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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: GI Joe Retaliation - The Movie
« on: May 24, 2012, 12:01 AM »
Just yesterday they announced the DVD/Blu-Ray release date of it.  :P

They really think by next March that it will do that much better? Media will be circling Retaliation like vultures, assuming it was held back because it was terrible.

This could be a huge blow to the GI JOE toy line's future, and I bet it's fate already had a lot riding on Retaliation.

Hasbro has to deal with that and what do about ATTACK OF THE CLONES tie-ins after this year's muddling response to The Phantom Menace.

I got an AT-AT at a yard sale for $20.

Really, I did. Missing the driver, the bike and some parts...too many to ever acquire. I got a bonus spider in the cockpit area. Proof they will get into anything.

Oh, and a Clone Wars 501st trooper tossed in...along with 8 loose Iron Man 2 figures...including 3 drones.

It's iffy, they should make an orange variant just to be sure.  :P

Hasbro's new policy: no peg warming bit players because we do running changes that we said we couldn't do a few years ago.

I missed the first two release of this AT-ST. The wal-marts here never got the first release, while it sat at other stores around the country. And the Hoth set sold out fairly quick.

I heard they had breakage problems. That makes me a bit weary of this one, since I have little faith in Hasbro's ability to correct flaws.

I wonder if they couldn't squeeze this into the starfighter assortment and they are being greedy by making it exclusive again and again. But then I don't own one, probably bigger in person.

Now, why won't they do something with that At-St driver mold?

1. Coruscant Police Droid (3D)
2. Cydon Prax (Movie, if video games count)
3. Rako Hardeen (3D)
4. Umbarran Soldier (Movie)
5. Moralo Eval (3D)
6. Garnack (3D)
7. Dengar (3D)
8. Clone Trooper in naval officer uniform (movie)
9. Hondo Ohnaka (movie)
10. Greedo (3D)

Maybe there's not an unequal number of legs. maybe some shrewd person decided to make a certain style "rare" to cash in on this madness.

So you actually get to handle the parts yourself? What stops fast handed thieves from stealing the parts? I mean, how attentive are the employees/security?

Joe Defender / Re: 30th Anniversary Line
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:44 AM »
"Basic" wave of repaint/kitbashes is showing up at Dollar General stores for $6 each.

I found a Aayla at WM yestereday and the rest were gone. I was hoping to find more 501's ...

Don't they sell Levi's at other stores?  :D

This is shaping up to be a big steaming dump ontop of the heads of astro-mech fans and completists.

I'm glad I'm neither.

But I feel bad for you guys. My GI JOE collecting never recovered from the existence of Convention exclusives with an attendee bonuses. And that stuff seems easy compared to a theme park store exclusives with possible variations.

Why a Target exclusive? It seems like they could sell the *censored* out of this set at mass release?

Looks good...on initial reaction, but...

No normal weapon for Opress. I never got saw the carded release last year.

I see cut elbows on Nightsister.

Maul's articulation will probably disappoint. Too small to make out, but he may not have elbows.

Will this Maul even see a single card release this year? I'm doubting it.  I wouldn't hold my breath for a true Talzin figure.

That's just makes me think they plan on doing a vintage  Vader cardback change later, which wouldn't surprise...anyone.  Hey, buy the same figure 3 times MOC collectors!

They remake electrocuted Vader but aren't gonna use a photo from that scene?

No special ed shot of the Sandtrooper with  flying droid, but they did find an orange pauldron photo.

My ebaying is usualy not target specific. I looked for deals under Star Wars categories just using generic terms. You get good deals mostly from sellers who don't care, know or realize what they have. 

Media mail: IIRC, media mail can't even include current magazines with advertizing. Technically some DVD have ads, but I guess they let those slide.

Southeast Michigan.


Years ago, this same Meijer is one of two stores I saw that had the last retail comic book wave, too. If only I'd known how scarce they'd turn out to be.

As a chain, they aren't all equal. This one had PoC/30th GI JOE releases, the store closer to me has only had Rise of Cobra figures since...well...that movie came out. Years ago, the stores used to seem to only get one or two waves of some things. 

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