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Junkey as in lots of accessories. Not crappy as in bad. It's very good custom. It's well painted and there is alot of detail.

Besides, I've never seen a halo jumper. I have no idea what one is. From that point of view, he looks like a clone with lots of stuff on him.

That is kind of neat. A little over done though. He looks junky to me.

Sounds like a plan. ;D

Me too. 8)

Have a Coke and a smile. :D

What do you say we offically open this group project on monday morning? It would then run until the end of September. That will give plenty of time to get parts, talk and show off work in progress pictures.

Yah, you should go and register over there. It's a nice little customizing forum with some really talented people. That way you can do both projects.

Getting back to Chewie's CC. I have a new droid in the works right now. He is a duplicate of my lifesize Pepsi cooler. I'm going to be using an R3 droid with Pepsi bottles sticking out of the dome. He will be painted white and blue like R2. The words Pepsi will be on the back with some logos on it. Hopefully, it will look something like this:

Either one. I'm going to be making myself possibly in jedi gear.

My reason for not wanting to do a group project over at RS right now is the last one generated zero critical or 'thats neat' responses (except from those that participated) once all of the figures where done.

I'm thinking Snoova is going to be the FFURG character for the casting call. Customs of us will be for here.

Spy kids 2 gift pack has a pirate skellton that is star wars scale.

That is what I though you guys would say.  ;)

I want to do another group project next month for september. This one I propose will be a little challenge between customizers here at JediDefender and over at FFURG. Each site will have a different character subject. We will see which site comes up with the most creative figures. There is a simular thread going on at FFURG.

Let's come up with some ideas for JediDefender to work on. I suggest 'customs of us' for here. (because some of you are real characters!)  ;D Any other character ideas?

Snoova is a pretty cool idea. Since we are going to do a group project here and at ffurg for september maybe I'll make Snoova over at FFURG and Customs of Us over here.

Bounty hunters/terrorists for september CCC over here.  That means I've got to make three fairly complex figures next month. Thank goodness I have an idea for all three.  ;D

Bounty hunters would be cool.
Was there ever a suggestion of self-customs?

I suggested that one a while back. Maybe we can do that as the advanced group project idea over at ffurg and/or here. I don't see a reason to do a group project over at RS anymore. (unless its a stink'n clone repaint)

I have no idea what a confederate trooper looks like so I'll go with the BH/Terrorist idea.

Check out this crap.

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