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What a great idea. Too bad its a tape player. A cd player with a gang plank would be even better.

That Toydarian is the best of the bunch. I also like the metal leg. The Bossk needs to have arms shortened. They are way too long even for this guy. The Vaderdroid reminds me of something that Sid from Toy Story would make.

Yes Richard that is a great start. That vest really seems to fit well. So far so good.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Special project question
« on: January 25, 2006, 09:41 AM »
So, has obiwan started his adventures?

Ya know, if you carded that Rykrof figure, you could probably sell it as an actual Hasbro toy since SOME of us believe there really is such a character.  8)

It would make a great April fools day joke if it posted as an real figure on JD's home page. RS would probably fall for it since they steel articles from everywhere.

Thanks guys. I modeled Horn after the one Craig Mullan and Glassman did. Whistler was based on a Dan Curto version.

Ya, the lines were painful. The way I did it was to make a custom decale. Then I wrapped a 5 inch and 4 inch decale around the head. The problem is working with something that long and thin is very hard to control. I probably should have cut it in smaller pieces and placed them.


It would but I didn't have one. :)

Besides, there is no such thing as an Rykrof head. It's just an Endor trooper head. I'm not going to buy one just for the head when I've got six bags full of parts that need to be customized.

That's a large bust size pictured. These figures breast size come in small, medium, large and porn star! I was thinking the medium breast size would work best for Padme.

I'm thinking this would be a great base for a Snowbunny Padme.

Thanks Ryan. He is actually the Corran Horn from the NJO where his hair is back to redish-brown. Whistler is taken from the I, Jedi cover. It's actually very close to Dan Curto's version from years ago.

After reading I, Jedi I decided to finally make characters from the book and their appearences in NJO. Here are the first two. Corran Horn (jedi) and his droid Whistler. I plan on making Booster Terrik, Corran Horn's wife Mirax Terrik and Leonia Tavira. If you don't know who these folks are, you need to broaden your reading library. ;)

Yah, Kryart makes some dam good 12" figures.

That Mon Cal dancer looks 10000x better than it did on the rots card. It looks like she is actually swimming with that background. Much better fit. It's going to be good to see you make the repo coins and weapons. Let me know if you can't find a certain weapon. I have most every one of them.

Very scary poster.

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