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Modern Classifieds / For Sale Medicom Display Cases!!
« on: January 23, 2010, 07:54 AM »
Ok guys, I have a total of  70 cases for sale. If u buy a lot, I will ship them in the Medicom boxes if u wish. Or I can pack and wrap each 1 up and use a bigger box. Shipping will be more.

66 in good condition 4.00 each  .
3  have a small chip on connector but doesn't affect it at all. 2.50 each.
1 I drilled a 1/4" hole on top for IG 88 to fit. Can still stack.  2.50 u wont see the hole if its stacked.

ALL 70 FOR 200.00 + shipping
Buy 10-29  3.50 each
Buy 30-49  3.25 each
Buy 50-60  3.00 each
I still have more Star Wars Kubs I have not sold yet, some Carded,chases and Sets. PM me if u need anything.


Modern Classifieds / Entire Star Wars Kubrick Collection for sale
« on: December 19, 2009, 02:26 PM »
hello, due to financial problems I am selling my entire collection.Not sure how to upload pics here but if you give me ur email address I can send you pics if u want to see them.  All of my collection has been displayed in either Medicom Cases or carded figure cases.  Please note that the prices include these cases. Medicom cases are about 5.00 each and the cardback cases are 14.00 each. I will not split up and Series sets. I will describe all figures as best as I can. I do accept paypal and have never sold on this site before. I have excellent rating on Ebay  ( BIGJOU812) 100%  Please pm me with any questions. I am open to offers as well.
I HAVE ALMOST ALL OF THE BOXES FROM THE sERIES 1-10. Series 2 is missing a few boxes.

SERIES 1 - ALL 6 FIGS WITH CASES AND BOXES     80.00/60.00               
SERIES 2 - ALL 6 FIGS WITH SOME BOXES AND CASES    85.00/ 60.00               
SERIES 5 - ALL 6 FIGS WITH BOXES AND CASES     60.00/ 35.00               
SERIES 7 -ALL 6 FIGS WITH BOXES AND CASES   60.00 / 55.00               
400% LUKE WITH BOX     75.00               
Chase Figures      CASES INCLUDED UNLESS NOTED         
S1-  BOBA FETT  RED/RED GAUNTLETS   120.00               
S2- CANTINA MEMBER  20.00               
S6- WEDGE 25.00               
S7-SENATE GUARD 25.00               
S9- CLONE COMMANDER  30.00               
S9- SHAAK TII  110.00               
BOX SETS               
WICKET/PAPLOO 34.00               
series 1 set- all 6  black drop included  140.00/ 90.00               
series 2 set- all 6  blackdrop included   135.00/ 85.00               
LEIA HOLOGRAM  60.00/ 50.00               
SHADOW GUARD  30.00/ 25.00               
BOBA FETT BAPE - 170.00/  160.00               
LUKE - 60.00/ 50.00               
Losse figures               
luke ceremony  9.00               
wicket cartoon  9.00               
ten numb 9.00    ALL UNOPENED            
k3 po 9.00               
Boba Fett droids- 7.00               
obi wan ghost 6.00               
solo bespin - 8.00               
solo bespin - 8.00               
paploo- 9.00               
r5 d4 9.00               
imperial r2 unit 15.00               
luke jedi- 6.00               
ig 88- 1 weapon missing 5.00               
biker scout- 6.00               
tie pilot 6.00               
grevious in bag  10.00               
luke pilot 7.00               
luke pilot 7.00               
death star trooper in bag  7.00               
anakin ghost in bag 6.00               
jawa 6.00               
royal guard in bag 7.00               
clonetrooper series 10 in bag  9.00               
boba fett black/white prototype in bag  9.00               
boba fett black/white prototype in bag 9.00               
Boba Fertt collection in boxes               
Droids version  8.00               
Holiday Version 9.00               
 Series 10 Vader Boxed  8.00               
series 10 vader boxed 8.00               

basically just what it says. I'm guessing  a ROTJ set. Simply because we had an ANH and ESB set already.  I would like to see the following 6:

Endor Rebel
Lando Skiff
R2 D2 w/serving tray
Cheif Chirpa
A Wing Pilot

chases being   Weequay ( Barada )
                    Endor Soldier Biker Scout Disguise ( Endor Rebel
                    Lando General  ( Lando Skiff )

What do you think?

Modern Trading / Looking for Medicom Display cases bad!!
« on: July 30, 2009, 04:24 PM »
If anyone has any display cases for sale please pm me. I will buy anywhere from 1 to 20 individual cases. I have 16 figures still need to be put in.

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