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just scored a cold weather rex and magnaguard at tru,lovin this price cut  ;D

just found this wave at tru,picked up the rex and magnaguard,last 2 actually,really nice figures

figures,the day after i start this thread i see this bp at tru,lol,the surprising thing is i have wanted it ever since i saw it was being produced,yet now that i spotted it at retail i passed,i think if they would have included the other surgical droid and maybe some detail to vaders collar breather i would have got it

« on: May 8, 2010, 08:54 PM »
i would say the 08 legacy collection vader with the 2 piece helmet is the best vader made to date

I agree, it's a cool moment in the movies and would be a neat playset. I was just thinking that if not action-figure based, they'd probably make a smaller scaled ornament with lights and sounds.
lol,true,they did make one of the rotj luke/vader dual,good point

The Legacy Collection '08-'10 / MOST WANTED WAVE 13 FIG?
« on: May 8, 2010, 08:40 PM »
so,who seems to be the most valued or sought after fig from wave 13?from the feedback i have been reading i am surprised to see the spacetrooper getting alot of mention,but i still think the dark trooper phase 1 is the best looking/constructed/articulated fig out of this wave,and it is a beast ta boot,whats everyone else's  thoughts?

imo its a shame they never made this set,i thought it was an awesome tribute to a hallmark moment in the trilogy :(

That's exactly what the set could be. A Hallmark Christmas ornament.
well i thought it was an awesome idea,it was a very cool moment for me at least in the movie,very deep,but thats just me

i have to admit it was awesome to finally score a wave (eu) at this price,very cool

has anyone seen this pack at retail,or is it a fall release?i saw someone over at rebelscum found this wave awhile back(like 2 months)but i have never seen it?

imo its a shame they never made this set,i thought it was an awesome tribute to a hallmark moment in the trilogy :(

1.rum sleg
2.concept snowtrooper
3.concept ig-88
4.holo chair sidious
5.darth sidious(clone wars)
6.tx-20(clone wars)

being i found the eu wave,the fu 5 packs and the final wave of cp's,the only 2 things left i want to find are the birth of darth vader battle pack and cold weather rex and magnaguard,i have yet to see any of either at retail,are they out in force anywhere else yet?

The Legacy Collection '08-'10 / Re: Recent Legacy Purchases
« on: May 8, 2010, 09:34 AM »
i got the blackhole cp,and 2 darktroopers,btw jesse,if i can find doubles of the darktrooper im sure u will as well,even here in the outer rim(aka...PA) :)

i finally scored the blackhole hologram shadow trooper pack at target,what a cool pack

i found 2 cases worth at a local tru today,picked up the 2 darktroopers,very cool looking figs

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