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You forgot Darth Chow-mame.

As part of our group project #7 I've made my version of the Mon Calamari dancer.

Droids works for me considering I'm working on one right now. Heck, I probably will be able to do a few. I havn't done them in a long time.

What about FFURG? This is kind of a casting call. Maybe we should hit up CorranHorn (Jason) to post it ?

I can't find the list of suggestions. Why don't we do droids or customs of us?

If you look at the armor legs, you can see they are nothing more than strips of sculpty on the leg itself. It's an illusion that there is actually armor there. It doesn't look that hard to duplicate.

How about this:

Congratulations Glassman on the closing price of your clone trooper custom. The original bidder came back didn't he.

Do they talk about me?  :D

Maybe I don't want to know. :-\

I've debated on moving group projects here. The rs group project shows up on the front page of FFURG. I don't mind seeing these on the front page also. I don't think it will bring alot of post inflaters here. It might however bring "Thomas Kinkade" snooping around to steal ideas to sell on ebay.

I think there could be a photonovel love story between Chewie's sith lord and my sith witch. What do you think?

Wow! You've definately improved this figure over the previous pictures I've seen of it. I really like the helmet and the detail put in to it.

Nice job Phruby!  I think it's the stringy hair that does it for me with that Sith Witch.  Very cool  8)
Is there a technique to adding hair like that or do you just glue it on?

Just glued on stranes of thread one by one tell the top of the head was covered.

Thanks SLC! That is indeed electrical tape. It gave me the effect I was looking for.

This one is pretty cool.

I second that.

Back to ebay customs. Here is one that you don't see everyday. Well maybe you do because the guy made three different versions. War is hell.

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