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The Original Trilogy / Re: Rogue Squadron Members Names in OT
« on: November 18, 2003, 09:43 AM »
Yeah, I went to Rebelscum after I posted the question and found the thread....oh well thanks for the help!

The Original Trilogy / Re: Who's Your Favorite Cantina Alien?
« on: November 17, 2003, 10:05 PM »
I like the Band.  So I guess I like the Bith.

The Original Trilogy / Rogue Squadron Members Names in OT
« on: November 17, 2003, 10:03 PM »
What were the names of the Rogue Squadron Members that we know of during the OT era....

I know in ANH they were all designated "Red" but were they still the Rogues?  

I know the Books (the best series yet written) give us some new ones, but I really wanted to figure out who all was a Rogue between ANH (or shortly before) and Death Star II exploding...

Star Wars Action Figures / Hoth Soldier Possibilities
« on: November 14, 2003, 03:29 PM »
OK looking at the New Hoth Trooper Figure/Statuette, I was wondering if any of you have him and what the possibility of putting the new Hoth Luke's legs on him would be to make him LESS dynamic?

Or in the alternative, is Lukes Uniform something that could be painted/modified to make a decent Echo Base Tech/trooper?

The figures won't make it to the shelves here till about June of 2004....

I plan on Customizing the Hoth Stuff like crazy, I just don't know when they will be here in large enough numbers to justify it.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Rebel Fleet in the OT
« on: November 13, 2003, 06:11 PM »
I think a point Jesse brought up before really shows in the ROTJ final battle.  The fact that a Military Advisor was not on the set was really evident.

In ANH and ESB we see the battles taking place pretty much like they would if you were going to "map" them out.  In ANH you had certain elements of the Attack Squadron going after the Anti-Aircraft Guns, you had one group going after the Fighter Screen and another after the target.  Fairly Textbook stuff.

IN ESB on Hoth you have Skirmishers or guys at a listening post running back to the main line of defense being followed by Recon Elements of the empire, etc etc.

But in ROTJ the ships are not formed up the way a Navy Battle Group would be assembled.  I mean first off, why was the Medical Frigate even there?  Why wouldn't the Medical and Support Craft not jump in until they got a signal (assuming there is a Space Geneva Convention that states that Medical Ships can't be armed)  The ships don't have picket lines or any type of screen for the capital ships.  

I have to go and watch the space battle again (oh dang it ::))....

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Do You Have a Favorite Character(s) To Collect?
« on: November 12, 2003, 09:40 PM »
Wow I guess it takes all kinds, but I'll take any human from the OT, preferable a background Military Type, like a Tech, a Mechanic, a Foot Soldier or General.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Rebel Fleet in the OT
« on: November 11, 2003, 08:19 AM »
Here is my theory on the ROTJ Fleet as welll....since Mon Mothma says that the Empire is stretched across the Galaxy in a vain effort to engage the Rebels, I would assume that apart from the Fleet we see in the Movie, that there are at least 2 other small or medium sized fleets out in the Rim or Core jumping into a system, doing some damage or even attempting a blockade and then scooting out before any large number of Imperial Vessels can get there to confont them.  Basically there are Rebels and Imperials fighting all over the galaxy that we never see or hear about.

I like Jesse's threory on the Yavin Forward Base.  It also explains why there were not any/many Rebel Capital ships that we see.  Either they knew that the Death Star was going to be able to take them out, or they thought a large number of capital ships would arouse suspicion.  Escepcially out there in the middle of nowhere.

It also explains why the Rebels always have ships that have Hyperdrives.  If you can send an entire fighter/bomber group to a target without needing to piggyback on a carrier, you have less assets to be  destroyed/lost in an engagement.

The Original Trilogy / Rebel Fleet in the OT
« on: November 10, 2003, 10:00 AM »
In ANH were the Fighters that were on Yavin the only Fighters in the ENTIRE Rebel Fleet?

Also does anybody have a guess/reasonable belief of what the size of the Rebel Fleet was during each movie?  And it's composition? (Frigates, cruisers, carriers etc)

I am reading "Empire" the Comic series and the Biggs story is getting me thinking.

Another Question is "Where did the Y_Wings come from?" We are told in a couple sources that the XWings are stolen  from InCom, but what about the Y-Wings...They still show up in Jedi so they have to coming from somewhere...

The Original Trilogy / Re: TIE Fighters....
« on: November 6, 2003, 09:16 PM »
Well I'll go for a "Squint"....Tie Interceptors are just the Sports Car of Film Ties....

They are fast, have 4 guns and their speed does not compromise maneuverability too much.

I like the bomber, but if it is going to be that slow and large, it needs to have shields or hyperspace....but then I guess it would be a Y-wing....

Gotta Say Wedge....

He is Tactical
He is a Hero (not saying that Ackbar is not)
and he is HUMAN.

Call me an IMP, but I like the Human Characters the best.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: New Hoth Rebel... :(
« on: November 6, 2003, 08:54 AM »
When this guy was first rumored, I got that sense of impending doom.  Ever since Endor Han in the Saga line, I've learned to be careful what I wish for, cuz I just might get it.

Every time I see a figure that I've wanted or a resculpt that is coming, I imagine in my head what it SHOULD be, which is usually what most of you guys want too, Articulation, good sculpt, Accessories and weapons in the proper scale.....

But since the Clone 3 Packs came out, I get nervous now when I see a good Army Builder on a Rumor list....I fear the Dynamic Action Pose, the Inability to Hold his weapon in both hands (if it is indeed a 2 handed weapon), and a Uniqueness that would make him standout in an Army instead of blend in.

Sadly for us, the New Hoth Rebel, fails 2 parts of my 3 part test.  

This makes Complete Failures in the Saga Line for 2 of the 3 Rebel troops. (unlike Jesse, I can Forgive the Rebel Fleet Trooper's short comings and I AM aware that they were only RE-packaged in Saga from POTJ)

I do have a question on the figure though, is that Pistol Removable from the holster?  That would be a bonus if the pistol is a good sculpt and not gummi-plastic.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Jabba's Palace Wave Pics!
« on: November 6, 2003, 08:40 AM »
Skiff Lando is the MAN.  The sculpt on this figure carries this wave.  The Blaster that the Aliens come with is gonna look great with a Tattoine Stormtrooper too!!!

I am just stoked for the Lando though...he was one of the figures that in my opinion the Vintage Version was better than the POTF2 one.  

Now that they seem to have Lando's visage down from the ROTJ era, they can get to making a General Lando.

Plus Lando's Accessories look to scale.  Hasbro is definately improving.

I don't have any of the "Hologram" figures so I wasn't going to get him anyway.

« on: November 6, 2003, 08:27 AM »
I'd take any of the figures from the OT you guys mentioned already.  I'd just try to insert new versions of all of the Troopers from both sides of the Galactic Civil War...and of course all need to be able to hold their rifle with both hands....and be super articulated..

I also noticed that most of the waves are based on the formula of:

Major Character
Minor Character
Minor Charcater #2
Background/one scene Character


But my Dream Wave violates that formula:

I call it the ANH Super Articulated Wave:

Han Solo ANH gear Super Articulated
Luke Skywalker ANH Super Articulated
Stormtrooper Super Articulated
Death Star Trooper Super Articulated Numerous Head Sculpts
Tantive IV Defender Super Articulated Numerous Head Sculpts
Imperial Scanner Tech Super Articulated Numerous Head Sculpts
Imperial Officer Super Articulated Numerous Head Sculpts
Tusken Raider Super Articulated
Yavin Rebel Guard Super Articulated Numerous Head Sculpts
Yavin Tech Super Articulated Numerous Head Sculpts
Rebel Pilots Super Articulated Numerous Head Sculpts

I spent some time trying to figure out a way to make waves surrounding each of these figures so that we could get 1 super Articulated Figure Per Wave (and thus perhaps get a chance to get them).

I'll try to do it better for ESB and ROTJ and get back to you.  Of course I prefer Super Articulation to Poses but that is a thought for another topic.

Great Ideas all around from you guys make it harder to come up with any original waves....

The Original Trilogy / Re: Death Star Troopers
« on: November 5, 2003, 09:19 AM »
Not to add another dimension, but I always thought the guy was wearing Green in that Leia, Vader and Tarkin Scene.

Of course, the Imperials seem to stay in the Black, white and Gray tones so the Green uni would of course stand out.

I think the only reason I had this idea was because of Tarkin's Olive Uni.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Ground Combat...
« on: November 5, 2003, 09:12 AM »
Well it has been said either on this forum or others and maybe by Jesse himself, that the Ewoks are baed on the VC (only the VC didn't have Gliders)
And I mean the Pre-Tet VC.  They hit and strike leave booby traps all around, but when trapped in the open by a superior force (with no spider holes to burrow into) are easier to defeat.

At the time Force Commander came out, I didn't have a system capable of playing the game, so I can't tell you who I would rather be in the Missions.  But if we were fighting an even war on even ground, I'd take the reasoning follows:

1.  I don't buy into the Stormtroopers are Clones theory, but I do think that the Rebel Troops are more capable of Adapting to a Combat Situation.  Marching is only a way to get to the battle as a unit, once the bullets/laser bolts start flying it will be the more mentally tough that will be able to function in the fear and chaos.

2.  Leadership, it seems the Rebels have a better leadership program.(Even if it is based on the Operation Barbarossa theory of leadership where the officer leads from the front, has a High casualty count, and the new leaders prove themselves in the next engagement)  Imperial Leadership seems to be more concerned about their "Fear of Failure" than their "Commitment to Success".  Not to Say that some Imperials were not great leaders, but it is a TOP Down problem and affects even the troops the Great Leaders have to command.  Remember Rommel's Quote and I paraphrase, "The only problem with Italian Troops is their Leadership".

3.  The Rebels are Fighting for a Cause (not getting into good vs. evil here)  They have something to fight for and they see their sacrifice as being "worth" something.  

4.   Imperial Reliance on "Shock and Awe"...The Imperials seem to have a good (if not Excellent) First Strike capability.  The problem is, what if there is a Second line of defense, what if the First strike is not 100% successful?  I think a protracted planetside ground war is something that might very well show the flaws of Imperial Training...I liken them to Sprinters (with Blasters).

Ok I know NONE of these are Tactical Factors per se, but I think they form a foundation for my Tactial Arguements.....

5.  Using Hoth as an example or even Galactic Battlegrounds...The Rebels have a great Combine Arms mentality.  Snowspeeders (fighter bombers or Helicopter gunships), Laser Dishes (pocket artillery or even Anti Armor guns), Specialized ground combat troops. In Battlegrounds the HEAVY MECH of the Rebellion is a Multi-Wheeled APC.  Now it is definately no AT AT, but it has the same capabilities and is easier to manufacture.

6.  They are usually on the Defense, this puts them at a Strategic Advantage (again not Tactical) but the tactical aspect comes in play when you consider that if you have right terrain, knowledge of the terrain and decent Intel on the Opposing/Invading Force you can use it to your advantage.

Now that I have  decent computer I may have to go find Force Commander, so I can answer more fully.  Besides, I want a sneak peak of this Tank Jesse is gonna make.....

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