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I saw all of these while on my toy run yesterday morning with the exception of the Stormtrooper.  It seems like that one, followed by the Rey/BB-8 combo, were the fastest sellers.  I saw Finn, Kylo Ren, and Chewie at all three locations I visited.

Looking at the announced lineup, plus the list of exclusives that's coming out, it looks like Hasbro is really going all in with the Black Series 6" for this year.  It all looks great, but it sure is going to get pricey.

I kind of like this as well, just a nice display there altogether.  We don't have a K-Mart anywhere near by, so I might be looking for help when the time comes - but again, it is nice that it is an exclusive where you're not missing the "normal" figure, but just a variant of something we already have.

I got a preorder for this in yesterday, glad I decided not to wait.  After spending so much already with the releases, I thought about holding off on this, but you just never know with those Black Series exclusives.  Pretty nice figure, from what I can see.

I don't mind it, not a bad thing for an exclusive.  Not the end of the world if for some reason you can't find it, but kind of a neat figure if you can.  I like those kind of exclusives.  I'll be trying to hunt it down when the time comes.

The Force Awakens / Re: The Force Awakens 3.75" 'Armor Up' Assortment
« on: September 5, 2015, 10:46 AM »
I planned on getting the Poe as well, but ended up passing on the ones I found.  The only figure I got from this assortment for now was the Chewie.  I'd rather have the cheaper version as I don't care about the "armor".

The Force Awakens / Re: Force Friday: What are You Buying?
« on: September 5, 2015, 10:45 AM »
Yeah, I was just mentioning this in the purchases thread, but I was surprised how lacking the stock seemed to be in a lot of ways - at least the items we were watching out for.  TRU had a good supply of the basic figures, but WM was selling down and Target was basically sold out - at least they were sold out of the Force Awakens characters.  The Black Series was the hottest ticket everywhere I went (there were even people calling Target asking for them while I was there).  It seemed like Finn, Kylo Ren, and Chewie will be the easier finds there.  Poe's X-Wing seemed to sell well here too.  I wanted to get it, but didn't really have the budget for it right now - and I will say that $50 seems a little steep.  Overall, just surprised there wasn't more of an avalanche of products.  Granted, there is a ton of Star Wars "stuff" (it is really cool seeing it take up a whole aisle by itself at Target again), but as far as the action figure stuff goes it seemed like one or two customers could have cleaned it out.

The Force Awakens / Re: Recents Finds and/or Purchases
« on: September 5, 2015, 10:42 AM »
I wasn't able to make it out for Midnight Madness, so I made a toy run (first real one in a long time) Friday morning, starting about 9:30.  I hit Target first, not too much left really.  I was able to pick up the Black Series Finn, Kylo Ren, and Chewie there.  I also picked up Rey's Speeder, the Rey LEGO set, and the Rey POP Vinyl (can you tell my daughter is excited for the character of Rey?).  After getting the discount (plus my employer's discount), I saved quite a bit here.  No basic figures left aside from Luke/Vader - but a nice selection of SW toys overall.

Next I hit Wal-Mart.  I figured there would be something shortly after entering, but I saw no sign of Star Wars at all.  Hit the action figure aisle - nothing, aside from older stock.  Finally found a shipper dealy next to electronics where they had a good amount of the Black Series 6" (aside from the Stormtrooper), the basic figures, and the armor figures.  They had some of the LEGO too I think, but I didn't see any vehicles or anything here.  Overall, kind of a poor showing at WM as far as toys go.

Finally I stopped by TRU, not really expecting to find anything this much later, and didn't end up buying anything.  They had lots of stuff, plenty of basic figures and armor figures and everything else.  They had 6" Kylo, Finn, and Chewie and that was it.  Definitely the best selection overall of any place though.

Overall, it just didn't seem like there was that much stock for a lot of places.  The Black Series definitely seemed to be the hot item.  I only saw Poe's X-Wing at Target, so that must have been selling well too.  As far as things I didn't see at all (or even a spot for): the Millennium Falcon, the BIG TIE, the Mission Series two packs, or anything past the first wave of any line.  Oh, and also never saw the Stormtrooper, but it was obviously the first to go from the Black Series wave.  Aside from Rey's speeder, I held off on vehicles for now but I hope to pick some up later on.  I really like the design of Poe's X-Wing (and the TIE for that matter), despite the poor reviews.  I may grab that Snowspeeder as well, sort of waiting for some reviews on that one.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Scale Millennium Falcon
« on: September 4, 2015, 02:38 PM »
So I take it that this is a later release? I didn't see it (or a space for it) at any of the big three today, and don't recall having read anyone else getting this either.

Yeah, I sort of feel like it is just putting off the eventual end, but very nice to see it continue. I wonder if the first repackage wave was just to get things going or if we will see that more often? I honestly would have liked to see Target or TRU get this instead, our local WM is abysmal with exclusives and Star Wars in general. Sounds like we are getting a couple (Kylo Ren, Stormie) in the next round but that will be a slow trickle to catch up on the new characters. That said, I'm in on the new ones,hopefully they will have them steadily available online.

Other Collectibles / Re: BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero
« on: September 2, 2015, 04:38 PM »
Sounds cool. For some reason I was thinking there was supposed to be a more "actual size" version of BB-8 coming out, but both this and the Target ones are smaller.

The Force Awakens / Re: Force Friday: What are You Buying?
« on: September 2, 2015, 02:54 PM »
It sure seems like a much more reserved approach for many this time around. Are many here even planning on going out at midnight? I haven't decided yet. Part of me is excited for new product and thinks it might be fun, but it is also a bit odd to have it on a Thursday night. I don't really have any collector friends locally, so I'd be flying solo on this one.

I remember the last time there was one of these, I picked up the BMF (among other things), but I don't know that any one item excites me as much this time around. I'm thinking the Black Series figures will be the fastest selling this time, and what I'm most worried about finding.

I know it may be a long shot, but I was wondering if any one here may have an extra copy of the Solo figure variant to Star Wars 2, or know of one available. I was hoping to keep up a set of these but unfortunately missed the earlier ones and in specific my favorite Han Solo. eBay prices look to be crazy so I thought I'd check here. Thanks for any help.

Star Wars Action Figures / Custom TFA Luke Skywalker Action Figure
« on: September 2, 2015, 12:22 PM »
Saw this a few days ago, but hadn't seen it here yet.  Not sure if it is legit or not, but could be a possible look at a Force Awakens Luke Skywalker in this line:

The Force Awakens / Force Friday: What are You Buying?
« on: August 21, 2015, 10:57 AM »
After looking through all the pics and info over the past couple weeks, I've been trying to come up with a game plan for Force Friday (or that weekend, or whenever you get out to shop).  I've sold stuff/set aside money in anticipation, and hope to stick to a budget and not go too crazy.  I know that reactions to the stuff have been mixed, so I was curious what everyone hopes to pick up from this line?  For me, I think its looking like this:

Basic Figures - One of each of the new characters, likely passing on stuff we've seen before (Bespin Luke, Vader, etc.)  Same goes for the armor up figures, might get the Chewie and Poe.

Vehicles - I'd like to get the new Falcon, I dig the X-Wing and TIE as well.  Not sure if I'll get all three right off the bat, but eventually.  The smaller vehicles will be case by case, definitely want Rey's speeder though.

Black Series - All of these please, aside from the ginormous TIE.  Still undecided on that one.

Aside from that, I'll have to wait and see if we get anymore that wasn't listed in recent pictures.  I'll likely continue to get all "new" characters from the Force Awakens, and hold out hope for a more SA line eventually too.  Also, for some reason I sort of want that NERF Chewie bowcaster.  I'll be looking at the LEGOs as well, but that's a whole other thread :).

Looking through all the pics yesterday and today, and there is some stuff I really like.  I know many will be bummed about everything being 5 POA, and the lack of a "BMF" style Falcon - and I am too - but I also sort of like how this is a "toy" line that should be fun for kids.  As my daughter and I have been looking forward to the Force Awakens (she is particularly excited about Rey), I've been telling her how I think it is so cool that this will sort of be her trilogy, the way the OT was for me.  She is very near the same age as I was growing up with Star Wars, and its kind of neat that this generation of kids will have their own Star Wars movie(s) like we did.

The toys are much the same.  I know we've moved past what we got in our vintage line, with technology and paint apps, etc., but this Force Awakens line does seem very vintage-esque in many ways.  Sure, bottom line is, a lot of the decisions are made due to cost, but it is also neat to see a line with the Falcon as the "big ticket item", and a good assortment of figures characters that are durable and ready for play.  A good assortment of vehicles and play value, and hopefully - above all else - fun.

Now, I do still sort of hope we see the more articulated figures at some point (maybe as a store exclusive as rumored), but for the basic line I think this is alright too.  As long as these figures can actually sit in their vehicles (which is the biggest sticking point to me with losing that articulation), it should be fun.   I know I'll be picking up a lot of it, and looking forward to those 6" figures as well, and I'll continue to hold out hope that we'll see some more articulated 3 3/4" versions of these characters down the road as well - or at least the big guns and troopers.

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