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You don't happen to have a spare Black Baroness for trade, do you, Phruby?

I wish. I don't even have one for myself yet.

It all depends on how the ebay gods favor me.

Thanks DD. What parts would you use for her? I was going to stay straight gi joe on this one but what would you suggest?

I'd say you're off yo a good start...the Zarana is perfect for a lot of the body, and the Baroness arms are a good choice. I'd utilize the removable gauntlets from the Deluxe AOTC Jango for her wrist launcher, and check some BBI figures at the TRU for those waist pouches. For the big boots I'd go with a V2 Firefly figure...the purple version. He had boots that would look pretty close, I think.


You mean this firefly v8

Thanks DD. What parts would you use for her? I was going to stay straight gi joe on this one but what would you suggest?

I might be able to use the entire Zarrana body except the arms. The Baroness would work for arms.

Wouldn't it be cool if people posted work in progress pictures of the smuggler here?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Twi'lik dancer
« on: June 5, 2005, 09:50 PM »
Thanks. I was going for an Egyptian look there. (ie King Tut)

Those are gi joe style acticulated hips. She can get into alot of funky positions. ;D I do worry about the paint coming off on her sholders when I move them. She has a cote of dull cote. It would have been easier to paint her in pieces, cote it and then assemble her.

Here is a figure I would like to make for the smuggler. She is of course from KOTOR 2.

I'm thinking a Zarana head with Bombstrike torso. Not sure about the legs though.

Thanks guys. It's funny how many people think I sculpted it or put it together from other parts. Its fun to find figure fodder no one has seen before. I'm pleased with the way she came out.

I wish I could see it. All I see is tripod logos. You might want to move your pictures to

Well since no one is looking in the Chewie's customizer challange at my new entry there, I'll post it outside as well.

Well she is finally done. Sorry for the latestness.

Thanks guys. Sorry that she is going to be a little late. That figure is actually an old Buck Rogers figure named Ardella that I picked up at a thrift store years ago.

I originally intented her to be cased for multiple twil'lik dancers because of the nice nude arms and outfit. I can still do that after I'm done. The original figure has hair. I'm going to paint it so it's part of the headdress. Hopefully it will look ok.

I'm leaning towards gloss leather black with little white perals on the stomach and chest. Since I'm not very good at painting the face, it will be just a simple vintage look as well the rest of the figure. She will also have gold or silver bracelets and maybe something special on her tails. 

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Galatic Heros ARC Trooper
« on: May 31, 2005, 10:51 AM »
Thanks everybody for the kind comments. This one was a nice easy one to make. When I got my ep3 GH clone trooper and saw how he was decorated, I had to make an ARC Trooper out of my son's old clone trooper. These things could be alot of fun to customize.

Phruby made a clone! Blasphemy! Heretic!   ;)

Not Blasphemy. This is a clone wars ARC trooper not an EP3 clone.  ;) I'm just against the same four clones being made over and over again. But they are clones so I guess it make sense to make copies of them.

I think she is going to turn out pretty well also. I've painted the skin. Now what color should the clothes be? I won't be able to work on this again until wednesday night.

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