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Newbies / First Time Poster, Long Time Fan
« on: September 30, 2009, 07:24 PM »
Just wanted to say hello!  I've followed updates and information on the Jedi Defender website for several years now, but have only just decided to join the forums.  I have been a member and regular poster of the Small Scale Headquarters (GPXD) military collectibles website since 2003 and "know" Jesse James from that site.

While my major collecting focus has been on realistic small scale military items, I also dabble in Star Wars.  In fact, I've collected SW items since the early 1980s, but the majority of my collection dates from the last 10-12 years.  While I may be new to this board, I am rather informed about recent SW trends, items, product lines - not to mention the films, technology, and EU history and the like ;)

In my offline life, I come from a scholarly background where I have a Master's degree in History, and several (small) published works.  I've traveled the world and lived in both England and Italy.  Currently, I work as a consultant and grant writer for a political consulting firm in my town, writing state and federal grants for a myriad of cities, counties, school districts, nonprofits, and private corporations in central California.

So, its good to be on this board and I look forward to some interesting discussions ;D

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