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  I am very surprised though that are moving forward with yet another wave.  The individual 3 packs are doing much better though that the original 9 pack.  I like the idea myself it's just I'd rather spend my money on new figures.  That is I could ever actually see new figures in the damn stores. 

This situation is just ridiculous. I dont get the logic and its killing my love for this line.

Yep, I love the fact that they finally put these figures on these cardbacks but yet they kill it with crap like that.  It's sad because it literally is killing my love for the line as well.  It's bad enough that you do have to pay $10 per figure.  Now to get a background character like Wedge you have to pay way more than what the figure should be worth.  Hasbro has really pissed me off with with these figures.  Yet you can find Clone Wars figure (the supposed golden child of line now) all over creation.  Yet, they can't make the vintage line readily available??? 

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Vintage Rumors
« on: June 21, 2011, 08:37 PM »
LOL!  Yeah, I doubt those will be all.  I just hope it's not going to be all Clonetroopers.  Rex I could them doing him and a few others but I bet they do a whole bunch of him.   

All I ever saw from this wave was the Blue Senate Guard.  If he was even from this wave?  I can't remember.  I wanted Zam, Jango, Anakin, Padme, Kenobi.  Oh well maybe someday?

I am shocked they did not go this route sooner.  There are a few I would not mind having in realistic form but now that the CW has been out for 3 seasons I would almost rather that they be separate.  Like I said, I always assumed they would do it anyway though.  Yeah, it's a cash grab which is the main reason I thought they would do it.  Obviously there are going to be people that like this so it's a good idea for them.  I would much rather have those spots go to a figure from the films myself, but that is selfish.  I get what they are doing and I am fine with it.  They are company that wants to turn a profit.  There is nothing wrong with this in my opinion.  If you don't like them then do not buy them.  Are there people that still buy everything regardless? 

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Hasbro Q&A Sessions
« on: June 15, 2011, 09:25 PM »
I think are just being vague because they want to reveal stuff at SDCC.  That is my theory anyway. 

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Vintage Rumors
« on: June 15, 2011, 09:24 PM »
I would rather have a nice ANH Leia.  They have never really made of those that has satisfied me.  I agree a Leia Bespin Escape is preferred over Leia Bespin Gown.  However, I will buy her for that cardback being partial to anything on an OT cardback :) 

Nice!  I just wish they could have done a few more figures.  I assume there is no word yet on how much they will charging for these?  I am assuming at least $10 per figure.

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Vintage Collection Y-Wing
« on: June 9, 2011, 11:06 PM »
That Nien Nunb figure on the box almost counts as a real vintage figure now  ::)

Lovely.  Wave 7 is showing up and I have yet to see wave 4 in stores.

Yep.  I know the feeling.

I would personally like the Hoth Turret they included in that Target battle pack not to long ago.  Throw in another Hoth Soldier variant or that one that was not released on a cardback.  Of coures I would take the Speeder Bike.  The Hoth deleted scene tank or whatever it is called. I am not really into the "just off the screen" stuff but maybe I would be depending on what they would come up with?

I will mainly buy the shirtless Savage for my son.  He likes the picture of that one more than the armored one.  I am sure he will like both though.  Plo Koon does look good.  I will leave him on the shelf though. 

I love Seripas.  I know they stole that idea from Men In Black but Kit Fisto was also stolen from them.  I am fine with it.  I commented in another thread but I love that Rex/Jetpack figure.  Kit is ok but I will leave him along with the Stealth trooper.

Some figures of late and this wave here actually make me want to collect the Clone Wars line more.  Plus, I am not having much luck finding vintage figures that I want.  So, maybe I'll focus on CW for awhile.  Anyway, they are getting better with the CW figures now that they have put some articulation in the figures.  I know a lot of them don't have ankle and BJ hip articulation but I don't really expect them to in this kid-friendly line.  I just think some overall design of the characters are bit more interesting in this line lately. 

Savage - I like this version much more than the shirtless one.  However, my son likes the shirtless figure more.  He'll end up with both, but I could see some kids really digging the shirtless, tatoo look on both Darth Maul and Savage. 

Chewbacca - I actually like the Early Bird sculpt on the Chewbaccas we have got in the movie line.  However, this Chewy sculpt looks fantastic for either line.  I will probably pick up a few if I can. 

Piell - I really like Piell in the CW cartoons he was in.  I think the figure does him justice well.  I like the accessory as well.  I don't want anymore resculpts of him in the regular movie line though. 

Astromech Droid - I don't want it.  There is nothing wrong with but just kind of tired of that color scheme and astromechs in general. 

Rex Jetpack - That figure looks fantastic!  I will buy that one. 

Jar Jar - Got him already.

Red Leader ARC Trooper - I thought he was Commander Colt?  I could be wrong.  I don't have a good grasp on all of the CW characters.  Either way I love the design/color scheme on him and will buy it when I see it. 

The proud tradition of no ankle joints on Clone Wars Jedi continues!

I know what you mean.  I am glad they at least have put some articulation in the CW figures now.  Well it's been going awhile now but you know what I mean.

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