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IMHO, I don't like it. I don't like the long look of it. I know that is what you are going for here but it just reminds me of joke, a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says why the long face?

Wow! $41 a piece. That brings the total up to $94.50.

Greg, maybe we can work out a deal so you can cast this guy. He comes apart very easily. He's a very simple design. In fact the body seems to be a modifed version of Sise Fromm from the same line.  I even have an extra unpainted head you can cast. I would just have to repaint it after your done. 

You need to make a cinema scene three pack for these guys.

I love that clone jedi. He looks really simple to build until I read the parts that you used. He's alot more complicated than he looks but you were able to hide that really well. I like the coloring of the cape.

Lord Cration is very scary. I've never seen the army of darkness figures around here. I wish I could use them for fodder.

My idea is to go the horror movie route. The first one I have planned is a Zombie Yoda. If you have the Jedi vs Sith battle pack, you'll notice that Yoda has these crazy eyes. Perfect for a living dead version of Yoda.

The other figure I'm using for a base is General Grevious from the Jedi vs Sith pack. I initially thought he would make a great skelaton but maybe he can be modified into an bug from Aliens.

Just some ideas to steal.

Chewie brought in $12.01 so far! Great job Chewie!

Thanks guys. That is a bootleg kit from ebay. It had only a couple of small bubbles on it. Nice casting. I thought about making a modern version. I was thinking a Rancor Keeper for the body. Maybe get Glassman to make me a modern head.  Hmmm. ;D

Since I'll never own a real Vlix, here is my bootleg version.

Pigma Micron pens by Sakura are graphic art / drafting pens you can buy at any craft store. Basically they give a nice fine line when drawing on plastic. They are fantastic for drawing eyes and filling in tight spaces. I use them mostly for touch up work. They come in six colors and varing thickness. I use a .005 thickness for eyes. They are a little expensive at a couple of dollars a piece but worth it.

Here is a web link:
Micron pens

That's a pretty cool clone. I like all the copper cloth on him. Very crisp.

I can see what you mean about the eyes. If I did this one, I'd probably pass the figure on to someone else to paint the eyes. I would just mess it up. My favorite part of this custom is the cape. I like the little tassels and the flowingness of it. I wish the legs moved. They seem pretty solid. Otherwise, the shape of the body is right on the mark! Very cartoonish hot. Like Jessica Rabbit hot.

Some chewied up clones would work. The gorier the better.

I though about that. I wanted it to look like the box.

Yah, I keep bending it back in shape. It keeps returning to that direction.  :-\

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