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Like it is for Joes

...and thats exactly the intel I was looking for, thanks again.

Im with you on ethe lights and sounds R2, those things are super neat, one of the only cool things to come out of Saga 2002.
I set up my battle of grassy plain last night, all of my battle droids for that scene are 1999 models, with commtechs, so I used teh other characters commstands to stand up my POTJ gungan warriors.
its pretty boss looking

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: September 25, 2012, 10:40 AM »
I found the Jar Jar all alone once and its pretty dope,I play with it a LOT.
I would like Leia, but the rest can pound sand I have plenty of troopers and Vaders

Thanks Jesse
but damn
I am dissapoint

I totally just put a chicken walker helmet on my fav Endor han

they should have just put the commtech readers in teh quessn starship chassis and in teh playsets and in the ATT.

I think there was a wrastling toy playset at teh time that did that with some success.

hmmm maybe I could customize that up someday, I have an extra reader..

oh well

I also sort of wished the chips themselves were actually IN the figures, or for small characters liek pod racers Anakin and possibly Padme, put them in an accesory.

But I bought so many battle droids from the original TPM line ( and glad I did every one since IMHO has been to soft and floppy and arent as tall or imposing) that to this day my grassy plains battle is all commtech stands. I think I bought 60 of them all told, lke ten of each variety, and I use the commtechs chips from the non battle droid character a sstands for the Gungan warrior side of the battle.

Prince would say thats how you party like its 1999

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: September 20, 2012, 04:09 PM »
Hell he's so far back I forget what wave he was in now...  this whole year's been a silly blur.

Distro has been so bad I cant even keep track of who all im missing at this point, its been no **** about 6 o 8 waves

OT Movies are better

but straight up
PT toys are cooler.

The main public critique of the PT movies is that they are basicly big marketing and toy rackets...well, I like toys
So I like prequel toys. AT TEs, And MTTs and Turbo tanks and clones and geonosians and wookie warriors and giant walking tri droids, droikedakas freaking trillions of battle droids and clones of different deco, Alien jedi ALEIN JEDI by the dozens with soft goods and all joints and and and ect ect.
The prequel toys would rule even if there was no movies to support them. Just a bunch of cool stuff for luke and Duke and batman and Indiana jones to get into as far as Im concerned

Im wondering of those ATST drivers headw ould fit a RTF peg or Endor or Hoth Rebel peg....Thats some pretty generic looking custom fidder faces

....maybe one one in each hand

I found teh ultimate Jar Jar and it has been getting a LOT of milage as far as being played with. Really like the leather goods

Joe Defender / Re: Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 Review
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:42 PM »
Is anybody missing these still?  I got a case of them in the mail and have extras.

PM me.

the whole case?
 I would be willing to trade for Shadow tracker and an alley Viper...

44 I wonder if it can be completely concealed in that compartment??

LOL Those are the two I want!

I have plenty of shockies and sandies and Clone Lts AND Vaders

but an Ultimate Jar Jar and Bespin Leia with Soft goods are just my speed!

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