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Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe Chapter 24 - SEDITION
« on: November 11, 2008, 12:04 PM »
Some of you may have already seen this chapter, but for those that have not, here's Chapter 24 in my series.  Comments/feedback are appreciated as always.

Following an unsuccessful assassination attempt of Senator Amidala by terrorists hired by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Republic has sent additional forces to bolster the defenses of Naboo.

Despite assurances of the planet's safety by military command, one well known family prepares to depart from their home.

Packing family heirlooms but leaving behind many of their possessions, Alyssa Enloe sadly takes down a cupboard handed down to her from her mother.

"The speeders are packed pretty tight," Rykrof says to his wife as he enters the family room.

"Just a few more things and we're good to go."

"Are we sure about this?" Alyssa asks her husband.

"This is our home..."

"You can't stay here right now," Rykrof insists. 

"Not after what happened.  My dad's right; you and Caldin should go to Urelia for the time being."

"Trust me," he says to his wife.

"We're going to miss you," she replies softly as he begins to embrace her.

"Rykrof!  You'll never believe it, I found my telkintu picks!" Freelo exclaims as he barges into the room.

"I was afraid I'd have to leave without them," he says.

"Well we wouldn't want you going to Rhen Var without your precious tools," Alyssa says sarcastically.

"Rhen Var," Rykrof thinks to himself as he recalls his past experience on the frozen planet.

Freelo and Alyssa watch as Rykrof walks out of the room...

...and toward his son.

"I'll be back, Caldin," he promises.

"I swear it."

Meanwhile, several systems away, the Republic has all but taken control of the Kobridor system.

With scattered forces of droids still attacking the newly established Republic garrison, all units are still on high alert.

But while the remaining droids are rounded up and defeated, a dark presence has returned to the planet.

And a Jedi has recently been slain.

"Foln's body is this way," Jedi Council member Shaak Ti says as she leads a small group to recover the fallen Jedi.

"So it is," replies Master Tonsmokka, an Ishi Tib Jedi loyal to the Republic; despite the majority of his species siding with Count Dooku and the Confederacy.

"May you be one with the Force old friend," the Togruta Jedi Master whispers upon observing her fallen comrade.

"So it's true," Miberal points out. 

"His wounds are indeed from a lightsaber."

"But Dooku and Ventress fled the planet weeks ago..." Shaak Ti says as a feeling of dread begins to consume her.

"General!  Behind you!" Clone Captain Andar suddenly shouts.

A dark figure then emerges from the shadows.

"Master Shundi? " Shaak Ti asks in disbelief.

"What... what has happened to you?"

"I've been waiting for you," Kala Mly Shundi says as he steps closer to her.

"I sense the Dark Side in you Kala," Shaak Ti warns.

"Through your perception of darkness, I have found light," Kala counters.

"As I searched for the answers I sought, the Force beckoned me to Dantooine," he continues.

"It was there that Pilos the Oracle showed me the truth."

"It will be a member of the Jedi Council..."

"...that thrusts the galaxy into darkness."

"You've gone mad," Shaak Ti warns him. 

"The galaxy is doomed," Kala tells her. 

"Unless I prevent it by elimination..."

"...of one Council member at a time."

In reaction to the Jedi's hostile intentions, Captain Andar fires his DC-15 blaster at Kala Mly Shundi!

But the laser blast is easily blocked... deflected into Andar's chest!

"We'll take him together," Master Tonsmokka shouts as his weapon hisses to life.

"No!" Shaak Ti screams in desperation as Kala charges towards the Ishi Tib Jedi!

With lightning speed, the misguided Jedi dismembers Miberal Tonsmokka...

...and quickly steps back as Shaak Ti ignites her own lightsaber!

"Drop your weapon," the senior Jedi demands as she delivers a threatening blow at Kala.

"You are coming with me to Coruscant to stand trial before the Jedi Council!"

"We'll all be betrayed...," Kala bellows as he continues to retreat from her relentless attack.

"...droid!" he suddenly growls.

Shaak Ti then instinctively spins to her side, deflecting a laser blast!

The source of the attack is then revealed, as a Super Battle Droid charges toward the dueling Jedi!

Evading further laser fire, Shaak Ti waits until the mechanism is within striking range...

...and then tears through its metal body with her lightsaber!

The Jedi Master then quickly redirects her attention towards Kala...

...only to find he has disappeared!

Reaching out with the Force, she senses Kala's inner turmoil as he attempts to flee the planet...

...and closes her eyes in pain as on this day not only have two Jedi fallen, but a third has slipped into darkness.

Far across the galaxy, the small planet Urelia has been unscathed by the war; making the home of Rykrof Enloe's family the ideal setting for Alyssa and Caldin until the war's end.

"I'm sorry your brother can't be here with us Matilda," Rykrof's father, Josser says to his daughter. 

"Oh, there she is," Josser says with a smile.

"Alyssa!" the old man greets her as she approaches the two.

"It really is good to see you again," Rykrof's father says kindly.

"Urelia is the perfect sanctuary to avoid unwelcome guests... there is no war here, no Badoo Corba."

"I am very grateful for this, Josser, and to you too Matilda.  I really am," Alyssa tells them.

"But I'm afraid of what's to come," she says as the group watches Ralbarr and Palom unload their cargo. 

"Rykrof's being sent back for an assault on Rhen Var." 

"And Caldin's getting to the age where he's beginning to realize his father's away..." she says sadly.

"Ha!  Rykrof has no business being off fighting in this war," Matilda rudely snaps. 

"That's what clones are for."

"Your brother fights so that we may live in peace," Alyssa argues.

"You'll have to forgive Matilda," Josser says, acting as a mediator. 

"She is very worried for her brother."

"We're ALL worried," Alyssa points out.

"But I suppose this war isn't worth fighting to some," she whispers under her breath.

Hours later, a lone Republic Star Destroyer exits hyperspace...

...and arrives at Coruscant.

Back at the Republic capital, Rykrof Enloe secretly meets with his friend in the Galactic Senate, Tame Heem.

"What's so important that it couldn't wait until morning?" Rykrof asks the gentle Ithorian.

"I have very bad news," the alien laments.

"The Senate reported in session today that Master Shundi turned on three Jedi on Kobridor; killing at least one," he says sadly.

"That's impossible!" Rykrof responds.

"It is true," Tame Heem affirms.  "Master Shaak Ti barely survived the encounter!  But now, no one knows where Kala is!"

"What could have possessed him to turn on the Jedi?" Rykrof wonders aloud.

"Who is to say?" the Ithorian Senator replies. 

"Kala had a reason," Rykrof says as he exits the room.

"And I'm going to find out what it was."

Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe Chapter 23 - REVELATIONS
« on: July 30, 2008, 11:11 AM »
For those that have continued reading this series, thanks for your support... here is Chapter 23, Revelations.

Despite the growing fears of a Separatist invasion of Naboo, the Republic is able to spare the small planet only one cruiser for protection, the Tempest

On the surface, the entire capital of Theed has been put on lockdown as the commander of the Naboo garrison, Brennan Kiltu, has focused his resources to arresting Rykrof Enloe.

"It's unthinkable," Governor Sio Bibble argues with the commander.

"Rykrof Enloe is one this planet's greatest sons.  I fear we are making a terrible mistake," he laments.

"We have every reason to believe that Enloe is in league with the Badoo Corba," Kiltu says snidley.

"He was seen meeting with Badoo Corba infiltrators at Otoh Osakaar.  Once he is in custody, he is to be transferred to Tempest for immediate interrogation."

Meanwhile, a pair of clone troopers guard the quarantined Enloe homestead.

"Do you know what Commander Enloe did?" JT-46 asks his counterpart.

"Negative," the other trooper replies. 

"But we have our orders.  If he shows up here take him into custody."

Meanwhille, Rykrof and his friend, Freelo, observe the homestead from a safe distance.

"I'm not seeing any troops," Rykrof says.

"But they might be waiting inside for us."

"Wait a second," he continues.

"I can see two of them now."

"Caldin and Alyssa better be alright," Rykrof says bitterly.

"Ralbarr won't let anything happen to them," Freelo says helpfully as he receives the macro binoculars.

"I'm more worried about those Badoo Corba terrorists we ran into!"

"I'm worried about those rats too," Rykrof admits.

"But first I have to get back to the house to make sure they're safe." 

"This whole thing's a trap," Rykrof then points after considering his options.

"...getting in there's not going to be easy.  And we don't have time.  We really need to take down Kiltu and stop the Badoo Corba."

"Hey!  Look who it is!" Freelo says as a military speeder approaches their location.

"Palom and Sergeant Kraist!"

"Be ready for anything," Rykrof says as he cautiously watches the clone sergeant exit the speeder with Palom.

"Rykrof, I explained to Sergeant Kraist the situation," Palom says.

"I wasn't aware that he served with you on Spahl VII..."

"Commander Enloe, as always I am at your service," the loyal trooper reports.

"It's been a while, my friend," Rykrof says thankfully. 

"What can you tell me about my family?  Are they safe?"

"You're family is under quarantine by two squads of Kiltu's troops," Kraist informs him. 

"But I can assure you that they are in no danger."

"Rykrof," Palom interrupts, "What are we going to do?"

"Kiltu is behind all of this," Rykrof says.

"He must have worked out a deal with the Badoo Corba... someone or something on Naboo is their target... we need to get to Kiltu as quickly as possible.  It's the only way we can stop their plan." 

Soon after, Commander Kiltu informs the governor he has received word that Rykrof has been taken into custody.

"This is a sad day for all of Naboo," Bibble says stoically. 

"And for the Republic."

"Rykrof," Kiltu then says snidely as he greets his visitor.

"Good afternoon, Commander," Rykrof replies darkly, concealing a drakken crafted daggar.

Before Kiltu can respond, Rykrof suddenly lunges towards him, revealing the weapon!

"Trooper!" Bibble exclaims, "Stop him!  Do your job!"

"Sir, I am," Sergeant Kraist stiffly responds; allowing Rykrof to continue the attack on Commander Kiltu!

"Who are you working for?" Rykrof growls. 


"I don't know what you're talking about," Kiltu insists as Rykrof slams him into the far wall.

"You are going to tell me right here and right now, WHY THE BADOO CORBA ARE HERE, AND WHY YOU'RE HELPING THEM !" Rykrof demands.

"He already said he doesn't know what you're talking about!" Sio Bibble urges; begging Rykrof to stop.

"Even if you're right, you can't carry out an interrogation without due process!"

"There isn't time for due process," Sergeant Kraist retorts.

"Every second the Badoo Corba are out there, more people are in danger!" Rykrof yells, ignoring the governor.

"You know what they did to me Kiltu, and what I'm capable of doing to YOU to get the information I need."

To Kiltu's horror, Rykrof begins to drive the dagger into his eye socket!

"NO!  NO!  STOP!!!  It's SENATOR AMIDALA they're after!"

"You got in the way," he cries.  "I had to try and stop you... it's Senator Amidala they want..."

"It was the only way I could prevent the Separatists from attacking the planet... she has to be sacrificed..."

Shocked, Rykrof drops Kiltu to the floor with a thud.

"Padme?  I thought Senator Amidala was on Coruscant?"

"Commander Kiltu... what have you done?"  Sio Bibble asks in disbelief.

"She's at her lake retreat," Kiltu says as Sergeant Kraist takes him away.

"Her comm link is off... she's most likely already dead."

"Governor, put out a red alert that the quarantine is to stay in effect until this situation is resolved," Rykrof says.

"I'll take a squad to Senator Amidala's retreat and get her out of there."


Minutes later, Freelo and Palom find Rykrof assembling a team of troops.

"They're after Senator Amidala?" Freelo asks upon learning of Rykrof's plan.

"That's what Kiltu claims," Rykrof explains. 

"He may be lying," he continues.  "But we can't take any chances.  Get back to the homestead and inform Alyssa.  And make sure everyone's safe!"

Back at Rykrof's home, the clone troopers have been informed of the turn of events.

"Freelo!"  Alyssa exclaims.  "Where's my husband?  What's going on?"

"One minute we're told that Rykrof's wanted for treason, the next he's leading the garrison on some rescue mission?"

"It's Commander Kiltu," Freelo says.  "He's a traitor!  He set Rykrof up!"

"GRBAAAHHHH!!!" Ralbarr growls.

"Don't blame me," Freelo argues.

"I'm merely explaining that..."

"Quit arguing!" Alyssa yells sharply, cutting him off.

"Where's Rykrof going?"

"It appears the Badoo Corba have targeted Senator Amidala," Palom interjects.

"Rykrof's leading a team to escort her to safety."

"Sir, my men are ready to assemble and assist Commander Enloe," Captain Bune says.

"No, keep your troops here.  The Badoo Corba have a history with Rykrof and may be targeting his family too," Palom insists.

"We need you to stay here."

"So he's up to his neck in another mess with those terrorists," Alyssa sighs.

"There's really nothing to worry about," Freelo says as he picks up Caldin.

"Nothing to worry about?" Alyysa asks sarcastically.

"He's quite resourceful," Freelo explains.

"For a human being."

Meanwhile, Rykrof's team searches Padme Amidala's retreat for the senator.

"There's no one inside sir," one trooper reports.

"She's got to be here somewhere," Rykrof says.

"Not if the Badoo Corba got to her first," Sergeant Kraist points out.

"Thank the Maker," a golden protocol droid suddenly exclaims as it emerges from an apparent hiding place. 

"I'm saved from those filthy creatures!  Nasty Rodians!"

"Oh my, where are my manners?" the droid asks itself aloud.

"I am See-Threepio, human-cyborg relations," the droid proudly announces.

"And this is my counterpart, Artoo-Detoo."

"The Rodians were here?  Do you know where Senator Amidala is?" Rykrof asks urgently.

"Yes, they were just here searching for her.  But they were too late.  Miss Padme had already left for the Secluded Gardens with..."

"How do we get to the gardens from here?" Rykrof asks, cutting him off.

"The Secluded Gardens are approximately one point two kilometers northeast of the estate," See-Threepio informs him.  "I'm afraid she's turned off her commlink.  She asked to not be disturbed."

"Alright, let's go!" Rykrof orders his troops.

"Well, they're on their way," the protocol droid says.

"Between the two of us, I believe Miss Padme is in considerable danger!"

Nearby, Senator Padme Amidala enjoys the peaceful, quite environment of the Secluded Gardens. 

"Away from Coruscant; away from the war," she thinks to herself with a smile. 

Suddenly, a clone trooper interrupts the peaceful scene!

"What is the meaning of this?" she demands as she finds herself face to face with Rykrof.

"You shouldn't keep your whereabouts so secretive from security, Senator," Rykrof scolds. 

"We need to get you to back to the palace where it's safe," he continues.

"Safe?  What's going on?  I'm..."

A laser blast then rips through the chest of one of Rykrof's troopers!

Rykrof immediately spots the source of the blast - the warrior he had encountered at Otoh Osakaar!

"Son of a bitch!" Rykrof yells as he attempts to shield Padme from the attack.

"They're here!  Protect the Senator!"

The clone troopers attempt to quickly regroup...

...but flanked by the Rodian thugs, the warrior presses on the attack!

A second trooper then falls to enemy fire!

"Behind you!" Padme screams, just as Rykrof quickly spins around and blasts an approaching Rodian terrorist through the skull!


"Commander, look!" Sergeant Kraist yells above the blaster fire.

Rykrof can barely believe his eyes as he watches Anakin Skywalker emerge from the forest, slicing a limb from one of the terrorists!

The warrior quickly turns his attention to the young Jedi...

...but Anakin is too skilled for the warrior, and evades his attack!

The young Jedi then calls upon the Force, slamming a pulse of energy into him!

The warrior collapses to the ground; instantly knocked unconscious.

"That's all of them Sir," Sergeat Kraist reports.

"I didn't expect to see you here," Rykrof then says to Anakin.

"But now I can see why you kept your visit back home under the radar," Rykrof says as he turns to the young woman; realizing she and Anakin have a secret relationship.

"But it's foolish to keep security in the dark of your whereabouts.  Everyone thought you were still on Coruscant."

"Everyone but Commander Kiltu," Anakin replies.

"Kiltu made a deal with the Trade Federation Viceroy..." Rykrof informs him. 

"...allow for a terrorist strike team to assassinate the Senator, or Naboo will face a full scale attack by the droid armies of the Trade Federation."

"I can't believe Kiltu..." Padme begins to say.

"Come on," Anakin says as he comforts his love.  "None of this is your doing."

Rykrof then approaches the warrior; who has begun to stir.

"I'm sorry it came to this, my friend," the warrior tells him.

"Friend?"  Rykrof snaps.

"What gives you reason to refer to me as a friend?"

"It's me," the warrior says.

He removes his helmet, revealing the face of Rykrof's old friend, Traedon Cusiro.

Later that evening, the sun begins to set as the Badoo Corba have been rounded up and defeated.

"You're going to have a lot of explaining to do," Rykrof tells Traedon before he is sent to Coruscant for trial.

"For what it's worth, I never intended for you to get involved in this," Traedon replies.

"If I wanted, you would have been dead yesterday at Otoh Osakaar.  But the target was Senator Amidala."

"How could you do this?" Rykrof asks.

"You were working for the Badoo Corba when I met you on Dathomir, weren't you?"

"I was trying to get off planet when the Separatists arrived, who were looking for you," Traedon admits.

"But I'm no terrorist.  I work for the highest bidder," Traedon boldy says.

"I should have shot you when I had the chance!" Rykrof says sharply.

"Rykrof, do yourself a favor," Traedon replies, changing the subject.

"Get Alyssa and Caldin off Naboo.  When the Badoo Corba find out what happened here, they'll go after your family.  And it won't be to take prisoners."

"Get him out of my sight," Rykrof then orders the troopers in disgust.

The troopers then escort Rykrof's former friend to his awaiting transport.

In disbelief of the betrayal of Traedon, Rykrof heads back to the palace, only to be greeted by Anakin.

"Commander Enloe," Anakin says kindly.

"I didn't thank you properly for your actions today."

"Don't mention it," Rykrof says.

"And don't worry; your secret is safe with me."

"Thank you. I was careless to leave her alone, even for a moment," Anakin continues.

"Commander, I will always be in debt to you," the young Jedi says.

"I meant to ask you earlier," Rykrof says as he changes the subject.

"Have you heard the where abouts of Master Kala Mly Shundi?"

"Last I heard, he was in the Outer Rim," he tells Rykrof.

"He hasn't reported back in quite some time," he admits.

"The Jedi Council is very concerned."

"I'm worried about him too," Rykrof says.

"And after what happened today, I'm worried more than ever for the future of the Republic."

Watto's Junk Yard / Indiana Jones 4 - The Movie SPOILER THREAD
« on: May 22, 2008, 04:12 AM »
Saw it... liked some aspects of it quite a bit, others not as much as I'd hoped.  I won't go into details since I know I'd be mentioning several spoilers.

Well of the Souls / Early Finds...
« on: April 7, 2008, 11:46 AM »
Ok, I know this is just pure speculation... but I'd think that a few of us are going to be lucky and find a few Indy toys before the street date (5/1, right?).

By my past experience, Wal-Mart, TRU and Target are all pretty tight on street dates for launches of a new line like this.  I've heard of a few hiccups, but I doubt I'll be able to score anything at those locations.

In about a week or two though, I'm going to start checking K-Mart... they're the one retailer that I remember put out all their ROTS toys about 10 days early and sold them for a day, only to put them back in the stockroom when word got out that they were selling them too early.  I'm thinking a few K-Marts might have a similar slip on these too (they did for AOTC and EPI too in my area, but not to the point of them setting the entire section up like they did for ROTS).

Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe Chapter 22 - INFILTRATION
« on: February 21, 2008, 05:21 PM »
Finally a new chapter to share... hope any readers out there like this one.

The Battle of Geonosis was a bitter victory for the Republic... the prospect of a full scale war with the Confederacy became inevitable.

As the Clone Wars spread throughout the galaxy, millions of clone trooper units departed from Coruscant on missions to find and defeat the Separatists.

They were led into battle by the Jedi Knights; the first time that the Jedi Order had taken up arms en masse for a thousand years...

...and the Grand Army of the Republic engaged the droid army across hundreds of star systems.

Early in the conflict, an ordinary man rose from the ranks of a Coruscant peace officer... lead the Republic to victory in countless battles.

Commander Rykrof Enloe became a name of legend in the officer ranks...

...always standing shoulder to shoulder with his men.

But once captured by Badoo Corba terrorists, all hope for his safe return seemed lost.

While one dear to him relied on faith...

...the other sought strength through the Dark Side of the Force.

But against all odds, Rykrof cheated death, turning the table on his captors...

...and escaped from the clutches of the Badoo Corba!

But the forces of darkness continued to plot against the Republic.

All the while the war continued...

...with no end in sight.

With the Clone Wars stretching the Republic's resources thin, there is a growing sentiment that Naboo has become vulnerable to attack.

At the capital city of Theed, a new day begins.

Tensions have escalated as the threat of a Separatist invasion weighs on the minds of the planet's citizens.

"One Venator-class Star Destroyer is simply not enough protection," Rykrof insists as he exits Theed Palace with Commander Brennan Kiltu, Chommell Sector Bureau Central Commander.

"Regardless of what intelligence indicates, I believe Naboo is a prime target for invasion by the Confederacy," he says.

"Rykrof, you're not listening to what I'm telling you," Brennan argues, lowering his voice.

"The Republic can not send additional forces here," he insists.

"I can't go into details, Rykrof, but I have assurances that this planet will not be targeted for an attack."

"Trust me on this.  And I understand your concerns.  This sector is under my watch; I won't allow any planet in the system to go unprotected," Brennan says with a smile.

"Alright," Rykrof bitterly concedes. 

"Rykrof, hey!" a familiar voice hollers as the former commander walks away from the argument.

"What was that all about?" the young man asks.

"Oh, Palom.  Hi.  It's just Commander Kiltu," Rykrof says to the Naboo technician.

"You don't need to get involved."

"Why were you saying there might be an invasion by the Separatists?" he asks.

"If that starts going around, the entire city could go into a panic!"

"Maybe they should..." Rykrof replies in a dark tone.

"...we can't rely on the Republic to provide protection forever," he continues as a pair of clone troopers looks on.


"Do me a favor, Palom," Rykrof says before leaving.

"I'm sure it's nothing, but let me know if you notice anything out of the ordinary."

"Of course, Sir," the helpful technician says.

Back at the Enloe homestead, Rykrof explains to his friend Freelo of the potential threat he sees facing the planet.

"I don't believe this," Rykrof grumbles after sipping on some homemade kardrum.

"The Security Council is blind.  After what happened with the Trade Federation invasion, they should realize the need for a larger military."

"You're blowing everything out of proportion!" Freelo exclaims as he throws his arms into the air.

"Commander Kiltu told you that he has assurances that the planet won't be attacked."

"Exactly," Rykrof says.

"Which means he might be hiding something."

"And if he is, I intend to find out what it is, Freelo."

"First thing tomorrow, I'm applying to be reinstated with my command."

- CRASH! - Rykrof is startled by a noise from the other room.

"Aw, damn!" Rykrof curses, jumping out of his seat.

"Freelo, go ahead and get your stuff out to the speeder.  I'll be ready after I clean up this mess."

"Caldin," he scolds his son, "You know better!"

As the toddler smiles at his father, Rykrof tries to hide his frustration over the incident.

He then carefully inspects the model starship for damage, and places the prize of his collection back on display.

Realizing that Caldin was only trying to play, Rykrof can't help but laugh to himself over the mishap.

"It's okay buddy," Rykrof says with a smile. 

"Mommy's right.  After all, they're only toys."

"Only toys?" Alyssa repeats sarcastically as she enters the room.

"Can't get mad at him for taking after his old man," Rykrof laughs.

"I overheard what you were telling Freelo," Alyssa says sadly, changing the subject.

"I haven't made any decision yet," Rykrof admits.

"You don't need to go back into service," Alyssa snaps at him. 

"Honey, I promised Freelo I'd scout with him today," Rykrof says, changing the subject.

"So we'll talk about it tonight, okay?"

Rykrof then finds Freelo outside the homestead.

"This is so exciting!" Freelo exclaims as he turns to his friend.

"I can't believe the Gungans have granted us permission to dig at Otoh Osakaar.  Who knows what relics we will uncover!"

Pretending to sound interested, Rykrof then turns to his loyal friend, Ralbarr.

"Hey, watch over Alyssa and Caldin today for me," Rykrof tells the mighty Wookiee. 

"And try contacting Kala again."

"Ready?" Freelo asks impatiently.

"Yeah, let's get moving," Rykrof says. 

Early that afternoon, Rykrof and Freelo arrive at their destination.

"This is it," Freelo proudly announces.

"The ruins of Osakaar!"

"I can hardly contain myself," Rykrof mumbles.

Soon after, Rykrof finds himself hauling more equipment than he can muster.

"Geeze, how much further do we have to go?" Rykrof gasps.

"I don't know," Freelo says cheerfully.  "We'll know when we get there!"

After finally agreeing on a dig site, Freelo activates his personal assistant droid, RKE-O1G.

"Rykrof, hand me the hydro pliers," Freelo requests as the droid chirps to life.

"Sure, no problem," Rykrof says as he begins to look for the tool.

"What box are..."


"Quiet," Freelo whispers.  "You hear those voices?"

"...barely ...but yeah, I hear them too," Rykrof whispers as he scans their surroundings.

"We're not alone," Rykrof says quietly.

"Stay here while I check it out."

Cautiously, Rykrof approaches the origin of the voices...

... to discover a rough looking group of Rodians communicating with a masked warrior.

Realizing immediately that the group of aliens have infiltrated the planet illegally, Rykrof gathers what he can from the conversation.

"Boo'ta mees'kay," the warrior says darkly.

"Won bon tune Kiltu ma konsey lo kee tay."


"Taun Korba la Kiltu so mee lo peesay," he continues.

A dark, cold chill runs through Rykrof's body as he realizes the masked warrior has mentioned Badoo Corba terrorists and Commander Kiltu in the same sentence.

Rykrof then quickly heads back to the site to find Freelo.

To his surprise, Rykrof stumbles upon a dead Rodian alongside an ATL Interceptor!

"There you are," Freelo says with excitement.

"Freelo, you could have gotten yourself killed," Rykrof says sternly.

"I told you to stay at the dig site."

"But look what I found," Freelo eagerly points out.

"This recording mentions Theed Palace."

"It's a scrambled message ...but I think that might be Commander Kiltu," Rykrof says grimly.

"Why is he on this recording?" Freelo wonders out loud.

"Hey, who's that?" Freelo asks.

Rykrof quickly turns around... the masked warrior from the holo transmission opens fire on him!

"BYAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Freelo screams as he dives out of the way of the laser blast.

"Freelo, get to the speeder, now!" Rykrof yells as he fires back at the warrior.

As Rykrof and Freelo attempt to escape, the warrior begins to pursue them!

"Who are they?" Freelo hollers over the blaster fire while sprinting toward the speeder.

"I don't know!!" Rykrof shouts.

"Just keep moving!"

"Kill them both," the warrior instructs the Rodians. 

"Get in!"

"I'll hold these slugs back!" Rykrof yells as he fires at their pursuers...

...striking one in the chest!

"Hold on Freelo, we're not out of this yet!" Rykrof says.

Meanwhile back at Theed, little do the citizens know of the sinister plot unfolding...

"Rykrof, this is Palom," the technician says into his comm link. 

"Where are you at?"

"I'm with Freelo.  We're about five kilometers southeast of the ancient Gungan site of Osakaar," Rykrof tells him.

"And we've got a major problem on our hands."

"My speeder's been damaged by a group of warriors that might be affiliated with the Badoo Corba; so I need you to send out an armored patrol with two squads to pick us up."

"But keep it quiet ...I think that Commander Kiltu might be connected to all of this!"

"You might be right - something's going on here in the city too," Palom reports.

"Kiltu's called for your arrest..."

"...and he's about to put the capital on lockdown."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Rykrof demands.

"Rykrof, I don't know what's going on!  But I can't send help!" he insists.

"Stay away from here; you'll be arrested on sight!"

"Copy that.  Keep your comlink on, Palom," Rykrof says.

"Is there a problem?" Freelo asks innocently.

Soon, the entire city of Theed is put on lockdown.

"Commander Kiltu," communications trooper NK-28 says as he approaches the senior officer.

"I have Gamma Unit reporting in with Enloe's last known location."

"And where would that be?" Kiltu asks.

"We've located his speeder approximately five point two kilometers southeast of Otoh Osakaar," the patrol trooper reports.

"But there's no sign of him or the Mon Calamari.  By assessing the damage their speeder sustained, the speeder hasn't been here long."

"I want a 20 kilometer radius of the speeder site searched until Rykrof Enloe is arrested," Kiltu demands.

"If he resists..."

"...shoot him."

Watto's Junk Yard / I'd sue the hospital too...
« on: January 23, 2008, 04:59 PM »
I just saw this article... it's a bit disturbing, so don't say that I didn't warn you.  It's about a family who had a stillborn child, only to have the hospital misplace the poor baby.  Really an awful story, and an eye opener... check it out HERE.

This made me think, of how fortunate that I am to be a parent and have a healthy child.  I can't imagine how hard it is on anyone to lose an unborn child, but to have what happened to this family is just pure tragedy.   :'(

Modern Classifieds / New Stuff for Sale - lower that retail prices
« on: January 22, 2008, 10:02 PM »
Ok, a lot of stuff for sale - I'm losing money on all of this, but I've ordered too many cases online this past year and have a surplus of figures.

I have a few rules that I'd like to apply...

1) I need paypal for payment.

2) Buyer pays all shipping costs.

3) Prices are firm, unless buying $50.00 or more - then I'll discuss prices more.

4) Almost all of this stuff is MOMC. There might be an exception or two with some of the older stuff, but for the most part these are figures that should make any carded collector happy.

5) I am asking for a minimum order of $25.00 per buyer. The reason is I have very little time to go through this stuff and make a lot of trips to the post office... whatever doesn't sell by Jan 31, goes on ebay in one large lot in February.

So without further delay, here is what I have for sale:

$4.00 each
- SAGA Admiral Ozzel SOLD! HH
- SAGA Rappertunie SOLD! DK
- SAGA Sail Barge R2-D2 SOLD! DAS
- SAGA Secret Ceremony Padme SOLD! HH
- OTC Yoda
- OTC Dagobah Luke (standing) JOT
- SAGA2 Bren Derlin SOLD! IC
- SAGA2 Endor Luke SOLD! JOT
- SAGA2 Gonk Droid SOLD! IC
- SAGA2 Firespeeder Pilot SOLD! JOT
- SAGA2 Clone Trooper (5th fleet security)
- TAC Stormtrooper
- TAC Stormtrooper
- TAC Death Star Trooper SOLD! DK
- TAC Han Solo (torture rack) SOLD! JOT
- TAC Pit Droids (white) SOLD! DK
- TAC Airborne Clone Trooper SOLD! IC
- SAGA2 Death Star Gunner SOLD! JOT
- SAGA2 Clone Commander (green) SOLD! DK
- SAGA2 Clone Commander (green) SOLD DK
- TAC Animated Boba Fett SOLD! IC
- TAC R2-D2 (Endor) SOLD! IC

$5.00 each
- SAGA2 Tanus Spijek SOLD! JOT
- SAGA2 Scorch SOLD! IC
- SAGA2 Scorch SOLD! IC
- SAGA2 Scorch SOLD! IC
- SAGA2 Scorch SOLD! IC
- SAGA2 Utapau Clone Trooper SOLD! JOT
- SAGA2 Commander Cody
- TAC Padme (fireside) SOLD! DK
- TAC Padme (fireside) SOLD! HH
- TAC Padme (fireside) SOLD! HH
- TAC Clone Trooper (red fatigues) SOLD! DK
- TAC Clone Trooper (red fatigues) SOLD! DK
- TAC Voolvif Mon pending HH
- TAC Voolvif Mon pending HH
- TAC Hermie Odle SOLD DAS
- TAC Tycho Celchu SOLD IC
- TAC Ewok 2-pk

$7.00 each
- TAC Jango Fett SOLD DAS
- TAC Jango Fett SOLD HH
- TAC Jango Fett SOLD HH

$10.00 each
- SAGA2 Exclusive Shadow Stormtrooper SOLD DAS
- SAGA2 Exclusive Shadow Stormtrooper SOLD DAS
- SAGA2 Exlusive 501st Stormtrooper SOLD DAS

PM me if interested... first come, first serve.

Other Toy Lines / The Golden Compass
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Anyone else seen these in stores yet?  I've seen them at two different TRU stores in my area, and bought each figure. 

These figures are extremely detailed, and are just a bit larger scaled than Star Wars... rather than 3-3/4", I'd say they're based on 4" scale.  So it's pretty close.  They don't have great articulation, and kind of remind me of McFarlane stuff.  Still, very cool and most of the characters come with an animal too, called a daemon.  I'm not sure what a daemon is, but there is a wolf, a cat, a rabbit, a warthog, a crow, etc.  Very detailed animals - better than Schleich I think.  These are priced at $5.99 each.

Most I'm going to use for customs, but I'll try and post a couple pics of some of the figures that I haven't taken apart yet.  But for reference to see how nice the head sculpts are, here's a figure's head that I put onto a Padme figure -

The Legacy Collection '08-'10 / More from TFU - Rumors/Speculation
« on: November 27, 2007, 11:31 AM »
Where does this supposed Force Unleashed figure fall?  Prequel, or OT?  

More info at

Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe # 21 - THE CHANCELLOR'S GIFT
« on: October 24, 2007, 11:54 AM »
I have finally completed the last of the remakes of the Rykrof Enloe series...

This redo took me quite a bit longer to complete... this chapter focuses primarily on Chancellor Palpatine and the roots of Rebellion; includes the "canon" death of a well known character, as well as the hint of what is to occur in Chapter 22 - which will be the first new chapter in this series in nearly two years.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, and I apologize for the delay in getting it complete... thoughts/comments/questions as always are welcome.

It is a dark time throughout the galaxy. 

The Clone Wars have spread like fire, pitting two of the largest armies in the history of the Republic against each other...

...clone soldiers of the Republic on the side of the Jedi;

...armies of droids bolstering the Confederate war machine.

Both sides have scored significant victories over the other... different times during the war either has seemed likely to triumph.

As the conflict continues to escalate, Republic Commander Rykrof Enloe has undergone extensive treatments on Coruscant to heal wounds inflicted upon him during his imprisonment by terrorists on Yinchorr.


The days in recovery seemed sort of a dream, a phantasmal prison from which he would never awaken. 

During this time Rykrof remembered how until recently the Republic had glittered, been the centerpiece of hope and prosperityÖ before the dark times; before the Clone Wars.

But even before the Clone Wars he had fought the terrorists of Badoo Corba for the better part of a decade... 

...with the war effort now being concentrated against the Confederacy, the threat of terrorism had become an afterthought to the Galactic Senate; organizations such as the Badoo Corba free to gain strength and no longer vulnerable.

After his final treatment, rest and debriefing with Republic Intelligence, Rykrof is greeted by his friend, Freelo.

"You look terrible," Freelo tells him gleefully. 

"Where is everyone?" Rykrof asks, ignoring the inopportune comment by his often clumsy friend.

"Ralbarr went to Naboo to watch over Alyssa and Caldin," Freelo says.

"...nobody knows where Kala is."

"What do you mean nobody knows?" Rykrof asks sharply.

"He went looking for you," Freelo tells him innocently.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" he asks as he follows the commander out of the facility.

"Chancellor Palpatine has requested to speak with me at a social gathering immediately," Rykrof tells him.

"Whatever he has to say, it shouldn't take long."

Soon Rykrof arrives at a nearby senatorial drink lounge, where some of the most elite Republic Senators often enjoy a late night beverage.

"Good to see you Commander Enloe," Peace Officer Hinge Ofile greets him.

"Chancellor Palpatine has been expecting you."

As Rykrof enters the lounge, he quickly finds the bar.

"Hey there Scruffy Lookin'," the sultry waitress says in a suggestive tone.

"See anything you like?"

"Perhaps," Rykrof says with a grin.

"But for now just make it a double shot Correlian whiskey-bomb."

"Strong stuff," the young woman says as she fills his glass.

"Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Wait, I recognize you," she says. 

"You're that guy who was on the holo net!  You were captured by terrorists!"

"Thanks for the reminder," Rykrof replies sarcastically.

Scanning the lounge, Rykrof spots Chancellor Palpatine speaking with his senior administrative aide, Sly Moore.

"Commander Enloe," Palpatine smiles cheerfully. 

"How good of you to join me on such short notice.  I trust you have fully recovered from your injuries?"

"Yes, Iím fine Chancellor," Rykrof replies as Palpatine's aide leaves the two freely to speak in private. 

"Excellent.  Now tell me, I understand you had help on the inside on your escape.  Is this true?" Palpatine asks.

"Yes it is," Rykrof tells him. 

"One of them helped me escape.  Unfortunately he was killed in the process."

"I would have liked to have spoken with the one who helped you escape," Palpatine laments. 

"But how did all of this transpire?  What did you learn on Kobridor?"

"As I'm sure you know, the Quarren we were sent to find was already dead," Rykrof tells him.

"Right after this discovery I was captured by the Badoo Corba.  The entire mission was a trap."

"My wife was captured and used as bait; I was forced to surrender myself over to them," Rykrof explains. 

"After my wife was released, I attempted to escape on my own..."

"...but never would have made it off the facility without help.  His name was Judiss."

"As he was shot down, I narrowly escaped off Yinchorr."

"Well, we are fortunate to have you back in one piece," the Chancellor says with a smile.

"We all know the threat the Badoo Corba bring to the table.  In some ways they may be a bigger threat than even the Separatists... they abide by no laws; there are no limits to what they will do to accomplish their goals.  This makes them extremely dangerous."

"Now... I must apologize for being so forward with you," Palpatine says. 

"But what did you hope to accomplish by allowing yourself to be captured?  Donít you think it would have been wiser to try and draw the Badoo Corba leadership out into the open?"

"With all do respect Sir, what was I to do differently?" Rykrof asks in a bitter tone. 

"You know the policy of the Republic is to not negotiate with terrorists.  And that is exactly what you did on Kobridor," Palpatine swiftly counters.

"Nevertheless, Iím sure you did what you felt you had to," he then admits to Rykrof. 

"I hear your wife was not very accommodating in her interrogation after your capture... Also I would like to point out that Yinchorr was not one of the stations listed on the data cylinders you brought back months ago from your mission to Dathomir."

"Well they have more terror cells than any of us thought," Rykrof says. 

"But I still think it would be best to follow up on the leads we have."

"Each and every one will be followed up on; I assure you of that," Palpatine says.

"But the reason I called you here was to tell you in person that you are being granted a leave of absence.  Go home to Naboo.  Itís what you need.  You will be notified when I need your assistance."

"You can't possibly be serious," Rykrof laughs.

"This isnít a request, Commander.  Itís an executive order," the old man sharply replies.

"Itís possible you have been through more than any other officer since the onset of the war; you need some time away."

"Arrangements have already been made for your departure in the morning," Palpatine continues before Rykrof can argue with him.

"Just remember that the time will come when the Republic needs you again.  Enjoy your time with your family.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have other guests."

As one of Palpatine's admirers enters the room, Rykrof makes his way back to the crowd in the center lounge. 

Although he is relieved for being granted an extended leave, he feels as though the Chancellor was unusually sharp with him; almost contemptuous with his orders.

Pushing the thought to the back of his mind, he dreams of being back home.

After all, the taste of a quality inebriant can make any man want to head for the mountains of Naboo.

As Rykrof heads towards the exit, he is approached by an old friend; Senator Tame Heem of Ithor.

"Rykrof," the mild mannered Ithorian says, "It is so good to see you.  I have been praying for your recovery since you made it back to Coruscant."

"Happy I'm here.  Nothing beats the free life," Rykrof says with a grin.

"Have you been granted your leave of absence?" Tame asks.

"You haven't been home with your family in so long!"

"Yes, just now as a matter of fact," Rykrof informs him.  "At least until the Chancellor tells me my vacation's over."

In the corner of the room, Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma listen in on the discussion.

"That's Rykrof Enloe," Mon says.  "I've heard very good things about him."

"From what I hear he's the luckiest officer in the Republic."

"We should make contact with him," Mon suggests.  "To get to know where his true loyalties lie; with the people or with the current leadership."

"I don't think the day he gets out of rehab is the day for it," Bail replies. 

"But soon."

The residents of the Senatorial District wake up to a gloomy, overcast morning the following day as the sun refuses to break free from the clouds.

Prior to their departure to Naboo, Rykrof decides to fill in Freelo with details from his conversation with Palpatine the night before.

"Well you have to follow his orders," Freelo muses.  "You're just an officer."

"Thanks for clearing that up for me, Freelo.  But I'm telling you, something about the Chancellor isn't right.  I can't put my finger on it," Rykrof argues.


"It sounds to me like you're just trying to avoid your wife," Freelo counters.

"I'm being serious, Fish Face," Rykrof grumbles as he raises his arm.

"You wouldn't hit me," Freelo taunts.

"I'm the only one of your friends who even came back to see you out of recovery!"

"Enloe!" a deep, gravely voice from behind the two suddenly bellows.

Startled, Rykrof and Freelo see a strange Ithorian staring at them.


"He knows your name," Freelo whispers; stating the obvious.

"Keep quite," Rykrof warns.

"I'll handle this."

"So it is you," the Ithorian says.

"We've been waiting forever for you to get off that rock!" he laughs.

A cloaked figure then emerges; a face Rykrof has not seen for a long time.

"Hello, Rykrof," a familiar voice greets him.

"Finis!  Finis Valorum!  Am I glad to see you," Rykrof says warmly.

"Rykrof, I'm embarrassed to have to appear this way," Valorum replies sadly. 

"But I can't risk being recognized by the wrong people these days.  Not by Palpatine, not even by anyone in the military outside of you."

"What about by them?" Freelo asks, gesturing behind Valorum.

As he turns around, Valorum quickly realizes he has been followed.

"You," the lead clone officer orders. 

"Let me see your identification!"

"Stand back; this doesn't concern you," another clone warns the Ithorian.

"Why do you need to see my identification?" Valorum demands. 

"I am Commander Rykrof Enloe of the 334th Siege Battalion, and this is man is my uncle," Rykrof interjects. 

"Our apologies, we didn't realize you were back Commander," the officer replies. 

"Carry on with your business," he then says to Valorum.

The group then watches on as the trio of clone troopers continues their patrol.

"That was close," Freelo says with a sigh.

"I had no idea the two of you were related," Freelo then jokes.

Rykrof then explains to Valorum in detail his conversation with Palpatine.

After listening carefully to what Rykrof has told him, Valorum gives Rykrof a dark warning about the Chancellor.

"You must beware of Palpatine, Rykrof.  He may appear to be on your side but donít trust him.  He's not your friend," Valorum insists. 

"His only intention is to continue to gain more power."

"After you arrive on Naboo, I will contact you on a secure channel," Valorum informs him.

"We have much to discuss; when we can meet in privacy I will  introduce you to Senator Bail Organa."

"May the Force be with you," Valorum says as he and the Ithorian walk away.

"What just happened?" Freelo asks.

"Obviously Finis still blames Palpatine for his fall from grace," Rykrof tells him.

"But he has good reason to not trust the Chancellor," Rykrof continues.

"I'm beginning to doubt the Chancellor's intentions myself... we need to get moving though Freelo, or we'll miss our transport."

Soon after, Rykrof and Freelo dissent from the planet.

The following morning, several tramp freighters load their cargo and passengers in preparation for departure.

"You can't leave Finis!" Bail Organa asserts. 

"I've become convinced much of what you claim about Palpatine is true... all of it is true.

"Listen to me, both of you," Valorum says.

"I'm going back out on the rim, you must take the lead here.  I am tainted in the eyes of too many here on Coruscant to ever be effective in the Senate again... but I will help you... what I learn out there, I'll make sure you know."

"Do you honestly think we can prevent Palpatine from taking absolute control of the Senate?" Bail asks.

"Do you really think this is a battle we can win, Finis?"

"Some fights must be fought whether you believe you can win them or not," Valorum replies.

"Watch yourselves.  Be careful whom you trust."

"May the Force be with us," he says as he walks toward the freighter, Star of Iskin.

As the freighter leaves the spaceport, the two continue to discuss the situation.

"I believe him," Mon Mothma says to Bail.

"We'll need someone to be our voice in the Senate... we need your eloquence, Bail."

"Who listens to me anymore?" Bail asks as he watches the ship depart.

"...what in the name of the Force..."

As the two watch in horror, the Star of Iskin explodes; killing everyone on board!

Meanwhile, far across the galaxy, a dark plot begins to unfold on the Separatist controlled planet known as Kobridor...

Meeting in secret with an agent of the Badoo Corba, Separatist General Snodd cautiously approaches the designated conclave area where he has granted the Badoo Corba access to.

"General Snodd, please accept greetings from my master," an outdated TG droid churns.

"Enough with the pleasantries.  Where is he?" General Snodd asks.

"Right behind you, General," the Gran terrorist bellows.

"You take a great risk meeting with me over such matters."

"As do you," Snodd refutes to Troffar the Terrible.

"Mubaas would have your head if he were made aware of this exchange."

"He is no longer capable of leading the Badoo Corba," Troffar growls.

"Once we have the supplies you have promised us, there will be a change of leadership in this organization."

"The hyper-matter seismic detonators will be delivered in full once we have irrefutable proof of the success of the mission," Snodd informs him.

"You will receive twenty five percent of the shipment once your assassin successfully arrives on the surface undetected.  Only once the assassination has been completed will you receive the remainder of the detonators."

"An agent has already infiltrated the Naboo Defense Corps," Troffar snarls.

"He will see to it that the assassin arrives on Naboo undetected..."

" which point the target will be eliminated once and for all."

Meanwhile, Rykrof and Freelo's ship exits hyperspace...

...entering the Naboo system.


Ok... here's the remake of the 20th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe saga! 

I hope you guys like this one - there are a LOT of changes from the original rendition of this chapter that I posted about 18 months ago... Thanks for taking the time to read my stories.

As the Clone Wars continue to rage throughout the galaxy, the Confederacy of Independent Systems has launched countless attacks against the Grand Army of the Republic...

...millions of lives have already been lost on both sides of the struggle... the war has become been the greatest challenge to face the Jedi Order since the formation of the Republic.

Far away from the battles, in the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim, a small Badoo Corba space station orbits a small planet in the Yinchorr System.

Their evil deeds overshadowed by the larger galactic conflict; the evil terrorist organization has captured one of the Republic's finest officers, Commander Rykrof Enloe.

Hoping to instill fear in the Republic, the terrorist group holds Rykrof Enloe in a security compound on the surface; with plans to broadcast his execution throughout the galactic holonet.

Held in a cold chamber, Rykrof is ordered back onto an electro-rack; a torture device he has become all too familiar with while being held captive.

Seeing an opportunity to strike, Rykrof surprises the cell guard by swiftly grabbing his captor's weapon!

In an instant, he flips the terrorist onto his back!

Rykrof then strikes a viscous blow to the dome of an outdated astromech before it can sound the alarm! the droid collapses, Rykrof looks up to see the guard attempting to escape!

Lunging forward, he catches the terrorist with his restraints...

Fueled by hatred for the Badoo Corba, Rykrof chokes the life out of the Abyssin...

As the corpse falls to the ground, he looks up to see something has entered the chamber...

To Rykrof's horror, an illegal ITK droid slowly approaches him, emitting a shrilling buzz as it locks its sensors onto him...

In a blinding flash of light, a paralysis beam knocks him to the ground!

As the soulless droid emits a radiation beam, Rykrof begins to experience a burning ache throughout his body; barely aware that he is about to be placed back onto the electro-rack...

Just then a laser blast strikes the side of the droidís support column!

A fiery explosion erupts from the internal processor of the ITK droid as it falls to the ground.

Dazed and confused, Rykrof exhales a cautious sigh of relief as he looks towards the chamber door.

"There is little time, once Mubaas discovers what has happened there will be no escape!" Judiss cries. 

"Get to your feet Human; we have to get out of here!"

Meanwhile, a trio of Republic assault cruisers congregates over Kashyyyk.

Admiral Tylin Gere stands in the control room of the lead cruiser; anticipating the next move of the Separatists.

"Admiral," deck officer Captis Arlin says as he approaches the superior officer. 

"We have traced the last transmission of the Badoo Corba to the Yinchorr System.  We have a strike force that can be there within the hour."

"Do no such thing," Tylin says, changing gears.

"We have no reason to believe that Commander Enloe is still alive.  All of our resources must be concentrated against the Confederacy... we will have to deal with the terrorists at a later time."

Meanwhile back on Yinchorr, closely trails Judiss through the Badoo Corba complex; unable to determine whether or not he should trust the Aqualish terrorist.

As the two round a corner, Rykrof watches as Judiss blasts an unsuspecting Badoo Corba operative.

"We have been fortunate so far, Human.  But once Mubaas discovers you are not in your cell we will face more resistance," Judiss tells him.

"I would expect nothing less," Rykrof admits. 

"But why are you doing this?  I thought you hated the Republic?" Rykrof asks.

"I do, but not at the expense of civilian lives..." Judiss growls. 

"...Mubaas has revealed a plan to me that would lead to the deaths of millions... I can not be part of this organization if they are going to target the innocent."

"But we must hurry; I will explain more once we are off this planet!"

As Rykrof attempts to escape from the Badoo Corba base on Yinchorr, a pair of Federation Battleships looms over Kobridor...

Former Jedi Master Quinlan Vos and the misguided Asajj Ventress watch intensly as their master, Count Dooku, meets with Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi.

"Count Dooku," I have been more than reasonable in my request for your assistance in finding Commander Enloe," Kala Mly Shundi states.

"And I have told you, I have no connection to the terrorists holding your friend," Dooku replies coolly.

"The only way to save Rykrof Enloe is to learn the ways of the Dark Side.  Only through the Force can you attain the power to find your friendÖ before it is too late," Dooku tells him.

"Don't try your mind tricks on me, Old Man!" Kala growls as he ignites his lightsaber.

"He's MINE!" Asajj Ventress shouts gleefully, leaping into the air!

Kala then steps back as Count Dooku effortlessly suspends the dark woman...

...before sending her crashing to the ground.

"Forgive the Child," the Dark Lord says to Kala.

"She has no discipline."

"Now, go back to your ship and find your friend," Dooku tells him.

"I don't know where to look," Kala says, feeling a strange sense of shame for drawing his saber against Dooku.

"Follow the Force," Dooku tells him. 

"But if you are unable to locate Rykrof Enloe, perhaps your friend can overcome the danger he faces from strength within."

"You speak of him as though you wish for his safe return," Kala says.

"Commander Enloe is a good man," Dooku says. 

"We could use more like him leading the Confederacy... perhaps after the war, regardless of the victor, men like Rykrof Enloe can help mend the wounds of the galaxy."

"May the Force be with you," Kala can hear Dooku say as he walks to his ship.

"What are you doing?" Ventress hisses as Dooku returns to his followers. 

"I would have cut him to pieces!"

"It is you that would have been cut to pieces," Dooku warns her.

"He would have cut you to shreds."

"What I have done is plant a seed within Master Shundi." 

"In time he will return to us; no longer a Jedi."

Back on Yinchorr Rykrof and Judiss frantically attempt to get off the planet.

"Master Judiss!  Master Judiss!" PD-106 exclaims in a nervous tone.

"The assassin droids are on their way!"

"I know!  Is the ship ready?" Judiss says hurriedly. 

"I could not secure your ship," the droid tells him.    "But I was able to secure two ATL Interceptors."

"Those are separate one man fighters... will your injuries inhibit your ability to pilot your own ship?" Judiss asks.

"Looks like we'll find out," Rykrof tells him.

"Hurry," the droid warns as the two exit the compound. 

Once outside, Rykrof feels compelled to find out more about the upcoming terrorist strike Judiss mentioned earlier...

"Wait!" Rykrof shouts.

"You have to tell me what Mubaas is planning!"

"He needs the hyperspace bypass codes he wanted from you in your interrogation," Judiss tells him. 

"But we don't have time to discuss this right now!  I'll tell you everything once we escape!"


"Get to the ships!" Judiss threatens.

Back inside, PD-106 attempts to delay a pair of deadly assassin droids.

"I couldn't stop them," PD-106 cries.  "I'm only an interpreter!"

"After they threatened my life, they jammed the door!" he informs them.

"Where's a maintenance droid when you NEED one? "


Ignoring the sarcastic remark by PD-106, one of the assassin droids, yielding a lightsaber; tears through the jammed door.

"Shistes!" Judiss yells.  "We have to get out of here!"

"I'm right there with you!" Rykrof agrees.

Only moments too late, the pair of droids can only watch as the two ATL Interceptors blast into the sky.

The two pilots nervously scan for any signs of resistance...

...seeing no immediate threat, Rykrof feels a new sense of hope and begins to follow Judiss's course to get off the planet.

But just then, a pair of GAT Skiprays emerges to intercept them!

Hoping to outrun the Skiprays, Judiss and Rykrof attempt evasive maneuvers!

Although the ATL Interceptors are better equipped for speed, the terrorist ships have caught the escapees within firing range...

...swooping in for the kill, the lead pilot unleashes a deadly barrage of blaster fire...

...striking a direct hit!

In a flash, Judiss is killed instantly as his ship explodes into a million shards of metal!

Whether it be through the will of the Force or simple luck, Rykrof is able to evade the Skipray assault!

Back at the complex, Mubaas demands answers for the escape.

"The prisoner was helped by Judiss of the House of Saramis,"   the droids tell Mubaas in a cold, mechanical tone.

"The body recovered from the wreckage of the ship shot down was not human."

"This would indicate the primary prisoner is the one who escaped."

"I knew it," Troffar the Terrible bellows. 

"We should have killed Enloe when we had the chance.  Waiting for a public execution has backfired!"

"Cross my authority in these matters again and it will be the last thing you do," Mubaas warns Troffar for his outburst.

"Enloe now knows our location.  It will not be long before he returns with an army," Mubaas announces.

"We will therefore relocate to our base of operations on Dantooine."


"But soon we will remind the galaxy what true FEAR is..."

"...for I have agreed to a new deal with an old ally."



Finally, the 19th chapter... getting very close to the all new chapters... there's a few changes in this one as compared to the original version -

Following a recent battle on Kobridor, several vulture droids patrol the skies above the war torn planet; which has fallen to the Separatists.

In a surprising move, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi has been given clearance by Count Dooku to return to the planet.

"Master Shundi, it has been far too long.  It is a great honor to have you as our guest," Dooku warmly says.

"Count Dooku, I made it very clear when I spoke with your general - I am not here as your guest."   Kala replies. 

"Nor am I here as your enemy," the Jedi says as he turns away.

"I want to find the Republic officer who was captured on this planet prior to our evacuation.  The Badoo Corba are careless.  There may be information that I can retrieve to find where they are holding Rykrof Enloe."

"I see," Dooku replies. 

"But I sense you are here for more than knowledge of your friendís whereabouts," Dooku says seductively as two of his disciples observe the conversation.

"Regardless, the area you seek was destroyed," Dooku says with a frown. 

"You will find nothing there.  But there are other ways to find the one you seek..."

"Other ways?" Shundi asks.

"Gain a greater knowledge of the Force and you will see things the Jedi Council has kept from you... ways to help those in need.  Just as the Confederacy has done for the people of Kobridor."

"With this knowledge, together we can end this destructive conflict, and I can help you find your friend..."

Meanwhile, in the remote Yinchorr system, the Badoo Corba await a response from the Galactic Senate following their latest round of demands.

On the surface of the planet, the evil organization has laid claim to an ancient fortress...

Inside, the leaders of the terrorist organization discuss their next course of action...

"Do you truly believe the Republic will negotiate with you?" Zeedo Chissis asks.

"Their response is meaningless," Mubaas Fuuda hisses. 

"With the capture of Enloe, we have shown our strength and revealed to the galaxy the weakness of the Senate!"

"You are mistaken," the Rodian counters; challenging the judgement of the leader of the Badoo Corba. 

"We are the ones who look weak!   Demanding a troop withdrawal is a cowardly act!  We should be striking at the heart of the Senate, not holding meaningless field commanders hostage.  He should be killed immediately to legitimize our threats!"

As the two continue to debate, protocol droid PD-106 enters the chamber.

"What do you want?" Troffar the Terrible snaps at the droid.

"I was ordered by Mubaas to update his Excellency on any changes in the prisoner's condition," PD-106 answers.

"...then he'll die like the Republic pig he is," Mubaas laughs as he continues his argument with Zeedo Chissis.


"Master Fuuda," Troffar says, "I am sorry to interrupt you.  But the droid insisted on seeing you."

"What is it, droid?" Mubaas hisses.

"I thought I should inform you that the prisoner is nearing critical condition," the droid reports.

"If he does not receive medical attention, the damage he has sustained will be irreversible."

"He has not revealed any information to this point," Mubaas says, thinking out loud. 

"But I want those hyperspace codes."

"His threshold for pain is too strong," Zeedo says. 

"I told you we should not have given up his wife so easily.  We could have used her as leverage if you wanted to extract information from him."

"Then we will try something else... Troffar, interrogate him with Judiss.  And take the other prisoner in there with you.  We will see how Rykrof Enloe responds to an alternative form of persuasion.

If he does not break, send in the ITK unit... and we will be finished with him."

Far across the galaxy, a Republic assault cruiser patrols over Naboo.

"Alyssa," Freelo yells.

"Rykrof's alive! 

The Badoo Corba said they will let him go if Chancellor Palpatine pulls the clone forces from the Outer Rim!"

"The... Republic doesn't negotiate with terrorists Freelo," she says sadly. 

"But they have to," Freelo insists.

"They'll let him go if we do what they say!"

"The moment we do, the Badoo Corba will strike even harder with higher demands," Alyssa explains as her eyes fill with tears.

"I've lost him," Alyssa sobs as she turns away from the naive Mon Calamari.

"He's doomed!" Freelo screams.

Back on Yinchorr, Rykrof Enloe refuses to reveal any information that could aid the Badoo Corba.

Beaten but not broken, he lies on the ground; waiting for the Badoo Corba to finally end his misery.

"Look, you have a new guest," Tryo the Abyssin guard tells him as the cell door opens.

"Human, this is your last chance!" an Aqualish terrorist whom Rykrof has not seen before shouts at him.

Clearing his eyes, Rykrof realizes the Badoo Corba have brought in another prisoner - a member of Rykrof's 334th Siege Battalion.

"For the last time, what are the hyperspace codes the Republic has been using to bypass the standard jump to the Core Systems from Dantooine?"

Struggling to his feet, Rykrof says nothing to the terrorist operative.

Angered by Rykrof's defiance, the Aqualish threatens to kill the captured trooper.

"Answer me Human, or this man's blood is on your hands."

Troffar the Terrible then raises his blaster to the clone's temple...

"The codes change," Rykrof quickly answers. 

"Since the outbreak of the war, new security measures have been taken.  I don't know what the latest codes are without access to Republic Intelligence!"

"Wrong answer!" Troffar snarls as he kills the clone in cold blood.

"Bastards!" Rykrof yells, falling to the ground.

"Time for the ITK droid," Troffar laughs as he drags the corpse from the room.

"Human, you have sealed your fate!" Judiss yells. 

"My life doesnít matter.  I know my family is alive, and the Republic will never give in to your madness," Rykrof says.   

"Maybe someday youíll realize what they stand for and the mistakes youíve made."

"The only mistake I made was in believing the lies of the Republic!"  Judiss roars. 

"Your army did not defend Lippros and failed to come to the aid of millions during the Nebron Famine, even after the promises of the Senate! 

"How can I support a government that fails to protect its people?"

"Of course the Republic has its downfalls," Rykrof admits as he stares down the barrel of the blaster. 

"But during troubled times we should come together... not become divided... especially during war.  These are the times that define who we are."

"I do not need a lecture on morality, Human!" Judiss roars.

"Obviously you do... you're the one who just stood there as a defenseless man was killed," Rykrof counters.

Caught off guard by this revelation, Judiss hesitates before replying to this accusation.

"I am not the monster you think I am," Judiss tells Rykrof.

"I will see to it that your body is delivered safely to you family on Naboo."

"An ITK droid has been assigned to your termination," he says as he exits the prison cell.

"The process will be painful... the droid has been programmed to maximize the pain..."

"Back onto the rack," Tryo then hisses.

Knowing he has nothing to lose, Rykrof suddenly grasps the Abyssin's spear!

In an instant, Rykrof flips the terrorist onto his back!

Before the astromech can alert security, Rykrof strikes a violent blow to its dome... the droid collapses, Rykrof looks up to see Tryo attempting to escape!

Rykrof then lunges forward, catching the terrorist with his restraints...

...with a rush of strength fueled by hatred, Rykrof brutally strangles the Badoo Corba terrorist!

Rykrof then looks up to find something has entered the chamber...

To his horror, an ancient ITK droid slowly approaches him...



Watto's Junk Yard / My Best Custom Yet - A Baby Boy!
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Seems like a lot of us are getting to that age where we're bringing little ones into the world, and I've found that there's nothing more enjoyable than holding your own child, so I thought I'd show some pics of my son here.

Kiefer Justin Cook was born May 23rd and 11:16 p.m. weighing in at 7 lbs and is 19 3/4 long. It's hard to believe the little guy is already 6 weeks old.

It's so unbelieve being a dad... it's really a blessing, and is the most humbling yet pride-filling thing that's ever happened in my life.

We've been fortunate because he's healthy, and rarely at all cranky.  He's a riot too, always making us laugh and it's impossible for me or my wife to look at him without smiling.


Here's the 18th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe series, DARK EXCHANGE... this is a redo of the original chapter I posted a little over a year ago.  Check it out if you have time, there are some changes to the original script plus a lot more action shots.  A very fun chapter and I'm glad that I have made it this far in the remakes of these stories.

After months of endless fighting, the small planet Kobridor has been torn apart by the Clone Wars.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the Republic forces on the surface struggle to maintain a foothold on the planet.  

The primary objective of the Republic's assault on the planet had been to capture a terrorist informant working for the Badoo Corba, but a strong Separatis army has halted the mission to a standstill.

But under the leadership of Commander Rykrof Enloe's 334th Siege Battalion, the Republic forces have held ground on a number of occasions when defeat seemed inevitable.

Wave after wave of battle droids have been turned back by the courageous group of clone soldiers.

But only the most battle hardened troops remain out of the original force that first arrived with Rykrof to take control of the planet...

... and the clone force knows all too well that for each droid they destroy, a dozen more are produced to bolster the Separatist war machine.

But it is the citizens of Kobridor that have suffered the most; their planet reduced to rubble...

...its citizens forced to take up arms to protect themselves.  Not only from droids or looters...

...but from the Badoo Corba terrorists who have staked a claim on the planet.  

With the Republic having now focused its efforts on the droid army, dozens of terrorist snipers have emerged from the shadows; patiently waiting to eliminate open targets.

After a long night of repelling aerial bombardments, the Republic prepares for a counter strike against the droid army.

The Jedi Masters leading the Republic forces now meet prior to their scheduled assault...

...with Commander Rykrof Enloe and Captain Andar eagerly awaiting their orders.

"The time to attack is now," Master Shaak Ti announces.

"The enemy's supply lines are stretched thin.  I will lead our main force to strike the heart of the droid army, which should distract the Confederacy for Commander Enloe to locate and arrest the Quarren traitor," the Jedi says.  

"It has been decided that I will accompany you," Master Kala Mly Shundi says to his friend.

"If our information is correct, the Yamírii scavenger in the eastern square may reveal the location to us that we need to find the Badoo Corba contact."

Following the briefing Rykrof meets with his friends, Freelo and Ralbarr, to update them on the situation.

"Where did you find that armor, Freelo?  You look like a Corellian tortoise!" Rykrof laughs.

Ralbarr then rumbles a deep chuckle in agreement.

"This is better than clone trooper armor!" Freelo argues.

"All kidding aside, General Ti has given the order for the assault," Rykrof tells them.

"I'll be leading the 334th to find the Quarren we've been looking for while she leads the main force against the Separatists.  But I want you and Ralbarr to stay here."

"I knew it," Freelo says as he looks away.  "You go off on adventure and leave me to protect Ralbarr."

"There will come a time Freelo," Rykrof says.  

"But this isn't the place for it.  Besides, we need someone to stay back and watch over the base in case the droids counter strike."

Soon, Jedi Master Shaak Ti's forces begin the main attack...

...but to her surprise, the droid army does not charge forward to meet the assault.

Instead, the droids maintain a defensive position...

...leaving the clone force vulnerable to a broader range of fire.

"Get in closer!" she orders her troops, as she charges; slashing through a super battle droid on the front line.

"It's our only chance of overtaking them!"

Following the lead of the Jedi, the clone troopers advance on the Separatist positions...

...drawing the droids out into the open.

Back at the Republic base, Freelo expresses his discontent to Ralbarr.

"I'd much rather be on the front lines than be stuck here with you," he mumbles.  

Suddenly a sniper blast strikes Freelo squarely in the chest!

In a flash, Ralbarr races for his blaster as Freelo collapses to the ground.

"Medic!" Freelo cries in terror.

The mighty Wookiee then fires a shot in the direction of the blast...

...killing the Badoo Corba sniper with a single shot.

After checking the area for additional attackers, Ralbarr checks on the Mon Calamari; who springs to his feet.

"I'm alive!" Freelo exclaims.  "I'm so happy that I'm not dead!"

Meanwhile, Rykrof and Kala Mly Shundi's squad has located the Yamírii scavenger, who like most mornings, is found rummaging through the debris looking for salvageable parts for resale.

"Greetings my friend," Kala says to the female alien.  

"We are looking for the Quarren, Tessor.  We have intelligence suggesting that if we find him, we can help rid this planet of the terrorist organization, Badoo Corba."

"A Quarren you seek?  Search the abandoned warehouse that is located south of the pumping station," she says in a chirpy voice.  

"I have witnessed many creatures entering the warehouse lately... a Quarren, a Twiílek, a young human female, and... others," she squeaks.  

"But be careful.  The terrorists have far greater numbers than you have in your party.Ē

"You have our gratitude,Ē Kala Mly Shundi says.  

"Finding this traitor will help the Republic liberate this planet from both the droid army and the insurgency.  No longer will this Quarren bring trouble to Kobridor."

Less than one hour later, Rykrof's group locates the warehouse specified by the Yamírii informant.

"This is it," Rykrof tells the group.  

"Be ready for anything," he advises Captain Andar.

Once inside, the group finds themselves in an eerily lit corridor.

The group then cautiously explores the building...

...and immediately comes across what appears to be their intended target.

"Something's not right here," Rykrof says as Captain Andar approaches the Quarren.

Captain Andar then spins around the chair of the alien...

...whose lifeless corpse falls to the floor!

A cold sweat breaks out throughout Rykrofís body as Kala turns towards Rykrof.

"This is a trap," the Jedi tells him.  "The Badoo Corba knew we were coming."

Suddenly the data monitor on the workstation chimes to life...

...revealing the image of a young woman lying in an alleyway.

As he views the screen, a sickness comes over Rykrof unlike any he has ever felt... more powerful than the culmination of every fear he has previously experienced in his life.

"It's your wife," Kala says in disbelief.

"I present a welcoming gift to you for visiting Kobridor!" an evil voice laughs as the screen displays the body of Alyssa Enloe.

In exchange for her life, the Badoo Corba offers to take her husband into custody.  When we arrive to pick him up at your present location, Rykrof Enloe will be alone and unarmed."

"She is in the central district just south of what remains of Ramar Bank," the cruel voice hisses, revealing the hideous face of a Twi'lek.  

"In exactly 15 minutes my snipers will implode her beautiful skull.  You have until that time to find and rescue her.  The Jedi must accompany your clone troopers but I suggest you leave now.  Any attempts at trickery and she will be promptly terminated."

"Rykrof, I will stay here with you," Kala Mly Shundi says solemnly.

"No, we have no time to discuss this.  Do exactly as they say... this is no bluff; they'll kill her," Rykrof says sternly.

"Find my wife and get her off this rock.  And promise me you'll protect her... and if my son is still alive, you will see to it that he is safe," he says.

Torn with emotion, Kala puts his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"May the Force be with you," he whispers.

Rykrof then stares as the terminal, wondering how the Badoo Corba managed to abduct Alyssa from their home on Naboo and if their son has been captured as well.

Minutes later, Master Shundi's team locates Alyssa and helps the stumbling woman to her feet.

"Are you alright?" Captain Andar asks her.

"I ...I think so," she says slowly.  "They must have ...drugged me."

"They have her," Badoo Corba terrorist Judiss observes from a distance.  "We must leave immediately."

"Not without activating the droids," Troffar the Terrible orders him.

A pair of Badoo Corba assault droids then open fire from a high vantage point...

...striking into the rescue team!

A third clone falls before the group is able to react to the surprise attack.

The remaining members of the team then return heavy fire...

...destroying both droids before either one can inflict any more casualties on the group!

"All clear," heavy gunner JT-44 reports after scanning for more enemies.

"What's going on?" Alyssa cries.  "Where's my husband?"

"We must first get you to safety," Kala tells her.  "I will then explain everything."

Back at the warehouse, Rykrof finds himself face to face with the new leader of the Badoo Corba.

"You fool!" the Twi'lek from the data monitor screams, brandishing a blaster against Rykrof's chest.

"My brother may have underestimated the Republic, but the Badoo Corba will now become more powerful than ever!"

"Brother?" Rykrof asks in shock.  "Your poor mother had to put up with two of you?

"Now you know who you are dealing with; I am Mubaas, Minister of the Fuuda Tribe!"

"This day marks a new beginning for the Badoo Corba!  The Republic will meet our demands to leave the Outer Rim territories, or I will teach you the true meaning of pain and suffering!"

"Nothing you do to me will help you,Ē Rykrof says.  

ďYou are as big of a fool as your brother was.  Your message of hate will never inspire people to follow your cause."

"Fool, you know nothing of the Badoo Corba!" Mubaas hisses.

As the trio of terrorists begin to escort Rykrof out of the warehouse, Rykrof demands to know if his family is safe.

"Your family?" Zeedo Chissis asks.  "Soon your family will be the least of your concerns."

"I've been looking forward to this, Commander..." the Rodian laughs.

"...for a very long time!"

Mubaas then holds down Rykrof's head as Zeedo forcefully slams the butt of his rifle into Rykrof's chin, shattering bone.

The terrorists quickly evacuate the planet, taking their new captive with them.

Meanwhile, the main Republic force has taken over the Separatist position...

...turning certain defeat into victory.

As the battle concludes, Master Shaak Ti completes the destruction of the enemy force by smashing the final droid into a duracrete wall.

Feeling pain throughout her exhausted body, the Jedi is able to call upon the Force to regain strength as a clone officer reports to her.

"All droids in this sector have been eliminated," he says.

"Heavy losses on both sides," she laments.  "But a much needed victory.  Let's hope the others were successful in their part."

Soon after, Freelo attempts in vain to comfort Alyssa Enloe.

"I know you're thinking today was a bad day," Freelo tells her.  "But you are safe, and so am I."

"Rykrof's not," she snaps at him.

"And I have to get back to my son."

"Your little tubby will be ok,Ē Freelo insists as she walks away from him.  

"I find myself focusing on what horrible things are happening to your husband!"

"What are we going to do, Ralbarr?" Alyssa asks the mighty Wookiee.

"I can barely understand anything he says," Freelo tells her.  

"Rykrof could always translate for me."

That evening, Master Shaak Ti approaches a disheartened Jedi Master.  

"You did all that you could today Kala," she tells her friend.

"No, I did not," he says sadly.  

"I failed my closest friend... I should have gone back immediately before they had taken him," Kala Mly Shundi says, trying to hide his tears.

"I sense great fear and anger in you, Kala.  You must cleanse your soul of these dark feelings.  Regardless of what you think, you did the right thing," she says softly.  

"But his destiny is out of our control.  It always has been.  His life is in the hands of the Force."

"We must now prepare to evacuate this planet before more droids arrive."



Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe # 17 - TWISTED ALLEGIANCE
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Back in photonovel mode after a 2 month delay... here is the 17th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe.  Thanks in advance for any feedback, as always it is very much appreciated.

With the onset of the Clone Wars, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has implemented numerous changes on Coruscant in the name of increased security to protect the population from Separatist attacks.

However, the capital of the Republic has become subject to frequent terrorist acts and assassinations of leading Republic figures by Separatist agents and members of the Badoo Corba organization.

As the war enters its second year, the population is shaken once again as a section of the Galactic Alliance District is decimated in another terrorist attack...

...burying hundreds of innocent civilians beneath rubble and ash.

Above the highly populated city planet, several Republic Assault Cruisers stand on high alert in response to the terrorist strike.

Recently returning from Dathomir and now learning of the devastating attack, Rykrof Enloe silently observes the planet below; knowing all too well that his recent actions may have cost him not only his career, but a friendship he has known all his life.

Suddenly a deck officer notifies Rykrof that Admiral Tylin Gere's shuttle has arrived.

"Very good ensign," Rykrof replies, wondering what type of reception he will receive from his longtime friend.

Just then an escorted clone officer barges onto the bridge.

"Commander Enloe," the clone boldly announces, "We are here to take you into custody."


"Under whose order?" Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi interjects.

"We are under direct authority from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine," the officer replies.

"No need to worry," Rykrof calmly says to his Jedi friend.  "Once intelligence deciphers the data on the cylinders we uncovered, everything will be fine."

"Very well Rykrof," the Jedi complies.  "But stand your ground; your mission was not a failure as they claim."

Rykrof is then escorted to meet with Admiral Tylin Gere.

"Hello Rykrof," Tylin says.  "Many of us were beginning to wonder if you would ever return."

Mystified by the cold greeting, Rykrof hesitates before speaking.

"Yeah, I was beginning to worry about me too, Tylin.  It's been a while."

"That's Admiral Gere to you," Tylin replies sharply.

"The Republic is grateful that you survived your ordeal," he continues.  "But when an officer is given orders, they are to be followed without tardiness or delay.  Unscheduled family time is not a luxury we can afford to take when orders have been given."

"I am fully aware of that, Admiral," Rykrof says sarcastically.  "And I will accept the consequences for my actions.  However, I was able to upload a significant amount of data that will aid the Republic in eliminating the Badoo Corba."

"Your find certainly didn't save any lives today," Tylin replies snidely.

"It saddens me to say this, but friendship only goes so far," Tylin tells him. 

"There is little I can do for you at this point.  And your Jedi friend is very fortunate that the Jedi Council has already spoken to the Supreme Chancellor on his behalf."

Meanwhile, Freelo and Traedon Cusiro argue over the situation they have found themselves in while Ralbarr attempts to ignore the bickering conversation.

"This is a bunch of bantha crap," Traedon growls.  "They have no right to be holding us on this ship.  If they don't let us out, I'm going to take matters into my own hands."

"Maybe you should have just stayed on Dathomir," Freelo replies as he gently sips at his cup of Slug Juice.

"Listen here fish face; I've about had it with your smart mouth.  Ever since we got off that rock all you've done is get under my skin," Traedon threatens.  "One more comment and you'll find yourself in a trash compactor."


As the two continue to bicker, Kala Mly Shundi approaches the group.

"Kala, what's going on?" Traedon asks.  "How long do we have to stay on this ship?"

"The decision is not mine to make," the Jedi Master replies.

"But I thought you should know that Rykrof has been taken into custody."

Ralbarr becomes enraged with the news, emitting a deep growl at the Jedi Master.

"Into custody?" Traedon asks.  "For what?"

"From the Chancellor's point of view, Rykrof is responsible for the Badoo Corba escaping Dathomir.  If he had not delayed his mission, the terrorists might not have had time to evacuate the system," the Jedi Master informs the group.

"Rykrof knew he was taking a risk by visiting his family on Naboo.  Now it appears the Chancellor is going to make an example out of him," he continues.

"Oh yeah?  Well what about the data cylinders he downloaded at the Badoo Corba base he discovered?" Traedon asks. 

"Rykrof said there was information on them that was invaluable."

"Don't forget that I helped him export that data," Freelo proudly announces.

"Our only hope is that the data will outweigh the charge he faces," Kala says.


"Now, let's get you registered so I can see about transferring you to Coruscant."

Meanwhile, Tylin and Rykrof make their way towards the communications chamber of the ship.

They then prepare to make contact with the Supreme Chancellor, who has requested to speak with Rykrof directly.

Knowing he may very well face charges of insubordination, Rykrof prepares to present his case to the leader of the Galactic Senate.

The holographic image of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine then appears.

Tylin then greets the powerful leader.

"Supreme Chancellor, it is an honor to speak with you," Tylin says. 

"As you have requested, I bring you Commander Rykrof Enloe for questioning."

"Thank you Admiral Gere," Palpatine replies.

"Commander Enloe, please spare me the details on why you visited Naboo.   I only want you to tell me what happened on Dathomir.  But keep it brief.  I have to address the Senate with details on today's terrorist attack, but I want to hear your report first."

"Yes Sir," Rykrof replies.

"When we arrived in the Dathomir System, we were ambushed by a fleet of Federation Battleships."

"Most of my team was shot out of space..."

" ...very few of us made it to the surface alive."

"We had to stay low during the day because of the Separatist patrols in our sector..."

" ...eventually a rescue team located us, but the Jedi were met by Asajj Ventress."

"But a dark witch was in control of the planet..."

" ...she seemed immortal."

"Interesting," Palpatine replies.  "How did you escape from her?"

"Either luck, or the will of the Force," Rykrof says.  "Unfortunately Jedi Knight Kovin Thayle was killed by the witch... "

" ...but thanks to Master Shundi, our escape was made possible."

"After over 100 standard days on the surface, I'm still amazed that any of my team made it off the planet..."

" ...but the Badoo Corba must have evacuated prior to our arrival.  They seemed to have known we were coming."

"However, we did obtain secret data on the Badoo Corba.  I believe we can use this information to prevent future terrorist attacks," Rykrof tells him.

"Indeed," Palpatine says with a smile.

"The data codes you provided have already been broken.  It appears that the information you obtained contains the identities and locations of dozens of terror cells in the Outer Rim," the Chancellor says enthusiastically.

"Your recent actions concern me, but there is no doubt that the information you have obtained is vital," Palpatine says. 

"Especially while we are at war with our resources stretched thin.  In times like these, it becomes easy to see terrorism as merely an annoyance.  I was personally in the Galactic Alliance District earlier this morning, leading me to believe that I was the intended target of today's attack."

"The data you brought back revealed a link to the terrorists on Kobridor... the planet has been a battleground between our clone army and the Separatists since the war broke out.  But thanks to your information we now know there is a primary contact of the Badoo Corba on that planet."

"Find the Quarren, Tessor, and bring him to Coruscant for interrogation," Palpatine continues.   

"Successfully complete this mission and as a measure of my gratitude, I will grant you a leave absence from duty to be with your family on Naboo."

"Thank you Chancellor," Rykrof says as he observes the holo image of the Quarren.

"I will not let you down."

"I know you won't.  Now, assemble a strike team and rendezvous with General Shaak Ti's forces on Kobridor.  I look forward to granting your leave of absence upon the success of your mission." 

Following the meeting, Tylin chases after Rykrof.

"You were fortunate in there," the Admiral says.  "Today's attack was convenient timing for you... under any other circumstances you'd be in a prison cell right now..."

"...which is where you should be, along with your new entourage.  That Mon Calamari friend of yours was working for the Separatists before you met him, and the smuggler..."


"Cross me again Tylin and it will be the last thing you do," Rykrof threatens as his grip tightens on the Admiral's throat.

Tightening his grip even more, Rykrof feels an urge to kill his former  friend right here, regardess of the consequences.

"You heard the Chancellor.  I have work to do," he says after releasing his grip, leaving Tylin gasping for air.

The following morning, citizens begin to go about their daily routine, weary of the ominous threat of both the Separatists and the Badoo Corba.

Concealed behind a local diner, Rykrof meets with his inner circle of trusted allies to discuss the recent turn of events.

"I'm not sure what's happening to the Republic," Rykrof says in frustration. 

"Ever since I enlisted as a Peace Officer, I've done everything I can.  And really, the only reason I'm not in prison right now is because of those data cylinders.  Even Tylin has turned against me.  Who's next, my wife?

"This is exactly what I told you would happen," Finis Valorum says. 

"Palpatine is doing everything he can to stay in power beyond his term and gain more control ...he's manipulating everyone ...even you." 

"Even if that's true, now is not the time to challenge him.  Not during a time of war," Rykrof says.

"It would tear the Republic apart."

"I thought the Republic was already torn apart," Freelo comments to Ralbarr.

"It would be best to take your family and go into hiding until the war is over," Valorum says.

"Regardless of the outcome, the Republic will lose."

Senator Tame Heem then adds onto Valorum's strong words. 

"Finis is a wise man, Rykrof.  He is one of the few without a twisted allegiance.  Unlike the Chancellor Palpatine, he has no ulterior motives.  You are in no position to challenge anyone on a political level now though.  It may be in your best interest to take his advice and resign."

The trio then exits the alley leaving Rykrof with even more questions.

"Nice meeting you!" Freelo exclaims as he waves goodbye to the three politicians.

"Well, I guess this is as far as I go too," Traedon then tells the group. 

"For now at least.  I have to get back to Correlia."

"Maybe this is it for me as well then," Rykrof laments.  "Maybe they're right, I should submit my resignation."

"Don't do that," Traedon reassures him.  "At least don't make a decision until you hear back from me, ok?"

"That's fine Traedon," Rykrof tells him.

Traedon then briskly leaves the group, leaving Rykrof wondering who will be next to abandon him.

Suddenly an obese creature bustles out the back door of the diner.

"Damn scrubber droid," he says in a garbled voice.  "This relic should be in a museum!"

"Hey what are you doing back here?  Dumpster diving in my trash are ya?" he yells.

"Hi, I'm Freelo," Freelo says with a smile.  "We were just talking with Finis... "

"Our apologies," Rykrof says, sharply cutting Freelo off.

"We'll be going now."

"Now wait a just a minute," the creature growls. 

"You're not going anywhere without explaining to me why you're back here!  Who are you? "


"It's ok Dex, they're with me," Kala Mly Shundi interrupts.

"Master Shundi, these are friends of yours?" Dexter Jettster asks. 

"I had no idea!"

Kala then accompanies the diner owner to his garbage pile.

"They're good friends," Kala tells him.

"But keep this to yourself; you didn't see any of us here."

"Alright, I gotcha," Dex replies.  "Jedi business, I can respect that."


"Just next time you stop by, come in the through the front.  My door is always open to friends of the Jedi," Dex tells Rykrof.

"Thank you Dex," Rykrof says cordially.

"I'm a friend of the Jedi too," Freelo eagerly points out. 

"Then you're welcome anytime," Dex laughs.  "You'll always have a friend in Dexter Jettster!"

"Rykrof, the Council has granted me permission to accompany you on your mission," the Jedi says once Dexter returns to his diner.

"I'm very happy to hear that," Rykrof admits.

"This will not be an easy task; Kobridor is a complete battle zone.  The entire planet has been affected by the war," Kala tells him.

"I'm ready for anything," Freelo says, bringing a smile to Rykrof's face.

The group soon departs Coruscant, prepared to find the Badoo Corba terrorist on Kobridor and bring him back for interrogation...

...knowing their mission is but one of many in the war...

...a war that has consumed the galaxy for over a year...

...with no end in sight.



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