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Do you guys get unsolicied offers to buy your figures? I've gotten a few recently. The problem is trying to collect the money. They offer huge amount of money for customs but never seem to have the money 'right away'. Why do people offer and then flake? I mean, if you don't have the money or have to wait until 'pay day' to send a check maybe you shouldn't be buying them.

Besides, its a hard thing to sell one of your customs. It's kind of like selling one of your kids (even though there are days that you would pay someone to take them. ;)) Here are some of the questions I keep asking myself. 

Which one do I sell? How much? Will I miss the figure when its gone? Is it good enough to make a decent amount of money? Will it make any money? Maybe I can make a bettter version? Do I really need the money? Is it worth it?

I finished my sith witch last night. I'll have pictures up this afternoon.

Your right, most people don't know who Lumiya is so it would probably go for very little. My black hole clone trooper with jet pack would probably sell much higher even though its a simplier custom to make.

Maybe I should sell some of mine. I wonder how much Lumiya would go for?

Hey that's a Glassman clone! I didn't know he was selling those.

I've got my Calamari dancer and my sith witch. After that will be a vintage cola-bot and jedi master mondo beefheaded tribesman.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Mon Calamari Dancer
« on: July 19, 2005, 09:51 AM »
Wow! That was alot of work you did on her. I'm impressed that you sacrified your only Meena Tills for her. I can't even find that figure. She is definately the after the opera version.

They have star wars action figure-scaled darkstalkers figures? NO WAY! This I have to see!

There was a two pack of darkstalkers figures awhile back that came with Lillith and a big tall vampire guy. I picked up the set at KB toys for like $3 when they closed all those stores. The Lillith was star wars scale. The other figure was 6". I can't find a picture it.

It's Lobster Woman! You did a great job on her. I like the sculpted hands and the dress really kicks. Excellent paint job! See its not so hard. ;D

Just trying to reduce my fodder bin size.

Phruby - That looks like a great start!  Excellent use of parts, and she looks really evil.  What legs are those?

Those are from a figure named Lillth in the Darkstalkers line. I used her torso for my Winter figure a while ago. Now I'm finally using her legs. Still got some arms and wings to get rid of.

That jawa sith lord is funny! Great idea! I wonder how he would do in a fight with my gungan.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Mon Calamari Dancer
« on: July 18, 2005, 09:53 AM »
Hasbro steals ideas from us so you never know.

By using spare parts, I'm designing a sith witch of my own design. She is going to have red string hair and I'm planning on using black eletrical tape for her "outfit". You will see what I mean soon. Anyway here is a work in progress picture.

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