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Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Animated Wave 3 (and beyond)?
« on: January 16, 2005, 09:36 AM »
I actually found the Red Clone the day before yesterday at a local SWM.  They had apparently just "completed" their reset of the action figure aisle and I found the remnants of a case of the CW figures.  It was the only Clone left so I don't know what other color shipped in the case with it.  I saw a Yellow Clone and Mace at a K-Mart nearby, so they are apparently showing up there as well.

Strangely enough, the figures that I don't see all that often from this assortment hanging around are Durge and Ventress.  I have not seen either of them since the day I got my Wave 3 back in December, and why that is, I have no idea.  You'd think that people would be more interested in the Clones and/or Grievous but apparently EU creations are more interesting than actual film stuff to some people.

Nothing to do with the topic of army building here, I just wanted to give my opinion on the "red" battle droid topic.  ;D

I always assumed that the droids on Geonosis were red because of the environment.  By that I don't mean that they paint them different colors because of where they were manufactured, but I always assumed that they weren't "finished" , like Scott mentioned, but I figured that instead of not being painted, they were just rough and attracted the red dust of the planet.  Plus you could also make the argument that, like the older technology on Tatooine, they are obsolete and less care went into them aesthetically, since the Techno Union was pushing the Super Battle Droids and Destroyer Droids.  Kind of like a car salesman who wants you to buy the best model they have, but he's still willing to set them next to the crappy used car to either A) sell a used car or B) to make the new cars look better in comparison.

It's all about salesmanship, I think, and Wat Tambor is the SW equivalent of Crazy Eddie.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Clone Trooper 4 Packs!
« on: January 5, 2005, 07:54 PM »
I think the idea of the packs is a good one: put a figure that a lot of people never saw in the first place back into circulation.  Since it is a figure that a lot of people would want multiples of, put it out there in multiple versions with no one version being more plentiful than another.  The fact that we can effectively pick which ones we want or don't want is very appealing, as there is no "chase" 4 pack or anything like that. 

What I don't like is the obvious price gouging.  When I went to the EE page, I nearly spit my juice out at the price for a single four pack.  35 dollars?  That's almost 9 bucks a figure, and as I have never ordered anything from EE that has cost under ten bucks to ship (then again, it's been a while since I ordered from them, so they're probably up to 20 by now) it would end up more than likely costing me 50 bucks for a single pack.  I'm hoping that some kind soul will let me in on a third of a case (I've already PM'd one person in this thread, so please have pity on me rebeltrader :) ), because I can justify paying 25 bucks a pack plus shipping more than I can 35.

The thing that *really* shocks me about all this is that didn't get these as exclusives.  After all, how many more people go to the Official Site and would see that they were on sale there than those who go to EE.  Actually before I even went to EEs site, I was thinking "they'll charge 30 bucks a pack for them" and they exceeded my expectations.  As horrid as the service has been (that photo of the puppet at the computer still cracks me up every time I see it), I would think that they would sell them for about 25 bucks a pack.

EE is, in my opinion (and chuckles' as well it seems), watching Ebay for the original sales of the Clones and using that as their pricing gauge for the four packs.  The simple fact that the two Holiday exclusives prior to this year were made up from scratch, sculpt-wise (R2 is questionable) and went for 12.99 (isn't Yoda still on sale at for that price?), when compared to the Holiday Jawas, an EE exclusive, who had new arms and new lightpipes in their heads, and went for 18 bucks? 

I'd be very curious to know EE's wholesale price on these from Hasbro, but I would be willing to bet it's well below what they are charging the consumer.  Oh well, welcome to the year of "IT'S THE LAST STAR WARS MOVIE EVER AND WE'RE CASHING IN!!!!!"

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Ep3 Sneak Preview Vehicle
« on: January 3, 2005, 06:53 PM »
I think I remember reading somewhere on one of those fifty million "master lists" of ROTS stuff that there was a planned "Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter" as well.  So, it looks as if Hasbro has gone ahead with the repaint idea and aren't even going to wait a year the way they did with the Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter.  Saturate the market with two at once I say!  ::)

If you notice throughout the course of the modern line, Hasbro's pulled this type of thing (the ship well before the pilot or vice versa) several times.  First, they released the AT-ST in October of 1995 and waited until 1997 to release the driver.  Then they released Obi-Wan's fighter in March of 2002 and waited until July or so to release the actual pilot figure, and then repacked it again as a "KB Exclusive."  Now it looks as if Anakin's Starfighter will suffer the same fate.

Then again, they could make vehicles that no figure can fit inside of in the first place, so we're luc...oh, wait.

(the thing that still tickles me is how Hasbro swore up and down that you could fit the figures in the AOTC speeders with "a little bit of work."  It reminds me of that episode of "The Simpsons" where Adam West forces figures into a Batmobile, completely destroying the car and the figures in the process)

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Animated Wave 3 (and beyond)?
« on: December 25, 2004, 08:53 AM »
I was lucky enough to walk into the local WM within minutes of them actually stocking the CW figures.   They had apparently stocked two cases worth of the figures, and the case assortment seemed to be the same one that you listed, Tydirium.  I can confirm that in this case, there were no white Clones, and the only color variants were the yellow and blue (no red).

I would assume (and you know what that does) that the red and (if they are going to rerelease it) white clones will be in another case assortment.  I don't care for this personally, since it means there will be one "new" figure in a case full of stuff that has already been released, thus making it more difficult to find, but if they actually do a blue ARC and pack them both at more than one per case, it could be a bit easier.

The more I've thought about it, the more I am baffled by the rationale of packing Durge (who, technically, "died" in Season 1) in this new assortment, as opposed to Yoda, who would probably (likely) sell a whole lot more than Durge.  I'm not all that thrilled with the repacks anyway (although I understand that not everyone lives close to a Target), but the choice of Durge kind of confuses me.

And now, more than ever, I really wish they would continue this subline.  I really enjoy the cartoons and I love the figures (all of them, even Durge) and I would be thrilled if they kept the line going, especially with the main character designs seemingly "updated" for Season 3.  Oh, Snow Bunny Padme and Clone Armor Obi-Wan, wherefore art thou?  :)

Oh, and even though this has nothing to do with the toys, could someone tell me where in the continuity the CW animated series falls?  I casually read the Republic comic every now and again, and if there is a whole subplot of Obi-Wan going after Ventress when she's already been killed by Anakin, I'm sure you can tell where I'm a bit confused.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Best and Worst of 2004
« on: December 10, 2004, 08:47 AM »
Best VOTC:  Stormtrooper, although Boba Fett comes in a close second.  I didn't think an army builder could get any better than the SA Clone Trooper, but I was wrong.

Best OTC:  Yoda/Dagobah Luke.  I know that they are two figures, but the fact that they actually work together well (as opposed to the horrid way that these figures worked together in POTF2), makes me want to give it to both of them.  In my mind, when together, they are the best figure of the year.

Best Saga:  Skiff Lando.  The entire Jabba's Palace wave (plus Jedi Luke) was probably the best overall wave of the year in terms of characters, sculpting, and variety, but Lando stood out as the best to me.  And if you want to really love him, just pull out the POTF2 Skiff Lando and compare the two.  It's like night and day.

Best Vehicle: Boba Fett's Slave I, and this is only because there were not any "new" vehicles released this year.  I hesitate to call it the best, since the wing stabilizers are so unsturdy, but since I have always been a Fett fan, I'll give it the nod.


Worst VOTC:  Threepio, hands down.  This one just stinks of someone saying "we really need to do a Threepio for this line but we're out of development money."  Horrible articulation, horrible stance, and the fact that it's on an ESB card without the removable limbs feature irritates me.  The only real stinker in what was an otherwise great subline.

Worst OTC:  All the repacks.  Five is okay, ten is pushing it, but when nearly 30 of your 38 figures are rereleases for a particular line, it's obnoxious and it reeks of laziness.  The excuse was used that the DVD announcement caught them by surprise, but if that is the case, how did they have all that lead time to prepare the VOTC for release?

Worst Saga:  AT-ST Han, hands down.  One of the worst ideas for an action figure in recent memory.  Considering all we ever saw of Han this way was wearing the helmet on a static-filled viewscreen, it once again reeks of Hasbro cheaping out, as all they had to sculpt was an arm below the elbow and a head.  In my mind, they could have either done a real Endor Han figure, with cloth coat and in his regular outfit, and included the helmet and articulation so he could hold his arm in from of his face, or they could have just released a Richard Marquand AT-ST driver.  But then, those would have been things that the people would like, and we can't have that happen.

Worst Vehicle:  repackorama in OTC of the seriously outdated X-Wing and TIE molds.  "Hey folks, just ignore the fact that if you go to TRU you can get an X-Wing that is properly scaled and is immensely superior for about $19.99 (which is what it is going for on Amazon at the time of its release); here's a version of it that is hideously underscaled and outdated for the same price, and you don't even get a figure!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to ask that someone send me a rather large amount of salt.  Why, you ask?  Because I need something to liven up the taste of my foot, which is now firmly enconsced in my mouth.   ;D

I was notified yesterday that, waiting in my mailbox, was a small padded envelope from Hasbro, which, yes, contained the missing jetpack missle that I have been complaining about nonstop for the last few weeks.  So, while my first compunction was to go back and delete all my prior ramblings on the subject, I feel as if I should leave them up so everyone can see how wrong I was.  And if there's one thing I do not have a problem doing, it's admitting when I was wrong in a situation. 

That being said, I still stand by my statements that 1) Hasbro is not being forthcoming with *everyone* who has asked for a replacement missle (otherwise emails would not be ignored) and 2) despite Hasbro's claims that a "small number" of the Slave I's made it out without the rocket, I believe that it is the other way around, since I have yet to see a report of someone finding one with the rocket included.

But yes, I overreacted (not the first time, and it probably won't be the last), and I freely admit it and take responsibility for it.

Point and laugh at DoctorPadawan kids!  :D

You can count me among the people who got a Slave I without the missle in Fett's jetpack as well.  However, even after going through the entire email contact thing with Hasbro, I'm in an even worse spot than I was when I started.  Here's the story:

-Two weeks ago this Friday, I walked into my local Target and they had finally stocked the Slave I, eight total.  Since Hasbro had given their statement that only a "small number" had made it out without the missle, the "correct" version would be in relative abundance with the next shipment, I assumed that this would be the correct version.  My Target had not gotten their shipment until that day (the employees at this Target were friendly enough to check in the back during the print ad a week or so prior and said, with confusion, that they didn't have any back there yet), so when I checked all eight Slave I's, I was a little surprised to see that none of them had the missle.  I went ahead and bought one, figuring I could contact the fine people at Hasbro to get a replacement part. 

-So, immediately upon getting home, I went to Hasbro's website.  Before I go on, the thing is horribly difficult to navigate, and requires you sign up for an account before you can even send a question/complaint/etc, which I'm not too fond of at all.  But, I went ahead and did so, and sent my email, which was professionally worded and I received a reply the following Monday that said:

Thank you for taking the time to let us know that a piece was missing when you received your Hasbro product.

Please allow us to apologize for any inconvenience you experienced because the part was not included.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We will be happy to ship the part to you at no additional charge. It will be sent, under separate cover, to the address you provided. Shipping will be done as quickly as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We hope you and your family will enjoy our products for many years to come.

-So, this Monday, my mother called me to let me know that I had gotten a letter from Hasbro.  While I don't have the letter in front of me, she read it word for word to me, and this is pretty much what they said (paraphrased):

We regret to inform you that the replacement piece you requested is no longer available.  Our apologies and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our products for many years to come.

So, translating that into Hasbro Rep at SDCC type-speak:

We're Hasbro, we don't make mistakes.  **** you and deal with it.

So yeah, with the widespread reports that nobody has really found an OTC Slave I that actually had the jetpack missle, and the fact that Hasbro is now denying that they even have the replacement part to send out, I am doubting that I'm even going to see the thing without going to the secondary market and hopefully finding a loose piece cheap somewhere.

I'd also like to point out that this is not an isolated incident either.  I called them in January of 2000 when my AAT had two left guns and no right guns.  They said that they no longer had any parts for that item (it had just come out at retail and shipped for at least another two months, albeit sparingly) and to check  back later.  When it was announced for the CW line, I called back and they said they had no idea what item I was talking about and that if I wanted a replacement gun, I would have to buy a completely new tank in the CW package since the old one was out of production.  When I mentioned that it was the exact same toy in a new box, the person just kind of did a verbal shrug (the "idunno" noise, if that makes sense) and said "is there anything else?" and hung up.

So yeah, thanks a lot Hasbro.  Way to keep your loyal customers happy. ::)

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Animated Wave 3 (and beyond)?
« on: November 24, 2004, 08:56 AM »
Personally, I would have loved it if they had actually gone ahead and done two waves of the new figures, starting around January of 2005, similar to how they did the initial waves.

2 x Obi-Wan in Clone Armor
2 x Snow Bunny Padme
2 x Kit Fisto (Mon Calamari)
2 x Threepio and R2 (two pack, since R2 would likely be little more than a PVC)

2 x ARC Trooper (one blue, one red)
2 x Anakin (Yavin IV Duel)
2 x General Grevious
2 x Luminara Unduli

And you could probably go even further.  Off the top of my head, that would still leave Barriss Offee, Ki Adi Mundi, Shaak Ti, Darth Sidious, Chancellor Palpatine (seperate for the purposes of the list), Battle Droids, and Super Battle Droids among the more "active" characters on the series that could be made into figures.  This doesn't even begin to take into account some of the vehicles that could be made.  Unfortunately, since it's more of a "niche" line, this stuff will probably never come to pass and these last three original figures (plus the Clone repaints) will be all we'll ever get, but it's still fun to dream. :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: R.I.P. Ol' Dirty Bastard
« on: November 14, 2004, 09:19 AM »
My personal favorite ODB moment (aside from the food stamp trip, which was hysterical, made moreso by the fact that it was true) was when he was on some MTV call-in show with a couple of other people he'd done a song with.  I think this was when he "officially" changed his name to "Big Baby Jesus" by the way.

So, a woman called in and asked the others what they were giving back to the African American community now that they were all successful.  She asked ODB/BBJ what he was doing for the African American community, and ODB just kind of looked surprised, pointed to his chest, and calmly said:

"Nothin!" ;D

Everyone on the set cracked up laughing, as did I sitting at home.  He will truly be missed. :'(

"The Old Dirty Bastard has changed his name to the Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant.  Konichiwa, bitches."

Other Collectibles / Re: Upcoming Playskool Jedi Force Line
« on: November 12, 2004, 08:27 AM »
Just curious...although I know most people aren't fans of this line, for those of you who have seen them in person, are you finding them in the "regular" Star Wars area?

The Target that I frequent most often has the three action figure aisle setup, and the Jedi Force figures are located on the third aisle (aisle one being Transformers, Gundam-type stuff; aisle two being Joes, SW, and LOTR; aisle three being more "transitory" type lines or stuff aimed at the young'uns) alongside the GH line (which is not restocked all that often).  They had one peg for the JF figures, and one of each figure when I saw them. 

I picked up the Vader and I really like him.  The little droid thing I could have done without, and maybe I'm just really immature, but I actually like him a lot more than the GH version.  If they continue the line and make a Boba Fett, I'd buy it in a second.  And for $7.99 and a level of articulation that is sadly miles ahead of the first few years of POTF2, I think it's a good deal.

That being said, the Luke looked horrid, as did the R2 in the droid two pack.  Chewbacca didn't look too bad though, and I thought Threepio was nice.  Then again, I might be the only one who has this sentiment, as all three other JFs (they had one of each initially) were still sitting there four days after I picked up the Vader.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Music of the Duel
« on: November 9, 2004, 09:24 PM »
I've always wondered about that comment years ago. Maybe DoctorPadawan remembers?

Here I am, the receptacle of all meaningless minutae regarding the molestation of JW's prequel scores.  ;D

I don't remember the exact location of the quote, but I do recall the comment being made by JW that when he first had the LSO play the music from the duel in TPM (which we all know in its concert suite form as DOTF) for Lucas, Lucas told  JW that even though he didn't know it, JW had pretty much just written the music for the end duel in Episode III.  The comment Lucas makes on "The Beginning" or the last TPM webdoc is (and I'm paraphrasing) "you didn't know this, but that leads directly into the end of Episode III."

Ben Burtt was overheard to say "but nooooo....I've got this wonderful sound effect of a turnip farting I was going to use for a volcanic eruption and it is infinitely more important to the emotional impact of the scene than music!  The whole world is sitting on the edge of their seats because of my sound design in the duel!  Maybe we can just let the screen go black since I am the most important and memorable thing about Star Wars!  Can't we just track music (badly) from somewhere else instead?  Hey George, look at me, look what I can do!  Look how important I am!  WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Uh, yeah...before I went on my tangent there, I do hope that DOTF is used *sparingly* and that JW is allowed to just go wild with the score and include every thematic element related to Obi-Wan, Anakin, Vader, Sidious, the Jedi Knights, the Sith, the love theme, and Luke and Leia's themes as a way of tying everything up musically, not unlike the way AOTC ends with the major players' themes being repeated in succession, but in a totally new way.  This is the climactic moment of the entire prequel trilogy and the moment we have been waiting for from a story standpoint since we found out the prequels would become a reality (or since we first read that little comment in the novelizations for the OT way back when about the lava duel), and I think that certain egos should step back and allow the scene and the emotion to bear the true importance of the scene.  If it isn't scored by choice, so be it.  If it is scored by choice, let JW do his thing.  I just hope we don't wind up with a AOTC reel 6 cluster**** again.

But of course it will end up being tracked music from TPM so we can hear the turnip farts, and so we can be treated to more ten minute explanations of the turnip farts on the DVD commentary when you really want to hear Lucas explain why Greedo shoots first now.  ::)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: November 4, 2004, 07:08 PM »
After reading the experiences a lot of you guys had with the ROTJ posters that was selling a while back (and after seeing the teaser poster, which I was not impressed with at all; great concept with poor execution, IMHO), I decided that I did not really need the teaser poster after all.  I never bought the (again, in my opinion, poorly executed) AOTC teaser, but I did buy both theatrical prequel posters and the Episode I teaser from the SW Fan Club over the years, and I *never* had a problem with them arriving damaged.

All three posters (I know the first two for TPM came out when the FC was still under the aegis of Fantastic Media; I can't remember who had control of the FC during AOTC...probably my crackhead neighbors) were shipped in heavy tubes, with the posters sealed inside a plastic baggie tube inside, with bubble wrap around the poster and bag, and with bubble wrap at each end.  There was not a single dent, crease, tear, or anything approaching damage on any of the three posters.

And now, even though LFL is "running the show", *THEY* can't send a poster out without completely destroying it.  Pathetic.  Go down to the post office, spend a little bit of money on decent mailing and packing materials, and send out mint items so you can actually keep customers instead of cheaping out.  For what you're charging for shipping, you should be shipping things in heavy materials and not plastic bags with a twist tie around them that say "FRAJIL...PURTY PICTERS ENSIDE."  ::)

(I seriously hope they figure out what is going on by the time the Struzan poster is released in the spring)

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: 2004 NEW NEWS ON SANDCRAWLER
« on: November 3, 2004, 11:59 AM »
I got my shipping notification from last night as well, although the FedEx tracking number still isn't showing up in the system (I figure that might take a few days to happen).  Thankfully I had the $50.00 GC from the initial fiasco, so the Sandcrawler cost me a grand total of $17.94, which is about what it looks like it's worth.  ;D

I'm kind of in between on the variant issue.  I couldn't care less about packaging variations, so that never enters into my collecting habits.  I'm also not all that fond of "error" versions of figures, as I prefer to have the version of the figure that is most accurate to the film and the one that works the best, quality-wise.

For example, I have the bloody stump Saga Luke Bespin.  I do not like the bloody stump version for the simple fact that the magnet in his hand sucks.  It stays on there, but only just so.  I would have much preferred to have the peg-hand version, but even though I have the "rare" version, I'd much rather have the sturdier one.  The fact that they went back to the magnet with the OTC version (which I did buy) disappointed me as well.  As soon as I knew the Hangar Duel Anakin with the arm peg was out there instead of the magnet version, I gave my magnet one away and bought the peg version. 

(On a semi-related note, did the Final Battle Jango figure ever come out with a peg for his head instead of a magnet?)

Color variants, I am okay with.  Back when they changed the Endor Han's pants to brown from blue, I picked one of the brown ones up.  If they were to do a version of Throne Room Vader from Saga without eyebrows (and a way to tell that he didn't have them), I'd pick it up.  Things that are done to make the figures more accurate to their film versions are worth it to me.  Ditto for the red ARC Trooper, which while not film-based, was still accurate for the cartoon series.  As for the Hoth Han thingamabob, I went with blue since it was "right" to me.  I won't get into that debate here, as I know many of you are in the brown coat camp, but I just always liked blue better, so call me a hypocrite. ;D

Minute changes in paint apps are not enough to get me to pick something up.  I have no desire to pick up OTC Jawas, Tuskens, and Greedo just because they're painted a bit more "dirty."  I've seen each of them in stores and the difference is negligible to me.  The Hoth Vader I will have to see in person (which will never happen given the rate of stocking at retail) to make a final decision (and then I'd consider it only because it is Vader), and I never had a Scanning Trooper (no way was I going to pay 20 bucks for a crappy case and a kitbash), so I will pick him up when I see him (in 2009 at KayBee).

So yeah, here's my final scorecard:

-Complete repaints for film accuracy: YES
-Complete repaints for "dirtying it up": NO
-Sculpting changes for film accuracy: YES
-Sculpting changes for no real reason: NO
-Packaging changes of any sort: NO

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