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Picked up the special action set from Target today (villain set). I didn't know snaggletooth was such a big deal. Hopefully these will hit the clearance section later on in the year, so I can pick up another one.

TRU in times square had a slight reset. There was no ewok or pilot set, but after eight months of the same menace and movie heroes crap, I managed to get a moff tarkin, wedge and DS Luke. For my NYC collectors they also had odd ball clone pilots, bom vindim, star wars carded vader,hoth Luke and the other skiff guard nikto. Hopefully the end of summer and the fall will turn things around for us. Oh yeah, I picked up the. Scout walker at-st from kmart. 40 bucks for this bad-boy; gonna wait for a clearance sale to pick up another.

Keep checking periodically. They also had both Jinx' but the white sold out real fast. I managed to get one of the red outfit figures.

Hurry up, if your still interested. This is back in stock right now!!!!

Cool! Just saw both. The redo of the all red outfit is sweet. Still trying to score a black variant Zarana from last year.

Oh ok, I had that figure back in the day. Did they release a sdcc exclusive of her on HTS?

Excuse me but, who and what is jinx?2

Forgot to mention, this thing is pricey after tax and shipping for only seven figures. Hope its worth it.

A lot of excessive orders were canceled. Hurry and try before their all gone.

Please excuse me if this is being discussed in another part of the forum. I'm curious on how do we as collectors/consumers take a stand. How are the waves distributed to stores, such as TRU,TARGET and even Does anyone on this board know? When orders are placed, do these establishments get random stock or is there a choice? I'm on the verge of quitting also. I know it's awful in other countries and its also good to know that this endless frustration is not takin g place only in NYC. What are we to do? Do we take to FB and other social media's and complain and bad mouth hasbro? I'm ready to take action to get my voice heard or is it just not that serious? Has anyone from this website or other sites talked to someone from Hasbro about our concerns? There is a major TRU in times square in NYC and there is absolutely nothing in there as far as new product. Same old TPM peg earners from January. Anyone have some sane advice or suggestions?


If you guys are interested, Hasbrotoyshop has them, but their only available by the case. Hope this helps some of you

New update!! This case is in stock at They are also offering 10% off with free shipping. Use code QVNLFNS. Only charge will be the tax.  Happy collecting.


If you guys are interested, Hasbrotoyshop has them, but their only available by the case. Hope this helps some of you

Get outta here!!
Is this the one on union square?

Yeah... All of us New Yorkers and Jerseyites(?) have walked past that numerous times and thought: strollers, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, Fisher Price stuff... but never Star Wars figures.

Thanks for the info, needless to say I'm shocked beyond belief right now

Get outta here!!
Is this the one on union square?

In the NYC area, we haven't gotten the deleted scene figures yet either. TRU, Target and some M&P's have TPM wave one, but they are all charging $11 or better for figures. TRU has somewhat of a decent deal going on right rignt now with buy 2 get one free. The times square store has brought back hoth rebel troopers, revenge card luke,darth, wicket and the other ewok. Also ponda and rebel troopers from episode IV.  My complaint is that they used be 8.99 - 9.99 depending on where you went, now everything is overpriced and I don't live near a walmart. So the frustration continues.

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