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It does fit in to the clone wars very well. That's a vehicle I would like to see hasbro rerelease. It would be great to have updated eletronics and voices.

As long as they can be easily identified as the Tonnika sisters and not just two random female figures then go for it.

I have no idea what your are talking about. Your grammer doesn't make sense. If your looking for fodder to make a kingdom hearts character, they did make Kingdom Hearts figures a few years ago. They weren't star wars size but you might be able to repaint them or turn them into a bust. Here is a picture from an ebay auction. Just type in "Kingdom Hearts figures".

Here is my first work in progress update on my Tonnika Sisters. I followed the advice of the receipe above and used two different heads for the figures. I used an ep1 Padme and a slave girl Leia for the heads. The bodies are Princess Leia Collection Ceremony Leias. I had to chop off their lower legs to put new boots on them. Two ep1 battle dress Amidalas supplied the boots. You may notice that the Leia head one is a little taller than the Padme one. I had to shorten the neck on the padme to get the right effect. Also the leg was cut higher on the Padme one. These girls are sisters and not twins.

Here is a picture of them in the underwear. :o

I was just there today. The forum is down though.

For those that are looking for a recipy for starting their Tonnika sisters, this one comes from Michael Collins over at the FFURG recipe area.

Step 1

First I swapped heads so Ceremonial Leia's head (regular carded version) was on "Collectors Series" Leia body and vice versa. Why you ask? Well the one in green is about a foot taller and REALLY beautiful and that Ceremonial Leia is taller than any other female figure. The one in Blue has that scowl on her face that looked like (carded) Ceremonial Leia but she's shorter so the head swap worked out great.

Step 2

The outfits were pretty easy, wristbands, belt and that neck colar thingy were made with A/B Epoxy (yes I augmented their breasts as well.)

Step 3

On Ceremonial Leia I had to chop off her lower calves and glue on boots from another regular Princess Leia. I usually superglue a paperclip between the boots and the legs for a stronger bond.

Step 4

Shave their heads so they are completley bald and paint the body now. i repainted their flesh to a more pale but try to leave the eyes alone.

Step 5

Used my infamous sewing thread technique for the hair. I just superglued a bunch on the sides and back of their heads and then put a little dab of A/B Epoxy on top and wrapped string around their heads into that beehive hair-do they got going.

Step 6

Now you can do any final touchups on their faces, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.

She works great for customs. I used her for my Lumiya and calamari dancer a few months back.

Exactly, it was a green 300th boba fett hand. I was hoping it wasn't too big. It seemed to work ok.  I didn't paint the gaunlet silver like in the comics. I though it looked fine the way it was.

Now since I made my version of these guys, Hasbro is going to copy me once again and make their own version. How many want to guess it will look exactly like mine. Its just going to be a repaint of the rots royal guard. Well, at least we'll get a better staff.

You know it would be nice to have a permanent place for the monthly customizing challenge to be stored at JD instead of in the forums like now. It would be ideal to have a link off the main page for this kind of stuff.

Just an idea.

I've finished my third version of Kir Kanos.

Here is a nice little VS. picture.

Mesa like. :D

If you got the time, that would be cool.

Ahh, more ideas to steal.  8)

Don't forget the Tonnikas. They are due at the end of the month too.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Coming Soon.......
« on: November 28, 2005, 08:11 PM »
What photoshop filter is that? Looks like watercolors.

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