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This is my work in progress Pepsi R2-D2 cooler. I'm waiting on the pepsi bottles to put in the head. Otherwise, he is pretty much done. If you look really closely at the real thing, it says Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith right below the head. Both that and the Pepsi logo are scanned in from the original Pepsi cooler.

If you go with the helmet, the Jade head will never fit. Maybe if you could make it swap heads it will work. Another figure you could use is the gi joe bombstrike.

So are you going to do the blaster wond version of yourself? :D

Definately Mara Jade there. Sorry, I've been gone all week to respond. This group project will end at the end of september so you have penty of time to collect parts.

Hey guys I'm back from vacation and being unplugged for a week. Boy! You guys made some weird droids this week. I have my Pepsi R2-D2 cooler done now except for the pepsi bottles I'm waiting on. Hopefully they will come next week. If not, I'll post a picture without them attached.

Lucky! When my wife goes out, I have to put the kids to bed. :'(

Here's a better cool galatic heros custom. It reminds me of my GH ARC Trooper.

You need to host the picture at a place like photobucket. They press the little picture button above and put in the url to the picture. Email me the picture and I'll post it if you want.

I checked out the Elite solider at target today. There is one that looks just like Greg with sun glasses on.

I'm thinking of using gi joe Hard Drive for a head for mine. I think he will be somekind of Jedi slicer.

I picked up a ep1 eletronic jar jar for $4.10. :o

I know. I'm sick. :P

I don't know if you guys have seen this before but the very first casting call at FFURG was customs of us. It's funny seeing all of these figures and wondering where most of these people are now a days. They might give you some ideas for your own figure. Maybe Jason will add our pictures there too. ;)

FFURG Casting Call - Customs of Us

Post a picture and we'll tell you.

I may have lost something in the translation for the idea. Does the custom of Us have to be how we look or can it be a bit exaggerated on what we would look like in the SW universe? If so, I'll throw in my already completed self-custom as a Jedi for this site of the Project.

Either way Jason. A cartoon version of yourself is a good twist.

That janitor droid is great! Very original. I like the use of the R2 as a bucket. Now I know what to do with that Grevious in the jedi vs sith pack. I got to add this picture to my custom references.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Carnor Jax
« on: August 17, 2005, 10:13 PM »
Thanks SLC. I'll have to do that for version 2.0

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