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Other Toy Lines / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: July 1, 2014, 09:03 AM »
Skybound SDCC exclusive will be Ezekiel!

Guess they are doing color and B&W versions ala Negan.

I kinda wish they would get off the comic figs and do an TV-based exclusive, but I guess that is a licensing deal.

At least this one should not be too difficult or pricey to obtain. I have always had good luck picking up their exclusives in the past.

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: July 1, 2014, 09:00 AM »
Super 7 has been teasing a sweet-ass new boxed Alien ReAction toy for SDCC that looks an awful lot like a playset!

Not sure if this would be a Nostromo environment or perhaps the alien ship, but it sounds insanely cool. Must buy for me.

I'm usually a sucker for stuff like this but I just can't get excited about this cruddy offering. I have those 2 figures already and don't need to start army building those guys. I have a feeling this is not going to be flying off the shelves like the Boba Fett set. Would not surprise me at all to see these hit their website eventually as other lame exclusives have in the past.

It also doesn't help that there are so many other awesome exclusives out there this year. This is going to be my most expensive SDCC yet, between exclusives for Walking Dead, Pacific Rim, Alien Reaction, etc.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Pacific Rim
« on: June 27, 2014, 02:32 PM »
Yes!!! Was just coming here to post this but did not catch the part about the animated series. Excellent.

With Guillermo back, this movie is in good hands. I'll definitely be there on opening night.

Hope NECA is still around by then to make more toys... ;D

Actually, their WD figures are priced cheaper than anywhere else you can find them, such as Gamestop or TRU. They're usually around $13.99 versus $15.99 at the other places. So that at least is encouraging.

Plus didn't the screen shot already show this is going to be priced $19.99?

Just heard about this does seem like a stretch for them but I guess they are getting an exclusive 6" Venom figure too from the Marvel Legends line, so maybe it does fit.

Fine with me...I've never had a problem tracking down any of their WD exclusives, there are tons of them around here.

I'd love the vintage Kenner or Holiday Special deco, although the Prototype or ROTJ versions could be cool too.

Smart exclusive if true, it's basically a license to print money.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason 2014
« on: June 25, 2014, 03:25 PM »

I've not liked much of anyone brought up for coach though.  People who've done nothing or have no real experience... 

Mike Johnston?

Loving it?

Agreed, Tuco was one of the most endearing villains of modern cinema, he was a force of nature in that role.

I think my favorite role of his was his cameo in Circle of Iron as the "Man in the Barrel"... classic.


Other Toy Lines / Re: Pacific Rim Toys
« on: June 25, 2014, 08:41 AM »
Got the Knifehead today! I am disappointed by the poor construction (soft plastic and hollow parts), but the insane level of cool once this thing is assembled and displayed more than makes up for the shortcomings.

I dunno, it feels pretty hefty to me, but some of the stiff joints on mine make me nervous, given Neca's track record of QC. I can't really get much range of motion out of the "big arms" it seems. Dude is a little front heavy too.

I don't have room for many more of these, but I could do with maybe one more Kaiju to go along with Cherno.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Pacific Rim Toys
« on: June 24, 2014, 09:45 AM »
Knifehead arrived yesterday...nearly 20" of awesome!

Can't wait to see pictures of the upcoming Cherno Alpha in this scale...

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Star Wars Hero Series Millennium Falcon
« on: June 19, 2014, 10:45 PM »
I don't need a two-foot paper weight.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Wow - Vintage eBay Auctions
« on: June 19, 2014, 10:43 PM »
Why do I feel like it's Steve Sansweet bidding against Seth Green for this thing, LOL.

Who else could afford this?!?!

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Black Series - 2014 Wave 3
« on: June 19, 2014, 08:58 AM »
Said it before, and I'll say it again - they have no idea what they are doing with this line. They just can't stop jerking around with it...4 new figures per case becomes 3 with a repack, 4 waves per year becomes maybe 3 if we're lucky, Chewie drops out of the Anakin wave, this case assortment gets cancelled, etc.

Maybe it doesn't amount to much ultimately but it really seems like they are struggling with figuring out how to run this line.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Pacific Rim Toys
« on: June 17, 2014, 09:55 PM »
Got my shipping notification from TRU for 18" Knifehead.  8)

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Upcoming Black Series figures?
« on: June 17, 2014, 08:55 AM »
As per JTA, some new rumors circulating:

Bossk (!)
Han Solo Stormtrooper

Also some confirmation of the 3PO figure rumored previously, although I don't know how they can really verify if it is going to be vac-metallized or not.

I love that we're getting Bossk because they're going to have to follow that up with Zuckuss, Dengar, 4-LOM, etc eventually. You can't make just one!

The Han Stormtrooper was inevitable, no doubt Luke is on the way too. I just wonder how much they will tweak that Stormy sculpt to individualize them. Hopefully it won't just be some half-assed kitbash job.

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