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Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Quittin' RS Customs Board
« on: December 8, 2005, 10:30 AM »
Wow! How did I miss this thread? I guess I've been too busy at work to keep up. Anyway, I've decided that I will no longer post my customs at RS. The only people that comment on them there are basically members of this board. So why make you comment on the same thing twice?

I really love the sense of community we have round here. It reminds me of the old days Jesse James talks about on the old Forgotten Force Customizing ListServer. I really miss those emails of look what I just made. It was there that I saw my first painted R2 figure and thought that was so cool that someone painted him red. I had to get into this so I painted up a vintage death star droid to be movie accurate. It was also a great place to trade and get to know so many people. Heck, we didn't need ebay back then. We traded fodder and showed our results. It was fun seeing the legs I traded used on a new figure.

JD has a great store watch forum. Our southern California thread holds semi monthly meetings of collectors at different locations. We get together and have lunch and trade items we found. It would be great to do such a thing in the customizing section. It really promotes a sense of community. I also like how we stick up for each other when attacked at RS. This is just a really good place to be.

Now, I've found there are other smaller boards that have multiple custom sections such as marvel super heroes and GI Joe. Its fun to see what people can do outside of star wars. Heck, have you seen glassman's marvel superheros? Very cool!  Commando Customs one such site. They seem to have a completely different group of people there. They're GI Joe section is amazing!

Anyway, I'll continue to post comments over at RS but not new work. There are just too many sites I've found and I see the feedback over at RS to be the least helpful. I think the only moderator over at RS that's decent is Dan Curto. I think he's just too overwhelmed what with work, family, the custom alliance and the news postings to keep things under control over there. I wish the other moderators would help him more. Oh well.

By the way, when is someone going to fix the FFURG forum? It's been down all week!

Maybe I can get Glassman to make me one for Christmas. ;)

That would work except I think I would have to cut the hood. I'm glad you guys like it. I was a little afraid it wasn't going to look very good especially after I cracked the torso. I had to hide the damage with a little sculpty.

How's this?

I think I like the cloth cape better.

Your right. I thought about taking the obiwan vinyl cape. I'll have to try that.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Gregorbian's Customs - UPDATE 09/27/05
« on: December 7, 2005, 09:06 PM »
That has to be the cleanest and sharpest 12" ARC clone I've ever seen. Too bad he doesn't have the saddle bags on his skirt. I but I can live. That's a bad ass gun you gave him!

Thanks In Rem. The belt is really the only part I'm not happy with. I think it makes him look fat. But it's mostly there to keep him together since I had to split the torso with a rotary tool.

That speeder bike is very boss. It is a little overboard on weathering but I know its hard not to get carried away doing it.  I also like the clones. For the first blue ARC you should definitely color the bags on his legs. They blend a little too much and should add another level if detail. The second blue arc I think is a better paint job. It's good to see the AOTC clones with removable helmets.

Welcome to the group! :D

Very nice set of rebels there.

Here are a few of my past ones. I am planning a new one for this month since I missed last month.

Rebel Fleet Trooper

General Riekan

Ten-nuib with proper colors

Y-wing pilot with proper colors

Oh, and this want-a-be

I've finished my Count Dooku done in the vintage style. All the parts are vintage except the cape. The head is repainted obiwan. The arms and legs are jedi luke and the torso is death star commander.

It does fit in to the clone wars very well. That's a vehicle I would like to see hasbro rerelease. It would be great to have updated eletronics and voices.

As long as they can be easily identified as the Tonnika sisters and not just two random female figures then go for it.

I have no idea what your are talking about. Your grammer doesn't make sense. If your looking for fodder to make a kingdom hearts character, they did make Kingdom Hearts figures a few years ago. They weren't star wars size but you might be able to repaint them or turn them into a bust. Here is a picture from an ebay auction. Just type in "Kingdom Hearts figures".

Here is my first work in progress update on my Tonnika Sisters. I followed the advice of the receipe above and used two different heads for the figures. I used an ep1 Padme and a slave girl Leia for the heads. The bodies are Princess Leia Collection Ceremony Leias. I had to chop off their lower legs to put new boots on them. Two ep1 battle dress Amidalas supplied the boots. You may notice that the Leia head one is a little taller than the Padme one. I had to shorten the neck on the padme to get the right effect. Also the leg was cut higher on the Padme one. These girls are sisters and not twins.

Here is a picture of them in the underwear. :o

I was just there today. The forum is down though.

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