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JD Sports Forum! / Re: JediDefender Fantasy Basketball
« on: November 5, 2004, 03:32 PM »
I'm doing bad.  I still don't quite understand how the scoring works or who I should be playing at what time...

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: 2004 DVD Release List
« on: November 5, 2004, 01:38 PM »
I can't believe the world isn't ablaze with excitement since DC Cab was announced for DVD release in March.

Mr. T is rad.

This is the first I've heard - I'll pick that up though when it comes out.

In that case I think I've dug up just about everything I'll be able to find...  I guess the only thing to do now is just wait until someone dies.

New additions:

Pat Tillman
Weird Al's parents
Jam Master Jay
Laura Branigan
Tupac (7th anniversary thread)
Barry White
Johnny Unitas

For some reason the rebelscum search feature is giving ZERO results for searches containing the words R.I.P. or RIP.


The building is only like 4 years old - so I doubt there's anything spooky going on...

Seriously, I'd think mosnab is right and she is freaked about biffing it again there. But also, could the puppy have wet the rug or something, and the big one knows that's a no-no, and is avoiding the rug?

The dog did sprinkle a little bit on the rug the other morning when we'd just woken up and were getting dressed to take him out.  But he's had accidents all over the house and she hasn't been scared to go anywhere... Maybe this one's lingering a little bit since it was in the rug.

I think theory number one though is the slipping by trying to jump before the rug, because I'm pretty sure I saw her do that recently and there's no telling how often it happens when we're at work.

Last night she went through the danger zone when I got home and they were both jumping up and down excited to see me.

Then later that night she wouldn't again.

Try removing the rug and see what the puppy does.

I really enjoyed that illustration. Are you the one who did the 'How Smart I Am Today' chart, as well? I've got that one saved on my hard drive.

That doesn't ring any bells...  Any chance you could post it or email it to me so I can check it out?

Current score:

Darth Big Boy - 31
Everybody Else - 42

Another thing that popped into my head is that possibly one time she came running into the room and slipped/wiped out there and got hurt a little bit.  Sometimes dogs can be spooked for awhile after doing something like that.  Then again, I'm sure you would have witnessed that, as I doubt your dog is running in there when you guys aren't in there.  Anyways, I hope you get it figured out, and she gets more comfortable again.

We leave the door open in the day now so it's very possible that she hurt herself (not badly enough to linger).  Now that you mention it, the other day though she tried to jump onto the bed around that spot far from where the carpet starts and did kinda biff.  I mentioned that last night but the girlfriend dismissed it as probably nonsense.  That just might be it.

Not me - but it's always possible that the puppy did.

Whenever that happens we clean it up real quick though - concrete floors rule when raising a puppy.

Of course, the bigger one's never been terrified by puddles of urine before...

The only thing I can think of is the television.  But I changed that on Saturday and the behavior started tonight.

I got a new bigger one for the living room - moved the one that was in there into the bedroom and trashed the old one.

I'll try the temperature thing and then I'll try seeing if she'll come in the room with the t.v. off.

The building is only like 4 years old - so I doubt there's anything spooky going on...

I wasn't sure if you were insinuating ghosts or just a cold spot in the room.

Gotcha.  Will check this evening.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Chinese Food Thread
« on: November 4, 2004, 01:20 PM »
Chicken fried rice and vegetable (or chicken) spring rolls.

I'm also a sucker for Chicken and Vegetable Tempura.

It just started yesterday - and I'm not someone who after seeing Best in Show thinks it's acceptable to take a dog to therapy.

I'm gonna figure out how to fix this one in house if at all possible.

Now there are mixed signals coming out of Arafat's hospital - some are saying he's clinically dead - others only saying that 'he's alive'

We might have a 'celebrity' - well, famous person - die today!

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