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How much?

Sorry, I tried to indicate that there was no price associated with either of these items, so no idea.

I went to about 8 other Targets after that and none of them had these.

Saw this complete wave at a Target for the first time today. Previously I had only seen it before at Walmart, so for anyone still needing these, it's a good sign.

I found the vintage packaged Snowspeeder and TIE Fighter this morning as well, right here in the good ole US of A.

Target just had one of each out...verrry cool. Really love that packaging design. Neither had any sort of price close to them, so I can only assume they will ring up for the same as the other midsize starfighters. Or maybe I'm just being optimistic there.  ::)

Yeah, I left them. Not easily.

Found these all this morning at Target. Easy pass...too many humans, and I just got Shaak Ti a few months ago in the last TLC wave.

Good to see new stuff hitting though!

I was out, and decided to see if I could figure out how easy/hard it would be to get these sets.  I checked around to see how many were in stock, and since I didn't like what I was hearing I decided to act and get what I wanted now since I was out and about anyway. 

How exactly did you do this? Did you just hoof it, or did you call up on the phones to check stock via the DCPI's? Or use that IPhone App?

I haven't been able to find any of the new exclusives on their website yet, so I can't seem to check store availability that way, ala Walmart.

Will these be out 10/17 too?

I would think so, but that might make too much sense. They all pretty much hit at once in Canada, and I can't see why Target would want to stock their TVC exclusives but not their TCW ones.

I just read on JTA that both the Hoth BP's AND the Geonosis sets have now been spotted at Target in Philly. So it seems logical to assume we would start seeing the 4 TCW exclusives (2 2-packs and 2 BP's) any day now.

I'm already starting the Hunt for these today.

Based on what I read in the Yakface forums last night, this has also now been spotted in Arizona and Iowa.

I wondered why no one has posted here about seeing this yet and then I remembered we are down to like 20-30 regular posters now.

I would really appreciate it if someone could mention this if they happen to see it in their travels. Will do likewise, of course.


Out now up in Canada, courtesy of something called "Zeller's".

These are both out in Canada, Zeller's again.

Great week to be a Canuck!

Only impatient, independently-wealth douches pay $13 a figure.

This wave is also now out in the Phillipines, according to JTA.

Won't be much longer!

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Target DPCI #s
« on: October 6, 2010, 01:03 PM »
As per the Front Page Story, there's a Target sale coming up.  I'm not sure if any of the DPCI's are new or not though. 

Neither of the Clone Wars ones are new...those have been in circulation for a few weeks. Great info about the endcap date though, really hoping those exclusive 2-packs make it out by then.

This wave is in stock now at BBTS...$64.99 for the case.  ::)

For five new figures, that comes to a shade under $13 each. Plus shipping.

Happy to wait these out at retail...

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Holy Crap I'm a Dad!!!!
« on: October 5, 2010, 09:50 AM »
Sorry to hear you have checked out of the "Sleep as Late as I Like Club".  ;D

But yeah, kids are pretty cool. It's a worthy trade-off.

Went to a local TRU and saw a big display for star wars stuff in the front. The Rise of Boba Fett pack was $109. ($10 more than original price). However I went into the star wars section and found an empty area for the battle pack with the price of $89. I wonder which was correct?

I would say the $89 is the accurate price, as this is the current sale in effect since yesterday. My TRU had conflicting tags too, and another customer asked the same thing. It was $89 at the register.

Not sure where else to post this, but I had an odd experience returning 2 of the figures from this wave this morning at a local Target.

When I was turning them back in @ Customer Service, the nice lady up front had trouble scanning the Flamethrower Clone, at which point I looked down and discovered to my horror I had brought 1 of my carded versions with the UPC already removed.  :-[

I said "Uh oh, looks like this one has been opened, " but before I could even finish my sentence the girl said "oh don't worry about it, I can just scan the other one since they're the same price."

So they ended up taking back the figure with the missing UPC. I don't know what their exact policy is, but that seems like it probably should not have happened. I am really hoping they don't try to stick it back up for sale; although that one defect may not matter to some people, it's still bad toy karma, IMO. I don't want to have created a situation where some other consumer got screwed somehow. I am hoping they just ship it off as damaged/defective or something like that.


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