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It seems to me that there is too much of a break between the bustup and the bottom half. Maybe some soft good or sculpty that flows down from the bust up hiding the lower half. It just looks strange this way.

I really like the Utapuan Harvester. The hat really makes him unique. Why is he holding a sledge hammer? Shouldn't he have some prunning shears or a shovel?

I'm glad you guys like him.

I've finished my Acrobat figure from the Circus of the Dammed segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special. If my wife isn't hogging the computer again, I'll post it tonight.

Cool new Destro! I like how his mask isn't all the way around his head. It's more believeable then some guy when gold skin. I wish the joes had this high level of quality. They would make great fodder if they were.

Wow! A realistic line of Halo figures. I always though the characters in the game were far too bulky to be believeable. These are much more realistic for that game. I don't know if the new clone bodies would add much to these exceptional figures. #41 clone might give you more flexability though. Great set of toys there Spectre.

I really like that IG-34. He's a very believeable star wars character. I'm going to have to do something simular.

Thanks Greg. There is a insignia on his head. You just can't see it at this angle.

It's Bantha5's kit. The helmet color is more a function of the flash than the paint. In person, you couldn't tell the colors apart. It's a good idea to weather him a little.

Cody is almost done too.

Here is my version of Commander Neo. Thanks to Bantha5 for the kit. I finally got around to making him.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Life after customizing?
« on: November 9, 2005, 12:45 PM »
For some reason my wife likes to tell me I'm obsessed with star wars figures when we're in bed and I'm about to fall sleep. This is when she will tell me I'm spending too much on star wars and we are running out of space. It's true we are running out space but I actually spending about on average about $30 a month. She tries to make me promise to never buy any more figures just so I can go to sleep.

She does however like my custom figures and encourages me on their creation. She actually picks up paints and brushes for me but never wants to pick up parts. She's thinks its a better hobby than watching and talking about sports all day.

Since ep3 is over now, I think my collecting will have a large decrease in what I pick up. However, I think customizing will increase. I'll pick up the occasional 'never made before' alien but not the six thousandth Vader. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on EU and never made characters. I think the custom figures are going to start taking over the home office and the official stuff will be packed away.

At least, that's the plan. It may change tomorrow. ;)


Bantha5's vintage Gargan went for $137.04! I'm sure he didn't sell it at that price originally.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Vintage-style Darth Maul
« on: November 8, 2005, 09:56 AM »
I think the best idea is to dye the rotj luke cape. It would fit the best with the character. I'd probably not use a ep1 maul head. It's too detailed for vintage stuff. I saw one where someone used a gi joe RoadBlock for a head, painted it black and added little horns. It had a nice vintage feel to it.

What head did you use for the Centilos? That's a cool bug head. I think you need to get rid of the human boots. It takes away from the bug look. Maybe use a genosian legs?

TAABTOO - Very nice use of the the head with that luke body. He looks like he's just been to the local pod races.

Help me Dr. Zaius!

That's very cool kit. Is that originally a Homer?

What's wrong with me.
I think your crazy.
I want a second opinion.
Your also lazy!

I kind of thought the cobra head was a little small for the body. It's a great idea and I think it would better in black with a red visor.

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