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Thanks Chewie. Next time you do both. ;D

FFURG had five Snoovas. Here is the result thread that shows all of the different Snoovas.

So lets see, the final totals are:

Jedi Defender pulled in 7. Darth_Ripley will finish her version soon making it 8. So currently:

Jedi Defender 7

I'm really pleased with the response from both forums. I think we should keep doing different group projects at both sites. What do you think?

I like commander candy corn the best. He's very halloweenish. He kind of reminds me of toxic waste maintenance guy. He's got the haz-mat colors.

I also like the red/black clone. I like all of the details hanging off of him. The gun holster is very cool. Too bad the chest isn't more smooth but I can say that his armor is just really pitted up. I lke the visor and the little symbol on the top.

Thanks guys. He was alot of fun to make.

Thanks Gregorbian. I used glassman's and darls customs as reference. This is what the new Wookiee Commando should have looked like.

The harness is the original wookiee warrior harness with a thin layer of sculpty over it. I've cut off the little bullet clips and enbedded them in the sculpty.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Master Phruby's Custom Creations thread
« on: September 30, 2005, 07:58 PM »
Here is my latest figure. Snoova. This is for the FFURG Group Project.

You could always cast a new leg. The story reminded me of something Chewie would make for us.

Yah, I like the guy in the white hat too. It looks like he's been in the bush way too long. I like the Ozzel guy too. It's like he is leftover RAF british general from wwI.

Check out this auction for a one legged vintage Droids C-3PO. He's got a photonovel on how he lost his left leg in the listing.

Buy my broke-ass Threepio - PLEASE!!

Greg! That looks just like you! I can't believe how close you got that face.  Thats a great outfit and the whole figure is a big improvement over your 3 3/4" version. I'm a little disappointed its not a sith lord but maybe you can be turned.

Very nice Darth_Ripley! You did some great improvements to that doll. It looks like an actor in a real costume now. Keep working on your chest buster. I bet you will be done this weekend.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Customs for disaster relief
« on: September 30, 2005, 12:36 AM »
First auction raised $41. Great job!

 :D The expression on his face is priceless! I can see this guy as a bounty hunter in the old Marvel comics series. Maybe a little dry brushing on the skin will soften it. Right now, its seems to be a little intense.

Cool! Will the helmet be removable?

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