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Original Trilogy Collection / Re: OTC = Freeze Frame Waves
« on: June 2, 2004, 07:37 PM »
While I'm not sure it was the Freeze Frame line that killed the modern line's momentum (that was probably due more to the glut of Ep1),

Well, my reason for the FF line killing the modern line's momentum (which I mentioned in a prior post in another thread which Muftak has quoted above) was this:

In 1998, the appeal of the Special Edition theatrical rerelease in 1997 had cooled down considerably.  1998 was what Hasbro/Kenner calls a "non-movie year."  The problem was that they had not figured out how to do case assortments at that point in time and focus on the people who were actually buying the products in a non-movie year: the collector.  They did this very well with the POTJ line in the years between TPM and AOTC, but the FF line stunk of their oft-quoted "kids buy more SW figures than collectors do" philosophy.

So, first wave of figures hits, that being the first Collection 1 case.  Out of that case were seven new figures (two each of the Endor Rebel Soldier, Lando General, Ewok Gown Leia, and one Bespin Luke).  The remaining 9 figures (this was back when there were 16 figure cases, as opposed to the current norm of 12) were all recards of older figures.  The first Collection 2 case was a similar situation with two each of Biggs, Lak Sivrak, and the Ewoks, along with nine more repacks of older figures.  Collection 3 was a little luckier, with eight new figures (2 each of RH Vader, Ishi Tib, Zuckuss, and Piett), but there were also eight repacks.  I thought this would be the worst of it.  I was very mistaken.

As I mentioned before in that prior post, around this time Hasbro/Kenner decided to do a case assortment for Collection 3 that was solely made up of repacks.  This is where some of the harder to find FF repack figures from Collection 3 came from (TIE Pilot, Fett, and in rare cases, Weequay).  The problem was that these (in most cases) did not move because the shelves were still packed with tons of these figures in their 1997 holograph card iterations.  So in addition to old figures on new cards, there was still a glut of old figures on old cards.  It did not get better.

The Blast Shield Luke wave comes out; again, eight new figures, eight repacks.  Collection 2 was even more ridiculous: 2 Ugnaughts and 14 repacks.  Collection 3's second new case assortment was two each of the DST and Ree Yees with 12 repacks, and I don't think I need to remind anyone of what a disaster that was.

Over the rest of the year, Hasbro released another Collection 1 assortment (Lobot, Chewie in Chains, Mothma and Prune Face), another Collection 2 assortment (with 8D8 as the only new figure), and no more Collection 3 figures (except for the Hoth Leia wave I'll address in a minute).  The entire year, Hasbro had been printing ads with photos and checklists focused on their upcoming Expanded Universe line, so people were actually really excited (at least in the collector community) about these figures being released.  

The problem was that due to the horrendous case packouts in Collection 2, where the EU figures would be released, stores were stocked to the gills with Rancor Keepers, Admiral Ackbars, and Nien Nunbs and because of this, everyone's ordering systems showed no need for any Collection 2 orders to be replenished.  Thus, many areas only saw the first three EU figures if they saw any at all (I was actually one who only saw the second wave minus Katarn and had to get the others elsewhere) and by the time the last wave, the one that arguably everyone was the most excited about, came out, they were impossible to find at all.  All because of that glut of older figures.

The stores took a big loss on those figures they couldn't sell, even with the 2 dollar off coupons.  The thing was that stores were able to sell Stormtroopers and other Imperial army builders fairly quickly, but who in their right mind needs those 50 Rancor Keepers and Ackbars hanging around with an inch of dust on them?  A local WM had a larger display area for those old dust collectors than they had for either TPM or AOTC.  It was one complete aisle, with almost 80 pegs, filled with all this old crap that nobody wanted.  They knew that Episode I was coming up in the spring and they wanted to allocate shelf space to it and not be stuck with all this old crap since (in their minds at the time) TPM would have a film to coincide with the toy release, and that would help sell things.

That's why when Hasbro/Kenner decided to release that last Collection 3 wave of Hoth Leia/AT-AT Driver/Pote Snitkin/and the DS Droid in November of 1998, the retailers basically told them "no thank you."  (for those of you who weren't around back then, it was the equivalent of Mattel's He-Man case assortments in a lot of ways, but not specifically; a case of the manufacturer sending out loads of the same old crap that won't sell and expecting the retailer to buy every last one of them anyway because "it's Star Wars").  Hasbro/Kenner had to then sell those figures as Fan Club exclusives (and I think anyone who was around back then remembers how much they were charging for those figures-$24.00 for two of them plus shipping on top of it, so $48.00 plus shipping for the set of four; thankfully I eventually got them for just under retail from the FC when they were still swamped in them six months later and had to mark them down) because retail pretty much told Hasbro/Kenner "NO MORE."  

So there's my reasons why the Freeze Frame figures destroyed any momentum the POTF2 line had at the end of 1998.  Yes, Episode I was, for all intents and purposes, a disaster at retail, but that disaster was shared by retail and Hasbro; the FF fiasco was all Hasbro's fault and I had thought they'd learned their lesson by now.  

I could ramble on and on but I'm sure that nobody wants to hear it after reading my conspiratorial nonsense. :)

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: OTC DVD Sets
« on: June 2, 2004, 09:49 AM »
The one phrase that keeps coming back to my mind these last few days is "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."  How this applies to this situation is that Hasbro has simply not learned from its mistakes.  They have done this endless recarding before, and it ended up very badly and killed any momentum the line had at that time with retailers.  Only Episode I, believe it or not, saved the SW line.  

What I'm referring to is the Freeze Frame line.  Very nice concept, but executed badly.  Yes, they released a wave of new figures on a regular basis, but mixed in with these new figures were a veritable truckload of older figures who hadn't been all that difficult to find in the first place, on new cards.  It had nothing to do with keeping popular characters out there for fans or newcomers; it had more to do with milking the completist carded collectors for all they were worth.  And it backfired.

Probably the best/worst shining example of this was the rerelease of a Collection 3 case with nothing but older figures.  Never mind the fact that they had just released the first Removable Helmet Vader in an earlier case assortment not more than a month earlier; they had to release a whole case of figures nobody had any trouble finding at all in their previous incarnations (Tarkin, TIE Pilot, Stormie), ignoring the previous wave with the RH Vader, and when it came time for the second wave of Collection 3 figures that were new, they were impossible to find (Ree Yees and DST).  All because of Hasbro's desire to cut corners and "maximize their profits."

The fact that they were releasing waves of figures with one new figure (usually packed at 2 per case) like the Ugnaughts or 8D8 wasn't helping either, because it was getting 2 new figures and 14 old figures on the shelf.  I don't think I need to explain which ones didn't sell.  It was also the FF line that necessitated the ridiculous clearance sales that fall (2 dollars a figure with those little stickers).  I have never seen a Wal*Mart so overrun with figures as I did that fall, and it was all the same figures.  Nothing new.

And then that winter, after a whole load of relative hype, Hasbro released the Expanded Universe line at the tail end of the FF series.  Was there anyone here who had an easy time finding any of these, particularly the Darktrooper and Spacetrooper?  Then the last wave (the Hoth Leia wave) wasn't even released to retail because after the clearance disaster, retailers pretty much told Hasbro "NO MORE."  They had to seek out alternative outlets because they had burned the retailers so badly with endless repacks.

This is all going to happen again.  Out of 38 regular carded figures, there are arguably 7 new figures, two repaints (Hoth Vader and Bespin Luke), and 29 repacks.  I don't care what Hasbro says: this line is NOT going to get new people to start buying figures because of the DVDs.  People are going to buy the DVDs and that is it.  Given the fact that the electronics section and the toy section are a good distance away from each other in most retailers, people are going to buy the DVDs and that's all, not even giving the toy section a second thought.  They're  basing their entire product offering (and a vast amount of their products themselves) on the assumption that new people will buy things, when in reality, this will be a very small portion of the buying population.  They should know this by now, but they obviously prefer to live in their ivory tower and develop new ways to package POTJ Obi-Wan and CTC Han than put money into developing toys that people actually want to buy.

Get ready folks, it's going to be 1998 all over again, if not worse.

Just a rather humorous way of looking at things: I've been of the opinion that all the Stormtroopers were clones (at least since we found that out in AOTC) but that their rather, ummm, questionable military skills in the OT compared to their effectiveness in the PT can be attributed to Jango's death and bad cloning techniques.

It's like that Michael Keaton movie where he keeps cloning himself in a way, or on a more basic level, a photocopier.  Generation 1 were made directly from Jango and thus were the closest to his skill level.  Well, Jango dies and they no longer have the host body they need (I'd assume they still had some Jango-DNA on file they could use for a few years).  So what happens when they run out of Jango?  

In my mind they either: A-take DNA from Boba Fett, since he's a pure genetic replication of Jango in the first place or B-take DNA from a first generation Clone Trooper.  Since I don't think Boba would be going along with option A, B is their only option if they want to keep the same host.

The analogy of the Keaton movie and the photocopier comes into this because as everyone knows, when you make a copy of a copy, the new copy isn't exactly all that great.  In the Keaton movie, by the time they get to number 3 or 4, that clone is completely batsh!t insane and is not functioning on a normal level.  

I think the Stormtroopers in the OT reflect this.  They were once really good, but when you copy something over and over at numbers that are more than likely quite high given Palpatine's ego and need to subvert everyone to his will, they're just not going to live up to the original versions.  Thus, the Clones in the OT are the equivalent of that sixth generation bootleg of Prince's "Black Album" or The Beach Boys' "Shine" you have sitting in your tape collection; the one that you can make do with but you'd rather have a fully-mastered digital version of to get the full effect.

Personally, I'd love to see an EU short story about a Clone/Stormtrooper who functions on a mental and emotional level akin to the "strange" clone in the Keaton movie, but that's just me. ;D

Looks to me like the figure has the waist cape but not the full "neck" cape.  If it is the Gunner Station version, they've modified it since the original had no waist cape.  Of course, as Tydirium said, it's hard to tell exactly what figure it is at this point, considering the link is incorrect on 4-inches' website.

On the topic of other vehicles, does anyone know if the side guns and the missle launcher attached to the "new" ESB decoed Slave I are removable or if they are permanently attached to the outside of the hull?  At this point, I'm considering buying it, but if they're a permanent part of the ship's hull, I might have to reconsider.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Jedi Council sets 3 & 4
« on: May 31, 2004, 10:31 AM »
I guess I should be thanking Hasbro for saving me so much money this fall.  I'd already decided to pass on the first two TRU Council sets and after seeing these new sets (how strange that the backs of the unseen-to-this-point sets are all you can see in the photo, huh?), I'm going to be passing on them as well.  Hasbro could have really done something special with these four sets, but they instead decided to once again take the cheap and easy way out, hoping that people would go along with the endless rehashes just to get the entire chamber.

Let's just look at this for a second....

SET 1: Eeth Koth (POTJ head on a Mace body)-looks totally ridiculous, even if they did give him "new" arms; Obi-Wan (Episode I Jedi Duel)-he never appeared in this costume in that scene; Plo Koon (Saga)-same action oriented pose but with "new" legs.  Great.

SET 2: Yoda (Episode I/Saga)-laziness, pure and simple; Qui-Gon (Episode I Naboo)-doesn't even have his saber on his belt anymore; Ki-Adi Mundi (Episode I/Saga)-the only one I can forgive since the lower body and legs were all that really needed to be changed

SET 3: Saesee Tiiin (seemingly the Saga version)-action pose with new legs, ala Koon; Anakin (seemingly the POTJ version)-ugh; Stass Allie (probably Adi Gallia with new legs and lower body)-knowing Hasbro they'll just give the head a new paint job

SET 4: Shaak Ti (the Saga upper torso with new lower torso)-the biggest cop out of the entire series; Coleman Trebor (we can't even see him clearly); Adi Gallia (more than likely just a straight rehash of the Episode I figure)

Out of that entire list, there is not one single new figure in the bunch.  Most of them are either from a time when the sculpts weren't as good as they are now (Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Yoda), or they are really inappropriately posed for characters who are supposed to be pensive.  

Kudos Hasbro, you never fail to disappoint me, and you'd think I would know better by this point.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: OTC DVD Sets
« on: May 31, 2004, 10:21 AM »
Aside from the very idea of these being done in the first place, which I find completely and utterly asinine, the main thing that bugs me about this is the figure selection.  I mean, once again, we're getting the same Obi-Wan, the same Luke, and the same Stormtrooper we're getting on regular cards.  This is the third different assortment that the Obi-Wan has been part of this year so far (Target Cup, OTC regular carded, OTC three pack).  

And I don't know if anyone else has noticed it or not, but the R2 in the ANH set is apparently the same one that came out in the very first wave of POTF2 back in 1995.  

I've gotten to the point where I've stopped asking myself "What are they thinking?"  I've simply realized that Hasbro doesn't think.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Most Overdue
« on: May 28, 2004, 09:52 AM »
TPM Figure-Handmaiden Padme
TPM Vehicle/Playset-Sith Infiltrator

AOTC Figure-Obi-Wan in Jedi Robes
AOTC Vehicle-AT-TE

ANH Figure-Owen Lars (resculpted)
ANH Playset-Death Star (duh; include the Emperor's throne room as part of this just to be sure)

TESB Figure-General Veers (with removable armor and interchangeable hat/helmet)
TESB Vehicle-Twin Pod Cloud Car

ROTJ Figure-Ewoks, and lots of them
ROTJ Vehicle-a decent Speeder Bike (using Clone mold?) with a super articulated Biker Scout

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Are you all caught up?
« on: May 28, 2004, 09:44 AM »
I'm only one figure behind: that crappy AT-ST Han, which I'm not particularly worried about, considering he's going to be reissued in the OTC line and he's not all that interesting in the first place.  

I've been extremely lucky with this year's figures, finding the majority at retail (although usually only once) and by an online friend helping me out with the ones I never saw at retail (J'Quille, Jedi Luke, R1-G4, Bar-2).  I only hope that the OTC disaster...I mean line goes as well.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting
« on: May 14, 2004, 04:52 PM »
Just a general statement which I don't know if anyone saw yesterday or not...both CNN and Fox News reported (on their little tickertape thing) that a recent study found children prefer video games to action figures by a 2:1 margin, and that children spend an average of 6 hours a week playing video games.  The former I agree with, as I see fewer and fewer children in the toy aisles these days; the latter I disagree with because the majority of kids I know spend a lot more than six hours a week in front of the X-Box/NES/Sega/PS/whatever.  I have my own theory on videogames being a parent's dream babysitter, but I'm overly paranoid and conspiratorial in my thought processes, so I will refrain from that here. :)

The point to this, and how it relates to SW collecting, the OTC line, and toys in general is this: if kids are more and more turning away from the "archaic" action figures for more interactive things such as video games, are toys in general headed for a collapse?  Not so much from an investment standpoint (although I'd laugh my ass off if all these speculators and their half-circle, short-saber, bent finger MOCs they bought to send little Johnny through college suddenly became worthless), but more from a conceptual standpoint.  Is the entire concept of an action figure outdated?  

As popular as "The Simpsons" is, the figures came out too many and too fast to sustain an ongoing line.  Yes, there are plenty of characters in Springfield, but the availability was what kept me from buying more of them.  I would have gotten an Apu, Sideshow Bob, Jasper, Marge, or Mayor Quimby in a second, but I wasn't about to shell out 25 dollars for a playset to get them.  Even the characters who were released as individually carded figures were pretty hard to find at times: I never saw a Barney and I only saw Groundskeeper Willie once (thank goodness I bought him when I did).  The point is this: they could have put out about 15 figures a year (along the lines of what the 1980's Joe line did) and released them year-round so people could actually go out and find them instead of releasing one wave of six figures every other month and having so many of them be like finding a needle in a haystack.  I commend Playmates for rereleasing those two packs with miniscenes, but it was a last gasp in an already dying line from where I stood.

As for He-Man, it was nobody's fault but Mattel's that the line failed.  If you ship a case of 18 Skeletors and 18 He-Mans with one each of the supporting characters and only one of a particular figure in every 20 cases, then it's not retail's fault that certain figures aren't being ordered.  I feel sorry for the collectors of the Eternia stuff, but it's totally and completely Mattel's fault that things ended for that line.  I only hope the Batman collectors don't have to go through this same type of thing (although according to a friend, Mattel's already mishandling that line as well).

It's because of this that I'm actually hoping that the SW line ends by 2007 at the earliest.  Spend 2005 working on the Episode III figures and vehicles, and use 2006 to do all the stuff people have been requesting for years (more Ewoks, Padme in her various gowns, new Piett-okay, that's just me) and the remainder of Episode III stuff to finish off the line in a definitive manner.  In other words, end the line before retailers end it for them.  

I have a bad feeling that after Episode III, retailers are not going to want to see SW ever again, and with no new movies coming out, there will be no reason in their eyes to continue to order the line.  With more and more kids going to the electronics aisle instead of the toy department anyway, I fear the action figure is a dying breed.  I'll miss the line if it goes, but I'd much rather see it die gracefully than have it go out the way the vintage line did with a choke and a sputter.

I could go on longer, but I'll spare you all.  ;D

I can definitely say without any hesitation that the only figures I will be buying from the OTC are the actual "new" figures (Lobot, Bespin Leia, CCP, Dagobah wave, and whoever else is a new sculpt) and probably a few CT Stormtroopers.  Even though I will admit the new cards look beautiful, as a loose collector, it's not really all that important to me.  

Before I get off on my perpetual Chicken Little ramblings, is it bothering anyone else (nerd alert!) that the Rebel Alliance card logo is blue, while the Empire logo is red?  I'm showing my true dorkiness here, but it's supposed to be the other way around.  Oh Aquaman, how can you marry a woman without gills?  ;D

But seriously (at least considering I'm complaining about toys when there are far more important things to be so concerned about in this day and age), this whole OTC just has pegwarming disaster written all over it.  This subline will probably only go on for about seven months or so, and they're already cranking out almost as many figures as were released all last year in that time period, with many of them being multiple versions of the same characters.  In my mind, they should have done a small line, containing figures that weren't already out in abundance and that in some cases hadn't been seen in a while.  Here's what I would have released:

01-Luke Skywalker-Jedi Knight (Saga)
02-Han Solo-Bespin Capture (POTJ)
03-Princess Leia-Bespin Gown (OTC)
04-Chewbacca-Cloud City Capture (Saga)
05-C-3P0-with Removable Limbs (POTF2)
06-R2-D2-Dagobah (OTC)
07-Obi-Wan Kenobi-Jedi Spirit (OTC)
08-Yoda-Dagobah Training (OTC)
09-Luke Skywalker-Dagobah Training (OTC)
10-Lando Calrissian-Rebel General (Saga)
11-Cloud Car Pilot (OTC)
12-Lobot (OTC)
13-Darth Vader-Throne Room Duel (Saga)
14-Emperor Palpatine-Throne Room (Saga)
15-Stormtrooper (POTF2 CommTech)
16-Boba Fett-300th Edition (POTJ; repainted in ROTJ colors)
17-Tanus Spijek-Jabba's Sail Barge (Saga)
18-J'Quille-Jabba's Sail Barge (Saga)
19-Bib Fortuna-Jabba's Palace (new OTC sculpt)
20-General Veers-AT-AT Commander (new OTC sculpt)

So, out of 20 figures, there would be nine newly sculpted figures.  Figures such as Palpatine, Elom, Tooth Face, Luke Jedi, and General Lando never showed up in decent numbers so people could find them.  Of the remaining six, Bespin Han, Bespin Threepio, and Fett 300 haven't been seen on a card in ages (not counting the TRU Bounty Hunter pack) and would most likely sell better than the same old CT Han and Carkoon Fett.  The other three figures would satisfy Hasbro's need to keep main characters in the assortments and (Chewie aside, most likely) the versions included would sell well.

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of this type of thing is the fact that there are still other figures (the SD wave, the Endor Generals wave) from earlier this year that haven't been so easy to find.  That would be my only concession to recard *at least* those two waves on OTC cards.  Since Lando General is already being reissued in my dream world, that would be a total of five recards, plus the Scanning Trooper figure, for a total of 26 figures total in the worst case scenario.

I just see this whole situation becoming a disaster and Hasbro is going to (once again) blame the stores when nobody is able to find the new figures for the pegs upon pegs of CommTech Hans and Falcon Mechanic Chewies, completely ignoring the fact that they shot themselves in the foot with this line from the very beginning.

More of my conspiratorial rants at eleven. :)  Oh, and can someone tell me what "JDCTTRAA" means?  I'm familiar with the whole "situation" but I didn't know the acronym...

As bad as the Veers is (and I don't actually dislike that figure; I would just really like to see an updated version with today's advances in sculpting/articulation/accessories), I'm actually more confused at the reissue of the Scanning Crew Trooper in its POTF2 incarnation.  I mean, I know that a lot of people voted for it to be rereleased, but that thing is hideous.  That figure is one of the worst I've seen in the modern era.  Veers doesn't even come close for me.

All Hasbro needs to do now is a subset of "our most questionable figures" as part of the OTC assortments.  It would include:

-Bespin Security Guard (from Carbonite Freezing Chamber)
-Nuclear  Disarmament Treaty Violation R5-D4
-Dash Rendar and his uneven legs
-Monkey Leia
-He-Man Luke Skywalker
-Red Leader from the recent X-Wing Fighter
-Han Solo in AT-ST Driver Disguise (am I the only one who still thinks this was the most ridiculous thing made in the recent history of POTJ/Saga?)

And hey, even if the four figures that this swami guy at the opening of his report are resculpts, what's the chance of us actually finding them at retail?  By that time, the OTC recard disaster will be in full swing, and we'll be lucky to see a new figure until Episode III comes out.

Damn right I'm catastrophizing.  ;D

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vehicle discussion/speculation!
« on: April 26, 2004, 03:21 PM »
Stupid question (hey, it's what I do): is the Slave I that is being released in the fall going to only be a repaint of the Saga Jango version, or will it have some sculpt modifications made as well?

I guess I should clarify by saying I know it's going to be a repaint of the Saga version, but I was wondering if they were going to keep the "homing beacon" thing or the weaponry (bombs and missles) in this version or drop those in favor of a retooled cargo hold (and maybe include a Han in Carbonite, along the lines of the solid version of the POTF2 block I brought up in one of the Saga threads).  As much as I love the Saga sculpt, keeping the missles and bombs and homing beacon on a OT version wouldn't make a whole lot of sense...IMO.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: TRU Endor 4 Pack
« on: April 26, 2004, 03:12 PM »
I'm with HMI on this one.  These four packs could have been an excellent opportunity to release figures, beasts, or smaller accessories that were difficult to find, that had been cancelled, or "new" kitbashed figures that people might actually be interested in.  Instead they've gone straight to hell in terms of quality and choice.

Since everyone else is doing it, here's what I would have liked to have seen from the four packs they released thus far, or at least what would have made me buy some of them:

IMPERIAL FORCES: I actually bought this one and thought it was a decent set.  Two kitbashes that made sense (the AT-ST Driver and the Stormie), and two repaints that were nice as well (the R4 unit and Vader), with accessories that were acceptable (the cannon and the droids).  This one was the best of the series, but sadly hasn't been even challenged for that spot thus far.

BOUNTY HUNTERS: this one is one that I saw no point in whatsoever.  I mean, Bossk was being remade at the time, IG-88 and Aurra Sing weren't exactly difficult to find, and the Fett was the same one as the 300th (which granted, many people didn't see, but it Hasbro wanted to get both new and old collectors to buy this, they could have at least repainted him in the ROTJ color scheme).  The bike was really cheesy looking IMO, and I thought this whole set was a complete wash.

HOTH: Leia sucked.  She should have never been a part of this set in the first place.  If it were me, she would have been replaced with a snowspeeder pilot Wedge (kitbashed from the Dack/Luke SS body and the Rebel Pilot CS head with removable helmet).  The Tauntaun would have been Han's in all sets, and instead of Luke it would include the Han from the beast pack (making a toy that was impossible to find easier to get, at least in some form).  The R3 unit was fine, as was the Chewbacca.  

JEDI WARRIORS: this would not have even been made in its current form.  It would have been a Geonosis Arena four pack that would include the Nikto Jedi kitbash; a kitbashed Obi-Wan using the Coruscant head, torso, and legs, along with the Episode I Jedi Duel arms; a repainted Clone Trooper (the red Saga version that was included in the Clone Wars value pack with the ARC Trooper); the Super Battle Droid from the Deluxe Yoda; and the Detention Force Field thing.

SKIRMISH AT CARKOON: would be renamed "Jabba's Palace" and would include Ephant Mon, a repainted C-3P0 (with the green gunk from when Jabba slaps him over), Oola, and a Barada repaint with the red pants, maybe slightly retooled to be able to hold a force pike.  The accessory?  Jabba's Dais.

ENDOR SET: would include the speeder bike and Paploo from the TRU AT-ST/Bike set from a few years back; a kitbashed Han Endor using the Bespin Capture head, torso, hips, and legs, straight arms from somewhere, and a soft goods coat along the lines of the Mace coat someone mentioned earlier; the clean version of the Biker Scout; a kitbashed Luke in Endor poncho (soft goods with removable helmet) using the Jabba's Palace Luke head, torso, hips, and legs, and retooled arms, with the Endor Rebel Solider (Saga)'s helmet; and another generic Ewok (Warok?) based on the sculpt from the Complete Galaxy Ewok from 1998.

And other sets I'd like to see, you ask?  ;)

NABOO INVASION: would include OOM-9 (from the Trophy asst. that was never released); Naboo Swamp Obi-Wan (from the same assortment); Sio Bibble (who was very hard to find); Amidala with Ascension Gun (again, very hard to find); and a walking holograph projector with a Sidious holograph shrunk down to size.

TATOOINE: would include the Eopie with Qui-Gon; at least four of the Pit Droids from the foreign packs (with accessories); an actual Threepio from Episode II that is based on the POTF2 removable limbs mold (in other words, that actually looks metallic); and a kitbashed Darth Maul in Tatooine robes that isn't in some kind of action pose (possibly the Trophy edition head and cloak on the Jedi Duel body?)

BESPIN CAPTURE: would include the CD-ROM Vader that was never released; a kitbashed Bespin Security Guard (based on the POTJ version) of a different race (there were several, so whichever one works for you; I'd like one of the black ones myself); the non-action feature version of Bespin Luke from the CD-ROM sets; a kitbashed Bespin Capture Han (with just the white shirt, new arms, and no holster); a Carbonite Block based on the POTF2 version that is solid (e.g. not hollow without a back); and an Ugnaught.

REBEL FORCES: would include a kitbashed Biggs in X-Wing Pilot gear (the body is fine, but it would have a new head with removable helmet); a newly sculpted Ceremonial Luke (yes, I know this doesn't go along with the rehashing they do in these packs, but I'd love to see a new one done and I think this might be the only way); Red Leader's astromech droid (using the excellent recent R* bodies); and a "mystery" X-Wing pilot figure (that is, of course, Jorg Sacul rereleased so those of us who couldn't afford plane fare or a trip to Indianapolis can finally get one for our collections and the people who have carded versions will still be happy knowing they have something unique; everybody's happy).  Maybe include one of those round console tables everyone is standing around during the attack as an accessory.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.  As for what I think we'll wind up getting with the Endor pack that is coming out?

-Endor Han (from POTF2)
-Wicket and Logray (from POTF2)
-Endor Rebel Solider (from POTF2)
-Biker Scout and Speeder Bike (from POTF2)
...and of course, no modifications will be made. ::)

Collector's Tips / Re: Storing Loose Figs
« on: April 24, 2004, 10:52 AM »
Count me amongst those who uses the Plano 3700 tackle boxes for storing loose figures.  I simply don't have the room to display them, so this is the best alternative I could find.  It gives each figure their own individual space, helps keep the right weapons with the right character, and the cases themselves don't take up a lot of space (well, when you've got about 45 of them like I do, they take up a bit, but not as much space as they would on shelves.  :)

The cases themselves have become increasingly hard to find for me lately.  I used to get them at K-Mart on a regular basis, but I haven't seen one there since last summer at the latest.  A possible explanation for this is that Martha Stewart started selling a "similar" case to the Plano 3700 and we all know about her contract with K-Mart.  The problem with this is that MS's uses a cheaper plastic (not nearly as durable as the Plano) and costs just under 7 bucks, whereas a Plano case was right around 4.  Maybe with Ms. Stewart's "problems", K-Mart will start selling the Plano cases again and tell her where she can take her inferior products.

Every WM I've been to only carries the Rubbermaid style cases (they're almost exactly like the Plano 3700, but not quite).  The annoying thing about them is that the lid does not latch very well when you close it and lock it, and it does not have the number of slot/separators that the Plano 3700 has.  You kind of have to look to find the Plano cases these days, but they're well worth the investment.

Oh, and one other thing about the Plano cases:  there are certain figures who will not fit in the cases for various reasons.  Among these are the Darktrooper, Shaak Ti, Luminara, Graxol Kelvyyn, AOTC Deluxe Mace Windu, Ephant Mon, and Dexter Jettster.  I found a solution to storing these figures (with the exception of Ephant Mon, who still won't fit anywhere and is displayed on a shelf) in a "deeper" Plano tackle box.  It's about twice the depth of the 3700 and while it doesn't have as many slots in it, it does enable you to put the bulkier figures in a space where they can be stored easily.  Luminara can even be stored standing up!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Stupid **** From the Internet Thread.
« on: April 22, 2004, 02:33 PM »
smileyfaceguy posted that chicken thing last week, its cute :)

Oops, my mistake.  Sorry about that.

To make up for my faux pas, I've found that one of the best places to find really off the wall (and often very disturbing, since the people doing these sites don't realize the utter stupidity of what they're doing most of the time) websites is under Something Awful's "Awful Link of the Day" daily report. isn't for everyone (it's particularly for people with very dark and twisted senses of humor), and the ALOTD are sometimes in the vein of making you want to throw up at the absurdity, but if you are looking for stuff that you will laugh at and then feel bad for doing so  ;D go give them a look at http://www  Be forewarned, though: if you are easily offended, do not go to Something Awful.

The best recent example of this was a guy they reported on and linked to as an example of this disturbing type of thing a few weeks back.  He is a "plushie" (do a Google search if you don't know what that means) and he had done a website devoted to his "plushie" collection, he writes short stories about his plushies, and while he never comes right out and talks about the sexual nature of what he's doing, it's fairly obvious, since you can see the "orifices" he sewed into several of the stuffed animals in several pictures.  Shudder.

The reporter's response to the site was priceless and is something I still say about various things now:

"Petition to stop the internet?  SIGNED!"  :D

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