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Seems to me that all of a sudden, shipments have stopped everywhere - I mean nobody is getting in basic figures for about 2 weeks now in my area... just a few Evolution sets popping up here and there... so what does this mean to us? 

Will there be another last push on ROTS stuff, or is it done now and suddenly SAGA will start hitting?  I admit I'm excited to see the SAGA stuff, and I don't even NEED any more ROTS figures, but I can't deny my excitement of seeing new ROTS figures on the pegs.


Customs Community and Group Projects / Complete Frustration...
« on: December 9, 2005, 09:03 PM »
Maybe somebody here can help me out with a new digital camera issue that I am having.

About 2 weeks ago I purchased a new digital camera - seemed happy with it, but I could not get anything to download onto my computer (my old camera still downloads stuff just fine) - eventually I was able to see that the computer wasn't recognizing there being a camera hooked up to it.  So I figured it was something wrong with the camera or the new cord and took it back.

Got a much better one today... same damn thing is happening.  The old camera will still download pics, but this one won't, just like the other new one I got!  What gives?  My new camera's screen says "connecting" while it is hooked up to the computer, but nothing will download.  And the cords are compatible with the new versus old - I tried swapping them out and still get the same problem.

I'm so frustrated.  Has anyone ever experienced anything like this, or have any advice?

Thank you!


EDIT - This Month we will be working together to create our own unique Rebel Troopers... hope to keep everyone who has participated in these still on board, and maybe nab a few newbies too!


What had we decided on for this month?  We are finishing up Organic Separatist Troops, so hopefully we can get something figured out here by Wednesday.

Thoughts?  Remember these are usually for a broad range of characters, like Star Wars hotties, Bounty Hunters, Sith Lords, etc. 

Mayne we could try Rebel Troopers?  Or off-screen Cantina aliens?


Revenge of the Sith / Black Friday Purchases!
« on: November 25, 2005, 06:50 AM »
Gang, I am tying this after just warming my car up.  Heading to Target in about 5 minutes to get hopefully a new, better digital camera for my photonoves/custom pics and maybe find some newer figures like some more of the Heavy Gunner Wookiees.

Next stop - Kmart to see if their Buy 1 Get 1 Free figure sale is any good.

After that, going to come back and crash for a bit while I still digest yesterdays' turkey.

Then drive 100 miles south with my wife to see the 88 year old grandparents for the holiday, and hit up all the local Walmarts and a Target, Kmart and TRU.

Everyone going out today, good luck and be safe!


Photonovels and Movies / RE #17 - TWISTED ALLEGIANCE
« on: November 22, 2005, 12:20 PM »

Above the highly populated city planet Coruscant, a lone Republic Assault Cruiser returns home from a desperate mission.

As Rykrof Enloe looks upon the heart of the Republic, he knows all too well that his recent decision may have cost him not only his career, but a friendship he has known all his life.

Prior to arriving on Dathomir, spending a much needed day with his family was all he wanted; one more day with his loving wife; another chance to see his newborn son.  He then finds himself reflecting on the recent events that nearly cost him his life.

Arriving a day late on Dathomir was all the time the Badoo Corba terrorist organization needed to escape the planet before Rykrof's squad arrived...

...and before a surprise attack by a large Separatist force left Rykrof and his surviving troops stranded on the planet.

Even for a fully trained warrior, facing the dangers of the hostile planet proved to be deadly.

By a stroke of luck, Rykrof stumbled upon the abandoned Badoo Corba base and was able to download invaluable information before leaving the complex...

...and befriended others stranded on the planet.

But avoiding the relentless droids of the Confederacy searching for them and the terrible rancors seemed to be the least of their worries... Count Dooku sent the evil Asajj Ventress to hunt down any Republic survivors.

To Rykrof's horror, a hideous being even more terrible than Ventress haunted the planet.

Even Ventress barely survived the rage of the hideous creature.

Only an undercover rescue attempt by an old Jedi friend had given him hope.

And their desperate struggle finally came to an end.

Regrettably, some did not survive the terrible experience.

Suddenly a deck officer approaches Rykrof. 

"Sir, your shuttle is ready," he says.  "Admiral Gere is awaiting your arrival."

Rykrof then takes one more look at the planet, and wonders what type of reception will be awaiting him.

Soon his shuttle arrives on the surface.

After landing, Rykrof and his group exit the docking bay...

...and are met by a small gathering of military personnel, including Rykrof's old friend, Tylin Gere.

"Commander Enloe," Tylin says, "We've been expecting you.  Many of us were beginning to wonder if you would ever return."

Mystified by the cold greeting, Rykrof hesitates before speaking.  "Yeah, I've returned from the pits of hell, Tylin.  Been gone too long."

"The Republic is grateful to have you back," Tylin replies.  "But when an officer is given orders, they are to be followed without tardiness or delay."

With a nod, Admiral Gere then orders his troops to take Rykrof into custody.

As a trooper reaches for Rykrof, Ralbarr unleashes a thundering roar and begins to lunge for clone.

"Ralbarr, no!" Rykrof warns.  "This won't help me.  I can straighten this myself."

"It saddens me to do this, but personal matters can be discussed at a later time Rykrof," Tylin says as he turns his attention towards Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi.  "And your friend is very fortunate that the Jedi Council has already spoken to the chancellor on his behalf."

"Just stay put everyone.  I'll get this mess straightened out," Rykrof says.  "Nothing to worry about.  Once they decipher the data cylinders everything will be fine!"

Rykrof is then escorted away.

Traedon Cusiro then turns to Kala Mly Shundi.

"So this is what he was so desperate to get back to?  A government that's turned against him?" he asks.

"The Republic has not turned on Commander Enloe, but he is guilty of delaying his mission which resulted in the terrorists' escape.  I am afraid the military may wish to make an example of him," Master Shundi laments.  "Our only hope is that the data cylinders he and Freelo downloaded will outweigh the charge he faces.  Now, let's take you and your friends to get registered for your stay here on Coruscant."

That evening, with the data provided by Rykrof, news breaks over the galactic holonet that two Republic Senators have been arrested on grounds of treason.  Senators Jyyde and Relin are revealed to be financial supporters of the Badoo Corba, and denounced as enemies of the Republic.

The following morning, however, a powerful blast rocks the Senatorial District...

...and hundreds are killed.

That evening Rykrof is brought before Chancellor Palpatine and informed of his disappointment in Rykrof's decision to put personal matters before his mission, but apologizes for his arrest. 

"The information you brought back is vital," he says.  "It not only solidifies our knowledge of the locations of terror cells throughout the Outer Rim, but you have exposed traitors to the Republic.  With this morning's terrorist attack, it only proves that the Badoo Corba are still a serious threat.  Intelligence indicates that I was their intended target."

"Thank you Chancellor, and I am grateful that you were not injured in the bombing," Rykrof firmly replies.  "But I hope you do understand my priorities in this war."

"Your intentions are always honorable Commander," Palpatine says.  "Admiral Gere understandably has his concerns, but there is no need for an explanation to me.  However your work on your latest mission is incomplete."

"I'm not sure I understand," Rykrof says.  "I've been informed of the Separatist takeover on Telos and on Nikdor..."

"Yes, we have had our setbacks against the Confederacy," Palpatine replies.  "But I am referring to the Badoo Corba.  With the information you gathered on Dathomir, I have recommended to Governor Tarkin that you lead a team to Kobridor."

"The planet has been a battleground between our clone army and the Separatists since the war broke out.  But thanks to your information we now know there is a primary contact of the Badoo Corba on that planet.  Find the Quarren, Tessor, and arrest him.  He, along with Senators Jyyde and Relin are traitors to the Republic.  Successfully complete this mission and as a measure of my gratitude, you willl receive a 30 day absence from the military to be with your family on Naboo."

"Thank you Chancellor," Rykrof says as he observes the holo image of the Quarren traitor.

Later, Rykrof meets with his comrades and some old political friends in a dark corridor to discuss this latest turn of events.

"I don't know what the hell's happening to the Republic," Rykrof says.  "For over 10 years I've done everything I can.  And really, the only reason I'm not in prison right now is because of those damn data cylinders.  Even Tylin has turned against me.  Who's next, my wife?"

"I've told you what's happening Rykrof," Finis Valorum says.  "Palpatine is doing what he can to stay in power beyond his term and gain more control ...he is manipulating everyone ...even you.  It would be best to take your family and go into hiding until this war is over.  Regardless of the outcome, the Republic will lose."

As Valorum and Noop Tonbeeto leave, Senator Tame Heem adds onto Valorum's strong words.  "Finis is a wise man, Rykrof.  He is one of the few without a twisted allegiance.  Unlike the current chancellor, he has no ulterior motives.  You are in no position to challenge anyone on a political level now though.  It may be in your best interest to take his advice."

Rykrof stands stupidly as the allied politicians exit the corridor. 

"Did that conversation not go as you had planned?" Freelo asks.

"Of course it didn't," Traedon says to the Mon Calamari.  "But what do you expect from political freaks?  Rykrof, you know I want to help you on this mission.  But I have to return to Correlia.  Good luck and be safe."

"Same to you,"Rykrof replies.  "I'll contact you after the mission when we get to Naboo."

"Well," Rykrof says, "I guess we better get moving.  We sure as hell wouldn't want to arrive on Kobridor a day late."

As the group begins to exit the corridor, Kala Mly Shundi enters the hallway.

"Rykrof, the Council has granted me permission to accompany you on your mission," the Jedi says.

Soon the group departs the Republic capitol and makes way towards their new destination: the battle ravaged planet Kobridor.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku meets with a nervous Viceroy Nute Gunray on Caito Neimoidia.

"I am uncomfortable with the direction the war is taking," Gunray says.  "We wasted time and resources on Dathomir hunting this Rykrof Enloe.  And why have we not advanced on Coruscant?  Our droid armies outnumber the Republic's genetic clones ten to one!  We can end this war with one strike!"

"Patience Viceroy, patience," Dooku replies.  "Dathomir was merely a lesson for Commander Ventress.... such a move on Coruscant at this time would be foolish.  We have the Republic right where we want them."

"Despite some losses, the war goes well.  It would be unwise to strike at the center of Republic until we are ready."

"With our current strategy, countless Jedi are dying with every passing month."

"And as you pointed out, we have a numeric advantage over our enemy..."

"...and with the Republic once again becoming distracted by the Badoo Corba, their forces will be spread thin...

"...and we may continue our excavation of Rhen Var without interference."


Saga Collection '06 / SAGA price hike?
« on: November 21, 2005, 03:50 PM »
Anyone think they will jump up to around $6.00 instead of the $5.00 we are used to with ROTS (and most prior lines)?


Modern Classifieds / CHEWIE's wants/haves list
« on: November 15, 2005, 03:04 PM »
WANTS (mostly fodder parts)

- SAGA Endor Rebel Trooper head - need several for "Rykrof Enloe" customs

- ROTS Meena Tills (loose)

Please PM me if you have any of the above items for trade/sale.


Watto's Junk Yard / Goofy header ad!
« on: November 9, 2005, 12:14 PM »

Now that's just hilarious... who is that?


Customs Community and Group Projects / Life after customizing?
« on: November 6, 2005, 03:31 AM »
Tonight on the way home from a bar social event, I decided to stop by a local Walmart wth my wife, and I found the new Clone Evolutions Variant pack.  When I picked it up, she said it looked like someone had switched out the figures, and replaced then with customs (mainly because of the paint application on the Sandtrooper).

Being not as crazily into this than I am, she didn't understand that it was a variation.  After I explained it to her, se understood... but then came a question in the car drive home. 

She was drunk (I was not) and she for whatever reason began to interrogate me about my collection, but namely customizing.  She asked me several times how much longer the line would last, and I told her it could be only 2-3 more years, or longer, depending on how well they market the stuff in conjunction with the TV series and the degree to which they find a balance in the older collector's market.

But it quickly turned to customizing for whatever reason, which I think was her basis for asking any of this is in the first place.  I told her that if the line ends in two years, then I will have less new figures as well as custom fodder to continue buying, but I will try to expand my armies and will continue the customizing craze by going back and buying more of what is still available.

Really when it comes down to it, customizing is my #1 interest in this magical galaxy we endulge ourselves in.  My plans are to continue to expland my collection through my imagination of customs for years and years to come, perhaps until I am an old man.  It's my hobby, what I enjoy.



Revenge of the Sith / When will the ROTS clearances start?
« on: November 1, 2005, 07:07 PM »
I think it's just a matter of time... but will it be before, or after Christmas?  Wonder how low we'll see the stuff go?  Some places have a ton of it... what are everyone's predictions here?

I say Target/Walmart will be first, and TRU will hang onto the full prices until the bitter end... probably for a couple years...

But with the other two main retailers, I see the figures hitting the $3.00 price range before too long, and who knows after that.



Saga Collection '06 / Who wants a new SAGA Battle Droid 3-pack?
« on: October 31, 2005, 08:10 PM »
I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of Battle Droids... just the generic grunts.  Love these guys.  I really wish we could get some sort of Battle Droid 3-pk, with variation colors.  Make them with great sculpts, and sturdy plastic, and you can take away some of the articulation for all I care.

Anyone else want to see this?  Maybe I'll make some sort of cheesy photoshop custom of what I'd like to see and submit it to Hasbro.   ;)


Photonovels and Movies / RE # 16 - CURSE OF DATHOMIR
« on: October 30, 2005, 05:06 PM »
Ok, here it is... the final chapter of the Dathomir series... hope you all enjoy!

While Rykrof Enloe struggles to find a way back to Coruscant, a lone enemy battle cruiser looms over the planet on which he resides.

Although his initial mission to exterminate the Badoo Corba terrorists on the planet failed, Rykrof did manage to find their hidden base.  In doing so, he has obtained valuable information for the Republic.  Fortunately, the Separatist force did not discover the complex until after Rykrof had abandoned the base.

On the run with his new allies; Freelo, Traedon and Briss, Rykrof and his comrades discover a number of destroyed battle droids.

“These are the same droids we saw yesterday,” Rykrof says.  “What do you make of it?”

“These marks aren’t from any animals,” Traedon says.  “Looks like we have more company.”

“Let’s just hope the Badoo Corba aren't back,” Rykrof replies.  “If someone’s taking out droids here, maybe we’re on the same side.”

Meanwhile, General Snodd continues his search for Rykrof and wonders why one of his droids patrol units has not reported in.

Although he is concerned as to what could have happened to the group, he knows there are countless dangers in the jungle.  Smugglers have been known to hide on the planet, and there are always the dangerous beasts that inhabit the area.

And although he is confident in his tracking abilities, he knows that if he is unsuccessful, Count Dooku’s disciple will surely eliminate Commander Enloe.

Meanwhile, the group of refugees stumbles onto a heap of decomposing bodies. 
“What in the name of Valorum happened here?” Rykrof wonders aloud.

“Something’s approaching,” Briss then says.  “We better take a defensive position.”

Suddenly, the most horrifying sight that Rykrof has ever laid his eyes on appears.  Dragging the corpse of one of his troopers, the evil being known as Siriadne slowly emerges.

“I told you,” Freelo whispers.  “The witch!”

Suddenly the demonic being turns towards the group and roars an obscenity in an unknown language.

“Great job Freelo!” Rykrof yells. 

As the group opens fire on the hideous creature, Freelo runs off in fear.

In a blur of motion, the witch advances on the group…

…and tears into Briss.

Horrified, Rykrof and Traedon sprint for their lives as the evil Siriadne begins to consume the flesh of her kill.

Minutes later, the two exhausted comrades stop to catch their breath.

“It’s just you and me, Republic boy,” Traedon says.

“No,” Rykrof pants.  “Freelo’s out here somewhere.  We have to find him.”

“The fish took off to save his scales,” Traedon argues.  “He’s only slowed us down.  He’s useless…”

Suddenly, to Rykrof’s surprise, Traedon’s eyes widen as he raises his blaster…

…and triggers a direct shot into the chest of an approaching battle droid.

Rykrof then remembers that the witch is not their only concern.

Both men then layer a shower of plasma at the attacking droids.

Then Rykrof hears the unexpected yet familiar sound of a lightsaber ignite. Out of nowhere, a figure appears and dismembers two of the droids.

And the other droids are destroyed by a second Jedi.

As Rykrof comes to grasp with the sudden turn of events, he realizes that the aid has come from an old friend, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi.

“Am I glad to see you,” Rykrof exclaims to his friend.
“As am I, Rykrof Enloe,” the Jedi replies.  “But it is not I that found your location.”

To his surprise, Rykrof turns around and sees his closest friend, the mighty Wookiee Ralbarr.

Although overwhelmed with emotion, Rykrof feels a bit uncomfortable showing his feelings for his friend in front of Traedon. 

“Alright you two,” Traedone smirks.  “There will be plenty of time for that once we get off this hell hole.”

As the group prepares for an escape, an evil figure appears.

“Ventress,” Shundi says.  “Ralbarr, take them to the rescue site.  Kovin and I will handle this.  This is no place for you Rykrof.”

“This is no place for you either, Jedi!” Ventress exclaims.

Deciding not to question the Jedi, Rykrof and Traedon follow the mighty Wookiee further into the depths of the jungle.

Meanwhile the Jedi have their hands full with the dark side advocate.

As the dark woman begins to gain the upper hand, a hideous bellow erupts from the left.  “Jediiiiii…..” the horrible creature cries.

Ignoring the Jedi, Asajj Ventress leaps at the opportunity to face the abomination; now knowing this confrontation is the true test her master, Count Dooku, has orchestrated for her.

To her surprise, the living curse of Dathomir unleashes a terrible fury of dark side energy into her.

With Ventress rendered unconscious, the two Jedi cautiously confront Siriadne.

With a burst of speed, the witch delivers a Force push into Kala Mly Shundi and proceeds towards Kovin.

As the others continue to make way towards the designated rescue site, Rykrof begins to fear more for the safety of Jedi.

Many hours pass before Kala Mly Shundi awakes with a terrible headache.  Looking around, he sees no evidence of Ventress or the abomination...

…but finds the dismembered corpse of his apprentice, Kovin U’Delli.  Suddenly he hears the sound of someone approaching.

To his surprise, he finds a Mon Calamari smiling at him. 

“A Jedi,” he says with joy.  “We’re saved!”

As dawn nears, Rykrof, Traedon and Ralbarr near the rescue site but are discovered by General Snodd’s patrol.

During the heat of the battle an enormous Rancor is attracted to the commotion.

While the main droid force concentrates on the Rancor…

…Rykrof is astonished as he looks in the sky to see a Republic Gunship descending.

“Rykrof, we’re here to rescue you,” Freelo exclaims.

Dumbfounded, Rykrof questions the Mon Calamari as to where he has been, and where Kovin is.

“Get on the ship,” Kala Mly Shundi calmly says.  “It is time for you to leave this place.”

As Rykrof and his friends climb towards safety, the droids fire several idle shots into the air.

After subduing the Rancor, General Snodd receives a transmission from Asajj Ventress.

“They escaped,” Snodd says.  Alert the orbiting cruiser to engage them.”

“It's too late,” she replies.  “They’re gone.”

“The Nemoidian hierarchy will not be happy about this,” the general says.

With a hiss, Ventress replies, “I suggest you worry about yourself, General Snodd.  Prepare to evacuate this wretched planet.”

Back on Coruscant, the Dark Lord of the Sith meets with his apprentice to discuss the latest events.

“This was an educational experience for her,” Darth Sidious says.  “She managed to survive against an adversary capable of defeating any of the Jedi Council.”

“Yes, but was she not defeated?” Count Dooku asks his master.

“Of course she was.  But through her failure she will learn her own weaknesses …and the limit of her power.  This defeat for her will only refine her abilities.  Soon she will be ready to face the one they claim to be ‘The Chosen One.’”

"And what of Rykrof Enloe?  I am impressed that he survived," Dooku says.

"He is not important in the grand scheme of things.  Nonetheless, he has gained powerful allies, and may prove to be an asset for the time being.   But he will be dealt with in due time," Lord Sidious replies.

Meanwhile, Rykrof and the survivors embark on the long journey home.

“I can’t thank you enough for coming for me,” Rykrof says to his Jedi friend.

“Think nothing of it.  It only saddens me that you are in the position you are in with the Senate,” Shundi replies. “Although it is against the Jedi Code, I understand why you delayed your mission to Dathomir.  Seeing your family is important to you.  The Badoo Corba may have escaped because of your actions,  but it is important that you are safe, regardless of what some politicians may think.”

“Yeah, well I have a feeling what’s on this data cylinder with turn some heads,” Rykrof says grimly.  “It’s invaluable information, but they’re not going to like everything I found on it.”

“But no matter what they do, at least I know I'm not going back to that planet again.”


Saga Collection '06 / Got 30 extra bucks?
« on: October 28, 2005, 03:59 PM »
Check out this...

The only good thing about this, is I think they will be hitting retail here in the states by early December...


Revenge of the Sith / Preview Wookiee vs. Heavy Gunner Wookiee
« on: October 24, 2005, 02:06 PM »
Wow, I was fortunate enough to find a Heavy Wookiee Gunner today... what a figure.

I remember when I first got the Preview Wookiee, I was blown out of the water with how cool it was; how big, articualted and well sculpted.

Well, I think Hasbro may have done an even better job on the Gunner Wookiee.  The basic body is exactly the same, but the paint job on this one is excellent... and the shirt thing is very well done.  It's kind of like a leather material, and fits him well.

To me, the first one had better accessories, but this one just looks better as a stand-alone figure.  It could be "at home" in a number of dioramas too.  He could be a regular Wookiee farmer, a traveler, a bar patron, or a warrior. 

I'll try and take a comparison pic of the two tonight.  If you liked the Preview Wookiee, then this should be an excellent addition to your collection.


Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Modular Bespin Playset
« on: October 20, 2005, 05:44 PM »
Remember this thing guys?

I think I might commission Owen D to try and make somethign similar to this for the 3-3/4" line, or might go about it and try it on my own.

If I didn't use styrene, would wood be a good way to go about it?  Or a combination of different materials?


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