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The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: and Clone Wars
« on: May 7, 2010, 11:50 AM »
My order status changed this morning to "Fully Shipped". Hooray!

I might actually get these before my Nahdar Vebb arrives, and he had a one month head start.

I just hope they associate it to one of the traditional 3 lines: TCW, TLC or Legends.

I don't like the idea of nebulous figures floating around out there that don't belong to one of the established lines. Something about that just rankles the completist in me.

We have 3 K-Marts here locally, so on the off-chance this falls under the TCW line, I'll be all set.

Is this schmoe from a comic or video game?

Vintage Kenner / Re: Latest vintage acquisition
« on: May 7, 2010, 09:14 AM »
Really slow progress now that I am down to the last few items...but I did manage to pick up a minty vintage survival kit, still sealed in its original packaging. What a great mailaway offer that was! I have been trying to score this for a few weeks but I kept getting outbid. I finally got lucky last night though so it's on the way.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: and Clone Wars
« on: May 5, 2010, 12:57 PM »
Hey McMetal - both of the Clone Wars battlepacks are available from Hasbro Toy Shop - I bought an opener set of the last four battle packs of the Red/White line from them yesterday.

I basically decided it wasn't worth hunting for them, better to just let them come to me. I used the SW2010 code and got some money off of my order, basically getting shipping for free - which meant there was no difference between finding them at Target/TRU/WM and getting them online.

Just a thought...

To quote ony of my favorite David Cross lines..."You sold me!"

I actually caved and placed my order a little while ago. Thanks for the promo code tip. Together with shipping, taxes, etc my order only came to $46.15, which is definitely cheaper than I would have paid at any brick and mortar retail outlet. I also love that they let you ship to an address other than the billing address, so no angry wife to worry about.  8)

I sort of feel like I surrendered on this, since there's a stubborn side of me that really wanted to hold out and find these on a shelf somewhere, but it's been too many weeks now and I'm just sick of the whole hunting thing. It's getting to be too hot and aggravating driving all over creation in a vain attempt to score those last 2 TCW battlepacks. Now I'm more or less done.  :)

Would like to maybe have a few openers from recent waves (Hondo, Aayla, etc) but as noted above HTS is not the place to score these it seems. Ah well, no hurry...I'm sure they will pop up over the summer some time.

Yeah, this actually prompted me to make my first ever order from HTS. Both the TCW BattlePacks I needed were on sale for $19.99. With shipping, tax, minus the promo code SW2010 discount, together they came to $46.15 total. That's at least a couple of bucks cheaper than I would have paid at Target or TRU, you know, if they were to ever actually stock those around here.

Heck, I may go back and pick up a couple of figures for openers, then I'm totally and completely done for the summer.

Again, I know it sounds desperate but if anyone can help PM me get this wave I can pay you immediately so you will not have to put out the me JediDefender your my only hope.......

PM are covered.  ;)

Our TRU stocked about 3 new cases this morning, and finally got the endcap display up. I scored all 7 new fugures, plus an extra Shaak-Ti for myself. (Great sculpt!)

I ran into another collector buying stuff for someone else too, definitely not a scalper though, seemed pretty cool.

It's been almost a month now since they cashed my check, still no sign of my Vebb. That's pretty lame. I've worked at Fulfillment centers before, and if we let an order sit that long we'd never hear the end of it. Just another reason why Hasbro = Fail.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: and Clone Wars
« on: May 4, 2010, 01:23 PM »
Yeah, that would explain what I have been seeing around here, or rather not seeing.

It also explains why my area never did receive the new wave of Battlepacks. Even though 90% of stores around here have sold through and have space available for new ones, no one is restocking. I don't think these are shipping at all anymore.

Man, this just sucks badly. Besides the 2 TCW BP's I also really wanted openers of Aayla, Hondo, and the Magnaguard. Now it sounds like I'll literally never see these again on the pegs.  :'(

What I want to know is whether Hasbro severely cut back the quantities on these BP's and the 3 2010 TCW waves, or whether they are all rotting away in some dank warehouse someplace. We never saw more than a trickle of these 3 waves locally, compared to an ocean of Whorms, Fistos, Yularens, etc.

Also means I am pretty much done with going to any retail outlets until August. Eesh.

Youy read correctly and even Galactic Hunter got some word from Hasbro.

If anyone here comes across this wave I would be more than happy to reward the effort of picking them up for me. I can even send the money beforehand.  Those that have dealt with me know I am good for it. I really want some extra Jainas to make a few personal customs. PM me if anyone can help I will also throw in anything from my trade list including vehicles if you an get the whole way and a few extras. I just got more AT-ST's in 2 weeks ago and would happily throw one in. A local WM had some tucked away. I would love to cancel my wave case so I am not stuck with extras.

I'll keep an eye out for ya. I'd really love to work a swap for the Holocron Heist and Jedi Showdown Battlepacks, if you can get ahold of those. Will PM if/when I can find something...thanks in advance~

TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Two Discussion Thread
« on: May 3, 2010, 02:33 PM »
I miss it already.

Where to start? This show really loves its Gundars. (sp?) This is like their 2nd or 3rd appearance I think. SURE WOULD BE A SHAME IF SOME SAVVY TOY COMPANY DIDN'T GET THESE AWESOME CREATURES INTO THE ANIMATED LINE SOMEHOW. (Hint, Hint, Hint)

Most of the last arc was pretty excellent, only a couple of "off-notes" worthy of mentioning.

1) I was VERRRRRY disappointed to hear Bossk speak English. I thought that came off way too contrived. Has it ever occured to the writers that maybe not all alien species should be able to master that dialect? It really took away from his badass mystique IMO.

2) I like to joke that there is no sex in the SW universe, but it's actually even creepier when they do allude to it. I don't know why exactly, but I found it very unsettling about Aurra and Hondo being a "couple". Just eww. That's like a giraffe getting it on with an orangutan.

3) Wow, Mace is just an a-hole. I expected to him to have a little more empathy towards Boba at the end, or at least convey some sort of conciliatory message. "Sorry about killing your dad, but I hope in time you can forgive me" or something to that effect. He just comes across as an aloof, detached jerk though.

4) So what's up with Aurra and the Slave 1? IS she dead and the ship trashed as we are led to believe? Guessing not, since they failed to show the "money shot" but hard to imagine anyone walking away from that. You'd like to think the Jedi would be smart enough to sift through the wreckage but probably not.

Strong season overall. Can't wait to watch it all again in Blu-Ray. (I love how the shows says at the beginning "Available in Hi-Def" when Cartoon Network doesn't even have an HD channel here)

TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Three Discussion Thread
« on: May 3, 2010, 02:15 PM »
Do ratings even factor into whether this show gets renewed? Or is it just subsidized by some kind of merchandising agreement?

I love that it's coming back, but even the most successful network shows don't usually get a firm renewal until late May/early June.

There was barely anything in the Preview worth commenting on, it was so short.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: and Clone Wars
« on: May 3, 2010, 02:08 PM »
All the stores around here have stopped getting the 3 TCW waves from this year as well. I hit multiple Walmarts, Targets, and TRU each week and none of them can seem to get any new stock shipped to them. If you didn't get these within a week of when they first hit, you're out of luck.

I think something has happened with the Hasbro warehouses/inventory system that has caused them to shut down completely. It's very strange. Maybe they are holding everything back til the summer to help fill the void before the relaunch?


Well, I figured there would be some interesting stories from today, and I have another to add.

I got to my local TRU about 10 minutes before opening, and there was one guy waiting out front who I had seen earlier this week haunting the SW aisle. Uh-oh. I already knew from yesterday that they only had 1 case to put out, so I figured I might be in for a fight.

I figured I would try the friendly, proactive approach so I chatted him up while we were waiting for the doors to open. Turns out he was mainly looking for Shaak-Ti and I let him know I wanted K'Kruhk so we worked it all out amicably.

So anyway, the doors finally open and we rush in expectantly only to find: NO ENDCAP, and NO WAVE 13 on the pegs. WTF?!?! So I grabbed the nearest store drone and asked if he could check in the back for us.

Now this is where it gets weird. Dude comes back with a full, unopened case. We crack it open and the other guys snags his Shaak-Ti and I snagged my K'Kruhk. As we continue pulling them out though, he notes there is no Jacen, only a Jaina. Hmm, I also notice there is no Spacetrooper. WTF?

They had plenty of room to include the sh*tty repack figures, but they had to leave out Jacen and the Spacetrooper? What kind of asinine case assortment is that? Has anyone else noticed this? What's even the point of shipping half a wave?

I'm thinking of heading across town to check the other location, but this really struck me as odd.

At any rate, I got the one figure I really wanted, so I am happy. I kinda wanted the Dark Trooper Phase 2 also, but the other guy seemed to have an interest too, so I deferred to him in the interest of karma. Those price deals are insane though...I should have bought the rest just as an investment.

Crazy day!

The Legacy Collection / Re: Legacy Wave 13 - Expanded Universe
« on: April 30, 2010, 11:10 AM »
Just got back from TRU with some interesting news. Count me in the camp that thinks this Wave is going to be really hard to find.

They had nothing new on the pegs today, except a few extra TFU sets which had been out since Wednesday. I asked my guy there whether they got a new truck overnight or not. (Our TRU's restock Wed and Fri) He said yes, but they couldn't put everything out on display. Come to find out, they got a whopping ONE CASE of the EU Wave to put out on the endcap display going up tomorrow. ONE CASE!!!

I know for a fact, since I have been stalking this store relentlessly recently, that there are several other dweebs out looking for these. I'm literally going to have to show up prior to opening tomorrow (9am) and then run/fist-fight other geeks to score the one figure I actually want from this wave - K'krukh.

Seriously, I am going to have to sprint to the aisle and wrestle this out of someone's sweaty paws, I just know it. Because if I don't get him Saturday, I will likely never see him again.

Case in point - TCW 2010 Wave 1. Our TRU got ONE FRIGGING CASE months ago and have NEVER re-stocked this wave or either of the 2 subsequent TCW waves. In-Freaking-Excusable.

Oh, and he also confirmed they are not getting any new battlepacks to put out. I think our whole region missed out on those. I have been looking every single day for months with no luck at all. Unbelievable.  >:(

TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Two Discussion Thread
« on: April 30, 2010, 09:37 AM »
Anyone else notice, now between Yularren and his peer in Killian, a certain resentment towards the Jedi that's not really being explained?  Killian showed it when he insisted on going down with the ship.  Yularren's shown it since day 1 in the CW movie.

I find that interesting...  People seem to dislike the Jedi for possibly their own reasons.  Jealousy perhaps?  A certain level of envy of the Jedi being given rank, rather than earning it the traditional military ways?

I think you nailed it with the last part there. Yularen is a career military man, very rigid and by-the-books. Now suddenly he has to take orders from a bunch of mystical yahoos with little to no formal military background. They're unconventional, possessing strange, weird powers, and no doubt ruffle his brittle, patrician feathers. Small wonder he ended up an Empire weird aliens or freaky powers to worry about.

I liked last week's episode more than I thought. I'm glad they are portraying Boba as a somewhat ambiguous, clearly manipulated character, rather than a 9 year old super villain bad-ass. I love Bossk and Aurra Sing as his evil foster parents. Shoot, I love pretty much everything about Aurra. She is way more interesting at this point in terms of backstory, etc.

A lot of the stuff on the Jedi cruiser was just ridiculous though. I'm sure the engine room would be so easily accessed. Lackluster doesn't even begin to describe the security system there. And how come Mace couldn't sense the impending danger from his quarters, or the weird vibes Boba was giving off when they met in the hallway? Was his spider sense on vacation?

At any rate, it's been a strong season overall, and I am really going to miss this show for the next few months. Good, good stuff.

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