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LEGO / Re: Simpsons
« on: May 2, 2014, 01:04 PM »
I saw these at Target on Tuesday, and grabbed a handful of bags as well (Bart, Lisa, Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum).  Really nicely done I thought, although now I sort of want to try and get them all :).

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VII
« on: April 30, 2014, 10:47 AM »
Didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but such exciting news.  I know there have been heavy rumors about the original cast returning, but seeing them all sitting there together is really cool.  It was sort of strange, seeing this yesterday it was sort of a "wow, this is really happening" sort of thing.  I know they are older and everything, but it will still be great - at least to me - to see Harrison, Mark, and Carrie (as well as Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker) all together again in a Star Wars movie.

As far as the new cast, honestly aside from Domhall Gleason and Andy Serkis, I don't know that I've seen them in much of anything, but that doesn't bother me.  I think it was pretty true of the original cast as well, and that turned out great.  Really curious to see who everyone is playing now, so I wonder how long we'll have to wait for more information there.  I'm wondering if maybe Daisy Ridley is playing Han/Leia's kiddo?  I know my daughter would be pretty psyched for that.  I know there are rumors for some of the other roles, but you just never know.  I mean, Andy Serkis?  That was out of nowhere too, it seems, but makes perfect sense.

After primarily following Marvel movie news the past few years, its great to be back in "Star Wars hype" mode again.  Hopefully we won't have to wait this long for another bit of news.  Looking forward to having all the speculative discussions like during the prequel days here on the forums.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Transformers
« on: April 18, 2014, 09:01 PM »
I have what is probably a stupid Transformers question, but thought I would come to the experts.  There just seems to be so many lines out there (past and present), and it is tough for me to keep it all straight.  I followed the 80s toon, had some Transformers as a kid - and a few more as an adult - but can't keep track of all the rest overall. question...

One of the things I always wanted to do as a kid, and now, was to pick up the original dinobots.  I had Slag (the triceratops, my favorite), but had always hoped to get Grimlock, Sludge, Swoop, and Snarl as well.  Anyways, I was wondering what would be the best route for these?  I know that Grimlock has come out a few different ways, but are any of these coming out in some sort of vintage re-release or similar anytime soon (or maybe have in the past?).  Am I best off just trying to piece the actual vintage toys together?

I haven't picked up Transformers stuff for awhile now, aside from one of the re-released Primes and Sideswipe (another childhood favorite), and prior to that some of the Classics (or Classics styled) stuff.  I do have the Grimlock from that line, but was sort of starting to lean more towards the vintage (or re-released) stuff.  I can't afford to do a lot of Transformers, but always loved the dinobots as a kid and wanted to pick up the original four to five from the tv series.  Anyways, thanks again, any advice is appreciated.

Heard about Ultimate Warrior this morning, sad news.  I haven't watched wrestling in years, but I was way into thw WWF from the mid 80s to early 90s, and the Warrior was at the top of his game then, one of my favorites.  Weird as I just watched a video of him yesterday morning after hearing he had been appearing again lately, then see this news today.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Captain America (Movie & Sequels)
« on: April 6, 2014, 08:56 PM »
Saw it this afternoon, and loved it.  I agree with others who place it among the top of the MCU list, if not the top.  One of my favorites for sure, and I can't wait to see it again.  Non-stop action, a great story, and the cast was good all around I thought.  Just, so good.  Won't get spoilery here, but it definitely does change things up for the Marvel Universe, both movie and television.

The Bullpen / Re: Guardians of the Galaxy
« on: April 3, 2014, 08:54 PM »
I noticed that the Guardians Legends have been going up for preorder this week.  They are available as a set at BBTS, but they are also online individually at Amazon (and probably elsewhere) if anyone is interested.

The Bullpen / Re: Avengers Infinite
« on: April 3, 2014, 08:52 PM »
I spotted these at our Target this week as well.  I'm not positive on the DCPI, but I'm pretty sure it took over the space previously occupied by Marvel Universe.  The Wasp was gone by the time I found them, and Hulk has since disappeared as well.  The rest of the wave seems to still be there, I think maybe people didn't know these were hitting pegs yet.

Joe Defender / G.I. Joe Community Episode
« on: April 3, 2014, 08:50 PM »
I posted this in the television thread here as well, but thought I'd bring it to the attention to any Joe fans over here as well.  I don't know how many people watch Community (NBC), but tonight they did an entire episode in the style of '80s G.I. Joe (complete with vintage-style toy commercials and a PSA at the end).  It was pretty cool, and I don't know that you necessarily even need to regularly watch the show to enjoy it as a Joe fan.  If you have the opportunity to catch it On Demand, or on iTunes, Hulu, etc., I'd highly recommend it.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Television Thread
« on: April 3, 2014, 08:47 PM »
Also, on the Joe subject, not sure if anyone here watches Community, but next week they are doing an entire episode in the style of the 80s toon, kind of cool for those interested.

Ok, just watched this tonight, and I'd highly recommend watching it if you are a fan of '80s Joe (the toon or the toyline) at all.  I don't know if it is even totally necessary to regularly watch Community to enjoy it either.  The entire episode is animated in nearly the same way as the old cartoon, and there are also "vintage style" toy commercials spread throughout (and a PSA at the end).  Very fun episode, I suggest checking it out On Demand, on Hulu/Itunes/etc., pretty cool.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Television Thread
« on: March 27, 2014, 09:09 PM »
I've been watching Believe, and I like it pretty well so far.  Haven't seen Resurrection.  I wanted to try watching it, but honestly it is just tough to find enough time for all the shows anymore, particularly the hour-long ones.

On the subject of Toy Hunter, I really enjoy catching it every week - primarily to see the toys he finds, or to see some other people's collections.  It is crazy the stuff some people have.  I like the episodes where he finds someone who has, for example, a huge Joe collection - or like this week, a guy who had nearly every He-Man/MOTU toy ever made, all loose.  Cool stuff.  Although I think it is the second time I've seen it on the show, I honestly was never aware of the Eternia playset for that line, pretty cool.

Also, on the Joe subject, not sure if anyone here watches Community, but next week they are doing an entire episode in the style of the 80s toon, kind of cool for those interested.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Movie Thread
« on: March 27, 2014, 08:58 PM »
First teaser trailer for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie:

Not a whole lot to see.  It is definitely....different, but I'm trying to reserve judgement for now.  My daughter is so into the turtles now I hope that it is good, but we'll see.  I remember loving the original Turtles movie (and even the second one) when I was a kid, although I'm not sure how well they still hold up.  The current Nick toon is pretty great though.

TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Six?
« on: March 20, 2014, 01:28 PM »
I finished up Season Six earlier this week, and thought overall it was one of the stronger groups of episodes - and made me miss Clone Wars.  I honestly hadn't thought about it all that much until these were getting close to release, but after watching a couple of those arcs, I sort of wanted to see some more.  The Yoda arc was my favorite, and the opening arc was pretty great too.  I'd like to go through and watch them again, but on first impression, a pretty nice "season".

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Movie Thread
« on: March 19, 2014, 12:48 PM »
Maybe not the type of movie that is typically discussed here, but this has generated some excitement in our household.  First teaser trailer for Peanuts (2015):

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Spider-Man Movie Series
« on: March 19, 2014, 12:46 PM »
Final trailer online for Amazing Spider-Man 2:

Ah, the POTJ days, one of my favorite times in collecting.  It was relatively easy to keep up and find things, the prices were good, and the figures were pretty good for that time.  Although I'm not really actively looking for anything in the 3 3/4" Black Series right now (aside from maybe a Merumeru), it is pretty much non-existant around here.  Our local Target doesn't seem to carry it anymore (just Legends/2 Packs and 6"), WM usually doesn't carry it either (although I did see Wave 1 there around Christmas), and TRU usually has the same Wave 1 leftovers.

You guys mentioning the POTJ days, I remember having to hit different places for different figures.  I remember only finding the 300th Fett at K-Mart, along with a few others, and the Lando/R2-Q5? wave at Target, and the Bespin Han/Leia/Chewie figures at Wal-Mart I believe.  Not sure how I remember those, but that was a line that really had a nice pace of releases to it as I remember and something new to look for every month or so.

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