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I guess I should make something for this month. I'll check my box. Maybe I can piece together something cool.

That's fine. Might was well make it to the end of the year. Are the T Sisters ok for the subject or is there something else everybody is been dying to make?

So you are think late December is better?

I have her planned also. You should do one Ripley. By the way, how is your chest buster red guard coming along?

Is anyone up for a new group project? I think we talked about doing the Tonnka Sisters. How about a deadline of just before Christmas say Dec 20th? Any other ideas?

Thanks Greg. I'm going to add more 'hair'.

That show goes to prove that Carrie Fisher was adopted. She did receive any of the vocal skills of her parents.

Thanks Ron. ;D I just found out that her name is the Great Zorbak. By the way, today is the 27th Anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special!  Happy Life Day everybody!

Thanks Chewie! Now you know why I couldn't get her finished by Halloween. Mixing the right shade of paint too forever and finding some thread that acted like feathers in this scale wasn't easy. The lines are actually a decale I made with photoshop. I love that Testors Custom Decale System. I just wish the paper wasn't so expensive.

I've finished my Wazzan girl acrobat from the Circus of the Dammed holo-video that Chewbacca's son Lumpy watched during the Star Wars Holiday Special. I think she needs some more feathers for her head.


Those are exceptionally well painted Hemble. Very detailed faces. Too bad the obiwan has that gigantic cloak.

It seems to me that there is too much of a break between the bustup and the bottom half. Maybe some soft good or sculpty that flows down from the bust up hiding the lower half. It just looks strange this way.

I really like the Utapuan Harvester. The hat really makes him unique. Why is he holding a sledge hammer? Shouldn't he have some prunning shears or a shovel?

I'm glad you guys like him.

I've finished my Acrobat figure from the Circus of the Dammed segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special. If my wife isn't hogging the computer again, I'll post it tonight.

Cool new Destro! I like how his mask isn't all the way around his head. It's more believeable then some guy when gold skin. I wish the joes had this high level of quality. They would make great fodder if they were.

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