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Any ideas on how to open a sealed vtac clam shell without destroying it?

Vintage Kenner / Vintage Y-wing gun question
« on: July 7, 2007, 01:04 PM »
I found this vintage y-wing star wars commerical on youtube. It shows the laser cannon moves left and right when the sound effect button is pressed. Does this really work this way? My vintage y-wing doen't do this. Maybe it's broken.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / RS gave us props!
« on: June 3, 2007, 03:35 PM »
Rebelscum's Dan Curto put up a little article about the Ultimate Group Project! Very cool!

I'm going to start shipping everything back to you guys tomorrow. We've combined alot of stuff but it should be all in the right boxes. I'll pm you guys on prices soon.

This is the list of items that I will be raffling off tomorrow (monday). Please get in contact with me right away if something is wrong. (7am pst monday at the latest) I have no way to get in contact otherwise!!! Raffle times are 2:30pm and 3:30pm tomorrow.

Darth Ennis - All figures
Daigo_bah - All figures, shops and building
Chewie - just the watchtower
Fritz - just the bunker
Jedi_style - buildings and booths (except the findswoman stall)
Glassman - all buildings
Paul - statue
Joeryno - large tower
Elemeaux - power station buildings
Roron corobb - golden globe

Day 1 Wednesday 9:30am

Well, we got there at 9:30 this morning to find out that none of the tables where setup at all. Frank didn't arrive until the afternoon. We unloaded the cars and dragged it all upstairs and organized ourselves. We cut up the board and layed out the vinyl flooring. Then we made lots of calls to the gencon staff wondering where our tables were. We went back and for hours with Gencon and the union workers about what they would and wouldn't do. We wondered around the convention and checked out hasbro booth. You guys are in for a great treat when the pictures are posted!!! Torcher Han, concept yoda, obiwan, girl luke and concept grevious where all there. The alien grevious looked cool as did yoda on his horse. They have a ep2 jedi star fighter with hyperspace boost ring. Lots of great stuff!!! We had lunch down at the Original Pantry.

Finally the union workers got our tables out and setup then up at 6:00PM!!!! They then wanted to place a plastic sheet over the tables which took another half hour. By then we were completely pissed because the convention center made us leave at 8pm. We quickly got the base in place and leveled everything. We got the landscape in place and the wall. We unpacked everything and placed it on the table for setting up tomorrow morning at 8am. The doors to the fan club open at noon.

The nice thing though is that they let us into shop star wars and we each picked up four exclusive r2-d2, c3po concept figures. Anyway, enjoy the pictures below.

Here is a dio I think from Star Tours Kris.

Frank's Endor trees

I was thinking that those of you that are manning the booth or those just hanging out could spend the time make a new custom figure or two for the city.  I have lots of spare parts that I could leave at the booth for you guys to pick thru to build something on site. I'll have my painting supplies there too. What do you think?

While at C4, come on by and say hi at the Ultimate Group Project diorama booth. See the totally fan created Star Wars city with over two hundred customized pieces. Enter the raffle to take home part of the Ultimate Group Project! Come hang out with fellow posters from JD and Yakface. See our web site at:

and check out our child board here at JD in the Customs section.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Missing in action?
« on: May 21, 2007, 12:12 AM »
Whatever happen to these building projects?

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Dio layout
« on: May 17, 2007, 09:13 PM »
Here is the diorama layout dimensions.

After playing with most of the figures you guys have sent I've noticed that some of them will not stand on their own without a base. Any suggestions on how to secure these figures to the board? I'm thinking poster tack or even a small dot of krazy glue.

I want to setup this thread to recognize all the wonderful people that contributed to this project with figures, vehicles and buildings. Give yourselves a big hand! D-day is next week! See you soon!

Brent Sinclair
Greg Reeves
Robert Fritz
Pat Donlan
Justin Cook
Ron Baumhardt
Dan Mathis
Erik Chavel
Everette Hebert
Greg Glasgow
Scott Rivet
Harley Euler
Esther Criscuola daLaix
Peter Frawley
Anthony Sword
Ryan Phipps
Paul Hruby
Adam Beck

and our web master Tom Callahan!

(Just fixed some typos in a few names -Ryan)

Please state what items you are willing to raffle off or sell on ebay during C4. Let's pick a charity also for the ebay items.

I've received an email from Mary Franklin about our booth and what to expect during C4. As you can see, we are in some pretty good company. Maybe we can be placed next to the "official fan club president" Dustin Roberts!  ;)

Thank you, all of you, for forging ahead with your Fan Club Tables at Celebration IV, even though I have been extremely slow at getting back to you with information. I apologize. You are all working really hard to help make this Celebration an outstanding fan experience, and I truly appreciate it. Im so glad youre part of our Fan Fair Hall (Hall G), which is now bigger and better than ever before.

Theres quite a bit of information in this email, so please read carefully and make sure you get the details. I promise Ill respond if you have questions!

       Please check the columns of names below to make sure I have the correct two contacts and correct emails for your group.

       Youll see Im missing some email addresses. Please send these. Thanks!

       By this Friday, May 4, please get me the names (many of you have already, thanks!) of the two people who will be picking up associate badges for your group.

       Ill pass those names on to Gen Con, and those two people will be able to:

o       Order services for your booth, like extra electric, internet, carpet, or other things you want to pay for.

o       Arrange with the Gen Con staff for loading in items for your booth. Gen Con has generously offered to help you get your items in by covering drayage. Unless you decide to bring in a semi truck full of give-aways!

o       Trade in your two four-day passes for associate badges at the Exhibitor Services counter in the South Hall.

       Associate badges will get you in to the Convention Center early, on set up days, and into Hall G an hour before and after everyone else on show days.

       The Associate badges dont have names, so you can trade them with members of your group if you are trading booth duties.

       The Associate badges are good on Fan Club Members-only day.

Heres what Gen Con is providing free for your booths:

       10 x 10 foot floor space in the Fan Fair Hall (hall G)

       Drape backdrop and side walls

       1 8 table

       2 chairs

       1 wastebasket

       1 standard electric outlet. You can plug in your computer and a screen and standard electrical things. If you want to plug in a clothes dryer youll need to order extra electric.

       Reasonable drayage. If you make arrangements with Gen Con, or if you can carry all your things in without a cart, you wont have to pay drayage (labor for moving materials)

Those of you who need to order more materials, please drop me an email privately and Ill hook you up with Gen Con.

Fan Fair Hall Hours (there must be at least one representative of your club or group in your booth all hours the show is open):


                Tuesday, May 22 9am 8pm

                Wednesday, May 23       9am 8pm

                Thursday, May 24        9am 12 noon

        Show Hours:

                Thursday, May 24        12 noon 8pm

                Friday Sunday 10am 7pm

                Monday, May 28  10am 4pm

You are not allowed to tear down early on Monday. Clubs and all exhibitors must stay up until 4pm.


        Anything you are going to give away, hang, post, or display in your booth needs to be approved by me. I have done quite a few approvals for this group already, which is great. Some cool stuff!

Thanks again! Well get you in the floor plan now, and Ill get you your booth numbers next.

Fan Tables at Celebration IV                                   
Panel   Contact   Contact 2       
Rebel Legion                                               Matthew Hofmann      Lori McKee             
Ultimate Group Project                                  Paul Hruby          Justin Cook     
Pacific Region Fan Force                               Rachel Williams Yvette Simonson
Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society       Bill Cable      Bob Raspet     
Wookieepedia                                            Mark Sandell      Steven Greenwood       
Mandalorians, Mississippis Division                  Jay Sarrett          Chris Williams         
The Dented Helmet                                     Kristen Nelson       Art Andrews     
Star Wars LEGO Community                          Steven Witt         Ted Michon     
Star Wars LEGO Community                          Ace Kim                     
Sacramento Valley Rogue Force                    Susan Davis                   
Slave 1 Fan Club                                        Toru Komuro            Akiriho Kudo   
Kessel Run                                                 Dan Hamman           James Floyd     
DC Star Wars Collectors' Club                        Gregory Leo        Mike Kurtz     
Fan Force                                                  Dajuan Raab        Christina Person               
The Jedi Assembly                                       Anthony Foister        Theresa Mark           
Ohio Star Wars Collectors' Club                      Dustin Roberts                 
Grand Army of the Republic                           Carl Cunningham        Jesse Brown     
501st Legion                                              Dean Plantamura          Damien Metz     
501st Legion    Ed Karl                Mark Fordham     

Mary Franklin

Events Manager

Lucasfilm Ltd.

I need to have at least one person for booth coverage. Please sign up here. The times that the fan areas are open at as follows:

Thursday, May 24 12:00 PM 8:00 PM
Friday, May 25 10:00 AM 7:00 PM
Saturday, May 26 10:00 AM 7:00 PM
Sunday, May 27 10:00 AM 7:00 PM
Monday, May 28 10:00 AM 4:00 PM

I would like to see four hour shifts. This means that you need to be at the booth during those times and no wondering off beyond bathroom breaks. Your free to bring food and water with you during your times. Please sign up here for each available time slot.

Thursday May 24 12:00pm - 4pm
Thursday May 24 4pm - 7pm

Friday May 25 10:00am - 1pm
Friday May 25 1pm - 4pm
Friday May 25 4pm - 7pm

Saturday May 26 10:00am - 1pm
Saturday May 26 1pm - 4pm
Saturday May 26 4pm - 7pm

Sunday May 27 10:00am - 1pm
Sunday May 27 1pm - 4pm
Sunday May 27 4pm - 7pm

Monday May 28 10:00am - 1pm
Monday May 28 1pm - 4pm

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