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The Force Awakens / Re: Recents Finds and/or Purchases
« on: September 5, 2015, 11:53 AM »
Anyone close to a Meijer, they have 10% off of select Force Awakens toys. One store I went to didn't have any regular figures left. 

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Walmart Black Series 3.75" Wave 1
« on: September 4, 2015, 07:15 PM »
So that really is the old cut elbow Vader? Like people are saying?


The Force Awakens / Re: Force Friday: What are You Buying?
« on: September 4, 2015, 07:11 PM »
I bought nada today.

Except a 2005 Barada figure I found at a garage sale.  Nada but Barada!

I was briefly tempted by a flame trooper, but the only one left had sloppy paint ops.

Also, Hero Mashers Bossk...but I kinda heard Mashers suck.

Will the stores actually stock them. Nice "limited" disclaimer.

Still not convinced SA still has a real future, just a prolonged death. Talk of TRU getting the Vintage collection with clam shells. So at least $15 figures, probably.

Warping, rubbery wings...oh, boy. 

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Scale Millennium Falcon
« on: September 2, 2015, 11:18 PM »
Based on the TIE and X-Wing, I expect this new Falcon will be made entirely of nerf foam.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA Poe's X-Wing Fighter with Poe Dameron
« on: September 2, 2015, 11:16 PM »
POTF vehicles were masterpieces  compared to this doggy chew toy thing.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA Poe's X-Wing Fighter with Poe Dameron
« on: September 2, 2015, 01:19 PM »
The owner hasn't opened them yet...18 hours later.

Toy geeks are weird. OPEN THE THINGS ALREADY.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Fear the Walking Dead
« on: August 31, 2015, 09:16 PM »
Same when no one could explain to the sister why she couldn't go sit next to her sick boyfriend... for ****'s sake, a simple "people are turning into zombies" would have sufficed.  Is this some alternate universe where the word zombie doesn't exist?

Yes, this has been said by the creators of TWD. There's no pop culture undead in this world. Or Haitian zombies, either.

I find that in stark contrast to most vampire stories in media, where vampires at least exist in legend. Same with werewolves. Maybe because zombies are a newer thing or because their mysterious nature is more essential to the drama.

Also the protests struck me as stupid - the police brutality thing is a big issue in our real world today, but there would be 24 hour, wall to wall media coverage of people turning into monsters and not dying until they get a bullet in the brain pretty quickly, which would be the end of the protests.

Maybe the media reports are inconsistent? We assume all the recently dead everywhere are coming back, maybe that's not the case yet. Yeah, you'd think if dead people were seen roaming around, as undead don't hide, it would be all over the news even has hard as it would be to accept. No way authorities could prevent that for long, if really at all.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Fear the Walking Dead
« on: August 31, 2015, 11:01 AM »
What Cinema Sins on youtube calls "playing the pronoun game"...

Yeah, left the food. I guess the principal freaked them out.

By the end Mom's already, "screw this, saving my one else."  >:D

Guess this won't be like The Strain where people become aware of vampires but try to about their daily lives anyway. (And are often dumb enough to be out at night).

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: August 30, 2015, 08:40 PM »
Plain white clone (revised helmet) and the commander from the Anti-Hailfire droid battlepack for 50 cents each last week.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Jungle/Space/Snow/Desert Line
« on: August 30, 2015, 08:38 PM »
Where you antsy about Atsy?  :P

Why did so many folks assume what was in the leaked (pack-in?) catalog was it? That has never been true of modern star wars.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Black Series Rumors
« on: August 30, 2015, 08:36 PM »
There have been store exclusives that had a lot of new tooling. Force Unleashed sets...Wal-Mart's Jabba the Hutt, Big Slave 1....

Also, a rumored SA line list at another site included a few characters that would likely mostly reuse existing tooling.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Fear the Walking Dead
« on: August 27, 2015, 08:42 PM »
The one thing we haven't seen is how it started.  It wasn't covered in the show or the comic.  I dunno...I appreciate FTWD for what they are doing.

You won't see how it really started, only how it grew/spread and things fell apart...they've said no cause will be shown.  They also said not to expect big military operations ala World War Z.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Fear the Walking Dead
« on: August 26, 2015, 11:36 PM »
Well, at least it's not The Dawn of the Dead remake were civilization dies within 24 hours. Fast's over so quick.

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