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Thanks Greg. I think that would improve it. I did split the rots 3po head and then drilled out the back. I couldn't get it to fit better. Cutting the back of the daniels head should help.

I like the Sakian Rebel General. Very nicely done head. Does that guy have pointy ears? It looks like it to me. It kind of looks like Mr. Spock.

Niemoidian Rebel X-Wing Pilot is an another good use for the peg warming frogs. You need to add some logos to that helmet. You might check out for the logo sticker page. He has all the rebel and empire insigna.

I'm very impressed with the rebel sandtrooper. The bbi head gives him a kind of gi joe look. I like how much movement you put into him and the color scheme is top notch.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Missing in Action
« on: December 28, 2005, 09:42 AM »
What happen to Findswoman? You would think the Tonnika sisters group project would be right up her alley.

Here are some side views.

He looks like he's holding a virgin Mary shrine.

The first second of 2006 is when we are done.

I like the paint job on Agen. Its a good outfit for him. The Nikto is really fantastic. I can tell alot of work went into him. The paint job on the skirt makes it look like cloth. I just wish he didn't look like he was looking up.

I have kids the same age as yours DeanPaul and I wonder how often those figures get totally knocked down and thrown all over the room. If I had a setup like that those figures would never stand a chance of standing upright. It would turn into one big pile of toys.

I love that use of the Dr. Doom mask for the Darth Plageuis. It makes him look really evil. Very good idea.

That is a Faytonni head with addition sculpting to make the hood. I believe Glassman made me this head last year for a group project.

Amazing! Your kids are so lucky to have a father like you that can make such wonderful play sets. The part I like best about this project is the clear platforms. Are you going to leave the entire set white or paint it? What if you added alittle bespin-like sculpture for the center. It could be the complex's fountain.

One week to go. :o

Here is my version of Anthony Daniels in the C-3PO costume. He's holding the front half of his 3PO mask. The back half is on his head. I had to drill out the back half of 3PO's head to make it fit behind the Daniels head.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: He's back.....
« on: December 24, 2005, 11:45 AM »
Yes my son, I've got one foot in the grave but I don't think I'm the oldest one around here. As I remember, Glassman is about my age.

I've been wondering how greenday keeps getting back in over at RS. I know Dan trys to keep him out. How do the mods around here keep him out? I know I have a dynamic IP so everytime I turn on my computer I get a different IP address. Maybe that is how he gets back in all the time. I think around here we don't pay attention to his crap so its no fun for him.


Phruby - Looks like a great start! I'm sad to see you took apart your Carth custom from KOTOR, I guess you're planning on upgrading it?

I was never really happy with Carth. I can do a much better job now. Maybe this guy will be Garm Bel Iblis. I don't have a reference shot of him though.

Chewie, thats a good use of the Typho body. I have a Padme pilot body that I use to make a female version of your Correlian Underground Resistance Rebel Trooper.

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