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I broke my quitting vow and bought a Tarkin that I saw at Wal Mart.  First retail purchase since January.  They also had Wedge, Odd Ball, and Nikto, plus a ****load of TPM guys.

You spotted the Tarkin wave at a Wal-Mart?  Lucky...

The Wal-Marts in my area have the same 2 figures time and time again: Quinlan-Vos and Battle Droid.  That's it.

I like the new Tarkin figure.  I especially like the pack-in Mouse Droid. 

Not happy about shilling out $280 for these, but I guess it's not that far beyond retail.

I hope they'll take some of these for a few cases too...

I actually think the MH one looks a lot better and more like the movie character.

I agree.  I think the vintage version looks like crap with an overall "dull" look that lacks detail.  While I absolutely despise Jar Jar and would never buy a figure of him, I did see it 1st hand and was completely underwhelmed.

Guess I'll be selling or trading the extra non-army builders.

I'd definitely be interested in buying the Weequay figure from you if you're kind enough to set it aside for me.  Please.  :-)

It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the year turns out with waves 4-7 fighting their ways onto the shelves at the same time.

I don't think that will be the case at all.  I seriously doubt waves 4 and 5 will ever hit en masse.  If, and that's a big if, new vinty figs hit retail, it will be waves 6 and 7.  There won't be multiple waves fighting their way onto shelves.  Maybe I'm wrong... 

I picked up most of this wave yesterday, thanks to a friend who owns a local comic book store.  I got both card versions of Bespin Leia, Vader, Clone Trooper Lieutenant, and Sandtrooper.  Couldn't bring myself to buy Jar Jar.  Passed on the Shock Trooper.  I'm not sure if this wave or the next will make it to retail, and if it does, I'm thinking it will be limited like wave 5.  While I totally love the vintage cards, I really dig the blue cards as well.   

What's funny is I want Muftak to have softgood pants for some reason, and elastic suspenders.  Easy custom if I can figure out how to make tiny pants.

If you figure out how, sign me up for one.  Seriously.  Even better if the suspenders are modeled after Mork's.

I'd forgotten the Royal Guard...  I'd want more of him, but I could also see some of these getting re-releases down the road, whether the wave is made exclusive or not.  Plus I was pretty ok with the ROTS figure despite people's complaints. 

Yeah, I'm perfectly happy with the ROTS version they gave us, which is why I'm not too excited about this new version. 

Only if the sock puppet came with suspended potatoes hanging on strings as an accessory to create an asteroid field.

Yes, with floating mynocks inside its throat.

For the exception of Weequay, I could do without this wave.

Space Slug.  Seriously.

As excited as collectors are over having a Jocasta figure, I think the next logical step would be to offer an Ackmena figure with bar accessory for next year's exclusive figure. 

- SOTE Luke Skywalker
- Darth Plagueis

1. The Emperor
2. Velken Tezeri
3. Fozec
4. Yak Face
5. Sim Aloo
6. Sgt. Doallyn
7. more fuzzballs
8. Darth Vader (funeral pyre with "realistic" burning flames, floating ashes and "realistic" charcoal scent)

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