies.
"Then burn the camp and kill any survivors."

"...and set course for the Badoo Cobra stronghold on Dathomir."

...that's it for now.  It was a lot of fun getting back in the game!  I hope my fellow forum members liked what you saw, and are looking as forward to the next installment as I am. 

And no, that Mon Calamari wasn't Freelo, in case anyone familiar with the original series is wondering.

Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe Chapter 32 - THE FINAL COMMAND
« on: February 22, 2012, 04:03 PM »
This is the conclusion to The Enloe Chronicles...


Caught completely unaware, the Jedi Order has been betrayed by the Republic...

The few that managed to survive are on the run...

...and most Separatist holdouts have been eliminated.

Meanwhile, Commander Rykrof Enloe has returned to Coruscant.

Below on the surface, he and Freelo enter the Senatorial District.

With the war over, the citizens of the newly organized Empire go about their normal routines.

But Rykrof knows all too well that the galaxy may never be the same again.

To his surprise, he and Freelo are quickly greeted by Senator Tame Heem.

"Commander Enloe," the kind Ithorian says softly.
"I have been eagerly awaiting your return."

"It's great to see you old friend," Rykrof smiles.
"But I don't have much time right now.  The Emperor is expecting me."

"I will get to the point," Tame Heem whispers.
"Your friend, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi, survived the purge.  And he is here; on Coruscant."

"Are you certain of this?"  Rykrof asks.

"He will meet you tomorrow at 0800 hours at the Ugnaught merchant stand in the Pojer District," Tame says with a nod.

"You must keep this information close to your chest," the Ithorian hisses as he turns away.

"Palpatine's spies are everywhere."

"Keep your eyes open, Freelo." Rykrof says to his friend.
"I don't like this."

Soon after, Rykrof arrives at the Emperor's chamber.

"Commander Enloe," the supreme leader greets him warmly.
"Seeing you alive and well brings me tremendous satisfaction."

"Thank you," Rykrof replies as he notices distinct changes to the leader's face.

"My scars," Palpatine points out sadly.
"A testimony to the treachery of the Jedi."

"Yes, I heard what... they did," Rykrof admits.
"We are fortunate their coup was stopped in its tracks."

"Indeed!" the Emperor says with delight.
"You do understand we can never allow for them to regain standing... the risk is far too great.  Just look at what your friend, Kala Mly Shundi was doing... the Jedi Order was poisoned by corruption."

"Yes, I realize that... and if you don't mind me asking, your Excellency, is this what you wished to see me about?" Rykrof asks.

"I also wanted to personally congratulate you on your defeat of the Badoo Corba terrorists on Dantooine!" Palpatine tells him.

"It wasn't a real victory," Rykrof admits.
"Their leader, Mubaas Fuuda, escaped.  All we did was inconvenience them for the time being."

"I beg to differ," the Emperor says.
"Thanks to your efforts, Admiral Gere's scientists were able to retrieve essential data from their central processor."

"What data?" Rykrof asks.

"Data that is vital to the survival of the Empire," Palpatine replies smoothly.
"There is a great opportunity awaiting you with this. I want you to attend a private discussion here with Admiral Gere and myself tomorrow at 0800 hours."

"Commander Enloe," Palpatine continues.
"I know you want to be done with fighting, but this is an important matter. We need men like you to set an example as we regain stability..."

"This is not what I agreed to," Rykrof counters.

"What you agreed to was to serve this government," Palpatine hisses.
"I need loyal men now more than ever... tell, me, Commander.  Do you think there is more you could have done to have fully accomplished your mission on Dantooine?"

"What?  You have no reason to question my loyalty," Rykrof says.

"Up until recently, I had no reason to question the loyalty of the Jedi, either.  And yet, we discovered corruption at their very core... I wonder what your mother would have thought of the Jedi if she were alive today?"

"What did you say?" Rykrof asks spitefully.

"I know all about your mother," Palpatine continues.
"Who she was, what she believed... how she died while you were just a child."

"She was a Jedi. Her blood is yours..." Palpatine smiles.
"If your father had allowed for you to be taken by Kala Mly Shundi when you were a child, would you have betrayed the Republic too?"

"That's absurd," Rykrof says defensively.
"Whatever the Jedi were planning now, I would have no part with an overthrow of the Senate."

"I'm relieved to hear it," Palpatine replies smoothly.

"But, I'd like to know how an old man managed to fend off someone as powerful as Master Windu," Rykrof inquires.

Taken aback by Rykrof's boldness, Palpatine's eyes darken with hate.

"Perhaps a demonstration is in order," a deep voice responds.

Rykrof then finds himself looking up to the most intimidating being he has ever encountered.

"I hope that won't be necessary, Lord Vader," the Emperor cackles.
"It would be such a tragedy if anything were to happen to Commander Enloe... or his family."

"No demonstration is needed," Rykrof insists as the dark being stands next to him.

"Good," Palpatine says.
"I will see you in the morning, Commander."

As Rykrof swiftly exits the chamber, Darth Vader turns to his master.

"That one can not be trusted," Vader advises.

"Patience, my friend," the elder Sith smiles.
"Commander Enloe's true loyalty is about to be revealed."

Early the following morning, Rykrof chooses to enter the Pojer District to meet with Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi rather than accept Emperor Palpatine's invitation.

A dangerous district of the Coruscant underworld, Rykrof has been in these deep levels before and knows all too well of the countless dangers that await unprepared visitors.

"Relax," Freelo says to Rykrof.
"If anything you should be relieved that Kala survived the war."

"Of course I'm relieved, but we have to get out of here right after this," Rykrof tells his friend.
"Let's just hear what he has to say, then get off Coruscant..."

"Because you would not believe the conversation I had last night in the Emperor's chamber."

Freelo then looks around and shrugs.
"Are those the junk dealers?" he asks.

"No...," Rykrof hesitates as a seedy Quarren eyes him.
"We're looking for Ugnaughts."

"Now listen," Rykrof then says.
"We haven't seen Kala in a long time.  He's not the same person that we knew."

"Let me do the talking."

"I don't understand," Freelo replies.
"Kala is our friend.  You make it sound like he's an enemy."

"He's an enemy of the Empire," Rykrof explains.
"We have to be cautious in how we approach this."

Soon after, Rykrof spots the dealer outlet.

"Come on," Rykrof says to Freelo.
"And keep your eyes peeled for Imperials."

"Uh... Kala?" Rykrof asks as he approaches the stand.

"I almost hoped you wouldn't show," a voice replies.

"I should have known," Rykrof hisses as the figure turns to face him.

"Yes, I thought you would be more careful," Admiral Tylin Gere replies as he points a blaster at Rykrof's chest.

Rykrof then looks to his right and sees several Clone Troopers have arrived on the scene.

"It's a trap!" Freelo exclaims in desperation.

"So what is this?" Rykrof demands of his former friend.

"A confirmation of my suspicions all along," Tylin replies.
"You've always done things your way, Rykrof.  Regardless of orders."

"Always giving the Jedi the benefit of the doubt... regardless of their actions."

"For all we know, your friend Kala Mly Shundi was even responsible for Kollen Mane's death in this very district..." Tylin snaps.

"You're insane," Rykrof vents back.

"Enough," Tylin growls.
"The Emperor will decide your fate."

"Run for it, Rykrof!" Freelo shouts as he fires his weapon!

The blaster bolt strikes Tylin in the chest!

Slow to react to this fast turn of events, the closest trooper to the group is brought down by Freelo!

"Son of a...!" Rykrof yells as he instinctively shoots one of the clones aiming for Freelo!

Just then a towering Elom charges into another of Tylin's troops!

Several other aliens then reveal blasters and open fire at Rykrof's pursuers!

"Now who are all these people?" Freelo shouts as another of the clone troopers is brought down.

"Who cares?" Rykrof roars.
"As long as they're keeping them busy! Let's get out of here!"

As Rykrof and Freelo run for their lives, several more citizens reveal blasters and open fire on the Imperials!

However the clones are veterans of the war, and while outnumbered, begin to take control of the situation.

"Sir!" a trooper says as he helps Tylin to his feet.
"Are you alright?"

"Kill them!" Tylin growls, ignoring the officer's concern.

"Kill them all!"

"Freelo!" Rykrof then yells at the top of his lungs.
"Get over here!"

"But those people... they need our help!"

"There's nothing we can do to help them!" Rykrof shouts.

"Tylin's got the upper hand!"

Amidst the chaos, the two escape!

Later that day, protocol droid B-3PO watches as his master paces nervously about his quarters.

"This was not supposed to happen," Senator Tame Heem mutters.

"Oh my!" the droid suddenly shouts.
"We have a guest!"

Realizing there is a blaster to his back, the Ithorian cautiously turns around.

"Rykrof... I can explain..." he pleads.

"You set me up," Rykrof counters.

"How could you?" Rykrof growls.
"After all I've done for you... for your people..."

"It's not what you think," Tame cries.

"Who ordered this?" Rykrof demands as he shoves his blaster under Tame's throat.

"It was Palpatine," the Ithorian explains.
"He ordered me to... but I tried to help!  I sent secret contacts to step in on your behalf if the situation got out of hand..."

"Out of hand? " Rykrof laughs.
"Do you not realize what you've done?"

"I had no choice..." Tame gasps.

"Enough! Where's Master Kala Mly Shundi?" Rykrof then demands.

"He was never even here... I don't know where he is."

"I am so sorry," the senator pleads.
"But Palpatine has gone mad.  You must understand the position I was in!"

"I don't care about your situation," Rykrof snaps.
"Never cross me again... if you do, you won't live to regret it, Senator."

"But Commander..."

"Commander?" Rykrof asks sarcastically.

"I'm through with commands."

That evening, a cruiser blasts off the planet headed for the Outer Rim.

Stowed away in a cargo hold, Rykrof and Freelo find themselves unsure of the path ahead of them.

"Not exactly first class, is it?" Rykrof says to his friend.

"I've ridden in worse conditions," Freelo replies grimly.

"Well, I'm just glad to have Coruscant behind us," Rykrof says.

"And I still can't believe that stunt you pulled back there," he continues.

"I never knew I had it in me," Freelo chuckles. 

The two friends share a laugh before Rykrof's mood turns serious.

"You do realize there is no turning back," Rykrof tells him. 

"But where will we go?" Freelo asks.

"My family is on Urelia," Rykrof answers.
"It'll be safe enough for now.  Far from Palpatine...and his new Empire."

"But they'll be looking... we won't be able to make contact off planet."

"But... what about the others?  Aren't we going to look for them?  Master Shundi?  Or Teltuu Stabo?"

"We don't even know which Jedi are alive," Rykrof sighs deeply.
"And if either of them survived, they don't need our help.  And I know I can't stop Palpatine... but my family... at least I can protect them."

"It doesn't feel right," Freelo whimpers.
"I'm sure Master Shundi survived..."

"No more missions, Freelo.  I've spent years fighting this war.  And for what?  Look at what's happened.  After how much pain, how many lives?  And we didn't win a damned thing."

"There's nothing left to do.  But my wife and son have been waiting for me to come home.  And I'm not going to let them down again.  They're all that matters now."

"But that's my responsibility, not yours.  Maybe you shouldn't come with me to Urelia.  It'll be safer for you to return home."

"That is a hell of a thing for you to say to me," Freelo counters.

"I'm a renegade too!"

Rykrof regards his old friend before breaking out in a wide grin.  Underneath, however, he  knows that the galaxy has truly been changed, and the road ahead has never been more uncertain.

But he is not alone... 

...and hope lives on.

I hope that everyone who stuck through this series enjoyed what you saw.  I know it's not perfect, but with what resources and time that I have, this what I was able to do.

And as I've hinted before, I don't intend for this to be the end of the Enloe story.  Just the end to this series.  I have something in mind for the future, and it's a ways off.  I'd like to introduce something new next Fall... the timeline might be too aggressive, and it might be a good two full years until I get it up and on its feet. 

But... until then...

Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe Chapter 31 - BROKEN ORDER
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Now that I'm getting started on "THE ENLOE TRIALS" series, figured I ought to post the last chapters to

In a sharp turn of events, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has revealed himself to be the Dark Lord of the Sith and seized complete control of the Republic!

Immediately issuing a command for all Jedi to be terminated at once, Jedi on the front lines of battle are confronted by their own clone troopers!

They are caught totally unaware of the betrayal...

...and the Jedi Temple burns.

On the remote world of Braatos VII, a clone trooper garrison searches for Jedi survivors.

A group of concerned onlookers watch as Republic troops scatter throughout the capital city of Unitos...

"What's happening?" an elderly Arcona wonders.

"Some sort of rebellion," a Nikto male responds.
"They're hunting Jedi!"

"Listen!" the group's small companion screeches.
"Laser blasts!"

"We best stay out of this; this is the Jedi's problem to deal with.  Not ours."

In an adjacent district several troops converge on a battered Jedi desperately fighting for his life... Redwind!

The clones then work together to unleash a deadly barrage of fire...

Within moments the clone troopers have eliminated the noble Jedi!

"Restrict any transports from leaving the city," the commanding officer says while standing over the dead Jedi.

"Amazing he survived the initial blast," one trooper observes.

"All the more reason to believe another Jedi may still be out there," the commander continues.
"Double your search and begin questioning the locals."

Soon after, an Ithorian peasant makes his way past the adjacent alley...

...creeping out from behind a droid factory crawler, a badly injured Jedi pulls himself to his feet!

Kala Mly Shundi cautiously emerges, knowing he must get off the planet if he is to survive.

Meanwhile, on Dantooine...

...the 334 Siege Battalion, unaware of the order to kill the Jedi, has broken into a fortress held by Badoo Corba terrorists...

The team has saved Rykrof's longtime friend, Freelo.

But the primary goal of the mission is to eliminate the leaders of the Badoo Corba.  Once the team has begun to move toward the upper levels... has met strong resistance from the organization's Separatist allies!

In spite of the enemy's superior numbers, Rykrof's unit has been trained for this moment...

...the elimination of the Badoo Corba!

Beings from all corners of the galaxy are represented by the evil organization...

...including horrifying machines created for tearing victims apart!

But against all odds, the strike force is relentless in their assault!

And Rykrof is determined to bring down the terrorist organization once and for all!

However, Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo has sensed a terrible disturbance in the Force.

Uncertain of what has happened; he reveals nothing to his comrades.

Soon it becomes apparent that the squad is overmatched by the superior numbers of the enemy forces!

Commando Drake quickly realizes that reinforcements are needed if the unit is to survive...

...he and his men then break off from the main group to shut down the Badoo Corba jamming signal!

Meanwhile, Rykrof presses on in search of the Badoo Corba leader, Mubaas Fuuda.

Splitting into several squads, a small team of Rykrof's men remain on the lower level to provide cover for Rykrof's advance... the others press forward.

Soon, the team gets pinned down by a group of deadly Separatist Lancer Droids!

Led by one of the Trade Federation's military leaders, General Snodd!

"Wait... behind the droids..." Rykrof observes.

"It's Troffar!  The Badoo Corba's second in command!"

"No sign of Mubaas," Teltuu adds. 
"We'll need to take Troffar alive!"

Rykrof's headset suddenly comes to life with a transmission from Commando Drake!

"Commander Enloe, this is Drake.  I've reached the comm center."

"Good work!" Rykrof shouts.
"See if you can break through the jamming signal and contact Admiral Gere!  We need reinforcements!"

"Bad new, Sir... detonator went off in here," Drake reports.

"Behind us!" one of Rykrof's troopers warns.

Rykrof then turns to find a group of Battle Droids approaching his position from behind!

"We're caught in a cross fire here Drake!" Rykrof shouts.
"How bad is it?"

"My men are down... equipment is useless... but our communications to Admiral Gere are still being blocked somehow. Schematics indicate a secondary comm unit in the east wing..."

"I'm headed there to shut down the override."

"Damnit," Rykrof curses as the Badoo Corba continue to pin his group down.

"Alright, you're going to have to fall back to the hangar bay so nobody escapes," Rykrof tells his Jedi friend.
"I can handle Troffar."

"Rykrof, the situation has changed," Master Teltuu insists. 
"Right now we need those reinforcements.  Establishing communication to Admiral Gere's men is vital."

Rykrof then realizes that both Troffar and General Snodd are gone!

"Fine, go help Drake establish contact!  Do what you have to do!"

"But I'm going after the Gran!"

Rykrof then strikes a direct hit in the chest of one of the Lancer Droids!

"Very well, Commander.  We'll do it your way," Teltuu relents as he turns in response to the Battle Droid advance.

Rykrof then springs forward in pursuit of Troffar and General Snodd!

He quickly rounds a corner...

...and finds himself face to face with Troffar!

Acting on instinct, Rykrof blasts the Gran's weapon out of his hand!

"Get on your knees and get your hands where I can see them!" Rykrof insists.

Rykrof then removes his helmet to reveal his identity to the evil terrorist.

"You Infidel Slime," Troffar laughs upon recognizing his captor.
"You have won nothing, Rykrof Enloe..."

Rykrof then shoves his blaster against the Gran's neck!
"Where's Mubaas?"

"You'll never find him," he growls.

"The Badoo Corba's allies stretch across the galaxy... we will bathe in your family's blood!"

Troffar then reveals a dagger, and lunges forward!
"Die!  In the name of Innoril!"

Rykrof quickly fires a single shot at the Gran!

He then looks down at the body of Troffar in disgust.

"Descend to an eternity in hell," he says.

Observing his surroundings, Rykrof then shifts his attention to contacting Admiral Tylin Gere.
"I might be able to use this equipment to shut down their jamming signal..."

"That won't be necessary," the admiral then announces as he enters the room.

"Tylin?" Rykrof asks with suspicion.
"What's going on?"

"I've taken command of this operation," Tylin explains.
"Orders came down from the top.  We are to ensure they are followed without question."

"What orders?"

"Executive orders," his friend replies.
"The Jedi attempted to overthrow the Senate and must be dealt with. Now, where is Teltuu Stabo?"

Tylin then turns in response to laser blasts and an anguished scream coming from a nearby room.

Rykrof then races past his friend into the adjacent hallway to investigate!

There he finds a dead clone trooper lying on the ground...

"Light saber wound," Tylin observes.
"Your Jedi friend must still be alive."

"He's gone, Admiral," a trooper reports as he runs into the room.
"Brought down several more of our squad on his way out."

"Would somebody please explain what in the hell's going on?" Rykrof asks.

The conversation is then interrupted as General Snodd is escorted into the chamber by a pair of Admiral Gere's troopers.

"General Snodd," Tylin nods smugly.
"What may I ask is the Trade Federation doing dealing with the Badoo Corba?"

"I demand to speak with the Separatist Council at once!" Snodd replies.

"I'm afraid I can't allow that," the admiral says as he raises his blaster.
"Our orders are to eliminate all the terrorists in this facility; and since you have joined forces with them..."

"...that makes you one of them!"

"Tylin!" Rykrof protests.
"He was an unarmed prisoner!"

"I think the Chancellor will agree with me in this... matter," Tylin coolly replies.

"What about Teltuu?" Rykrof asks.

"He won't get far," Tylin insists.

"My men will handle the situation from here."

Several kilometers away, Teltuu Stabo safely observes the Republic activity surrounding the Badoo Corba complex.

"This can't be happening," he laments.

"The order to kill the Jedi was sent to all clone commanders," Commando Drake replies.
"Palps has gone mad."

"No, this was planned in advance," the Duros Jedi argues.

"The Jedi were deceived... we should have seen this coming."

Teltuu then turns to the veteran Commando.
"So, why did you help me?" he asks.

"I don't shoot friends in the back," Drake replies.

"When they find out what you've done, they'll be after you as well," Teltuu points out.

"I'm well aware of what awaits me if I'm caught," Drake admits.
"So, what's our next move, General?"

"We need to find out if any other Jedi survived," Teltuu says as he raises the macro binoculars again.

"And see which side Rykrof takes."


The Republic has just repelled a massive assault by the Separatists on Coruscant...

...and with the death of Count Dooku, the Jedi Council has made the destruction of General Grievous its primary goal.

But the war is not over.

All the while, the master plan of the Sith has begun to unfold.

Far away from the epic battles stretching across the galaxy, Dantooine has become a sanctuary for criminal and illegal operations.

Most notable are the Badoo Corba...

...a group of terrorists bent on the destruction of the Republic.

Now with the war taking a turn for the worse, some Separatists have secretly reached out to the Badoo Corba for support.

And the leader of the organization, Mubaas Fuuda, welcomes them with open arms.

Deep below the terrorist complex, the pungent stench of rotting flesh consumes the underground dungeons.

Partially responsible for the nauseating smell; a giant Skrilling guard has begun his daily patrol of these lower levels.

Massive and cruel, he sees to it that the prisoners have a short but painful lifespan in the dungeon.

On this day he has come across something he has never before seen - a break in one of the walls!

The giant brute realizes that the security of the complex has been compromised.

"Looking for me?" Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo then asks.

Filled with rage, the lumbering beast charges at the intruder!

But the Jedi holds his ground and dodges a deadly swing by the brutal warrior!

Using his immense size to his advantage, the Skrilling then corners his adversary!

But the Jedi is too swift and quickly strikes through its chest with his lightsaber!

Several Republic clone troopers then scramble through the makeshift doorway!

"Come on, we haven't much time," the Jedi insists.

"Secure the area," Commander Rykrof Enloe orders his men as he approaches the Jedi.
"Check for security cameras."

"All clear," Commando Drake reports.
"Room secure."

Rykrof and his men then begin to trod through the dungeon to check for hostiles.

"Okay now, you know the drill," Rykrof says once satisfied that there are no other immediate dangers nearby.
"Split into your designated teams and search for prisoners - we are to protect any we find at all costs. Then we proceed with the primary objective."

The group then systematically disperses into separate units.

"I think I found one," trooper Chard soon reports.

"I bet anyone we find down here is going to be just like this," his counterpart reacts with disgust.

"If I was a hostile I could have just shot you both while your heads were down," Commando Drake scolds the pair of soldiers.
"Cut the chatter and keep moving."

Nearby, Rykrof and his Jedi friend investigate one of the seemingly endless passages of the dungeon.

"You're very worried; I can sense it." Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo says to Rykrof.

"It's more than that," Rykrof tells him.
"It's this place. There's something very...familiar about it."

"Clear your mind, Commander," the Jedi offers.
"Keep your focus on the mission."

Suddenly a trooper signals that he has found something.

"It's him," Rykrof exhales with relief.
"Stay back and give me a moment," he orders his men.

As he approaches his friend, Rykrof can barely believe he has found Freelo alive in such harsh conditions.

"Freelo," Rykrof whispers softly, "we're going to get you out of here."

Suddenly, Rykrof is caught off balance as the Mon Calamari swings a stick, landing a solid blow to his head!

"You idiot!" Rykrof bellows as he steps back to regain his footing.
"What the hell are you doing?"

"Rykrof!" Freelo exclaims with joy.
"I'm sorry; I thought you were one of them!"

"Commander, do you require ground support to protect you from this dangerous life form?" Captain Racker asks as the team bursts into laughter.

"Real funny," Rykrof manages to say with a straight face as Freelo wraps him in a hug.

"Freelo," Teltuu interrupts.
"Are there any other survivors down here?"

"I don't think so," he responds. 
"There was a Corellian down here, too, but I think something ate him."

"Something ate him?" Drake asks.

"We need to get moving," Rykrof cuts the trooper off.
"Racker, I want you to take Freelo back to the entry point and take up a defensive position."

"Now you listen," Rykrof then says as he turns back to his friend.

"Racker's gonna get you out of here.  But if anything happens, just follow the tunnel until you see daylight," he insists.
"And don't look back, Freelo. No matter what."

"We left a communications console at the end of the tunnel," Rykrof continues.
"If you turn it on, it'll alert Tylin immediately and a transport will arrive within minutes."

"What are the rest of you going to do?" Freelo asks the group.

"Something that should have been done a long time ago," Rykrof tells his friend.
"Now get moving before I change my mind and make you come with us."

"I knew Rykrof would come for me," Freelo says confidently as he follows the trooper.

"I'm too important to be left down here."

"Alright, stay sharp," Rykrof says as he leads his men toward the upper levels.

"I have a feeling the Badoo Corba know we're here."

Far across the galaxy, Republic forces have taken control of Braatos VII; a peaceful planet that has attempted to remain neutral during the war.

In the residential district of Unitos, Republic clone troopers have put the capital city on lock down.

Several troops guard the main entrance of a building where a group of Jedi have turned on each other.

At the south entrance, a separate team of clones is greeted by an additional support group.

"Every exit out of there is now secure," the commanding officer reports.

"Master Bassius said they want to deal with this themselves. Our only concern is to prevent the rogue Jedi from escaping."

Inside the building, two members of the Jedi Order cautiously search for the rogue Jedi.

"Something is very wrong," Redwind comments as he follows his elder friend.
"And it's not just the negative energy I am sensing from Kala."

"I sense it too," Bassius replies as the two round a corner.
"Stay alert."

The two Jedi then approach an open meditation chamber.

"Leave now," Kala Mly Shundi hisses from the shadows as his apprentice stands by his side.

"Kala," Bassius says calmly.
"This game has ended. Surrender your weapons."

"There is no preventing the fall of the Jedi Order," Kala counters.
"With this knowledge we sought sanctuary on this planet until the time would come for us to emerge from the shadows," he continues.

"Then you came here to kill us," Attia says darkly.

"We had to defend ourselves."

"If you had simply come peacefully your friends would still be alive," Redwind counters.

"Don't be fools," Kala insists.
"The Jedi Order has been corrupted by the Sith."

"If that is true, take your claim to the Council directly by coming with us to Coruscant," Bassius counters.

"There is no use reasoning with a council that is too arrogant to realize that it has been deceived," Attia snarls.

"Then we will do what me must," the Sullustan Jedi says as he activates his lightsaber.

Attia then ignites her weapon.

"I'll handle Kala," Redwind suggests as his lightsaber hisses to life. 

"Just contain him.  Dealing with the young one will be swift," Bassius replies.

"Arrogant fool!" Attia hisses.
"Your way of thinking is why the Council is unable to see what is happening!"

She then lashes out at Bassius, who easily blocks her strike.

Across the room, Redwind attempts to prevent Kala from aiding his apprentice.

"You should not have come here," Kala tells the young Jedi.

"You left us no choice," Redwind counters as he lunges forward.

"The Jedi Order has lost its way," Kala replies darkly as he allows Redwind to move in closer.

"And the Jedi have now become the face of corruption."

"Now take a step back, foolish boy," Kala says while raising his hand.

Through his mastery of the Force, Kala then throws Redwind across the room...

...and the noble Jedi is rendered unconscious!

"Ha!" Attia laughs.
"Your friend is not as powerful as you thought!"

Despite her youth, Attia is a formidable opponent and Bassius realizes he will have no choice but to strike her down if he is to survive.

Sensing Bassius’ aggressive posture, Kala turns his attention to the Sullustan Jedi.
No, wait!” he shouts. 

Bassius moves swiftly in to deliver the killing blow…

…but at that moment, he is suddenly struck by a laser blast to the back!

Catching the Jedi completely by surprise, several clone troopers have entered the room and opened fire on the group!

The clones then concentrate their fire on Attia...

Overwhelmed by the attack, she is quickly struck down!

In just a matter of seconds, both Bassius and Attia are dead!

"So, it has begun," Kala says as he raises his weapon and focuses on his new enemies. 

The troops then turn their attention on Kala!

"Blast him!" one trooper shouts as the group opens fire!

Kala blocks the first blast with his lightsaber...

...deflecting it into the commanding officer's chest!

The troops continue to unload blasts of energy at Kala...

...but they are no match for the Jedi!

Kala then avoids the next barrage of fire... doing so he then charges toward the remaining clones!

Realizing they are unable to stop the Jedi with their blasters, one officer pulls out a seismic detonator...

...before Kala can reach the clones, the room is engulfed in a fiery explosion!

Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe Chapter 29 - THE FALLEN ONES
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Been a while since I posted a chapter here - for anyone interested, here is the 29th installment of The Enloe Chronicles... it was completed in June 2009.


A massive Separatist force led by General Grievous has swept into the heart of the Republic, catching Coruscant completely by surprise!

But the Grand Army of the Republic held strong...

And repelled the attack, driving the Separatist into retreat.

In a stunning turn, Separatist leader Count Dooku was killed!

But with the escape of General Grievous, the war continues...

And the future of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

As the Separatist leadership attempts to regroup, the small planet Braatos VII has become the focal point of an effort to locate a powerful Jedi who has turned against the Republic.

Down on the surface a strict curfew has been placed on the city of Unitos...

While Republic clone troopers continue to search the city for Kala Mly Shundi.

Meanwhile, in an effort to find Kala before the clones do, Jedi Masters Bassius and Redwind have met an unexpected challenge...

A group of Dark Jedi!

"Greetings, my friends," Bassius says carefully while assessing the situation. 
"We are here to speak with Kala.  May we see him?"

"Don't play games with us, Old Man," the female leader of the group hisses.

"You should leave this planet," another Dark Jedi warns them.

"Kala has twisted their minds," Bassius whispers to Redwind as the pair keep a close watch on the renegades.
"They were once Padawans, their Masters have all been killed in the war... be ready for anything."

"Our Master has seen the future," the woman says.
"A member of the Council will thrust the galaxy into darkness."

"Attia, I know you have suffered much in this war," Bassius says with empathy.
"And so has Kala.  So much that his vision is clouded... you must remember that the future is always in motion."

"We will lose everything," Attia shouts. 
"The Sith have the Council by its throat but they are too foolish to realize!"

"They were sent here by the Council, and are as blind as the Council," another Dark Jedi adds as his lightsaber snaps to life.

"And here I thought this mission would be unpleasant," Redwind says sarcastically as the two Jedi prepare to defend themselves.

"This is your last chance," Attia says, as the sabers of her other comrades ignite.
"Leave now.  And take your clones with you."

"We will do no such thing," Bassius counters firmly.
"Stand down or we will be forced to take whatever steps we deem necessary to protect the interests of the Republic."

The Jedi quickly find themselves surrounded!

"You don't have to do this," Bassius shouts as he parries the first attack.
"Kala has deceived you!"

Redwind stands his ground as the masked Jedi, igorning Bassius, moves forward, brandishing his dual blades menacingly.

"Stop," Bassius pleads.
"We are NOT your enemies!"

"You were warned!" the Ishi Tib says as a deadly stream of Force lightning leaps from his fingertips!

Spinning to face this new attacker, Redwind barely manages to block the bolt of dark energy!

"You're not leaving us many options," Redwind growls as his saber absorbs the attack.

"You were all such promising students," Bassius laments as two of the renegades close in on him.

"We have been shown things you can not imagine," Attia tells him.
"We must stop the traitor in the Jedi Council!"

"The only traitors are you," Redwind says as he thrusts his lightsaber through the chest of the Ishi Tib!

"Redwind!" Bassius shouts as he deftly blocks another attack, "We want to take them alive!"

"They're too dangerous to be left alive," Redwind counters as he squares off against his remaining opponent.

"What they're trying to do will bring down the Jedi Order!" Redwind shouts.

"It is Kala who is against the Council, not them!" Bassius says.

In an attempt to curb his anger, Redwind backs away from the masked Jedi...

In doing so he begins to turn...

And realizes Attia has abandoned the fight against Bassius in favor of attacking him!

Enraged, Redwind calls on the Force...

And pulls Attia's lightsaber from her grasp!

Before she realizes what has happened the weapon is out of her reach...

She watches in horror as the lightsaber tears into the body of her comrade!

Finally coming to terms that there is no use reasoning with these Dark Jedi, Bassius quickly eliminates the other warrior.

Bassius then turns to face Attia.

To his surprise, she is standing next to another Dark Jedi, and none other than Kala Mly Shundi!

Bassius and Redwind then raise their sabers in anticipation of the duel to come.

Far across the galaxy, a lone Republic cruiser has just exited hyperspace.

Inside, Commander Rykrof Enloe meets with his strike team in preparation for an assault on the Badoo Corba fortress on Dantooine.

"What about the droids our scanners picked up?" Commando Drake asks as he studies the schematics of Rykrof's plan.
"Why would Seps be at this terrorist hideout?"

"They had a rendezvous with the Badoo Corba for a prisoner exchange not long ago," Rykrof says.
"But why they still have a force there is unknown at this time."

"With Count Dooku dead, the Trade Federation may be doing what they can to realign their partnership with terrorist organizations," Admiral Tylin Gere points out.

"Just more clankers to turn into liquid metal," Racker says.

"Intelligence suggests the Badoo Corba are holed up deep under the planet's surface," Admiral Tylin Gere adds.
"Getting in won't be easy."

"That's not all.  If the cruiser is detected the Badoo Corba will be alerted to the attack," Rykrof then advises the others.
"Once we reach the surface, we're on our own."

"I still think a precision bombing makes more sense," Commando Drake says while shaking his head.
"Our orders are to eliminate the Badoo Corba leadership; why in the hell should we risk a ground team that could get cut to pieces?"

"Because," Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo points out, "There's the potential for vital information to be lost in a bombing."

"The Badoo Corba network strings across dozens of systems," he continues.
"If the complex is destroyed, we risk the chance of losing data that could reveal their contacts and sympathizers."

"Plus, there's a prisoner we'd like to get out of there unscathed," Rykrof points out.

"I know Freelo is your friend," Tylin interjects.
"But make no mistake Rykrof, your primary objective is to locate Mubaas Fuuda. We don't leave until he is in our custody - dead or alive."

"All the others are to be killed on sight, regardless of the circumstances. Take no prisoners other than Mubaas."

"Good.  About time we wipe those slugs out," Racker says.

Tylin then looks to Teltuu Stabo.

"You're being rather silent, Master Jedi.  I trust you will not stand in the way of the Chancellor's direction in this matter?"

"I am not one to question the threat the Badoo Corba still pose." the Jedi says.
"However I will take no part in the killing of prisoners."

"You're not expected to," Rykrof tells him.

"My men are prepared to carry out this order."

Meanwhile back on Braatos VII...

A group of Republic clone troopers have been alerted to a disturbance in the residential district of Unitos.

To their surprise they find Redwind standing over the bodies of several slain Jedi!

"Sir, what happened?" the lead officer asks.

"It's Kala... he's here," Redwind says.

"These Jedi... all traitors to the Republic," he says with regret.

"Where is Master Bassius?" the trooper asks.

"Inside... he went after Kala," Redwind tells the group.
"Contact your men and form a perimeter, I want all entrances to this building locked down!"

"If Kala gets out, shoot him on sight."


The peaceful citizens of Braatos VII have found their planet abruptly pulled into the reality of the galactic turmoil as a legion of Republic clone troopers have arrived on their planet.

Weary of the overwhelming military presence, the local security on the small planet keeps a close eye on the invasion force occupying their home world.

On an independent mission of their own, Jedi Masters Bassius and Redwind have found their plan to locate Kala Mly Shundi jeopardized by the arrival of the clones.

"Greetings," Master Bassius says to the armored troops.
"What brings you to Braatos VII?"

"Master Jedi, we have orders to search the city for insurgents," the lead officer reports.
"Intelligence revealed an underground movement preparing a strike against the Republic."

"If there was such a movement here, we would have sensed it," Redwind quickly points out in disagreement.
"Who is your commanding officer?"

"With all due respect, Sir," the trooper responds promptly, "We are under the authority of the Supreme Chancellor."

"I see.  We will of course aid you in your efforts," Bassius tells him.

The two Jedi then wait until they are a safe distance away from the troops before discussing the matter further.

"Their presence has already compromised our mission," Redwind grumbles under his breath.
"If Kala is here, he's surely aware that an entire garrison of troops has landed.  He'll have gone into hiding or may already be looking for a way off planet."

"We must act quickly," Bassius tells the younger Jedi. 
"The Chancellor must have learned of our mission to find Kala; there is no other explanation."

"Kala has to be the insurgent they're referring to... he will kill the clones if we fail to find him first," he continues.

"We'll have to split up so we can cover more ground.  It's the only way we'll get to him in time," Redwind concedes.

"Be careful," Bassius cautions.
"Kala has already killed several Jedi.  Do not engage him on your own.   And... I sense that he is not alone."

"You be careful too," Redwind says to the elder Jedi.
"Something feels terribly wrong in all of this."

"May the Force be with you."

Meanwhile the droid army has gained the upper hand in the Battle of Tanis.

The Republic forces find themselves badly outnumbered...

Moving in for the kill, the Separatists continue to push forward!

As the droids close in on the Republic line, Rykrof Enloe finds himself in a struggle for his very survival.

"Damnit!" Rykrof yells as enemy troops advance on his position.
"They're everywhere!"

"We're caught in a crossfire!"

Rykrof then sees a Quarren soldier charging right at him!

Without hesitation he opens fire at the fierce warrior...

...killing the deadly Separatist with a single shot!

"Sir, we should reinforce the left flank with Master Teltuu," trooper Dolin insists. 

"Our men are getting torn to..."

Rykrof instinctively falls to the ground as a laser blast sizzles over the ground he had just stood!

As he looks up through the pouring rain, a Super Battle Droid stands over him!

The droid then takes aim at Rykrof's chest!

Suddenly the droid disintegrates under the heat of a skilled lightsaber attack!

"Thanks, that was too close," Rykrof says to the Duros Jedi.

"You are still alive," Teltuu Stabo replies.
"Which is more than I can say for most of the battalion!"

"I know!" Rykrof yells over the blaster fire.
"Why aren't you on the left flank?" 

"The tide of the battle is about to change," the Jedi replies.

Nearly a kilometer to the west, the left flank of the Republic line is being crushed by the superior numbers of the droid army.

Moving in for the kill, the Separatists converge on the faltering Republic line.

Within moments the line is broken!

As clone troopers are slaughtered by the relentless attack, more droids move in!

The clones however know that holding the line for this moment is the key for a Republic victory...

In a blinding flash, a terrible explosion engulfs both the Republic and Separatist forces!

Countless droids advancing on the position are ripped to shreds from the blast!

"What the hell did you do?" Rykrof demands upon hearing the thundering explosion in the distance.

"The men knew what they were doing," Teltuu explains.
"They set timed detonators in place... it was a small sacrifice compared to the losses the droids have now taken!"

"That wasn't their decision to make," Rykrof insists.

"Or yours!" Rykrof growls in the frustration of losing more of his men.

"There will be plenty of time to discuss this later," the Jedi insists as the droids continue to press the attack.

"But now we've got a battle to win!"

Back on Braatos VII, Republic clone troopers continue to search the city for Kala Mly Shundi.

Meanwhile, the Jedi quietly conduct their own investigation to find their troubled friend.

"Tell me when you saw him last," Redwind says to a friendly Nikto merchant.

"Not him," the alien insists.  "Her." 
"Just yesterday afternoon, as a matter of fact.  But I only caught a glimpse of her."

"As soon as that Republic cruiser appeared in the sky, she was on the move," he says.
"Headed south, I believe." 

"Can you tell me why the Republic has sent so many clone troopers to our planet?" the Nikto then asks Redwind.

"Just for security," Redwind tells the citizen in a persuasive manner.
"There is no reason to be alarmed."

"Thank you for your assistance, good citizen," Redwind then says to the peaceful being as he walks away from the merchant's stand.

Once alone, Redwind contacts Master Bassius.

"Master Bassius, are you there?" Redwind calls into his commink.

"I'm here," the Jedi responds.
"Have you found anything?"

"Just as we feared," the young Jedi warns.
"Kala is not alone.  I believe the other Jedi is in your vicinity."

"Yes... I can sense her," Bassius says.

"She's closing in on my position."

After the Republic's victory on Tanis, Rykrof has made contact with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine via holo transmission.

"I have to admit, I'm surprised by this request," Palpatine says to the battle hardened officer.
"Especially given the reports of the Separatists striking at core worlds recently."

"Intelligence suggests the Badoo Corba are on Dantooine.  They had a deal with the Separatists to assassinate Senator Amidala, if you'll remember what happened on Naboo before I was recalled to duty," Rykrof says.

"The payment, whatever it was, would have potentially crippled the Republic had the Badoo Corba succeeded in their plot to kill Amidala," he explains.

"Ah, I see that Senator Tame Heem has reached you with the information he learned from the Badoo Corba prisoner," Palpatine points out.

"Traedon Cusiro may be a traitor, but in this case I believe him," Rykrof says.
"Everything makes sense now.  The Separatists are still working with them."

"You have more experience dealing with the Badoo Corba than anyone," the Chancellor says after carefully thinking about what Rykrof has told him.

"Then you will grant me permission to assemble a team," Rykrof replies.

"On one condition," the Chancellor says thoughtfully. 
"In exchange for this request, I ask for your loyalty Rykrof."

"With all due respect, I've always been loyal to the Republic," Rykrof tells him.

"Yes, I know you have.  But things are... changing," Palpatine says.

"Once the war is over, the Republic will need stability more than ever."

"If there is a vacuum in leadership, then we will face civil unrest... or worse.  There would be a breeding ground for an even larger conflict than what we face today," he says sadly.

"Chancellor, you have my unconditional allegiance," Rykrof says proudly.

"Good.  You will have your strike team, Commander Enloe.  But let me make one thing clear," he boldly says. 

"I expect that this will be the last we hear of the Badoo Corba.  They have been a threat to the Republic since long before the war began.  There is no longer any place in the galaxy for their kind of terror.  They must be eliminated ...for good."

"I won't let you down, Chancellor," Rykrof says.

"If you do, the price will be more than you can imagine," Palpatine says to himself once the transmission ends.

The Supreme Chancellor of the Republic then stands alone in his office, anticipating the coming events he has set in motion that will soon bring an abrupt end to the war.

For little do the Jedi know that everything that has transpired has done so according to his design.

And so it begins...


The once beautiful cities of Tanis lie in ruins as Separatist forces have savagely bombarded the planet. 

Having escaped the remains of a forward command post, a pair of Republic troops find themselves behind enemy lines.

"Here come a couple more of them," trooper Racker says to his commanding officer amidst the pouring rain.

The two battle hardened troops then patiently wait for the droids to pass them.

"Alright," the officer says once the droids have passed by.

"Just here for a few days and we're already stuck in a rat hole," Racker shakes his head in frustration as his commanding officer removes his helmet.

"I know.  But if we stick our heads out now with all these droids around, it would be suicide," Rykrof tells him.

"And trust me; this planet is the last place I want to be," he says as he worries for the safety of his closest friends; Freelo and Kala Mly Shundi.

Far across the galaxy, the Republic capital of Coruscant is a blaze of light and sparkling colors, seemingly untouched by the war itself.

Deep with the Pojer District, an unexpected visitor has arrived at the Republic Interrogation Sector...

Pulled from his cell, Traedon Cusiro is surprised to be face to face with Senator Tame Heem, a close friend of Rykrof Enloe.

"Hello, Traedon," Senator Tame Heem greets him.

"The last time we met was just prior to Rykrof's capture by Badoo Corba terrorists.  How ironic it is that you are now the one behind bars."

"Whatever you came here for, you're wasting your time," the prisoner snaps at the Ithorian.

"And I never did anything to Rykrof," Traedon points out.
"In fact, I could have killed him on Naboo but I chose not too."

"Yes, I know what happened with your attempt to assassinate Senator Amidala," Tame says as Traedon briefly turns away from him.
"But it is now clear that Viceroy Nute Gunray was behind it," he continues as he attempts to gain the man's trust.

"It doesn't take a genius to connect dots that big," Traedon smirks.

"But there are more dots that need to be connected yet," Tame tells him.  "Rykrof now asks for your help.  The Separatists have captured Freelo."

"He's probably dead by now," Traedon laughs briefly. 
"Unless..." he pauses as he thinks about the situation.

"Finding the Badoo Corba is your best bet of saving Freelo," Traedon tells him.
"Because knowing the Viceroy, he's afraid the Badoo Corba will strike against him if he doesn't offer some sort of compensation for the losses the Badoo Corba suffered on Naboo... and they'd love to get their hands on someone close to Rykrof."

"I see," Tame says as he recalls that the relationship between the two organizations had been shaky since the death of Trigg Fuuda; the former leader of the Badoo Corba.
"But what was the original compensation for the assignment on Naboo?" Tame asks.

"I can't help you with that.  Whatever the Separatists were giving the Badoo Corba, it wasn't the monetary funds that bounty hunters usually get.
Probably material resources, something to help them strike the Republic," Traedon tells him.

"Thank you for this information," Tame says as he leaves the prison lobby with his escort.
"These details must be given to Rykrof at once."

"Say hello to my friends for me," Traedon grumbles sarcastically as he is escorted back to his cell.

Deep in the Outer Rim a lone shuttle breaks away from the Separatist Fleet.

Since the battle on Rhen Var, Freelo has found himself in and out of consciousness as an uncontrollable drowsiness has enveloped him.

Eventually his head begins to clear, and he wearily stumbles to his feet.

"What's happening?" he wonders aloud.

"Where's Rykrof?"

"...I must have been out for a while," Freelo mumbles as he finds the hatch behind him to be locked.

The Mon Calamari's attention is then directed toward the other side of the cargo hold... he realizes an astromech droid occupies the room as well.

"Excuse me," he says to the droid. 

The astromech beeps a rude adjective at him in response.

"What was that for?" Freelo asks. 
"I was merely going to ask a simple..."

"Huh?" Freelo gasps as he hears a door open from behind him.

"You're awake," Neimoidian General Snodd growls.
"The injection administered to you should have only rendered you useless for a short time.   You must have an unfit body to have been subdued for so long."

"Oh no!" Freelo exclaims as his abduction on Rhen Var emerges back into his memory.
"I'm a prisoner!" 

"No, you are a bargaining chip," Snodd laughs.
"Only after you are delivered to a business partner will you be considered a prisoner."

"You can't do this to me," Freelo insists.
"I'm a scientist!"

"See to it that this idiot remains in the cargo bay," Snodd orders his guard.

"If he causes any problems, the Badoo Corba will have to settle for his corpse."

With Freelo helplessly realizing his fate, the shuttle continues its journey...

Meanwhile, on Cato Neimoidia, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray meets with an aid inside a protected vault located deep within the landscape.

"This is getting out of hand," Nute Gunray says frantically to Kushra Mobines. 
"We are losing the war.  The Republic is even on the brink of striking our home world!"

In his haste to persuade his aid that the war is lost, the Viceroy is unaware that he is being watched.

"I'm disappointed in you, Viceroy," the political leader of the Separatists, Count Dooku says as he enters the chamber alongside the towering military leader of the droid army; General Grievous.

"Count Dooku!" Gunray replies with a slight tremble in his voice.
"I have received more bad news in the war effort.  General Grievous must be removed from his command at once!"   

"Insubordination will not be tolerated!" the cyborg growls.

"Indeed the Republic has taken advantage of their position," Dooku replies in an attempt to ease the tension.
"But for each hardship we have suffered, the Republic losses are equally  substantial."

"And I can assure you, everything is proceeding exactly as planned," he tells him.

"But the losses of Commanders Durge and Ventress..." Gunray pleads nervously.

"...Are offset by even greater losses the Jedi have taken," the Sith Lord explains.

"Viceroy, let us discuss your relationship with the Badoo Corba," Dooku then says, changing the subject entirely.

"Relationship?" Gunray asks defensively. 
"My dealings with them have been business matters only!"

"I know all about your dealings with them to eliminate Senator Amidala," Dooku tells him.
"It is time the relationship ends entirely."

"General Snodd has orders to rendezvous with the special shipment the Badoo Corba are demanding for their part in your agreement," General Grievous adds.

"Shipment?" Gunray asks.  "What shipment?"
"General Snodd is delivering a prisoner they want instead because they didn't fulfill the requirements of the job!"

"Viceroy, these terrorists do not accept insulting payments lightly," Dooku tells him.
"We will see to it they are accommodated appropriately."

The following day, Jedi Masters Bassius and Redwind continue their search for fallen Jedi Kala Mly Shundi on Braatos VII, the only hospitable planet in a small system that has remained neutral during the Clone Wars.

"He's here," Bassius says to his friend as he opens his senses to the Force.
"Closer than I thought."

"I feel a great disturbance here," Redwind remarks.
"The Kala I am sensing is not the one I so fondly remember... only a shadowy reflection of him."

A pair of merchants then see the two Jedi approaching and prepare to deliver a tempting sales pitch.

"Chroo-bra-neep vee say?" the Quarren vendor asks greedily to the pair.

"No, we do not need any additional supplies," Bassius replies kindly.

"Booka lo miken so vee tuu bay," the Snivvian then interjects as he attempts to persuade the Jedi to purchase a fresh Braatoosian fruit squash.

"Fruit squash?" Redwind asks. 
"Yes, I'm sure it is delicious," he says with a smile to the persistent dealer.

"Chaas boov pipo mo nopo," the Quarren then says with bewilderment.
"Ka joon tuu Jeeedi!"

"Ban so Jedi." Bassius tells him.

"He realizes we are Jedi... and says this planet is doomed," Bassius informs Redwind.
"Because if there are three Jedi on Braatos VII, the war can not be far behind."

"They must have seen Kala then," Redwind points out.

"Mano vee mo nito?" Bassius asks the Quarren.

"Greeeeark!!!" the Florn Lamprey companion to the vendors suddenly shrieks as it motions toward the western sky.

High above their position, the distinct outline of a Republic Assault Cruiser has come into view.

"Why would Coruscant send an assault ship to this sector?" Bassius asks Redwind.

"Amad Jeeedi bo faas sibbo leepa!" the Quarren shouts.

"Something feels terribly wrong," Redwind says.


Above the frigid world of Rhen Var, Separatist forces engage the invading Republic fleet.

On the surface, Republic ground forces, led by a contingent of Jedi knights, advance on the enemy...

Backed by superior firepower, they engage the defending Confederate army.

The Separatist forces are pushed back...

As the legions of clone troopers continue their advance.

"Come on Anakin!" Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi shouts.

"We have to get past these droids..."

"...before General Grievous escapes!"

Well beyond Obi Wan Kenobi's position, an advance scout group soon finds themselves ahead the rest of the Republic forces.

Addressing his commander, an officer reports that a Republic gunship carrying a high ranking admiral has crashed near their sector.

"Admiral Gere was on that ship," the trooper reports.

"We're the only ones close enough to assist," the commander points out.

"Sir, our orders are to hold this position," the trooper replies.

"To hell with our orders," Commander Enloe states, removing his helmet.

"Freelo, I'll need you to stay behind with two troopers and hold this ground.  The rest of us are going after Tylin."


"Don't worry," Freelo assures him.  "We won't let any Separatists get past us."

"Alright, but be very careful.  We'll be back as soon as we get Tylin out of there," Rykrof says to his friend.

Rykrof and his men then head in the direction of Admiral Gere's crashed gunship.

"I'm beginning to think staying here was a bad idea," Freelo says as the realization that he's on the front lines without his trusted friend and protector starts to sink in.

"You heard the Commander," the clone replies.  "We have to hold this position."

Meanwhile, General Grievous prepares for a hasty retreat.

"Republic forces are advancing from all directions," a commanding battle droid informs him.

"It is no matter.  We have uncovered the artifact.  Count Dooku will be most pleased," Grievous growls.

"Time to abandon this waste of a planet," Grievous continues.

"Keep manning the cannons!"

"What about General Snodd?" the droid asks.

"He can fend for himself!" Grievous exclaims.

General Grievous then looms over the mysterious device excavated from deep under the surface of the planet.

"I will deliver the relic to Count Dooku myself!" he laughs.

Meanwhile, Rykrof's group races past enemy positions in a desperate attempt to reach Admiral Gere's crash site.

Suddenly a laser blast strikes his lone remaining trooper through the chest...

Rykrof realizes that the decision to go after Tylin may be a fatal one...

...but is determined to fight his way to the ship!

Nearby the surviving crew at the crash site scramble to hold their position.

"Damn Jedi," Tylin curses.
"Where are they when we need them?"

"STAPS approaching from the east!" one trooper shouts.

"This ship is a death trap!  We can't hold out here much longer!"

More droids continue to convene at the site...

...overwhelming the defending clone troopers!

"Admiral!  Get out of here before it's too..." the last trooper shouts as he is gunned down.

Tylin then spots another trooper approaching his position...

"Tylin!" Rykrof yells, "Get the hell out of there!"

"Rykrof!"  Gere shouts with relief. 

"I'm right behind you, lead the way!"

"Just like old times," Rykrof says as he clears a path for their escape.

"Stay close behind me!"

On the other side of the stronghold, the Jedi have overtaken the Separatist fortress.

"That's the last of them," Obi Wan says as he gracefully strikes down another droid.

"The Separatists are in full retreat," Anakin adds.
"All we have to do now is mop up the remaining droids scattered throughout the area."

"All good news, Anakin, but I'm afraid it appears that General Grievous has escaped," Obi Wan informs him.

Soon, Rykrof and Tylin find their way back to the relative safety of the front lines.

"Alright, stay here," Rykrof tells Tylin.
"I'll need to assemble a squad and get back to Freelo's position."

A small group of droids then advances on the front line...

...and a laser blast strikes Rykrof!

Rykrof is assisted by a fellow trooper as his comrades take out the droids.

"Right in the damn hip," he mutters in pain.

"I'll send a squad to find Freelo," Tylin tells him. 
"In the meantime, we need to get you to a medical droid."

In the final hours of the battle, the Republic sends troops deep in the caves to route out the remaining Separatist forces...

Driving the devious Nemoidian General Snodd out into the open!

The military leader quickly detects the remnants of a Republic squad...

And catches the group by surprise!

"Hands up," General Snodd yells.

"Don't shoot!  I surrender," Freelo frantically insists.

"YOU," Snodd says as he realizes the identity of the Mon Calamari.

"Take this slime with us," General Snodd orders the droid.

"No!" Freelo cries.

"They're stealing me!"

Following the Republic's victory on Rhen Var, Rykrof has received treatment for his injury.

"I'm really okay," Rykrof insists to a persistent medical droid.

"Your wound has been treated, but regulation states that you should stay for observation overnight," the droid pleads. 

"I have other matters to attend to," Rykrof says, leaving the frustrated droid in the medical bay.

"Already defying doctor's orders?" Tylin laughs.
"You never were one to listen to good advice."

"Or to give it," Rykrof jokes. 
"Where's Freelo?"

"Come with me," Tylin says as he embraces his old friend. 

"I've been in communication with two ground teams, but there's no sign of Freelo anywhere," Tylin tells him.

"Oh no," Rykrof says with a frown.  "I never should have left him."

"I've got to go after him..." he pauses.   "Freelo is my responsibility."

"No, your responsibility is following orders, Commander, not saving your friends," Tylin says in a demeaning manor.

"I'll keep that in mind next time you need rescuing," Rykrof snaps back.

"Now is not the time to focus on your personal feelings, Commander," Tylin says.

"You have your orders!" Tylin shouts as Rykrof leaves the control room.

"Finally I know where your TRUE loyalties lie," Tylin thinks to himself.

Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe Chapter 25 - IMMOLATION
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Throughout the galaxy, the Clone Wars continue as the Grand Army of the Republic begins to gain ground in the war...

...but the armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems continue to strike back!

Back at the center of the Republic, night falls on the Senatorial District on Coruscant...

But determined to uncover the reason for Kala Mly Shundi's betrayal, Rykrof Enloe attempts to meet with the senior members of the Jedi Order.

"I'm sorry," Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi informs Rykrof.
"But as I told you, the Council will not be in session for the next 48 hours.  You should go to your quarters; get some sleep." 

"This is a very urgent matter," Rykrof pleads. 
"I need to speak with them at once regarding Master Shundi before I am deployed."

"Rykrof, we share your concern for Kala.  But the Council will deal with this matter internally," Mundi insists.

"But I will certainly keep you updated on the situation," the Jedi continues.

"I understand," Rykrof replies under his breath. 
"I'll contact you after we take back Rhen Var."

"May the Force be with you in the assault, Rykrof.  Reports are that the Separatist force on Rhen Var is strong." Ki Adi Mundi cautions. 

"Told you I did," Master Yoda says once Rykrof is gone. 
"Strong loyalties he has."

"Yes, a good friend he is to Master Shundi," Ki Adi Mundi agrees.

"Clouded their destiny is," the Senior Jedi says as he closes his eyes.

Coruscant never sleeps, as beings conduct business during all hours of the night.

And after departing the temple, Rykrof decides to clear his head by walking back to his personal quarters.

But right away, an eerie feeling comes over him...

...and he realizes that he is being followed.

Rykrof continues to walk in the direction of his personal quarters, and devises a plan to gain the upper hand...

...knowing full well he is still a prime target of the Badoo Corba.

The mysterious stranger follows Rykrof's path briskly to keep up with the Republic Commander.

And approaches an alley Rykrof has just entered...

But as he rounds the corner, Rykrof is nowhere in sight!

"Stop right there," Rykrof says as he points his blaster at the pursuer.

With amazing speed, the man quickly takes control of the situation; hurling Rykrof into an adjacent wall!

Rykrof then struggles to reach for his weapon...

"Stop!" an older Sullustan then frantically shouts.

"Jedi," Rykrof groans as he rubs feeling back into his arm. 
"What is the meaning of this?"

"We need to speak with you privately," the man who followed Rykrof says.

"You have one hell of a way of arranging meetings," Rykrof replies sarcastically after getting back onto his feet.

"We did not mean to startle you," the Sullustan says kindly.
"My name is Jedi Master Bassius Tulo..."

"...and it appears you and Master Redwind have already met."

"Alright, now that we're all friends, what do you want?" Rykrof asks suspiciously.

"To help a mutual friend.  Kala Mly Shundi has turned to the Dark Side of the Force," Redwind boldly says.

"Kala is loyal to you," Bassius tells Rykrof. 
"We are going to bring him back to the light.  We would like for you to accompany us."

"Go with you?  I'm afraid that's out of the question," Rykrof tells them. 
"I'm leaving shortly to lead the 334th's assault on Rhen Var."

"Resign your post," Redwind retorts. 

"Resign my post?" Rykrof laughs as he turns back to Bassius.
"Has the Jedi Order even sanctioned this mission you're proposing?"

"No.  They know nothing of our intentions," Bassius admits.

"I wish you every bit of success on your mission but I can't be part of this," Rykrof tells him. 
"I have a commitment to the Republic.  My place is with my men... if I were to abandon my post, that would be directly disobeying the Supreme Chancellor."

"I understand," Bassius says sadly.  "But before we go, there is something you must know."

"I'm listening," Rykrof replies.

"The reason Kala has always been loyal to you goes back around the time you were born," the Jedi tells him.

"What do you mean?" Rykrof inquires.

Redwind then gives Bassius a sharp look, as if warning him to not say any more.
"I should speak of this no further," Master Tulo then replies.

Rykrof then steps closer to Bassius.
"I insist."

"From what I understand, your father has never told you about your mother," he relents.

"What does she have to do with anything?  She died soon after I was born," Rykrof tells him.

"True, fourteen months after you were born, to be exact," Bassius explains.  "On Dantooine."

"You see, Kala was..." he then pauses.

"...your mother's apprentice," Redwind interjects.

Shocked to hear that his mother was a Jedi, Rykrof finds himself speechless as he attempts to get a better look at Redwind's concealed face.

"She left the Jedi Order for a short time after meeting your father.  While the Council did not approve of her personal choice, she was accepted back into the Order after you were born," Redwind explains.

"As a young child, your ability with the Force was evaluated," Bassius then tells him.

"But your mother's gift was not passed on."

"A young Jedi named Innoril betrayed the Order after she returned.  Upon slaying two Jedi; one of which was my Master, he fled to Dantooine..."

"A group of Jedi were sent after to him to bring him to justice, including myself and Kala... we had both just been knighted. 

Your mother was in charge of the mission and wanted to ensure that Kala and I did not attempt to face Innoril on our own."

"Innoril knew very well the purpose of our mission:  to disarm him and bring him back to the Jedi Council to stand trial for what he did."

"The senior Jedi moved in first."

"But the Force was with Innoril that day..."

"...we never stood a chance."

"After the two Masters fell, your mother realized that she had only one option...

She drew her saber..."

"...knowing it would give Kala and myself time to flee."

"Fear was Innoril's ally..."

"Before we fled, we watched briefly as she battled her adversary."

"Valiantly she fought..."

"...making the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live."

"Kala vowed to protect the Enloe family after that day."

"Your mother loved you dearly... but your father chose to distance you from the Jedi, and shield you from the truth about what happened to her." 

"I... I don't know what to say," Rykrof says, holding back his emotions.
"Whatever happened to this ...Innoril?"

"Innoril was later struck down by dissidents on Dantooine," Tulo says.  "He died soon after our encounter with him."

"I never knew any of this," Rykrof says.
"You know... I have a son named Caldin..."

"Then there is a direct bloodline from your mother... he should be tested," Redwind points out.

"No," Rykrof shakes his head. 
"Not now anyway.  My wife has been through too much since the war broke out."

"What you've just told us changes everything, Rykrof.  Is Kala aware of this?" Bassius asks.

"Of course," Rykrof admits.

"Given this information and the considerable strength of the Separatist army on Rhen Var, you really should be with your wife and son," Bassius warns. 
"I can't stop you from taking part in the assault on Rhen Var, but I do advise against it... we must now part ways."

"I see," Rykrof says.  "But tell me - where do you think Kala is?"

"We do not know.  But when we find him, he will return with us to Coruscant," Bassius says. 

"Or we'll be forced to kill him."

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Joe Defender / G.I. Joe Toys Thread
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Wow those are lame!

I have a feeling the Armadillo rehash is just "extra" stuff Hasbro is adding to the line, like they did with Transformers.

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